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					               BRUSHING VIOLETS LIBRARY BY AUTHOR-Revised November, 2008

Adde d                                   Title                               Author                            Category                         Pgs./Time

Ma r-08   A Treasure Chest of Rosemaling                           Albrecht, Gary           Rosemaling                                          28
Ma r-08   Rosemaling Reflections on the Art                        Albrecht, Gary           Rosemaling                                          28
M ay-08   CD-Winter Blessings                                      Andrews, Lynne           Downloadable book on a CD
Ma r-08   A Collection of Norwegian Rosemaling in America          Assorted Artists         Rosemaling designs                                  179
          Barrels of Fun                                           Assorted Artists         Barrels                                             17
Ma r-08   Folk Art Designs Volume 1                                Assorted Artists         Floral Motifs-patterns & color photos               160
Ma r-08   Keepsake Tins-Volume 1                                   Assorted Artists         Christmas designs for cookie tins                   30
Ma r-08   Lessons in Painting Roses                                Assorted Artists         Roses-step-by-step                                  19
Ma r-08   Painting Floorcloths                                     Assorted Artists         Floorcloth designs                                  128
Ma r-08   Treasury of Decorative Painting                          Assorted Artists         36 Assorted projects                                161
          20th Anniversary Edition                                 Assorted Artists-SDP     Various designs and mediums                         48
          A Painter's Potpourri                                    Assorted Artists-SDP     Various designs and mediums                         48
Ma r-08   Angels and Hearts Sharing the Tradition Vol. 1           Assorted Artists-SDP     Designs on angels and hearts                        80
Ma r-08   Angels and Hearts Sharing the Tradition Vol. 2           Assorted Artists-SDP     Designs on angels and hearts                        88
          Designs for Decorative Living                            Assorted Artists-SDP     Various designs and mediums                         88
          Entertaining with Decorative Painting                    Assorted Artists-SDP     Various designs and mediums                         48
          Our Heritage                                             Assorted Artists-SDP     Various designs and mediums                         32
          Painted Ponies and Beautiful Blocks                      Assorted Artists-SDP     Designs on blocks & ponies-all mediums              80
          The Decorative Painter-November/December 1985 Issue 6    Assorted Artists-SDP     Christmas issue                                     88
          The Decorative Painter-September/October 1986 Issue 5    Assorted Artists-SDP     Christmas issue                                     124
Ma r-08   VHS-3 In 1 Video-1 Brush Florals, Faux Finish, Brushes   Aubuchon, Sandy          1 brush florals, faux finish & brushes-no pattern   88 min.
          VHS-Day Lilies on Canvas                                 Aubuchon, Sandy          Canvas painting w/pattern                           30 min.
          VHS-Easy Steps to Color Theory                           Aubuchon, Sandy          Color theory w/pattern                              30 min.
          VHS-Watercolor Magic with Acrylics                       Aubuchon, Sandy          Flowers on fabric w/pattern                         30 min.
Nov-08    DVD-Rebecca Baer Homespun Elegance                       Baer, Rebecca            Magnolia Dresser Box and Time for Calla Lilies      1hr.54min.
          Art from the Heart                                       Bailey, Sue              Bears, Birds, Dolls                                 37
Ma r-08   Storybook Santas Book Two                                Baldwin, Susan           Watercolor Santas                                   36
Ma r-08   Angel Twigs 3                                            Barrick, Helan           Folk art designs, children, faces, birds, etc.      46
          Horsefeathers Book 1                                     Barrick, Helan           Children, rooster, chicks, bunnies, etc.            48
          Go Togethers                                             Beauchamp, Wanda         Fabric Painting                                     43
Ma r-08   Priscilla Presents Assendelfter                          Beebe, Joyce             Traditional Dutch Painting                          35
          Sherry's Heartstrokes                                    Bell, Sherry             Country
          Tinker’s Collection(#1)                                  Bell, Sherry             Floral                                              42
          The Sideload Book                                        Binam, Sharyn            Sideloading                                         38
Ma r-08   The Sideload: Seashells                                  Binam, Sharyn            Seashells                                           50
          Basics of the Decorative Artist Vol. 1                   Bratton, Aileen          Fruit, flowers, still life in oils
          Fiddlestix Just a Little Christmas                       Brindley-Francis, Jeri   Santas                                              22
Ma r-08   Country Friends A Loving Heart                           Bringle, Ronnie          Still life, fruit, bird, animals                    13
          Simple Elegance                                          Bryant Waterson, Donna   Flowers                                             32
          Chinoiserie                                              Burdette, Kay            Oriental                                            34
          Rosemaling - A Celebration of Norwegian Painting         Byrd, Bette              Rosemaling                                          35
          Tulip Trio                                               Byrd, Bette              Tulip                                               2
          VHS-Decorative Painting with Metallics                   Byrd, Bette              Florals on clock with metallic paints               60 min.
Ma r-08   VHS-Heart to Heart with Gretchen Cagle                   Cagle, Gretchen          Glass & brass techniques-oil w/pattern              60 min.
          VHS-Basic Scene Techniques                                        Caithness, Betty             Techniques to produce Betty's scenes                    90 min.
          VHS-Techniques for Antiquing & Faux Finishes                      Caithness, Betty             Antiquing & faux finishing techniques                   73 min.
          Campbell's Collection of Country Treasures                        Campbell, Bobbie             Country
          Country Treasures & Summer Pleasures                              Campbell, Bobbie             Country-crocks, pots, florals & glass                   28
          Paddy Paws & Friends                                              Chase, Karen                 Bunnies                                                 35
Ma r-08   Holly Sprigs from Mulberry Hill Vol. 1                            Clarke, Pat                  Christmas designs                                       37
          Sweet Faces Simply                                                Clarke, Pat                  Faces                                                   51
          Heaven Sent Acrylics Vol. 2                                       Cole, Debbie                 Flowers, Bears, Fruit                                   41
          Twelve Months of Decorative Art                                   Decorative Arts Collection   Calendar picture book of the DAC
          VHS-Our Legacy                                                    Decorative Arts Collection   Tour of the Decorative Arts Collection-SDP              42 min.
          Enhanced Acrylics                                                 Dennett, Cheri               Acrylics with Oil Enhancer                              29
Ma r-08   Big & Bitty Birdhouses                                            Denton, Juanita              Designs for birdhouses                                  19
Ma r-08   Nutcrackers Small & Tall                                          Denton, Juanita              Designs for nutcrackers                                 10
          CD-One Stroke Painting Interactive CD-ROM                         Dewberry, Donna              One stroke painting-printable pattern                   3 hrs.
          VHS-Freehand Decorative Wall Borders                              Dewberry, Donna              Freehand flowers on a wall w/pattern                    60 min.
          Ribbon Flowers                                                    Dougherty, Barbara           Flowers                                                 28
          A Collection of Santas                                            Edwards, Ginger              Santas                                                  51
Ma r-08   Illuminated Monograms                                             Edwards, Ginger              Alphabets with decorative adornments                    35
Ma r-08   To Everything There Is A Season Vol. 2                            Ehmet, Joyce                 Houses                                                  34
Ma r-08   Scottie's Bauernmalerei Book 1                                    Foster, Scottie              Bavarian folk art                                       72
Ma r-08   Scottie's Bauernmalerei Collections Supplement to Book 1-Packet   Foster, Scottie              Bavarian folk art-pattern packet                        PP
          Light Shadow, Reflections & Reflected Light                       Gardner, Shelly              Explore Light it's effect                               17
M ay-08   Batik Cards Pattern Packet                                        George, Kathie               5 designs for cards-pattern packet                      8
M ay-08   Cyclamen Pattern Packet                                           George, Kathie               Flowers in a bowl with birds-pattern packet             11
          Homespun Holidays                                                 Grady, Pam                   Folk art santas, snowmen, angels, etc.                  40
Ma r-08   Gourdeous Gourds Vol. 1                                           Grant, Julie/Pray, Cindy     Seasonal gourds                                         34
          Joy to the World                                                  Gutcher, John                Christmas-old world santas                              125
          Jingle Junction                                                   Hall, Susan Jill             Christmas-cutesy                                        22
          Acrylic Elegance Vol. 2                                           Hamilton, Sharon             Flowers, still life florals w/oil overlay               29
          Acrylic Heirlooms Vol. 2                                          Hamilton, Sharon             Still life, florals, fall leaves, glass w/oil overlay   29
          Coneflower Pattern Packet                                         Hamilton, Sharon             Pattern Pack                                            PP
          Decorative Painting w/Acrylics Book II                            Hauser, Priscilla            Flowers, Birds                                          21
          For Whom The Brush Toles, Vol. 1                                  Hauser, Priscilla            Tole-how to do strokes, fruits, flowers, leaves         71
          For Whom The Brush Toles, Vol. 2                                  Hauser, Priscilla            Tole                                                    80
          For Whom The Brush Toles, Vol. 3                                  Hauser, Priscilla            Tole
          Priscilla Hauser's Workbook Vol. 12, #1                           Hauser, Priscilla            Work Book                                               43
          VHS-Painting Roses & Daisies                                      Hauser, Priscilla            Roses & daisies w/pattern                               30 min.
          VHS-Folk Art with Enid-Elementary: Making Foliage Easy No. IV     Hoessinger, Enid             Easy foliage techniques w/pattern                       30 min.
          VHS-Folk Art with Enid-Elementary: Multi Loading No. III          Hoessinger, Enid             Multi-loading-Bauernmalerei w/pattern                   30 min.
          VHS-Folk Art with Enid-Elementary: Triple Loading No. II          Hoessinger, Enid             Triple loading techniques w/pattern                     30 min.
          VHS-Folk Art with Enid-Introduction to Multi-Loading No. I        Hoessinger, Enid             Multi-loading-13 brushstrokes w/pattern                 30 min.
          VHS-Folk Art with Enid-More Flowers Using Multi -loading Vol. V   Hoessinger, Enid             Multi-load flower techniques w/pattern                  30 min.
          Harvest Time                                                      Hogue, Kim                   Pattern Pack                                            22
          Paint a Cottontail Season                                         Hogue, Kim                   Pattern Pack                                            16
          Spring Hill                                                       Hogue, Kim                   Pattern Pack                                            23
          Star Spangle Summer                                               Hogue, Kim                   Pattern Pack                                            26
          The Stockings Were Hung                                           Hogue, Kim                   Pattern Pack                                            16
          Winter Tyme                                                       Hogue, Kim                   Pattern Pack                                            22
Ma r-08   Gourds for All Seasons Volume 1-Winter                Hollon, Sue                      Designs for gourds                               30
Ma r-08   Gourds for All Seasons Volume 2-Fall                  Hollon, Sue                      Fall gourd designs                               28
          Pampered Pets-Pattern Packet                          Hubbard, Karen                   Cats & dogs                                      PP
          Paint on a Happy Face                                 Jakopovich, Kathy                Seasons                                          62
Ma r-08   Painted Flowers A Collection of Styles & Techniques   Jansen, JoSonja & David          Various flower painting techniques               56
Ma r-08   The Country Folk Artist                               Jansen, JoSonja & David          Folk art                                         80
          Colours of My Heart                                   Jarvis, Roxanne                  All Seasons                                      54
          No Crows in Sight-Pattern Packet                      Jarvis, Roxanne                  Fall                                             2
          Candlestick Santas - Book 2                           Jensen, Delpha & Hartman, Gary   Christmas                                        20
          Holiday Heartwarmers                                  Jernigan, Sue                    Snowmen-cutesy                                   57
          Facial Features                                       Jillybean                        Faces                                            15
Ma r-08   Jillybean's Santas Made Easy                          Jillybean                        Santa faces                                      58
          Placing Features                                      Jillybean                        Faces                                            15
Ma r-08   VHS-Faces Made Easy A Technique Tape with Project     Jillybean                        Face techniques w/pattern                        60 min.
          VHS-Victorian Faux Finish                             Johnson, Charles                 Floral heart wreath & faux marbling w/pattern    30 min.
          Det Gleder Meg Vol. 2                                 JoSonja                          Tole                                             68
          Folk Art Expressions of Joy                           JoSonja                          Folk Art
          Folk Art Expressions of Joy Vol. 4                    JoSonja                          Folk Art
          Folk Art Expressions of Joy Vol. 5                    JoSonja                          Folk Art
          Folk Art Sampler Vol. 3                               JoSonja                          Tole                                             81
Ma r-08   Grandma Paints An Old Fashioned Christmas             JoSonja                          Folk art                                         47
          Great Beginnings                                      JoSonja                          Tole                                             16
          Potting Shed                                          JoSonja                          Potting shed florals using potting shed colors   32
          Nature's Splendor                                     Karpf, Jo Ann                    Nature                                           29
          Guide to Mixing and Using Colour                      Kingslan, Ann                    Mixing Colour                                    88
          Thoughts and Theory by the Month                      Kingslan, Ann                    Nativity                                         4
          Tole - Thoughts and Theory                            Kingslan, Ann                    Tole                                             76
          American Birds that Warm my Heart                     Kinney, Nancy                    Birds                                            37
Ma r-08   Stocking Stuffers                                     Kiska, Linda                     Holiday designs                                  12
          Lighthouse Gallery                                    Kneshtel, Sharryn                Lighthouse                                       48
Ma r-08   By Candle Light                                       Kraus, Jo                        Designs for candles                              31
          Timeless Treasures                                    Krause, Judi                     Victorian Era                                    51
          Seasons From Pumpkin Ridge Vol. 3                     Kresal, Yvonne                   Seasons                                          48
          Our Flag                                              Lange, Delane                    Flag                                             2
Ma r-08   VHS-Delane Paints Faces                               Lange, Delane                    3 in 1 technique video w/pattern                 60 min.
          VHS-Face Techniques                                   Lange, Delane                    How to paint a face w/pattern                    30 min.
          VHS-Jolly Paint Nick                                  Lange, Delane                    Santa face w/pattern                             30 min.
          VHS-Roses--Delane's Way                               Lange, Delane                    Roses w/ pattern                                 30 min.
Ma r-08   VHS-Stroke & Sponge Flowers with English Cottage      Lange, Delane                    3 in 1 technique video w/pattern                 84 min.
          VHS-Wildflower Sponge Techniques                      Lange, Delane                    Sponge techniques w/pattern                      30 min.
Ma r-08   Kugeln II                                             Lia                              Ornament patterns                                22
          Alpine Family and Friends                             Lindquist, Judy                  All Holidays                                     27
          Bears & Bubblegum                                     Lock, Linda                      Bears                                            34
          Garden Essentials                                     Lock, Linda                      Flowers & Fruit                                  33
          Toys In the Attic                                     Lock, Linda                      Scenes with children's toys                      23
Ma r-08   With Brush In Hand                                    Loew-Cornell                     Brushes and their uses & care                    45
          A Festival of Flowers                                 Lundberg, Leila                  Floral                                           44
          Initially Yours                                       Lundberg, Leila                  Flowers with initials                            48
          Decorative Artist Workbook - Vol. 21 #6                              Magazine Publication           Magazine                                        104
          Watercolor 93 Magazine                                               Magazine Publication           Watercolor                                      111
          Seasons Best Vol. 5                                                  Malone, Sandra                 Snowmen                                         36
          Bless your Heart Vol. 8                                              Marcum, Dianna                 Bears                                           38
          Christmas Elegance - Vol. 6                                          Martin, Juliet                 Christmas                                       36
          VHS-Jingle Bells on Weathered Wood                                   Michael, Nancy                 Weathered wood techniques w/pattern             30 min.
Ma r-08   Keep On Stipplin'                                                    Mitchell, Debbie               Bears using Debbie's stippling method           10
Ma r-08   P. S. I Love You Book 1                                              Myers, Jean/Wilson, Shirley    Pumpkins, bears & holiday designs-cutesy        56
Ma r-08   The Painter's Companion Basics Vol. 1                                Myers, Jean/Wilson, Shirley    Mice, bears, bunny, etc. designs-cutesy         48
          VHS-Rococo Techniques # 1                                            Neist, Melinda                 Multi-loading techniques w/pattern              30 min.
          VHS-Rococo Techniques # 2                                            Neist, Melinda                 Rococo techniques w/pattern                     30 min.
Ma r-08   Birds-With a Magic Brush                                             Nelson, Sherry                 Bird designs-oil                                64
Ma r-08   The Brush Goes Birding                                               Nelson, Sherry                 Bird designs-oil                                80
Ma r-08   Dalmalning Central Sweden's Peasant Painting                         Nuermberger, Lois Bostrom      Swedish peasant painting (folk art)             40
Ma r-08   Christmas Classics                                                   Olson, Pat                     Cute out of print Christmas designs             88
Ma r-08   Christmas Gifts from Gayle Vol. 1                                    Oram, Gayle                    Rosemaling & other designs                      64
          Rosemaling Vol. 1                                                    Oram, Gayle                    Rosemaling                                      80
Ma r-08   Friends Forevermore                                                  Ortman, Karen                  Country bear designs                            66
Ma r-08   The ABC's of Creative Lettering                                      Ostrom, Lindsay & Friends      How to do lettering with markers                39
Ma r-08   Hindeloopen a Traditional Dutch Folk Painting Vol. 1                 Oving, Maud/Joiner, Tricia     Basic Hindeloopen                               55
          Delta Guide to Decorative Painting                                   Pearcy, Bobbie                 Guide to painting                               40
          Watercolors Step by Step                                             Peterson, Kolan                Watercolor
Ma r-08   A Gathering of Angels                                                Phillips, Carolyn              Christmas designs-cutesy                        44
Ma r-08   Starlight Stories                                                    Pipka                          Christmas designs                               13
Ma r-08   VHS-Video Quarterly of Decorative Painting Vol. 1 No. 2 w/patter n   Pipka/Howard, J./Barrick, H.   Skating santa, victorian couple, two children   60 min.
          VHS-Painting 'Home on the Range'                                     Poulos, Norma                  Canvas painting w/pattern                       30 min.
          Rocky's 1 The Magic of Winter                                        Puchalski, Roxanne             Winter                                          32
          Rocky's 3 Too Busy to Hibernate                                      Puchalski, Roxanne             Winter                                          52
          Rocky's 4 Magic All Around                                           Puchalski, Roxanne             Winter                                          52
          Rocky's 5 A Little Country Magic                                     Puchalski, Roxanne             Chicken & Winter                                52
          VHS-Harvest Time                                                     Puchalski, Roxanne             Scarecrow & pumpkin w/pattern                   60 min.
          Blue & White                                                         Redick, Heather                Stokework in blue& white
          Demo Board from Seminar                                              Redick, Heather                Flowers & leaves step-by-step painting          1 board
          Elegant Eggs                                                         Redick, Heather                Painting Eggs                                   35
          Mastering Strokework                                                 Redick, Heather                Strokework
          VHS-Strokework Basics Vol. 1                                         Redick, Heather                Beginning strokework                            52 min.
          VHS-Understanding Stroke Shapes-Putting It Together Vol. 2           Redick, Heather                Intermediate strokework w/pattern               54 min.
          Zhostovo-Russian Floral Painting                                     Redick, Heather                Russian Folk Art                                35
Ma r-08   Bouquet of Watercolors                                               Reuther, Kathy                 Floral, landscape, etc. in watercolor           46
          Blue Violets-Pattern Packet                                          Richardson, Sonja              Flowers and bird                                PP
          Santa Shutters-Pattern Packet                                        Richardson, Sonja              Shutters                                        11
          VHS-Time Began in the Garden                                         Richardson, Sonja              Cutesy garden scene w/pattern                   60 min.
          Holiday Expressions Vol. 1                                           Riegel, Janet                  Holiday designs                                 35
          Holiday Expressions Vol. 2                                           Riegel, Janet                  Seasons                                         35
Ma r-08   The Acrylic Watercolor Book                                          Roberts, Helen                 Watercolor effects with acrylics                31
          Celebrations                                                         Saunders, Pat                  Seasons                                         34
          Claus Clan                                                           Saunders, Pat                  Ornaments                                       8
          Christmas from the Heart of Byfield                                  Saunders, Susie                Santas, winter landscape scene                  40
          The Beauty of Porcelain Painting                                     Schmitz, Susan                  Painting Porcelain                              35
          The Cat's Pajamas                                                    Scott, Wendy                    Cats & dogs                                     50
Ma r-08   Stenciling Basics                                                    Serpa, Jeanne                   How to do stenciling                            29
          Beginner's Guide To Freehand Decorative Painting                     Shaw, Jackie                    Learn strokes & apply to designs                64
          Fancy Fashions                                                       Shaw, Jackie                    Fabric Painting                                 64
Ma r-08   Introduction to Silk Painting                                        Shaw, Jackie                    Silk painting                                   23
Ma r-08   Jackie's Brush Stroke Workbook                                       Shaw, Jackie                    Brush stroke practice guide                     23
Ma r-08   Jackie's Freehanding Seminar Book 1                                  Shaw, Jackie                    Beginner guide to freehand designs              47
          VHS-Angels, Birds, and Butterflies                                   Shaw, Jackie                    Cutesy angels, birds & butterflies-no pattern   55 min.
Ma r-08   VHS-Jackie Shaw Shows You How To Paint Roses                         Shaw, Jackie                    Freehand roses-no pattern                       55 min.
Ma r-08   VHS-Jackie Shaw Shows You How To Paint Wildflowers                   Shaw, Jackie                    Freehand wildflowers-no pattern                 55 min.
          VHS-Simple Strokes                                                   Shaw, Jackie                    Strokework w/pattern                            30 min.
Nov.08    Tole Trivia                                                          Shelton Leisure, Leta           Quiz game for painters                          96
Ma r-08   Classic Stenciling with Bronze Powders                               Skinner, Marie                  Traditional Bronze Stenciling                   23
Ma r-08   The Complete Book of Basic Brushstrokes                              Stansifer, Sharon               Strokes, flowers and borders                    128
Ma r-08   Fall Into Christmas Vol. 3                                           Stenberg, LouAnn                Fall thru xmas cut-out designs                  42
          VHS-The Memory Collection Victorian Tea Time                         Stewart, Brenda                 Victorian tea cup & saucer-no pattern           90 min.
Ma r-08   VHS-Video Quarterly of Decorative Painting Vol. 1 No. 3 w/patter n   Stewart/Wilson/Nuttail & Egan   Cherubs, teddy bear & fabric painting           60 min.
Ma r-08   Simply Gourd-geous Again                                             Stokes, Chris                   Gourds for fall and winter                      34
Ma r-08   Bonnie's Whimsey Works                                               Stout, Bonnie                   Whimsical designs                               42
Ma r-08   Petrikivka Painting A Ukrainian Heritage                             Tanasickuk, Rose                Ukrainian folk art designs                      44
Ma r-08   Rosemaling Instructions Rogaland Style                               Thode, Vi                       Rosemaling 24 Lessons                           188
Ma r-08   Rosemaling-An Introduction to Rogaland Style                         Thode, Vi                       Rosemaling                                      34
Jan-08    Ornament Box Pattern Packet-6 photos                                 Thomas, Maxine                  Santa box w/ornaments                           PP
Ma r-08   Almost Heaven Country Edition Book 1                                 Thompson, Elaine                Landscape, fruit & floral                       31
Ma r-08   Forget-Me-Not Book 3                                                 Thompson, Elaine                Chicks & floral designs                         33
Ma r-08   Oh, My Goodness! Book One                                            Thompson, Elaine                Snowmen, angels, santas-3D                      36
Ma r-08   Santa Claus is Coming to Town                                        Thompson, Elaine                Christmas designs-3D-cutesy                     31
          Bazaar Blessings                                                     Thornton, Chris                 All Season                                      78
          Tole Mill Favorites                                                  Tilford, Phyllis                Tole                                            47
Ma r-08   Ornaments Made Easy                                                  Tiner, Mary/Albro, Nancy        Ornament patterns                               6
          VHS-Snow-Tex For Holiday, Fashion & Home                             Valle, Betty                    Uses for Snow-Tex w/instruction sheet           30 min.
          Door Crown-Pattern Packet                                            Vannier, Prudy                  Folk Art                                        PP
          VHS-Painted Finishes-Marbleizing & Sponge Painting                   View 'n Do                      3 projects for marbleizing & sponging           53 min.
Jan-08    Rose Techniques Booklet                                              Wagner, Beth                    How to paint roses                              21
Ma r-08   All About Teddy Bears                                                Wakefield, Pat                  Teddy Bears                                     34
Ma r-08   Country Kitchens                                                     Wakefield, Pat                  Designs for the kitchen                         35
Ma r-08   Decorative Fountains and Gardens                                     Wakefield, Pat                  Designs for outdoor use                         34
Ma r-08   Painting with Pure Pigments An Artist's Guide                        Wakefield, Pat                  Still life, fruit, flowers, faces, etc.         35
          Pipsqueaks VI                                                        Walters, Kathi                  Ink& wash technique                             33
          VHS-Color Theory                                                     Waterson, Donna Bryant          Visual aid to color theory w/instructions       60 min.
Ma r-08   VHS-The ABC's of Color Keeping It Simple                             Watson, Barb                    Color theory w/baseline chart                   55 min.
Ma r-08   The Angel Patch                                                      Way, Jan                        Angel patterns only                             81
Ma r-08   The Honey Patch                                                      Way, Jan                        Bear & bunny patterns only                      81
          Holiday Carnival                                                     Weed, Don                       All Holidays                                    94
Ma r-08   Tole You So Volume 1                                                 Wehking, Margaret               Folk art, fruit & floral designs-oil            64
          VHS-Easy to Do Ink and Wash Method                                   Wekarchuk, Nancy                Irises ink & wash w/pattern                     30 min.
Ma r-08   Painting Flowers on Rocks                                            Wellford, Lin                   Flowers on rocks                                128
          Art with Heart Vol. 4              Whisenhunt, Dorothy   Fruit, Flowers, Sheep                  29
Ma r-08   Finders Keepers Jeepers Creepers   White, Pegi           Halloween designs cute-patterns only   27
          This Old Bowl                      Wightman, Margo       Snowmen                                33
Ma r-08   Tender Teddies                     Wingert, Shirley      Ink & Wash teddy bear designs-cute     42
          Jingle Bells Book 2                Wollenberg, Ursula    Santa                                  40
          Snickerdoodles Tea Party           Wollenberg, Ursula    Spring                                 31

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