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Anatomy Homework #2                                                                               (Date)
Tissue Types                                               Skin and Body Membranes
Short Answer Essay                                         Short Answer Essay
1.   Define tissue. List the four major types of tissue.   1.   What is the name of the connective tissue
     Which of the four major tissue types is most               membrane found lining joint cavities?
     widely distributed in the body?
                                                           2.   What primary tissues are destroyed when the skin
2.   Describe the general characteristics of epithelial         is damaged?
     tissue. List the most important functions of
     epithelial tissues and give examples of each.         3.   From what types of damage does the skin protect
                                                                the body?
3.   How are epithelial tissues classified?
                                                           4.   Explain why we become tanned after sitting in
4.   Where is ciliated epithelium found, and what role          the sun.
     does it play?
                                                           5.   Name two different categories of skin secretions
5.   How do the endocrine and exocrine glands differ            and the glands that manufacture them.
     in structure and function?
                                                           6.   How does the skin help to regulate body
6.   What are the general structural characteristics of         temperature?
     connective tissues? What are the functions of
     connective tissues? How are their functions           7.   What is a blackhead?
     reflected in their structures?                        9.   What are arrector pilli? What do they do?
7.   Name a connective tissue with (a) a soft fluid        10. What are the life-threatening consequences of
     matrix, and (b) a stony hard matrix.                      severe burns?
8.   What is the function of muscle tissue?                11. Distinguish between first-, second-, and third-
9.   Name the three types of muscle tissue and tell            degree burns
     where each would be found in the body.                12. Why does hair turn gray?
10. What is meant by “Smooth muscles are                   13. Name three changes that occur in the skin as one
    involuntary in action”? Which muscle type is               ages.
    voluntary in action?
11. In what ways are neurons similar to other cells?                          At the Clinic
    How are they different?
                                                                              1. A nurse tells a doctor that a
                                                                              patient is cyanotic. What is
                        At the Clinic                                         cyanosis? What does its presence

                       1. John has severely injured        2.   Both newborn infants and aged individuals have
                       his knee during football                 very little subcutaneous tissue. How does this
                       practice. He is told that he has         affect their sensitivity to cold environmental
                       a torn knee cartilage and to             temperature?
     expect that recovery and repair will take a long      3.   A 40-year-old beachboy is complaining to you
     time. Why?                                                 that his suntan made him popular when he was
5.   Three patients in an intensive care unit are               young, but now his face is all wrinkled, and he
     examined by the resident doctor. One patient has           has several darkly pigmented moles that are
     brain damage from a stroke, another had a heart            growing rapidly and are as big as large coins.
     attack that severely damaged his heart muscle,             What does that mean, and why should he be
     and the third has a severely damaged liver (a              concerned?
     gland) from a crushing injury in a car accident.      4.   Martha, the mother of a 13-month-old infant,
     All three patients have stabilized and will                brings her child to the clinic because his skin has
     survive, but only one will have full functional            turned orange. Why does the pediatrician inquire
     recovery through regeneration. Which one and               about the child diet?
                                                           5.   If the water of a swimming pool is hypotonic to
                                                                our cells and body fluids (and it is) then why do
                                                                we not swell and pop when we go for a swim?

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