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									                                                           Solar boilers
                                                               bring the
                                                            sunshine in
                                                This solar cylinder has 3 separate stainless
                                                steel coils for solar, direct hot water (DHW)
                                                and central heating, with 380 litres water
                                                content for DHW and 230 litres solar.
A new Q from ATAG adds a bright
note to all who are looking
                                                Performance is at a super high efficiency
                                                level with modulation from 16% to 100%
                                                and load options from 15kW to 35kW. Flow
                                                                                                pairs of
skywards for free energy. At the
heart of the new ATAG Q Solar
                                                rates for DHW are up to 37.5 l/min at 38ºC,
                                                a significant increase over conventional
                                                                                                eyes upon us
boiler range, from ATAG Heating                 ATAG boilers have long been trusted for
UK Ltd, is a highly effective 3                                                                 Recent promotional activity has included
                                                super efficient, SEDBUK Class A output,
                                                                                                advertisements in major industry
coil, integrated solar cylinder that            ultra low CO and NOx emissions, low noise
                                                                                                magazines, reaching around 60,000 CORGI
saves on energy costs, reduces                  and easy fitting and maintenance. The Q
                                                                                                installers and others besides. Following a
pollution and increases overall                 Solar goes further, adding free energy from
                                                                                                successful Open Day at our new Chichester
                                                the sun and providing, at times, heating and
efficiency for heating and                      hot water without firing the gas burner. This
                                                                                                HQ, we received wide editorial coverage
domestic hot water.                                                                             across most leading H&V publications and,
                                                further reduces the overall cost of energy
                                                                                                creating even more attention, Chris Flaherty
                                                and minimises emissions to provide our
                                                                                                of Vietec, one of our Select Dealers, was
                                                greenest boiler series yet.
                                                                                                voted 2007 Domestic Installer of the Year
                                                                                                by readers of H&V News. This is the second
                                                                                                time in three years we’ve won an H&V News
New faces in the right places                                                                   Added to all that, our stand at Installer Live
                                                                                                2007 features the latest technical advances
Recent appointments include both                Brice Whalley                                   of the ATAG E and ATAG Q Series, the
administration and sales posts including:                                                       exciting new ATAG Q Solar boiler, ATAG for
                                                Sales, West Midlands Region [add detail].       LIFE, plus news of a new range of
Darren Stroud
                                                                                                stainless steel DHW
Logistics, at our Chichester HQ [add detail].                                                   cylinders.

 ATAG Heating UK Limited
 Unit 3 Beaver Trade Park Quarry Lane Chichester West Sussex PO19 8NY
 Tel: 01243 815 770 Fax: 01243 839 596 Email: info@atagheating.co.uk www.atagheating.co.uk
                                                                                          Spring 2007

There’s no gamble with this move
from ATAG Heating. The high
efficiency and dependable
reliability of ATAG boilers is
                                                                     lifetime costs
renowned, so breakdowns are
rare. Now, should they happen,
you can avoid any costly
surprises through the new ATAG
                                               Winning ways for
for LIFE scheme, available
through ATAG Select Dealers.
                                               another Select Dealer
Already offered with the comfort of a 5 year   Once again, an ATAG Heating
warranty, ATAG Heating now provide a           Select Dealer has triumphed
manufacturer backed service contract that
takes care of any unscheduled expenses. So
                                               in the highly respected H&V
if your boiler does go down, not only do you   News Awards, which promote
get a fast response to put it right without    and recognise excellence in
any nasty extras, you can also accurately      the heating and ventilating
budget the lifetime costs for heating and      industry.
hot water supplies, using the most cost
efficient package to suit individual           For the 2007 Awards, Chris Flaherty
circumstances.                                 of Vietec, based in Sittingbourne,
                                               Kent, received a trophy for his
(Continued inside).                            installation skills and customer service
                                               in running a business that covers
                                               much of South East England. Chris
                                               was one of the early adopters of ATAG
                                               technology, when it became available
                                               in the UK, and was one of the first
                                               Select Dealers to be appointed.
                                               Several years on, he recalls, ‘Valuable
                                               support was given to me from day
                                               one, with excellent training and
                                               technical advice. I was taken to
                                               Holland to learn just how ATAG
                                               products are developed and
                                               manufactured, where I saw for myself
                                               why they are so highly appreciated
                                               across Europe. Build quality is
                                               exceptional and their super efficiency
                                               virtually unmatched’.
                                               (Continued inside).
                                           Winning ways for
                                        another Select Dealer
                                                                                        (Continued ifrom front cover)
                                                                                        Chris has been in business for around 26
                                                                                        years, knows what the market wants and
                                                                                        delivers it using system and combination
                                                                                        boilers and controls from the ATAG Heating
                                                                                        ‘What impresses me most’, Chris continues,
                                                                                        ‘is the boilers’ reliability. Not only do they
                                                                                        outperform most competitors, they rarely
                                                                                        give trouble and last for years’.
                                                                                        Chris has been running Vietec for over 10

                                                                                        years and sees the Award as recognition of
                                                                                        both his success and the high standards he
                                                                                        sets in all he does. ‘Every installation should
                                                                                        provide maximum value, both in
                                                                                        workmanship and the products installed’, he
                                                                                        believes. ‘With ATAG boilers I can offer the

lifetime costs                                                                          promise of economy through modulated
                                                                                        performance and a long service life,
                                                                                        minimum fuel usage and quiet, no fuss
                                                                                        operation. Perhaps I should share my award
                                                                                        with the boilers – they are certainly making
(Continued ifrom front cover)                                                           it easier for me to maintain high standards

A total approach to lifetime comfort
No matter how reliable any manufacturer’s boiler may be, if it is not regularly
serviced correctly, there is a serious risk to the safety of the end users and their
neighbours, not to mention the reduced efficiency, increased noxious emissions and
greater risk of breakdown. ATAG Heating operates a continuous training scheme that
ensures all its Select Dealers are highly skilled at fitting and maintaining ATAG
boilers. They are also made fully aware of component and software upgrades and
can incorporate any relevant modifications at the time of service.
‘The introduction of ATAG for LIFE closes the loop between manufacturer, installer
and end user’, comments Phil Bell, Managing Director of ATAG Heating UK Limited,
‘providing a close, working relationship that ensures maximum value for the end
user and increases confidence in and loyalty to the chosen Select Dealer. By
providing a lifetime service contract for our boilers, end users reap the benefits.

Confidence and loyalty
ATAG Heating’s new scheme should certainly be a winner. By the end user agreeing
to one of the lifetime service contracts, the boiler is regularly maintained by the
Select Dealer, keeping it at peak performance. Should there be a breakdown, it will
be repaired free of charge by the Dealer, who will have a full service history of the
boiler and ready access to OEM parts. This brings customer confidence and loyalty to
the Dealer, while providing a higher value relationship for both parties.
Important benefits to both domestic and commercial users also include easier
budgeting through known costs (usually payable by direct debit, monthly or
annually), improved lifetime efficiency and the consequent minimising of lifetime
running costs, plus the added safety of installation and maintenance by
manufacturer trained personnel. As a bonus to participation and to highlight the
concept, ATAG Heating will donate £5.00 from every new contract to a life saving
charity of the customer’s choice.
In all, it sums up ATAG’s preoccupation with comfort throughout every installation,
from initial enquiry to enjoying many years of closely controlled heating and hot
water supply.
Full details of the ATAG for LIFE scheme are available from any Select Dealer or
direct from ATAG Heating.
                                                                                    A place of
                                                                                    learning for
       Installer                                                                    Having the right skills and being
                                                                                    able to spot potential problems
                                                                                    before they arise makes a real
                                                                                    difference to the quality of

   Live sets the
                                                                                    workmanship and the success of
                                                                                    each installation.
                                                                                    Therefore, when ATAG Heating moved to
                                                                                    new premises in Chichester, early in 2007, it
                                                                                    took the opportunity of creating a dedicated

                                                                                    Training Centre fully equipped with training
                                                                                    aids and a variety of complete boiler
  With recent technical                                                             systems.
  developments, the launch of                                                       The Company has always placed particular
  ATAG for LIFE and the preview                                                     emphasis on providing installers and
  of a new product range, Stand                                                     specifiers with both practical and technical
                                     Four models from the current array: the
                                                                                    knowledge of its products before sale,
  820 at the Installer Live          E22C and Q38C combination boilers plus
                                                                                    through its dedicated and experienced
  national plumbing and heating      the E22S and Q60S system boilers are
                                                                                    technical team. The Training Centre adds
                                     exhibited, together with the new Q Solar
  show (Ricoh Arena, Coventry,                                                      hands-on experience of operating and fault
                                     boiler, sectioned so that you can see the
  18 – 21 September 2007), will      brilliance of its technology and the
                                                                                    finding on working systems, with dry boilers
  be a popular place for visitors.                                                  for practising installation and maintenance
                                     integrated 3 coil cylinder that combines
                                                                                    procedures and classroom facilities for
                                     solar energy with gas for hot water and
                                                                                    theory sessions and product presentations.
                                     heating. Other new products on show for
                                     the first time include a range of stainless    Since opening the facility, a number of
                                     steel domestic hot water cylinders.            training sessions have been run and
                                                                                    applauded by the participants. A
                                     The ATAG reputation gained for reliability
                                                                                    programme of courses has now been
ATAG E                               and super efficiency is retained across all
                                                                                    devised for both skills development at the
                                     models, which share the technological
                                                                                    centre and on-site training for companies
                                     benefits of smooth tube stainless steel heat
                                                                                    that may require this. All of which gives
                                     exchangers and inverted ceramic burners
                                                                                    added support to the Select Dealer scheme
                                     and are probably the most cost efficient on
                                                                                    operated nationally by the Company.
                                     the market.
                                                                                    This scheme applies to all ATAG installers,
                                     Combi versions include a boosted hot water
                                                                                    regardless of size, ensuring a commitment
                                     output to provide a quick response with a
                                                                                    to the standard of installation, for which
                                     high volume of hot water delivered to taps,
                                                                                    specialist training is given either in
                                     baths and showers, for the utmost comfort
                                                                                    Chichester or at a second centre in
                                     and satisfaction of the user.
                                                                                    Warwick. Awareness of each boiler’s
                                     An additional benefit of the ATAG combi        capabilities and how to choose the right one
                                     range is the ability to accept solar           for each project is deemed important, too,
                                     preheated hot water.                           complemented by correct maintenance and
                                                                                    attention to every detail of each customer’s
                                                                                    For details of current and future courses
                                                                                    that will add to your own skills, contact
                                                                                    Wayne Herbert on 01243 815770 or email:
                                      ATAG Q                                        w.herbert@atagheating.co.uk

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