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Lean Six Sigma Software bundle included in Business901 product offerings


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                Lean Six Sigma Software bundle included in Business901 produ
                Business901 has just included a comprehensive series of spreadsheet templat
                intended to help users perform process analysis associated with Lean and Six S

                08.13.2009 – Joe Dager, owner of Business901 has just included a comprehensive
                series of spreadsheet templates which are intended to help users perform process           Twitter Pitc
                analysis associated with Lean and Six Sigma initiatives. The templates are part of         Just included
                                                                                                           spreadsheet t
                the software packages offered by Systems2Win and are based on Excel and Word
                                                                                                           users perform
                templates. The package offers over 100 fill-in-the-blanks Word and Excel templates
                for Lean, Kaizen, Business Process Improvement, DMAIC Six Sigma quality                    News Facts
                improvement, strategic planning, software projects, and project management. All              Business90
                templates are site licensed for unlimited users within a company, division, or               comprehens
                location.                                                                                   templates w
                                                                                                             users perfo

                The Lean templates are the most popular bundle. If you are starting your Lean                associated
                journey with value stream mapping, 5S, and kaizen, it usually isn't long before you're
                                                                                                             The Lean te
                ready to lock in your gains with Standard Work, Visual Work Instructions, and
                                                                                                             popular bun
                process engineering tools for white-collar office processes. At Systems2win, we
                                                                                                             ean Training
                offer the full suite of Process Improvement tools to not only get you started on your
                                                                                                             provides ma
                Lean journey - but to be there with you through the years fulfilling our commitment to       creating any
                continually improve your tools for continuous improvement.                                   Business90
                                                                                                             company pr
                DMAIC Six Sigma tools are designed to fill in the holes found in the tool kit of many a      such as Lea

                Black Belt, they are fill-in-the-blanks Excel and Word templates (with online training)      Business90
                                                                                                             company pr
                for all of those non-statistical continuous quality improvement tools that your
                                                                                                             such as Lea
                statistical software does so poorly (if at all).

                                                                                                           Resource Li
                The Lean Training bundle of templates provides many helpful tools for creating any         Business901
                training program - including excel and word templates for:                                 Systems2wi

                Kaizen & Project Management tools for are designed for any type of project and
                                                                                                           Lean, Six-Sig
                                                                                                           software, Si

                Value Stream Maps are used to depict and analyze the flow of inventory - in a way
                that makes it easy to see the 7 types of waste popularized in the book Learning To
                See. You get several value stream mapping templates, all with Excel's powerful
                scenarios to analyze multiple sets of numbers without needing to redraw an almost
                identical map over and over again.

                Dager says,    The depth and clarity of online training is the biggest surprise for most
                new clients. They buy these templates because they want time-saving tools and
                then are surprised that so much online lean training is instantly available and free.
                The amount of material in itself is mind-boggling.

                About Business901: Business901 is a progressive company providing direction in
                areas such as Lean Marketing, Product Marketing, Product Launches and Re-
Launches.Business901 is a progressive company providing direction in areas such
as Lean Marketing, Business901 provides and implements marketing, project and
performance planning methodologies in small businesses. The simplicity of a
single flexible model will create clarity for your staff and as a result better execution.
Our goal is to allow you spend your time on the need versus the plan.

An example of how we may work: Business901 could start with a consulting style
utilizing an individual from your organization or a virtual assistance that is well
versed in our principles. We have capabilities to plug virtually any marketing function
into your process immediately. As proficiencies develop, Business901 moves into a
coach s role supporting the process as needed. The goal of implementing a
system is that the processes will become a habit and not an event. Part of your
marketing strategy is to learn and implement these tools.

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About Business901
Business901 is a progressive coaching company providing no-nonsense direction
in areas such as target marketing and organized referral marketing. We provide
practical, information-rich, immediately applicable direction that profoundly impacts
the success of small and mid-sized businesses.

Joe has designed his services and his product offerings so that they are
implementable systems that work in the real, not enough time, not enough people
world we operate in. We provide tools that simplify the marketing process, not
complicate it. A system provides a clear line of sight and enables others to
reproduce these efforts. A system, simply stated, makes for success. It does not
complicate your life, it will make it easier. Our processes...

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