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“A few commentators expressed concern that the regulations regarding special factors for
the IEP Team to consider in developing IEPs imply that particular methods, strategies, and
techniques should be used…. The requirements in §300.324 are not intended to imply that
a particular method, strategy, or technique should be used to develop a child’s IEP. For
example, while §300.324(a)(2)(i) requires the IEP Team to consider the use of positive
behavioral interventions and supports, and other strategies, it does not specify the
particular interventions, supports, or strategies that must be used.” 71 Fed. Reg. 46683
(August 14, 2006).

Texas School for the Deaf (TSD), located in Austin, is the oldest continuously operating
publicly funded school in Texas. Since 1857, over 10,000 students have graced the halls of
TSD. In addition to educating students who are deaf and hard of hearing, TSD now serves
as a resource center on deafness for students, parents, professionals and others throughout
the state.

Deaf Services manages the operation of the TEA’s Regional Day School Program for the
Deaf, performs all activities required to maintain a statewide program for students who are
deaf or hard of hearing, and provides leadership to local regional day schools for the deaf in
the planning, implementation and operation of comprehensive education programs for
students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Statewide Leadership
Through the ESC State Leadership Project, ESC-20 provides professional development and
technical assistance to the statewide ESC Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ESC DHH)
Network contacts as they assist school districts with the development and implementation
of comprehensive instructional programs that are standards-based and results-
driven. Through collaboration with the statewide Access to the General Curriculum Network,
the ESC DHH Network helps local programs meet the unique needs of students who are deaf
or hard of hearing across the continuum of placement options.

Through the implementation of the Floydada ISD policies and procedures as outlined in the
Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process, the Floydada ISD
ensures that in the case of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing, the ARD committee
considers the language and communication needs, opportunities for direct communications
with peers and professional personnel in the child’s language and communication mode,
academic level, and full range of needs, including opportunities for direct instruction in the
child’s language and communication mode as required by the IDEA and its accompanying
federal regulations, State statutes and regulations.

PERSONS RESPONSIBLE: Yolanda Kautz, Special Education Director

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