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					                             Healthy Austin Coalition (HAC)
                            February17, 2006 Monthly Meeting
                            Westside Healthy Authority (WHA)

Present: Amy Jo Gladfelter (AJ)- Resurrection Health Care., Candice Sanders (CS)-
WHA/HAC, Janine Lewis (JL)- WHA, Julie Kuhn (JK)- Chgo, Communities in Schools,
Pat Prinzevalle (PP)- Sarah’s Inn, Emily Ogunsanya (EO)- Prevention Partnership,
Darnell Thomas (DT)- CDPH, Tara Kato (TK)- Chgo. Abused Women Coalition, Jernice
Howard (JH)- Sankofa, Donna Moore (DM)- DCFS, Abby Long (AL)- CDPH, Shelia
Cochran (SC)- IMCHC


AJ presented valuable info on Resurrections Health Cares’ Healthy Communities Access
Program (HCAP) Grant. This grant ensures that patients who are uninsured and
underinsured obtain a Primary Care Physician at Resurrection. For more information,
please contact:

Ms. Amy Jo Gladfelter, RN, MS, Community Outreach Coordinator
708-763-2838 / 708-763-1570 (F)

JK from Chgo. Communities in Schools (CCIS) gave a brief presentation on the CCIS’s
initiatives to bring various services to Chgo. Public Schools such as dental, vision,
asthma ed., etc… For more info, please contact:

Ms. Julie Kuhn
Chicago Communities in Schools

PP gave info on Sarah’s Inn’s effort to reach out more to Austin residents. Sarah’s Inn
programming office may be relocating to Austin. PP wanted to get feedback from the
Austin community on this matter.

CS announced that the HAC funding will run out on June 30, 2006. After this date the
Healthy Austin Coalition will no longer meet. There are currently two initiatives in place
in the sub-committees: The Community Development and Education’s (CDE) Pre-GED
program and the Wellness Promotion’s (WPS) Resource directory hotline and web-based

In a previous meeting, CS and JL suggested merging the membership of the HAC into the
West District Health Council (WDHC). AL, CS, and JL all feel that this “merger” will
ensure that the work currently in place in the HAC can still be fueled and recognized by
the WDHC. The WHA new website will serve as a site for the HAC’s resource directory.
The HAC group will still meet until further notice.
CS has not at this time discussed merging with the WDHC with the chair persons; as the
idea was presented the day before this meeting, but will do so ASAP and give a report
back to the HAC group. For more information please contact:

Candice Sanders, Healthy Austin Coordinator
773-378-5034 ext: 27

The following announcements were made:
    Community meeting on “Under Aged Drinking” 7pm at the Columbus Park
       Refectory on Jackson Blvd. between Central Ave and Austin Bvld.

      The Westside Health Authority is currently working on community research project
       in partnership with North Western University, here is more info:

The Westside Health Authority is partnering with Northwestern University on a
community-based research project to find out about the health needs of Austin and to
help design and carry out programs to help our residents live healthier lives.

One of our first steps in the C-Help project will be to talk to both Austin community
members and Northwestern University staff about how to work best together. We will
host, pending Northwestern approval, two discussions which will be held on Thursday
March 2nd from 1-3PM, and Friday, March 3rd, from 11A-1PM. Refreshments and
incentives will be provided.

An important part of this program will include recruiting 10 Community Health
Advocates to work with health care professionals to discover what other Austin residents
think about certain health conditions. WHA and Northwestern staff will provide training
to the Advocates so that they feel comfortable finding out different kinds of information.

If you are interested in a Community Health Advocate position, please call Janine Lewis
at 773-378-5034 or email at . Community Health Advocates will
receive a monthly stipend and will be expected to commit to this project 20 hours each
month for 2 years.

If you are available and interested in attending one of the focus groups, please contact
Janine Lewis at 773-378-5034.

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