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					Family Immigration Project

       By: Bonnie Lee
         Class 801
        Family Immigration Report
•       My family history branches way back to
    Tiashan in China. This is where both my mom,
    dad, and their families came from. Both my mom
    and dad had fine lives back in China. My grandpa
    from my mom’s side did business in Hong Kong.
    They had a large monthly income, ranging from
    $200-$300. This increased when my mom, aunt,
    and uncle started working. My mom was a
    pharmacist, my aunt was a nurse, and my uncle
    worked at a bank. As to my dad’s side, my
    grandpa was a dentist, so my dad’s family was
    quite wealthy in Taishan.
    Family Immigration Report cont.
•         My mom was friends with my dad’s sister, so that’s
    how my mom and dad met and got married. Back then,
    many people were already immigrating to America. My
    parents heard that America was better than China in many
    ways. Some examples were that America was a more
    modern industry, had a better economy, offered better
    education, and gave unlimited jobs and opportunities. One
    of my dad’s brothers and his one sister set off to New York
    first in 1985. As my dad’s brother and sister slowly adapted
    to America, they reported that it was the right time for my
    mom and dad to immigrate. Therefore, in 1988, my mom,
    dad, and my grandma from my dad’s side came to New
    York. The family members that didn’t leave felt upset and
    missed them, but they understood it was for a better life.
    Family Immigration Report cont.
•         When they first arrived in New York, my mom and dad felt both
    happy and nervous. They felt happy because America was the first new
    country they ever went to, and they were really anxious to experience a
    new life. My family also felt nervous because they weren’t sure how their
    new life will turn out. It turned out that they got many disappointments as
    they found out that America was not entirely what they thought.
          Before my parents arrived in New York to have tall buildings and
    shining lights everywhere and be a place with many jobs and
    opportunities. Firstly, it turned out that not everywhere in New York was
    looked like that. Secondly, they realized that finding a good job wasn’t as
    easy as it seemed. My mom used to be a pharmacist in China, so she was
    hoping to find a pharmacist job. When she found out that you needed a
    license to be a pharmacist in America, she felt disappointed. My dad
    didn’t have any particular job that he wanted. He was just going to do
    what he could do and make a living.
   Family Immigration Report cont.
• After all these years, my family has adapted to life in America,
  like all the other immigrants that came. My grandma,
  grandpa, aunt, and uncle from my mom’s side joined us in
  1993. Now, my dad owns a restaurant and my mom works as
  an esthetician. My sister and I also received our education
  here and like America very much. Even though my parents left
  China long ago and my sister and I never even visited China
  before, we still maintain our cultures like celebrating Chinese
  New Years and Moon Day and remember our family home
  country. My parents talk with the family members that stayed
  in China once or twice a week, for hours per call. The thing I
  admire most about my home country and family history is the
  Chinese virtue of respecting your elders. I’m sure that
  my entire family will always remember and preserve our
            My Family Tree
My Family Crest
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