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Bud, Not Buddy
                       Christopher Paul Curtis
    This book is about a little boy; his name is, “Bud, not
    Buddy,” as he tells everyone he meets. His goal is to
    make it on his own in Michigan during the
    Depression. After his momma dies when he is six
    years old, Bud is bounced between foster families
    and a group home for four years until he decides that
    he is going to find his father. Now, he doesn’t
    exactly know who his father is but he has some
    clues…rocks with funny writing on them and flyers
    for Herman E. Calloway’s band. Once Bud makes up
    his mind he is going to do something, he does it and
    he is determined to find Herman E. Calloway, and he
    does. But Mr. Calloway isn’t exactly what he
    expected.                                                   REALIA:

                                                                10 Items from the book:
    Christopher Paul Curtis cleverly writes about an era        1. Suitcase with Twine – Re
    the occurred long before his birth, the Depression, a          suitcase he carries with hi
    time when Hoovervilles and bread lines thrived.                6)
    From the repeated description of Bud being “skinny
    as a rail,” to the detailed set of rules Bud has created,   2. Blanket – Bud’s blanket c
    Christopher Paul Curtis creates a tenderly believable          suitcase. (p. 6)
    character in Bud. He interjects references to Jackie        3. Rocks with writing – Bud
    Robinson, Hoovervilles, and Pullman porters in ways            suitcase & Herman Callo
    that enhance the authenticity of the story. Even his           same rocks. (p. 207-210)
    use of musical slang, describing the interaction of a       4. Glass Jelly Jar – glass Bu
    vocalist and the melody of a saxophone, shows an               Amoses house & glass he
    expert understanding not only of music but also of             to wet the bed. (p. 33-35)
    the timeframe. Research and family history is
    skillfully woven together by Christopher Paul Curtis        5. Flyer of the Dusky Devas
    to create a believable tale of an African American             Depression – Flyer Bud c
    boy searching for his father in 1936 Michigan that is          him locate his father (p. 6
    a must read for students studying the Depression.           6. Atlas of the United States
                                                                   is what Bud uses at the lib
                                                                   MI and Chicago, IL. (p. 5
                                                                7. Apple and Red Soda Pop
Tahnya Sherwood
ELMT 7250 – Children’s Lit.
Historical Fiction Jackdaw
Bud, Not Buddy By Christopher Paul Curtis
November 13, 2007


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