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									        University of Glamorgan union – Undeb Prifysgol Morgannwg
                             Student Council
                              19th may 2011
Apologies (All apologies must be received by 18th May 5.00p.m in writing to the
Chair &
Minutes of the previous meeting
Matters Arising
Health & Safety
32.    Questions & Answers with the Vice Chancellor
33.    Chairs Opening Remarks
33.1 Report from & questions to chair
34.    Reports from & Questions to Trustee Board
35.    Reports from & Questions to Sabbatical Officers
36.    Reports from & Questions to Student councillors
37.    Policy Motions
37.1 Policy Renewals for debate – There are none
37.2 Policy lapse – There are none
37.3 Ordinary Motions
     Converting of the Glamorgan Student International Society (GSIS) to a Union
       Supported Activity
     Creating a “Societies” Section on the Student Union Website
     Introducing the Student Council in Person during Welcome Events
     Having An Annual Glamorgan University Day
     The Debating society (extend the debating society for another year)
     The Q Motion
     Coloured Paper Motion
     The Structure of the LGBT Committee motion
     Positive Discrimination at the Executive Board
     Celebrating the achievements of sports and societies and Executive officers
       of the academic year pictures
     Complaints Procedure
     Amendment to the Structure of the LGBT Committee motion
38.     Proposal for Honorary Life Membership
39.    A.O.B
                               CHAIR OF STUDENT COUNCIL
                                     JAMES KOASH
                                         MAY 2011 REPORT

As a volunteer Union rep, these last few weeks have been a particularly testing time. Balancing
Union responsibilities with University work becomes even more difficult during the exam period.
I’ve also had somewhat of a battle on my hands, with an attempt at removing me from Student
Council. Please rest assured that the allegations on which this attempt was based are unfounded.
The Union has cleared me of any wrongdoing, following a hearing on the 19th April. Unfortunately,
this hearing took place in the midst of the Easter break, when I should have been finishing off
coursework and preparing for exams. Maintaining contact with the Union regarding the situation,
and getting witness statements which corroborate my side of the story, has also taken up time.
I will be seeking to change Union policy in order to ensure that student representatives are not
forced to attend meetings that clash with University deadlines. I understand that the rest of the
executive team tried to take my workload into consideration, but they were required to follow the
Standing Orders – which specify the exact manner in which complaints are dealt with.
In addition to providing support and representation to individual students (having made regular
visits to all three campuses), I’ve also continued to attend executive team meetings. This has
enabled me to have an input on how the Union is run.
Before the Easter break, I stepped in at the last minute to help orchestrate Glamorgan’s effort to the
TUC demonstration in central London. Everyone got back safely – in fact, we somehow ended up
with a few extra Glamorgan students on the way back – and the day was a particularly good
opportunity to show our discontent with the cuts to higher education funding. Thank you to Jasper
for preparing all the trip paperwork and talking me through it on the night before.
Organising the final Student Council meeting of the year has been my main objective. I’ve kept in
contact with current Council members, as well as those who have been elected for next year, to let
them know about the meeting. I’ve arranged for certificates to be produced and presented to those
who have participated in the Council structure this year. I’ve also worked with Helen Wakeford to
arrange time for Vice Chancellor, Julie Lydon, to come down and be questioned by Council members.
In a personal capacity, I have organised a Leaver’s Ball at Glam Night Club in Cardiff. This is the
official end of year event for the University of Glamorgan. Tickets are being sold through at the
ATRiuM Bar and Treforest Shop, with a cut going towards the Student’s Union.
I’ve also produced a short film to raise awareness of autism. The Union’s chief executive officer
knew that my degree was in Media so put the organisers of autism fundraiser, Holly’s Ball, in touch
with myself. The film was a great success and I’ve been contacted by the National Autistic Society as
they have expressed an interest in using the film.
I want to conclude my report by wishing Helen Wakeford and Stuart Brooks good luck with their
future endeavours. Even though we don’t always see eye to eye, I think that we’ve come to
understand each other better over the course of the two years that we’ve worked with each other. I
feel that this year has been a lot more productive, and we have functioned better as a team.
July heralds the start of a new executive team. I’ll be working alongside President [Dan Bows], VP
Student Support [Jasper], and the new member of our team [Alex Kennedy] who has been elected as
VP Student Activities. I intend on fully representing all of the people who supported me in the two
elections that I’ve been involved with this year, so feel free to get in touch with any queries.
This current academic year has been a test year of sorts for Student Council, and I feel that I now
have a better idea on how to organise the system. I intend on taking forward several motions to the
meeting in October, to reform how Student Council meetings are conducted. I also intend on
working over the Summer break to develop new promotional material for the Student Council
structure. Finally, I will continue to attend the bi-weekly executive team meetings over the Summer.
Keep on snaking, Glamorgan!!
                   University of Glamorgan Students’ Union
                         President- Helen Wakeford

                                        April to May

Meeting with Leighton Andrews- due to the time constrains of the recent elections, it was
not possible to set up a meeting with Leighton Andrews, although, he did try to move many
meetings to make it to Glamorgan, unfortunately it clashed with several Union events as
The Annual Report, published.
Notice Boards- Union have been given access to the Universities plasma screens for certain
events (council, general meetings and elections etc), this will be taken into effect more next
academic year
Student Charter
Every so often the charter should be updated to fit the needs of students and what the
Union and University expects of each other, along with Dan I have written a report to
members of the university doing just this. The charter is now more up to date for students.
Course rep awards
The event was a lovely chance to celebrate the winners of this year’s course rep and SVR
awards, there were many excellent candidates and a lot of evidence to show to work of
others in supporting students. Thanks Dan for putting the event together and letting me
waffle with a mighty speech at the end.
Well done Course reps and SVRS I love you guys!

Student complaints and Appeals

I have been evolved in the setting up of several complaints over the last two months, they
have been rather time consuming. Although some positives have come out of working with
these complaints which is the review of the complaints procedure itself. Currently the
procedure which is set out in the Standing Orders is not very good, it tells you how to set up
the meeting but not how to carry out the meeting and the rights of the individuals involved.
I have therefore designed a new complaints procedure which I hope will be passed at
Student Council so complaints can be carried out more fairly and with a clear procedure

Meeting with the Glyntaff Committee

I popped along to the committees meeting just before the last council meeting as was very
impressed with the work that goes on into holding these meetings and the time given by its
members. I thought the chairs ability to hold the meeting and the discussions went on
would do Union council proud. Hope you don’t mind me bigging you guys up but I think you
deserve it.

AU dinner

What a fab night! This event celebrated the work of the sports and societies that gave their
all to their teams and groups this year. The layout of the room was wonderful and the staff
put in a lot of work to sort everything out. I am so glad this event was carried out and major
thanks to Brooksy for presenting the awards and also giving me those flowers (little cry).

Atrium doors again

The Atrium doors are notorious for causing problems, however this time the issue was the
decision to close the back Atrium doors which lead to SU at 6pm every night. The reason for
this decision was as that the Atrium has been experiencing several thefts which cost money
to the University. However I argued that this blocks access to the SU and students have to
go through the side alley to get to the Su but also to the train station. Through several
emails it was sorted that the doors would not close at 6pm but now 8pm. The Atrium are
now really looking at the way it carries out its security.

Health and safety

I recently sat on the Union health and safety meeting and raised the issue of the terrace.
Currently there are no signs up that ask students not to sit on the wall around the terrace; it
could be extremely hazardous if student sit on that wall and fall off, signs will be put up

Setting up the Trustee board

Currently setting up the meeting and putting together a presentation for board members

Tuition fees debate and Vice Chancellors Q and A

The Vice Chancellor has been aware several times that the Union is obviously against a rise
in tuition fees, which she accepts. However the actual figure that the University proposes to
set the fees at has not been announced or even hinted at during Governors meeting. I
would assume that the figures will be announced in the next 6 weeks if approved by the
Higher Education Funding for Wales (HEFCW). I would suggest that any student who has a
keen interest in this comes along to the next student council at the Atrium on the 19th May
5pm and ask questions as well, you may come in attendance to the actual council meeting,
but please contact the chair of student council James Koash for more information.

                             Leaving the Union and Thanks

As this is the last few weeks as President, I want to thanks certain people for supporting me
throughout my time here and to those who have given their all to help students:

Union Council members and observers, Student Voice reps and Course reps, the societies in
particular the cheerleading, debating and forensic society, Rhiannon Llewellyn, Adam
Speight and Simon Waller, the sports teams, student couriers, members of Directorate in
particular Denise Mcintyre, Union staff members and my partner Mark.
James Koash, although we have had some major personality clashes in the past I think that
this year is a testament to show that despite that you can still work together and people are
not always who they appear to be.

Brooksy, Dan, Jasper- you have made my second year a blast, you have worked as a team
and made it a lot easier for me to carry out the things I’ve wanted to do to help students,
your hard work and positive attitudes have made it so worthwhile.
CEO - you have been such a mentor and supportive person to me, I have learned a lot from
you and think that I have become a better person because of that.

Finally good luck to next year’s sabbatical team and Council members, I am sure that you
will make a positive impact that will benefit students and will carry out the work as a strong

Helen Wakeford
                             General meeting report
                                   Dan Bows
                                Student Support

Over the past few months I have again been involved with a number of
incidents of academic, housing and finance problems. In order to solve these
issues I have maintained good working relationships with relevant University
staff and external bodies in order to reach a quick and desired resolution to
these issues. It is currently relatively quiet on the casework front as students
are concentrating on their exams and final assignments.
The past few weeks have also seen me attend a number of meetings to ensure
student representation. These include meetings I generally attend e.g.
academic board, directorate etc.
In addition I am also a member of groups looking at classification regulations,
student finance and the student charter in order to make them more student
friendly. These are going really well and some positive news should come out
surrounding these in relation to the student experience.
Furthermore I have been involved in ‘Campus Watch’ meetings and these will
involve the safety of students on campus and relationships with the wider
I was involved in a meeting with the Cardiff student liaison officer, council
representatives and other unions to decide on campaigns to do with
sustainability, the environment and housing for next year.
We have been heavily involved in pushing the NSS this year and response rates
look good. This is a very important tool as it’s a chance for you, the students to
say what you feel and it’s the best way to influence change.
I and Jasper also attended NUS National Conference in Newcastle Gateshead.
This was a fantastic experience for us in order to vote to shape the work the
NUS will be doing over the next year and we got to vote for the executives who
will be guiding the movement over the next 12 months.

Further Duties
It’s been a difficult time with the course reps and SVR’s this year as the lack of
a full time member of staff has made it difficult to keep the contact going.
Unfortunately the awards ceremony had to be cancelled due to a lack of
interest (mainly due to the long second term and no money), but an informal
event was held to recognise the work done by our fantastic reps this year.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the course reps and
SVR’s for their invaluable work over the past academic year.

We have been involved in a project to encourage international student
engagement within the SU and some positives have come out of this so far but
it is an ongoing process that is very much in its infancy.

Take care and keep it real!

Dan Bows
                                     GM Exec Report
                                        V P Comms

Hello Glamorgan, thank you for taking the time to read my report. The union is beginning
to build momentum and starting to attract more and more students which is great news.
The last few month have seen the attendance at events and fundraisers increase as well
as lots of people using the facilities through the day. There has been a lot of stuff going
on for all the sabbaticals and we have pulled together and had some great results. Here
are some of the main things i have been involved with. The last few months has also
included quite alot of travelling representing the Union at both the Welsh and the
National conferences in Builth wells and in Newcastle.
I have continued my role as an executive officer of the union and attended the bi-weekly
meetings held at the Student Union. This gives us the opportunity to raise our concerns
about issues both within the Union and within the university. As a team we discuss
potential resolutions and the select the best course of action.
Part of my role as VP Comms requires me to sit on the FCF or Financial contingency
fund. The FCF is a committee that students with financial difficulties can apply to I serve
as one of three members to this committee and between us we discuss which
applications are the most urgent and therefore most deserving of financial aid. As you
may well now FCF funds have been slashed by 60% across Wales so we have a third of
our budget from last year. This has meant that the decisions we make have to be even
harder to insure that we spend the allocation in the fairest way to the most deserving
students. In the last few months we have seen a significant increase in the amount of
applications that we are receiving again making our decision processes even harder.

The Quality Assurance committee meets four times in the year. These meetings have
given me insight to workings of the University and helped me to create strong working
relationships with staff in the university. At these meetings I often get chance to comment
from the Students Union’s viewpoint to help to bridge the gap between academics and
the student lifestyle making sure that any developments have the student’s interests in
NUS Wales Spring Conference
On the 30th March I was asked to represent Glamorgan at the NUS Wales Spring
conference in Builth Wells. At this event we discussed prominent issues at the moment
in the NUS and also discussed our success over the last year. There were several policy
laps that had recently recurred so we reviewed several of these and decided if they
should be reinstated. Also at conference we held NUS Wales elections and elected our
new President and Vice President so congratulations to Luke and Rachel, In addition to
the main elections there were positions for the WNEC (Wales Nation Exec Committee)
Myself and Brooksy both ran for one of these positions, Unfortunately i just missed out
on a place and lost by a vote but am pleased to say that Brooksy has been re-elected so
congratulations to him. As well as passing the new motions that were suggested.

NUS National Conference 2011
Dan Bowen and i went to represent Glamorgan at the NUS National Conference in
Newcastle- Gateshead. At this event we had the opportunity to elect our new NUS
officials for the next academic year as well as contribute to the NUS direction for the
future. The event gave us chance to network with other student unions and to learn more
about policies that were lapsing and new items to be implemented. I spoke to many on
the NUS staff about campaigns for welfare and equality and have lots of ideas for the
next academic year. If anyone wishes to bring forward any ideas as well I would be
happy to talk to them.

Student Support
In the last few weeks I have had a significant taster of what I can expect next year in my
role as VP SS. I have been asked to both represent students in University disciplinaries
as well as sit on a disciplinary panel as a representative of the Students Union. These
situations have been challenging but I have really enjoyed them, which really bodes well
for next year. I felt comfortable giving support and advice and subsequently I have
received some really touching comments.
ITunesU U
I have started to liaise with the Glamorgan ITunesU team and am starting to develop
content for the Student Union for iTunes. The project enables students and people from
all over the world to look at our university, to gather resources and to have a virtual look
around our campuses. Look out for this in the future.

Throughout this year we have all had great ideas that have been restricted by our current
financial position. In an attempt to combat this we are all looking at new and exciting
ways of saving money that can be then reinvested into different areas. One example of
this would be to make TAG a purely online edition for next year. If this were the case
then this would not only save us money each year on the printing costs’ but would also
mean that we could make the paper more interactive and imbed videos and games. So I
would like to have your comments on this proposal.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

                    Student Activities Report

  Hi all, as you are all aware this is my last council and it has
              been a privilege working with you all.

Sport: We have had a very successful year this year with two
teams reaching premiership status and two others reaching
BUCs finals. We have also had many other promotions which
we are very proud of.
We have also had a lot of individual representation which have
been very successful.

Full list of sporting achievements posted below:
  Rugby – league winners 2010-2011, welsh 7s champions &
                       premiership promotion
          Rugby league – league winners 2009-2010
Mens football – 1st league winners, 2009-2011 also plate finalist
           2010, 2nds 2009-2011, 3rds 2009-2010
       Womens rugby – welsh 7s champions 2010-2011
           Womens basketball – bucs finalists 2011
            Volleyball – bucs finalists 2010-& 2011
   Badminton – mens promotion to premiership 2009-2010

                Moving up too 48th in bucs table

     Club success - Men’s futsal , Mens pool 2nd in British

      Individual success – Ben Croxall & Mark Whatlin full
 international caps, surfing , Golf - matthew pythian, Athletics,
    Cross country, Small bore rifle, tt, Boxing, Judo, Karate,
               Climbing, Cyclist, triathlon, Fencer
Again we should be proud of our achievements this year with
many achievements being made that have never been reached

Cheerleading, 2nd in nationals 2011, highest fund raising
Pas- awareness raising over 2 k

These are just a few examples of the extraordinary hard work
our students put in.

Also events held this year have been a great success,
volunteering to sas dinner were great successes. But none of
these would have gone ahead without the help of my team and

This year has also been a hard year with a lot of changes, and
a lot of learning for me and for the team. And I feel we have
rose to the challenge and next year with the new Exec team will
be even bigger and better. Goals have been and met and new
ones put in place and here I would like to say thank you to you
all for all the hard work you have put in, also for your support
and I wish you all the success in the future.

Thank you all
                                       LGBT chair report
Since my last report:
     I have been to Manchester for the NUS SWD conference
     I have been to the NUS LGBT Conference in Sheffield where I was lucky enough to meet lots
       of interesting people, including lots of students from other Welsh Universities.
     The committee have been in regular contact as always.
     I am due to attend the NUS LGBT Wales conference on the 19th May.

– The GSIS has been a growing society for 3 years.
– The GSIS supports all international students and welcomes all students to events and meetings.
– The GSIS has improved cross cultural communication and understanding.
– The GSIS has organised many successful events for international students and the local
community, amongst which welcome events, International Days and a Diwali party.

– The GSIS has sat on board meetings regarding internationalisation of the SU and can become a
core part of the internationalisation project.
– The GSIS has helped promote SU activities to international students
– The GSIS works with the International Student Support Service (ISSS) daily and supports activities
such as The Open House Club.
– The GSIS liaisons between the Students Union and international students.

– Give Union Supported Activity Status to the GSIS

Proposed by:    Maarten Heinsius

Seconded by:    Sadick Doufa

- There is no “societies” section on the SU website
- Some societies are being shown under “MiniSites”
- Students need to actively chase up the SU staff to get their own “MiniSite”

- Many students are unaware of what societies are there in the SU
- Student Societies may aid in supporting students, by helping them meet other students
- Many students are unable to find the relevant page for a society – even if the society has a MiniSite

- Create a clearly visible webpage on it's website, listing all the societies registered with the SU
- Give a short a short introduction and contact details to all societies on this webpage
- Make the webpage link to any relevant MiniSites
- Keep students responsible for creating their own MiniSites

Proposed by:     Maarten Heinsius

Seconded by:     Lilies McGovern

- Many students, especially international students, are unaware of the support structures in place.
- Many students, especially international students, are unaware of which people to speak to, to get
- Many first year students live in halls, and are thus required to attend halls induction meeting.
- Many students, especially first years, attend the fresher's fayre at the start of the year.
- Many international students attend the Welcome Week, which traditionally has an information

- Introducing the Student Council during the early stages of the year, may improve awareness.
- Allowing students to put a face to the support structure may improve awareness.
- Explaining what groups can get support where may improve awareness.
- Improving awareness may lower the threshold for students to seek support.

- Force the student council to attend some of the welcome events described above.
- Force the student council to give a short introduction about what it does and for whom.

Proposed by:    Maarten Heinsius

Seconded by:    Lilies McGovern
                             INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE MOTION
   a. The union notes there is a great need to create a link between the students across all the 3
      campuses and the university.
   b. The union notes that the team Managing Glamorgan including the Vice-Chancellor are not
      known to most of the students.
   c. The union notes that students Lack a platform to display their talents and be appreciated by
      fellow students.
   d. The union notes the University has placed too much reliance on the online method of
      communication i.e blackboard and Glamlife.

   a. The union notes that this annual event will help create a link between students in all the 3
      campuses and the University.
   b. The union believes that this will also provide an opportunity for parents and the community
      to appreciate and acknowledge the university.
   c. The union believes this event will act as a platform for students to display their talents in
      various activities from what they have learnt in the university, to fellow students and the
   d. The union believes this event will act as a platform for students and staff members of the
      university to be awarded for their excellent performance.
   e. The union believes the event will act as a platform for introducing the management team to
      all the students, and give them the opportunity to present future plans for the university.

   a. The union resolves to the event should be called “THE GLAMLIFE” , with the aim of bringing
      the virtual ‘Glamlife’ into action.
   b. The union resolves the event should be held at all the 3 campuses on a rotational basis.
   c. The union resolves the first event should be held at the main Trefforest Campus.
   d. The union resolves the Union should be responsible for organising the event.
   e. The union resolves the university should set aside funds for this annual event to facilitate its

Proposed by: Sadick Doufa
Seconded by: Dan Bowen
    The Debating Society has been an institution at Glamorgan for many years

      It is an academic group which competes with other universities, representing
       Glamorgan internationally

      The Debating Society is currently the only active Union Supported Activity

      Union Supported Activities should be those which benefit the University, the Union
       and the community as a whole

    Active societies are of great benefit to the union and the student community,
      fostering cooperation and inciting students to take an interest

      The Debate Society is unique in the attention it brings the University for competing

      Further believes the Debate Society is a good way to encourage discourse within
       Glamorgan and the surrounding community

    To extend the Debate Society’s USA status for another year

Proposed by: Eleanor Deal
Seconded by: David Hardwick
The Q Motion
Union believes:

1) That the union currently caters for those who are not heteronormative but only if they
identify as L, G, B or T.
2) It is evident from committee discussion that there are people in the union who do not
exclusively define as L, G, B or T.
4) That the national NUS LGBT campaign passed a motion at their annual conference to
include such people in the campaign.

Union further believes:

1) That queer is the term used to describe those who not define as L, G, B or T but
nonetheless are not straight or non trans.
2) That queer people are currently included in welfare support provided by the society and
are of course welcome at all events.
3) That queer people face the same discrimination, harassment, victimisation and related
problems that L, G, B and T people face.
5) That including queer in the aims of the society's constitution would simply formalise
already existing practice.

Union resolves:

1) To change the current title of LGBT chair to LGBTQ chair
2) To change the current committee title of LGBT Committee to LGBTQ Committee.
2) To amend all union documentation where ‘LGBT’ is present with ‘LGBTQ’ or where
Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Trans’ is written for it to now read ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans
and Queer.’
3) To include the following definition of queer: Queer has no definition and is a complex
word. It is used to describe those persons that are non heterosexual and define into the

Proposed by Laura Townson [LGBT chair] 07025831

Seconded by Jen Daffin [Lesbian officer] 10103066
Coloured paper motion
The Union believes:
       1. People with Irlings have difficulty reading writing on white paper
       2. That the Union should be inclusive with regards to student politics

The Union further believes:
      1. That students with Irlings should have access to ALL Candidates posters and
          manifestos on paper that they can read (is accessible to their needs).
      2. That all students should be able to read candidates manifestos, posters and
          publicity materials before making an educated decision when voting.
      3. Cream or neutral coloured paper is an accessible colour for students with Irlings
          to read.

The Union resolves
      1. Provide a minimum of 50% of the paper on which Student Democracy materials
          are printed to be on cream or neutral coloured paper as standard, not at further
      2. This should be for all candidates standing in student elections, not just for SWD
      3. To educate all Student unions both FE and HE on the accessibility of materials for

Proposed by Laura Townson [LGBT chair]

Seconded by Rhiannon Llewellyn NUS SWD officer (Wales), Acting SWD chair [01134280]
The structure of the LGBT Committee motion
Union believes
   1) That sexual orientation identity and gender identity are two separate concepts.
   2) That there are people in the union whose sexual orientation identity and gender
       identity do not concur.
   3) That there are people in the union whose do not wish to disclose, have not fully
       decided or do not have both a definitive sexual orientation identity and gender
   4) That the national NUS LGBT campaign passed a motion at their annual conferences
       to include such people in the campaign.

   Union further believes
   1) That the committee currently does not cater for these people by using officer terms
      that hold both a set sexual orientation identity and gender identity in the same title
      (Lesbian Officer; Gay Officer).
   2) That these titles should be made more inclusive.
   3) That they should be changed to Womens officer and Mens officer
   4) That an open place officer should be added to ensure the committee is inclusive and
      to include those that do not feel they fit into the other positions but are non-
   5) That there should be either and they should read:

       LGBTQ Chair, LGBTQ Officer (Women’s Place), LGBTQ Officer (Open Place), LGBTQ
       Officer (Trans Place), and LGBTQ Officer (Bisexual Place).


       LGBTQ Chair, LGBTQ Officer (Women’s Place), LGBTQ Officer (Men’s Place), LGBTQ
       Officer (Open Place), LGBTQ Officer (Trans Place), and LGBTQ Officer (Bisexual

       Proposed by Laura Townson [ LGBT chair] 07025831

       Seconded by Jen Daffin [Lesbian officer] 10103066
                Positive Discrimination at the Executive Board

The Union notes
The Union notes that the structure of the Executive Committee stated in the 2010
Constitution is as follows:
The Executive Committee

62     Unless the Trustees determine otherwise, the Executive Committee shall include:

           a. the President of the Students’ Union

           b. 3 Vice Presidents of the Students’ Union and

           c. The Chair of Student Council

63     The Executive Committee shall meet in accordance with the Standing Orders. The
       Executive Committee’s responsibility shall not include the duties of the Trustees as
       set out in Clause 63Error! Reference source not found.Error! Reference source not
       found. but shall include representation and campaigning work and the
       implementation of Policy save in so far as these responsibilities have not been
       delegated to another committee.

64     The Chief Executive and the Union’s senior management team may attend meetings
       of the Executive Committee at the request of the Executive Committee.

The Union currently has no control of who is elected as sabbatical officers and therefore it
may be possible that all members of the Executive committee maybe all male or all female.
When selecting members of the Trustee Board, the appointments committee takes it into
consideration that members should have certain aspects of expertise and diversity.
Student council members are also elected from specific backgrounds of representation.

The Union believes
As next year’s sabbatical officers are all male, it will mean that there will be no members of
the Executive team who are women. In subsequent years it could also mean that all the
Executive officers could be female. In the spirit of positive discrimination the Union believes
that if an all same sex Executive Committee were to occur that at least one position for a
female Executive member should be made, and for an all female Executive team that a male
position should be made.

The Union resolves
The Union should celebrate equal opportunities by passing this motion and select the women’s
Officer (preferably) or a female member of student council elected at student Council (at beginning
of first term) as the female position on the Executive Committee if there is an all male Executive
Committee. If there is an all female Executive Committee then one male member of student Council
shall be elected at the first student council to sit on the Executive Committee.
Proposed by: Stuart Brooks Seconded by: Helen Wakeford
 Celebrating the achievements of sports and societies and Executive
                officers of the academic year pictures

The Union notes
The Union currently has no areas in the Union that highlights the achievements of the sports
and society member, it also does not show who the executive officers were for the year.

The Union believes
That the Union should remember who the executive officers were and that they were
elected by the student body to work for students.
As the Union helps to raise the student experience by having sports and Societies they
should celebrate their achievements and thank the students for their participation.
The Union resolves
The Union should have an awards cabinet to show what students have achieved which will
be cost effective but it would show how much the Union cares.
To also recognise those executive officer of the Union, a picture at reception or in a
convenient location in the union should be put up every year of those officers, most student
unions have some form of recognition for their elected members.

Proposed by: Aimee Wilson

Seconded by: Kelly Jeans
              University of Glamorgan Students’ Union
                        Complaints Procedure

1. Eligibility to submit complaints
2. Timely and transparent procedures
3. Anonymity or 3rd party complaints

4. Submission in good faith

5. Impartiality in investigation
6. Privacy
7. Complaints Falling Within the Scope of the Union
8. Advice and Support

9. The Administration of complaint

10. Student representation

11. Submitting a complaint

12. Your Representative

13. Your Complaint

14. Supporting Documents (Evidence)

15. What would you like done about your complaint?

16. Authority for the President to investigate your complaint

17. Information for administration of complaints

18. Appeals procedure after the Student Disciplinaries
1. Eligibility to submit complaints

1.2 Persons submitting a complaint must be a member of the Union (current student)
   or Executive Officer of the Union. Members of staff from the Union may complain
   about the conduct of sabbatical officers or students via the Chief Executive
   Officer who will liaise with the President if that complaint does not concern the

1.3 Complaints received from alumni or prospective students (been accepted onto
a course) are not permitted, complaints that do not fall within the boundaries of the
Students Union will be directed to the Universities complaints procedure or contact
the Police if deemed appropriate.

1.4 Complaints submitted by partnership colleges of the University will be taken into
consideration, however complaints from the Royal Welsh College of Music and
Drama will be passed to the President of the Union at the College. Complaints
received from Merthyr College students will be dealt with in partnership with the
College and Glamorgan Union.

2. Timely and transparent procedures

In the interests of the students and the University, all complaints are dealt with in a
timely manner, and through processes which are clear, straightforward, and

3. Anonymity or 3rd party complaints

The Union expects that students with concerns should be responsible for making
these known themselves. Complaints made either anonymously or by a third party
will only be admitted after consideration of:

        the seriousness of the issues raised;
        the credibility of the concern;
Anonymous complaints must be referred to the President for consideration.

4.Submission in good faith

The Union presumes that all complaints are submitted in good faith, and will not
disadvantage any student for bringing forward a complaint in this way. However, the
Union would not expect students to submit spurious complaints or complaints that
deliberately will cause harm intentionally.

5. Impartiality in investigation

All complaints are investigated by the President who should have no material interest
in the complaint and will choose panel members for the complaints/disciplinary
committees that should bring a fair and impartial view

6. Privacy

The Union will investigate complaints with due regard to the privacy of all parties.
The complaint is only disclosed to those immediately involved, and/or those whose
participation is necessary for a resolution. All parties respect the confidentiality of
the process.

7 Complaints Falling Within the Scope of the Union

7.1 Academic matters- complaints of an academic nature will be directed to the
University if the complainant is willing for the Union to do so.

7.2 Students’ experience licensing - issues of this nature shall be directed to the
Unions licensee committee

7.3 Students’ experience- Union activities and entertainments- A complaint regarding
the students experience can be submitted to the President

7.4 Malpractice or impropriety- This relates to concerns about malpractice or
impropriety in the conduct or management of the Union (Executives and Trustees). A
complaint received relating to the disciplinary of Executive officer must go to the
Executive Disciplinary Committee, those complaints regarding the Trustees must be
directed through Student Council via the relevant Standing Committee members or the
Chair of Student Council.

7.5 Discrimination/bullying (of any form) and Harassment

This means complaints concerning discrimination by the Union or by students while
representing the Students’ Union, in contravention of the Unions behaviour Policy

8. Advice and Support

8.1    Sources of advice

The Students’ Union is required to give students support while they are studying at
the University of Glamorgan. The Vice President Student Support officer is there for
students to contact if they need welfare and educational support. The Student
Support officer when appropriate can sit in on complaints/disciplinaries as witness for
the person who the complaint is about or the complainant.

Students who have their complaints directed to the Universities Student Complaint
procedure may also seek the support and advice of the Vice President Student
Support officer

9. The Administration of complaints

The President provides authoritative, formal guidance on the applicability and operation
of the procedures.

10. Student representation

Students making a complaint has the right, in all discussions, meetings and hearings,
to be accompanied by a friend, a member of the Students’ Union, a member of Student
Services or a legal advisor, who may speak on the student’s behalf if s/he wishes. The
student will inform the University of the name of said representative and in what
capacity they will accompany the student. The President has the right to ascertain if the
representative is the appropriate person to act as a witness.

11.Submitting a complaint
Please ensure that you have read this document before you complete this form. To
submit a complaint you must be sure that this is the appropriate way to attempt to
resolve an issue. If you do not complete all parts of the form or fail to enclose all
relevant documents the investigation into your complaint may be delayed. If there
are not sufficient pieces of evidence attached in this complaint then this runs the risk
of the complaint not being investigated.

 YOUR DETAILS SURNAME                                    TITLE
 (family name)                                           (eg Miss, Mrs, Mr etc)

 (given names)

 STUDENT enrolment number


 (include postcode)

 DAYTIME PHONE (or mobile)



If you have asked someone else to complain on your behalf please give details
below. The Union will not communicate with any third party without your written

 (eg parent, student, union representative, solicitor)

 (including postcode)



Please briefly set out below the main points of your complaint. If you need more
space, continue on the back of the form or a separate sheet of paper which you must
attach securely to this form (or if on Word document please enlarge the box).

   14. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (evidence)

You must enclose copies of the following documents with your complaint:

      A chronology listing in date order all letters, telephone calls and meetings that
       are relevant to your complaint.

      A signed statement from anyone who can provide evidence relevant to your

      Copies of all documents or other information to which you refer in your

Explain briefly what you might consider to be a satisfactory resolution to your

   16. Authority for the President to investigate your complaint

I would like the President to investigate my complaint. I understand that the
President may need to: handle personal details about me, which could include
sensitive information (for example, relating to health matters), in order to deal with
my complaint effectively exchange information about my complaint with other
relevant persons (panel member on the complaints/disciplinary committees).

Sign below, even if you have appointed someone else to complain on your behalf.

I believe that the facts stated in this complaint are true.

Signature ……………………………………………………………..… Date ……………..

If you feel that the President is not the person who should deal with your request due
to a conflict of interest or a personal issue then the Vice President Activities and
Development officer will be the next person to deal with the complaint.
Please sign below if you accept this.

Signature ……………………………………………………………..… Date ……………..
   17.Information for administration of complaints

17.1 Before the meeting starts the person whom the complaint is about must be
informed that they have the right to attend the meeting to give a personal statement
about the complaint. The person who submitted the complaint is also allowed to
attend; it is an option only if both parties are willing to attend the meeting at the same

17.2 It is the responsibility of the minute taker to call both parties in when the time is
appropriate. The meeting shall be carried out taking the Unions Equal Opportunities
and Behavioural Policy into consideration.

17.3 The Executive Disciplinary must be quorate for the meeting to begin and shall
include an independent minute take (not a member of the panel), this will be the
responsibility of the chair. The minutes shall be approved by all those on the panel at
the meeting by asking the minute taker to read out the notes or can be distributed via
email in which a response back from the panel members shall take no longer than
two working days.

17.4 The person submitting the complaint and the person whom the complaint is
about are allowed the right to ask for the minutes of the meeting once approved.

17.5 A pre-meeting, ten to fifteen minutes before the Disciplinary should take place
so that the chair can ask the members of the panel to introduce themselves and
give time for panel members to look over the complaint/s. Questions may be asked
to the chair for further details or evidence regarding the complaint during the pre-

17.6 While the complainant and the person whom the complaint is about is in front of
the panel, they are permitted to ask appropriate questions to those parties.

17.7 No discussion of the possible outcome of the disciplinary meeting shall be
discussed in front of these parties and shall be the responsibility of the President to
either send a letter or email these parties after the meeting has taken place with the
correct time frames for informing parties of decision which is set out in the Standing

17.8 No complaint to the Executive/student Disciplinary and complaints procedure
must be submitted twice to the President. Once one complaint is dealt with it must
not be raised again based on the same incident with identical pieces of evidence.

17.9 The President has the right view all complaints and judge whether or not the
complaints have sufficient evidence before it goes to the Executive/Student
disciplinary. When matters of confusion over a complaint or any ambiguity the
President has the right to hold an informal meeting to discuss the nature of the
complaint and to gain clarity on the issue.

17.10 The President must inform the complainant email/written letter within three
working days of receiving the complaint, whether or not that the complaint has
sufficient evidence. If the President decides there is not enough evidence and the
complainant disagrees with the decision, then the complainant has the right to ask
the President to call an Executive Committee to reach a final decision.

   18. Appeals procedure after the Executive Disciplinaries

18.1 An email/letter informing both parties of the outcome of the Executive
Disciplinary committee must contain information about the appeals procedure. Both
parties (whom the complaint is about and the complainant) has the right to appeal
the decision made at the Executive Disciplinary Committee meeting.

The reason why both parties can appeal against the decision made at the Executive
Disciplinary Committee is that an Executive is a person who has duties within the
Union and is therefore has more responsibilities to the Union. Students who believe
that the Executive disciplinary has not taken fair action may wish to appeal on the
basis that the person whom the complaint is about runs the risk of posing a negative
impression on the Union and its operation
18.2 Appeals procedure after the Student Disciplinaries

The Student Disciplinary Committee shall inform the person whom the complaint is
about that they have the right to appeal. However the person who submitted the
complaint according to the Standing Orders does not have the right to appeal this

The reason for not allowing the complainant to the right to appeal the decision is that
the complainant must respect the decisions of the panel, that processes have been
dealt with. If the person whom the complaint is about disagrees with the outcome
they can take that further to the appeals board.

18.3 Appeals procedure after the complaints procedure

The complainant Committee shall inform the complainant that they have the right to
appeal the decision of the Complaints Committee to a Complaints Appeal Board.

According to the Standing Orders section 35.3.7 “If the complainant fails to receive a
satisfactory outcome they will be entitled to appeal to the Vice Chancellor of the
University in accordance with the University’s Student Complaints Procedure” (p77).
Amendment to motion

The structure of the LGBT Committee motion
Remove part of the Union resolves 5 :
LGBTQ Chair, LGBTQ Officer (Women’s Place), LGBTQ Officer (Men’s Place), LGBTQ Officer
(Open Place), LGBTQ Officer (Trans Place), and LGBTQ Officer (Bisexual Place).
                                     Honourary Life Membership
                                          Proposal Form

Person Proposed: _Stuart Brooks

Reason for Proposal –

      Dedication to two terms as Vice President position which has included work to restructure
       sports and how to develop them, increased participation and activity of sports teams and
      Working in temporary Students Union and moving to a new building
      Campaigned for health and wellbeing
      Charities which have included raising money for breast cancer, testicular cancer and
       the Japanese earth quake appeal
      supported others in their fundraising attempts
      improved standard of the sports kits
      open door policy was employed to encourage students to come and chat with the
       activities officers
      Representation to Sports at the Union
      Organised the Sports and societies award nights

      Elected as National Executive Committee Wales (National Union of students)

Proposed by:   Name     Helen Wakeford        Union Number: Union President

1. Dave Jasper Joyce - Vice President Communications
2. Daniel Bowen – Vice President Student Support
3. Eleanor Deal-
4. Angharad James-
5. Aimee Wilson –
6. Tyson Thomas-
                                     Honourary Life Membership
                                          Proposal Form

Person Proposed: _Helen Wakeford

Reason for Proposal:

      Dedication to two terms as President of the Union which has included work to argue for
       more part time student support resulting in a grant being allocated to the University of
       £100,000 and to update the Atrium computers which resulted in £250,000 being spent.
      Reestablished a strong relationship with the University staff and the National Union of
      Refurbished a lecture hall in Glyntaff
      Campaigned for better feedback on assessments at the top level in the University
      Registering students to vote to help engage them more in political decisions which may
       affect students, organizing and attending local and National demonstrations, visits to the
       Senedd, petition writing and meeting with local Members of parliament against the rise in
       tuition fees
      Submission of the Unions Behavior policy
      Monitoring the new Union building development
      Starting the Annual report which is now written into the job description of the Presidents
      Submitting a motion that allowed Council member to criticize Union officer if they did not
       submit campaign plans and objectives for the beginning of the year
      engaging in high level political meetings with Assembly ministers, meeting the First
       Minister and Ed Milliband through attending meetings discussing regionalisation
       (decisions for shared services across the sector), meeting with Leighton Andrews and
       questioning him with all the President in Wales
      Post graduates/research students; raising issues such as lack of handbooks, lack of
       induction and quality enrolment experiences, lack of information on the website for
       prospective post graduates especially PHD students. Carrying out the Post graduate
       questionnaire and coffee morning, the information from that questionnaire will be
       used by the University to help make changes for the better
      Starting the International Students’ Union audit for an evaluation of the services
       provided to international students
      Re-establishing better links with Merthyr college through the Lerner assembly
      Raised money for Haiti earthquake appeal
      Raised the profile of the Union and entered students for National Union of Students
       Awards, carried out presentations in other Universities about our course rep structure/
       SVR structure, many Universities have now looked into this initiative
      Changed the entry policy for Glamorgan students, students could use their enrolment
       cards to gain access not their NUS cards. This made it more easier for students to
       come to our events

Course rep 2008-2009, achieved Course rep of the Year 2008

Student Voice representative- achieved Student Voice rep of the year 2009

Proposed by:   Name: Stuart Brooks            Union Number: Vice President

Activities and Development
1. Dave Jasper Joyce- Vice President Activities
2. Daniel Bowen – Vice President Student Support
3. Eleanor Deal-
4. Angharad James -
5. Aimee Wilson -
6.Tyson Thomas-
                                       Honourary Life Membership
                                            Proposal Form

Person Proposed: Robert Davies
(Staff member of the Union)

Reason for Proposal: Dedication to communicating information for the Students Union, works as the
Union photographer. Positive and hard working member of the Students ’ Union who has given up
personal time to help with Union events, is supportive of sabbatical officers in their campaigns and
has given sound advice and encouragement. Bob also contributes great ideas and shows that he
cares what students think, what students deserve and makes working in the Union more fun and

Proposed by:            Name: Helen Wakeford Union Number (Union President 2009-2011)

1. Dave Jasper Joyce - VP
2. Daniel Bowen- VP
3. Stuart Brooks -VP
4. Lucy Williams-
5. Caroline Elder-
6. Brych Govier-
Person Proposed: Rhiannon Llewellyn

Reason for Proposal: Rhiannon works tirelessly to represent the voices of students with disabilities,
she had been there to personally support students, writing motions to NUS Wales, NUS and student
council, attending meeting and being an advocate for students, attending demonstrations and
helping to get more participation in Union democracy for students with disabilities, making speeches
and letting everyone know the important of accessibility in education for students with disabilities
where ever she goes. Rhiannon is a lovely woman who gives her time and efforts into making things
better for students.

Proposed by:            Name: Kevin Green       Union Number ( )

1. Helen Wakeford- President
2. Dave Joyce- Vice President
3. Stuart Brooks- Vice President
4. Lucy Williams-
5.Laura Townson-
6.Daniel Bowen- Vice President

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