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					On behalf of                            Live Auction
Tata Motors Finance Ltd

    Public Auction of Used Cars & CV’s.

Sale Date : Tuesday, 16th March 2010.

Location : Hotel Hindusthan International (HHI),
          A-112, Janpath, Unit III,
          Kharvel Nagar, Bhubaneswar,
          Orissa-751 001.

Registration : Tuesday, 16th March 2010 at venue.
               (10:30 AM onwards)

Auction Details : Visit our website @

                                                                            CONDITIONS OF SALE
1.    These Conditions together with those set out in the Notice to Purchasers appearing in this catalogue are the only terms and conditions subject to which GoIndustry Quippo (”the Auctioneer”)
       as agent for the Vendor will sell goods to a purchaser (“the Bidder”) and all other conditions, whether express, or implied at common law or by statute as are capable of lawful exclusion are
       hereby excluded.
2.     The Auctioneer may at its discretion or upon the instruction of the Vendor:
       (a) Alter or withdraw all or any lots referred to in this auction catalogue up to the moment at which the hammer falls in relation to such lot(s).
       (b) Where a reserve has been placed on any lot, withdraw that lot in the event that the highest bid price does not meet the reserve.
       (c) Where two or more consecutive lots are similar in quantity and description offer a choice on any subsequent lots to the bidder at the same price.
       (d) Bid for any lot or lots offered for sale at the Auction.

3.    Each lot shall be sold to the highest bidder and in the event of any dispute arising between bidders such dispute shall be dealt with in such manner as the Auctioneer may in its absolute
      discretion determine.

4.    Bidding shall be regulated by the Auctioneer in such manner as it may think fit and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the Auctioneer may without ascribing any reason
      therefore, refuse to accept any bid or may itself bid for the lot in question on behalf of any third party.

5.    The Purchaser will pay to the Auctioneer such premium on the “Hammer Price” as stipulated in the Notice To Purchasers attached hereto. The premium is not negotiable and is payable by
      all purchasers. The Auctioneer, when acting as agent for the Vendor, may also receive commission from the Vendor.

6.    (a) On registration the buyer will be required to pay the Auctioneer in Demand Draft Only or whatever form the Auctioneer see fit a deposit. The level of which is specified in the Notice to
      Purchasers. This deposit shall be held by the Auctioneer as general deposit for all lots purchased by the bidder at the sale;
      (b) The balance of purchase monies due will be paid to the Auctioneer on or before the date specified in the Notice to Purchasers.
      (c) All lots will be cleared by the Bidder from the premises at which they are sold (subject to the conditions set out in Paragraph 7 hereof) not later than the time and date specified in the
      Notice to Purchasers and this condition shall be of the essence of the contract.
      (d) Should the Bidder fail to comply with any of the foregoing requirements the lot or lots which have been knocked down to him or any part thereof may be re-offered for sale, destroyed or
      otherwise disposed of by the Auctioneer in any manner as it shall in its absolute discretion deem fit, and any deposits paid shall be forfeit;
      (e) Without prejudice to any claims that the Auctioneer and/or the Vendor may have against the Bidder for breach of contract or otherwise the Bidder will become liable from the expiration
      of the time referred to in Paragraph 6(c) hereof for all storage, security and administration expenses and the cost of and incidental to re-selling and/or otherwise disposing of uncleared items.

7.    (a) The Bidder will only remove lots from the Vendor’s premises by previous arrangement with, and subject to the supervision of, the Auctioneer or its appointed representative(s);
      (b) The Bidder will not be permitted to remove any lots it has purchased from the Vendor’s premises until all sums due in respect thereof have been paid;
      (c) If, in the Auctioneer’s opinion, removal of any lot or part thereof will be likely to cause serious damage to the Vendor’s premises, or any other damage which the Bidder is either unable
      or unwilling to rectify, the Auctioneer may by notice to the Bidder rescind the sale of such lot or permit the removal thereof from the premises to proceed subject to such conditions as it
      may think fit to impose pursuant to Paragraph 8 hereof;
      (d) Should any party claim possession of or title to all or part of a lot prior to its removal from the Vendor’s premises, the Auctioneer reserves the right to rescind the sale thereof or to
      permit the removal thereof from the Vendor’s premises subject to such conditions as it may see fit to impose.

8.    The Bidder will be responsible for all damage that it, its carriers or its agents may do to the property of any third party (and in particular, to the Vendor’s premises) in removing the lot(s) it
      has purchased. Should the Auctioneer consider such damage likely to occur, it may require the Bidder to deposit such sum of money with the Auctioneer, by way of security for the costs of
      reinstating that part of the premises likely to be damaged by the removal of a lot, as the Auctioneer may require. Should the Bidder refuse to deposit such monies, the Auctioneer may refuse
      the Bidder access to the Vendor’s premises for the purpose of collecting all or any of the lots it has purchased, or rescind the sale of such lot pursuant to Clause 7(c) above.

9.    (a) The Bidder is on risk once the hammer falls and is strongly advised to effect insurance at once. Upon the fall of the hammer the Bidder shall assume all risks in and relating to such lots.
      The Bidder is advised to effect in respect of all such risks arising thereafter any insurance it may consider necessary. The duty of the Auctioneer and/or the Vendor to deliver lots shall be
      deemed performed upon the fall of the hammer even if a lot is subsequently damaged and/or part thereof has been lost.
      (b) Property in each lot shall not pass to the Bidder until (i) full payment therefore has been made or (where payment or part payment is made by cheque) until the cheque(s) in question
      have been cleared and (ii) each such lot has been removed from the premises in its entirety.

10.   The Vendor and the Auctioneer shall not be liable in respect of any claim whether in contract or in tort (other than claims in respect of injury to persons arising out of the negligence of the
      Vendor or Auctioneer) by the Bidder arising out of or in, any way in connection with the sale or purported sale of all or any of the goods for any sum exceeding the amount of the deposit or
      purchase price (as the case may be) paid by the Bidder in respect of the goods which are the subject of the claim.

11.   All goods are sold with all faults and imperfections and errors of description. Illustrations in catalogues are for identification only. The Auctioneer has used its reasonable endeavours to
      ensure that the description of each lot(s) appearing in this catalogue are accurate, but the Bidder relies upon such description at its own risk. Bidders should satisfy themselves prior to the
      sale as to the condition of the lot and should exercise and rely on their judgment as to whether the lot accords with its description. No lots sold in this catalogue are sold as new. Subject to
      the obligations accepted by the Auctioneer under these conditions of sale neither the Vendor, the Auctioneer or its servants or agents is responsible for errors of description or for the
      genuineness or authenticity of any lot and no warranty whatever is given by the Auctioneer, its servants or agents or the Vendor to the Bidder in respect of any lot and any express or implied
      conditions or warranties are hereby excluded.

12.   The price at which the Bidder purchases each lot will be exclusive of the premium (payable under clause 5).

13.   The Vendor and the Auctioneer hereby severally exclude liability for any accident or injury, howsoever arising, sustained by any person or persons who may attend at the premises for the
      purpose of the auction, inspection, purchase, collection or any other business.

14.   Delivery of lot(s) purchased by the Bidder (which shall be at the sole expense of the Bidder) may not be required by him outside normal business hours and is to be made within a
      reasonable time following payment in full. In determining what is a reasonable time just allowance shall be made for all relevant contingencies which may arise otherwise than by the
      negligence of the Vendor or the Auctioneer, and in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, for any suspension or failure of material services, civil commotion,
      strike or other industrial action, or other impediment to normal delivery outside the control of the Vendor or the Auctioneer. Neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneer shall be required to incur
      any expense towards overcoming such impediment unless indemnified there from and put in funds to meet such expense by the Bidder. The Auctioneer shall not be obliged to take any legal
      proceedings for the removal of any such aforesaid impediment to delivery of lot(s) which might in its own judgement exacerbate the matter or be detrimental to its own reputation or

15.   The Bidder must comply with all current legislations and regulations in relation to the removal/disposal of waste including hazardous waste and may be required to satisfy the Auctioneer in
      relation to their disposal/removal procedures. Where waste materials are removed all work must be undertaken by an approved and licensed contractor.

16.   Where the Bidder loads any item of plant, machinery or equipment contained in a lot or lots to remove it from the site, the Auctioneer shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Bidder or
      any third party for any damage however so caused by the removal and the Bidder shall be responsible for and indemnify the Auctioneer against any damage or loss which the Auctioneer
      may suffer or incur in respect of loss, damage or injury suffered by the Bidder’s employees or any third party arising from the removal of the plant, machinery or equipment. The Bidder
      shall indemnify the Auctioneer against any loss damage suffered by the Auctioneer which directly or indirectly is attributable to the nature of the plant, equipment or machinery acquired by
      the Bidder whether through breakage rust decay, desiccation, leakage wastage, inherent or latent defect or vice or nature deterioration.

17.   The Bidder acknowledges that any software or intellectual property rights attaching to a lot or lots may not be the property of the Vendor or capable of transfer by the Vendor and that
      neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneer is in any way authorising the use by the Bidder of such software or intellectual property rights and that according any use of such software or
      exploitation of such intellectual property rights shall be at the Bidder’s sole risk.

18.   These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and only the Kolkata court will decide any disputes.
                                                 NOTICE TO PURCHASERS
 Viewing:              The lots are located at various location as per annexure

                       The lots may be viewed on 5th to 15th March 2010, between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pm.
 Sale Procedure:       All attendees must register. On registration you will be required to pay a refundable deposit by Demand Draft only(made
                       payable to Goindustry Quippo Val & Auct Pvt Ltd , payable at Kolkata or New Delhi). There will be two categories
                       for Registration
                       Category                           EMD Amt                                    Bidding Limit
                       Category 1                         Rs.50,000/-                                Rs. 12 Lacs
                       Category 2                         Rs.1,00,000/-                              Rs. 25 Lacs
                       In case any bidder is crossing these limits they have to pay additional deposit
                       according to the category they have registered and get fresh bid cards.
                       All sales will be in Cash only, no re-finance
                       Bidders are required to bring the requisite deposit and any one of the
                       following identification photocopies to register in the auction:-
                       PAN Card or Electoral Photo Identification Card or Passport or Driving
                       License. (This is mandatory)
 Buyers Premium:       The Buyer will pay to the Auctioneer a buyer’s premium of 3% plus applicable service tax on the "Hammer Price". The
                       Premium is not negotiable and is payable by all purchasers.

                       Buyers will arrange monies to be paid directly to Tata Motors Finance Ltd. Buyer’s premium of 3% plus service tax will
                       be paid directly to GoIndustry Quippo favouring Goindustry Quippo Val & Auct Pvt Ltd . On Receipt of the Delivery
                       Note from Tata Motors Finance Ltd, will only the parking yards release the assets. Winners are required to pay the
                       applicable parking charges to the yards directly.
                       Tata Motors Finance Ltd may remove a vehicle from the auction list at any point of time, including
                       after auction and receipt of sale amount from the bidder. Discretion lies solely on Tata Motors Finance
                       Ltd regarding this.
 Risk:                 The Bidder is on risk once the hammer falls and is strongly advised to effect insurance at once.
 Clearance:            All lots are sold on an “AS IS WHERE IS” basis. Successful bidders are fully responsible for removing all lots
                       purchased after full payment thereof.
                       Removal of any lot/s is not allowed until the day following the auction and money has been fully paid and realised.
                       Pull-out of lots will commence on the next day of approval intimation. The premises will be open on from 10am to
                       5pm (except Sundays and Public Holidays).
                       No lots may be removed from site without full payment of the auction and without release order/ delivery order from
                       Tata Motors Finance Ltd.
                       Buyers are required to present the ORIGINAL Delivery Order (DO) to the yard manager prior to removal of any item/s.
                       You should ensure that any hauler holds sufficient insurance cover for ‘Public Liability and Goods in Transit.
 Buyers Choice:        Where similar lots are indicated in the catalogue the Auctioneer may offer Buyers Choice. This allows the successful
                       bidder to choose which (or all) lots in a given run they would like on a per lot basis taken either in or out of sequence.
 Reserves:             GoIndustry Quippo on behalf of the vendor client reserves the right to place reserves on any lot or lots these may be
                       withdrawn from the sale should the reserve not be achieved.
 Transfer of Lots:     The Auctioneer will only accept payment from and permit removal of lots purchased by the Purchaser successfully
                       bidding at the sale or its agent acting for the purchaser.
 Recording:            Please note this sale is recorded and we reserve the right to use the recordings to assist with resolving disputes or legal
                       issues as appropriate.
 Conditions of Sale:   The attention of Purchasers is drawn to the Conditions of Sale included in this Catalogue.
 Please Note:          We cannot allow removal of any Lot from the Auction Site until we have received notification from our client/s that your
                       payment has been properly cleared in full. Monies must be transferred to ourselves within the time stated in the "Notice
                       to Purchasers" on the preceding page.
                       If there are any special arrangements that you wish to make with us, you must contact us at least three days before the
                       Sale date.
                       No liability is assumed for accidents during the inspection, auctioning, and collection.
                       All visitors to the auction shall be liable for the damage that they cause, irrespective of its nature.
                       The purchasers shall be liable for any accidents, damage to buildings, third party articles, etc.
                       A bidder who buys at the auction on behalf of another party shall be liable as a principal in addition to the other party.
                       Invoices issued during or directly after the auction must be checked once again, meaning that subsequent corrections are
                       GoIndustry Quippo reserve the right to refuse to accept the bid of any attendee should they be unable to satisfy
                       GoIndustry Quippo on any of the above.
                                                      IMPORTANT NOTICE
                               THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN.
                                    Summary of Important Points
   •   The auction will be held at Hotel Hindusthan International (HHI), A-112, Janpath, Unit III, Kharvel Nagar,
       Bhubaneswar-751001 on Tuesday, 16th March 2010. Start time 11.00 AM.
   •   To be allowed to bid, you must Register yourself by followings:-
       Pay the deposit of Rs.50,000 to bid up to Rs.12 Lakhs and Rs.1,00,000 will allow you to bid up to Rs.25 Lakhs. If
       you exceed the limit, an additional deposit is required according to the category you have Registered & obtain
       fresh bid card. EMD DD should be favouring Goindustry Quippo Val & Auct Pvt Ltd payable at Kolkata or New
       Delhi. (This deposit is mandatory for any bidders participating). No cheques are entertained.
       Please bring photocopy of PAN Card or Electoral Photo Identification Card or Passport or Driving License (any
       one document is required).
   •   Registration :- 16th March 2010 from 10 AM at the venue.
 • To participate in the auction, being enlisted as a Tata Motors bidder is mandatory. To get yourself
   enlisted, please contact either Tata Motors Finance Limited office or us (GoIndustry Office) with the
   following documents:- PAN Card, Bank Pass Book or Account Statement, ration card/Land line phone
   bill/voter ID & one coloured pass port size photograph.
   •   Entry is restricted to 1+1 person, i. e registered bidder along with one person.
   •   Entry is also restricted in case of default of earlier auctions.
   •   Buyers Premium of 3% (plus applicable Taxes) will be charged on your final bid amount.
       DD favouring Goindustry Quippo Val & Auct Pvt Ltd payable at Kolkata or New Delhi. Note that Release Order
       won’t be given by Tata Motors Ltd until and unless this payment is cleared.
   •   Winning bidders are required to make sale payments favouring “Tata Motors Finance Ltd” for asset of those
       contract nos. starting with “5000” and for all other contracts winning bid amount will be payble to “Tata Motors
       Ltd” by DD only. No cheques/cash will be entertained. Buyers can deposit the payment at any branches of Tata
       Motors Ltd, but delivery order will be issued from Kolkata office only.
   •   All Sales are strictly on “As is, Where is basis”, No Exceptions. Bidders are advised to obtain all relevant
       information on the assets before Bidding.
   •   All Sales are on Cash Down only and Exclusive of Taxes.
   •   If you do not win any bids, your deposit will be returned immediately, after 30 minutes of closure of auction.
   •   If you do win, your deposit will be kept and adjusted with your total BP amount, i.e the applicable Buyers
       premium will be deducted from the deposit & the rest will be refunded to the bidder directly after the full & final
       payment is made to the Seller. It will not be adjusted with the total SALE amount. “No show” or NON
       honouring of winning bids will result in your deposit being forfeited.
   •   Winning bidders are required to pay the applicable parking charges to the yard directly for the assets of Tata
       Motors Ltd. The Parking charges should be calculated from the repo date till the last date of pull out of the
       asset. Parking yard charges as per standard policy of Tata Motors as applicable. Bidders will be informed
       accordingly by TMF at the time of the Auction.
   •   Gate pass for the relevant parking yards issued by Tata Motors Finance Ltd are in the last page of this
   •   No Lots can be removed without full payment being realized and presentation of original Delivery Order
       obtained from Tata Motors Finance Ltd.
   •   NOC & Relevant Documents pertaining to the Auction Lot’s will be released by the seller in their Normal Course,
       which buyers are advised to take note of. TMFL has assured that relevant Documents will be handed over
       within 30 days of payment.
   •   Tata Motors Finance Ltd may remove a vehicle from the auction list at any point
       of time, including after auction and receipt of sale amount from the bidder. Discretion lies solely on Tata Motors
       Finance Ltd regarding this.
   •   Any Disputes related to the Asset/ Documents, Post Auction Sale, would be dealt by Tata Motors Finance Ltd
       only and GoIndustry Quippo / Auctioneer will not have any say in the same.

                                   Any question regarding this auction please call
*** Tata Motors Finance Ltd Enrollment Form is available with us, Pls contact in the above numbers.
Lot#   Cont No      Asset          RC No        Engine Sl No         Chassis Sl No       Year   Repo Dt      Parking yard        City
B1     40869525     SFC407 Bus     JH02E4179    497SPTC35FVZ895982   357152FVZ813756     2004   30-Aug-07    Enar Industrial     Bokaro
B3     40929740     LPK2516        JH10J2080    50J62427748          396522KUZ212334     2005   25-Dec-09    Enar Industrial     Bokaro
B6     12387        LP407 6T       JH06B9094    497SPTC36DTZ838974   357251DTZ811643     2006   19-Dec-09    KhokharIndustries   Chaibasa
B7     5000108283   LPK2516TC      JH12B5165    70C62558126          396522CSZ208530     2007   06-Dec-08    Indian Garage       Dhanbad
B8     55241        LP709          JH11D4087    497TC93CSZ837917     386513CSZ810770     2007   11-Jan-10    J M A Stores        Dhanbad
B9     5000087022   LPK2516TC      JH12B4380    70B62547091          396522BSZ204628     2007   15-Feb-09    Janta Garage        Dhanbad
B10    40887971     LP709          JH15B8584    497TC93MUZ919154     386513ATZ050039     2006   12-Dec-09    R A Himatsingka     Dumka
B11    96103        LP909          JH04C2827    497TC93GSZ878832     382041GSZ730438     2007   19-Dec-09    R A Himatsingka     Dumka
B12    125377       LPT1109        JH04C5738    497TC93GRZ836773     416403GRZ728612     2008   24-Dec-09    R A Himatsingka     Dumka
B13    67830        LP709          JH17B3700    497TC93JSZ892565     386513JSZ829682     2007   10-Dec-09    R A Himatsingka     Dumka
B14    72593        LP709          JH04C1423    497TC93HSZ887432     386513HSZ827138     2007   11-Dec-09    R A Himatsingka     Dumka
B15    40887945     SK1613TC       OR09G5084    697TC56ATZ103188     373134ATZ102644     2006   10-Dec-09    R A Himatsingka     Gamahria
B16    40889826     SK1613TC       JH06B6917    697TC56ATZ103405     373134ATZ102705     2006   09-Dec-09    R A Himatsingka     Gamahria
B17    42805        LP709          JH02H5266    497TC93ASZ805894     386513ASZ801992     2007   25-Aug-09    Enar Industrial     Hazaribagh
B18    5000238802   SAFARI LX      BR22P0748    DICOR06MSZJ00978     403066MSZN18068     2007   10-Feb-10    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B19    5000122678   LPK2516TC      JH05A8375    70E62574731          396522ESZ213536     2007   05-Jun-09    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B20    14398        SE1613         JH08A6141    697TC56FTZ129259     373145FTZ124037     2006   29-Dec-07    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B21    5000405034   LPT3118TC      MH04DS9369   6BTAA5990E62754716   MAT46637292E06219          17-Jan-10    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B22    5000405033   LPT3118TC      MH04DS9370   6BTAA5990E62753436   MAT46637292E06233          17-Jan-10    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B23    5000333520   SFC709         JH01Y6593    497TC94GRZ839232     386555GRZ821635     2008   20-Dec-09    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B24    5000032005   LPK2516        JH02H3326    60M62529698          396522MTZ230774     2006   08-Jan-10    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B25    5000144492   LPT1109        UP21N4717    497TC93GSZ877365     416441GSZ729436     2007   17-Mar-09    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B26    19896        LPT1109        CG15A5704    497TC93GTZ131433     416403GTZ125994     2006   19-Dec-07    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B27    10170        LPT1109        CG15A5524    497TC93ETZ123659     416403ETZ211836     2006   23-Jun-07    India Garage        Hazaribagh
B28    10900694     LPT1613        JH02F4486    697TC55KUZ136123     373344KUZ136899     2005   10-Mar-07    J M A Stores        Hazaribagh
B33    40929487     LPT1109        CG15A4534    497TC93KUZ132597     416403KUZ133942     2005    19-Jul-07   India Garage        Ranchi
B34    19652        LPT1109        CG15A5648    497TC93CTZ113237     416403CTZ111768     2006   11-Nov-07    India Garage        Ranchi
B35    18493        VICTA EX       BR24P1195    483DL51HTZ723921     446254HTZ939315     2006   15-Feb-08    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B37    40927210     SK1613TC       OR15H9947    697TC56FUZ119054     373134FUZ121587     2005   30-Nov-08    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B38    20901540     INDICA DLS     JH03B9462    475IDI05ETZP68818    600142ETZP74550     2006   08-Dec-07    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B39    5000122818   LPT1109        JH09H2342    497TC93ASZ103337     416403ASZ105075     2007   18-Aug-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B40    5000118935   SK1613         JH01S9324    697TC56ESZ129339     373134ESZ306483     2007   02-Jun-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B41    5000184881   INDICA DLS     JH01H0261    475IDI01CVZP28355    600141CVZP32765     2004   08-Jun-08    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B42    10901562     LPT2515        CG04J6952    60E624827110000      426031ETZ212497     2006   21-Oct-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B43    5000125852   Safari Dicor   JH01T9338    DICOR06DSZ848108     403063DSZN07888     2007   21-Dec-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B44    5000121207   INDICA DLS     WB20B9199    475ID102BXZP12697    LDZ142BXZP14575     2002   07-Feb-08    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B45    39660        LPT2515        UP44 T0431   697TC57ASZ102475     444026ASZ001238     2007   10-Dec-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B46    5000114238   INDICA GL      JH01T3624    475SI56DSZP57420     600601DSZP58882     2007   27May-09     Janta Garage        Ranchi
B47    5000237929   LPK2518TC                   80A62638405          396522ARZ201133     2008   25-Jan-10    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B48    5000290526   INDICA DLS     JH03D0870    475IDI05DRZP49335    600142DRZP54535     2008   10-Feb-10    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B49    5000055462   SumoVictaEx    DL08CM3808   483DL56MTZ731879     446255MTZ955442     2006   14-Aug-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B50    63243        LPT1109        CG15A6623    497TC93CSZ114666     416403CSZ110194     2007   01-Nov-08    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B51    5000070367   INDICA DLS     JH01S5739    475IDI05BSZP27340    600142BSZP28674     2007   04-Aug-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B52    77754        LPK2516        JH01Q7612    60E624820770000      396522ETZ212452     2006    30-Jul-09   Janta Garage        Ranchi
B53    5000314226   SK1613                      697TC56HRZ136954     373134HRZ129607     2008   03-Nov-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B54    5000079644   INDICA DLS     JH01T2303    475IDI05BSZP29004    600142BSZP30210     2007   30-Aug-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B55    5000215523   INDICA DLS     JH01U6764    475IDI05MSZPH3068    600142MSZPH5115     2007   26-Jun-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B56    5000201115   INDICA DLX     JH01E3701    475IDI02CWZP18256    600152CWZP22199     2003   23-Oct-08    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B57    5000082513   LPK2516        JH01T3270    70C62557804          396522CSZ208427     2007   27-Mar-09    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B58    20901410     INDICA DLS     JH03B9269    475IDI05CTZP41078    600142CTZP48979     2006   11-Sep-07    Janta Garage        Ranchi
B59    15581        LPK2516TC      JH02G5505    60F62487727          396522FTZ214815     2006   17-Nov-09    J M A Stores        Ranchi
B62    40930773     SK1613TC       OR14M4534    697TC56LUZ136924     373134LUZ137682     2005   17-Dec-07    Ambika Auto         Ambikapur
B63    10862343     LPT2515        OR05U8763    91452050D62400089    426031DUZ719766     2005   27-Aug-08    Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B64    10863485     SK1613TC       OR09G3756    697TC56LUZ140356     373134LUZ140801     2005   21May-09     Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B65    10864298     LPK2516        OR02AJ9018   60D624761660000      396522ETZ210141     2006   10-Nov-07    Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B66    5000182385   SK1613         OR14Q4556    697TC56KSZ146977     373134KSZ136055     2007   21-Jan-10    Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B67    5000037327   LPT2515        OR19D7010    697TC57KTZ899504     444027KTZ750491     2006   30-Sep-09    Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B68    5000086333   LP407 4T       OR06B8732    497SP21LRQ767850     357012LRQ820787     1998   21-Aug-08    Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B69    20863548     Indica Taxi    OR19C7493    475IDI05MUZPG9169    600134ATZPO6352     2006   19-Aug-09    Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B70    20863004     Indica Taxi    OR02AG3988   475IDI05GUZP91068    600134GUZP89068     2005   20-Feb-08    Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B71    20861983     INDIGO LS      OR19B3900    475IDTI2LVZPD3832    601144LVZPD5280     2004   31May-07     Shri Gopala Yard    Angul
B72    5000015714   SK1613         OR04F7854    697TC56KTZ147246     373135KTZ138134     2006   25-Jun-09    Lucky Auto          Balasore
B73    5000014049   SK1613         OR09H5305    697TC56JTZ145804     373134JTZ137071     2006   18-Apr-08    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B74    2397         SK1613TC       JH12B2655    697TC56DTZ119703     373134DTZ116149     2006   24-Apr-08    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B76    10683144     SK1613                      697D44EUZ114036      405124EUZ116135     2005   19-Mar-07    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B77    10863083     SK1613TC       OR09G0272    697TC56JUZ127965     373134JUZ129726     2005   31-Oct-07    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B79    5000349089   LPT2515TC      OR16D3165    91452080K62718844    426031LRZ742938     2008   14-Feb-10    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B80    5000309057   SK1613         OR09L0749    697TC56GRZ133327     373134GRZ125935     2008   10-Dec-09    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B81    5000187638   SK1613         OR09J8517    697TC56KSZ147429     373134KSZ136374     2007   14-Jan-10    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B82    40840987     SK1613         OR09G4007    697TC56LUZ140518     373135MUZ756772     2005    02-Jul-07   Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B83    40837834     SK1613                      697TC56 JUZ131202    373135KUZ746991     2005   05-Aug-07    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B84    40837439     SK1613         MP53H0436    697TC56JUZ131033     373135KUZ745980     2005   08-Feb-07    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B86    10871175     LP709          OR09G5499    497TC93MUZ915635     386513MUZ832324     2005   04-Feb-10    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B88    10861231     SE1613         OR09E2353    697TC48FVZ114338     373141FVZ726589     2004   18-Nov-06    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B90    40925933     SK1613         OR14L1682    697D44BUZ106752      405124BUZ107870     2005   12-Nov-07    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B91    40878428     SFC407 BUS                  497SPTC35GUZ864845   357152GUZ080853     2005   29-Sep-08    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B93    5000291735   LPK2518TC      WB41D0683    80D62669249          448091DRZ210980     2008   14-Jan-10    Mitrabhanu Yard     Barbil
B94    10876435     LPK2516        OR14M6883    60A624500540000      396522ATZ201421     2006   08-Aug-08    Mahapatra Service   Bargarh
B96    10876434     LPK2516        OR14M6879    50M624431800000      396522MUZ216223     2005   06-Aug-08    Mahapatra Service   Bargarh
B97    10876693     LP709          OR17D9479    497TC93MUZ91698      386513MUZ832484     2005   25-Mar-08    Mahapatra Service   Bargarh
B98    10871410     LP709          OR09G9515    497TC93FTZ853475     386513FTZ815576     2006   29-Nov-07    Shaw Motors         Baripada
B100   5000048780   INDICA DLE     OR01E6689    4751DI01LXZP68863    600131LXZP69241     2002   27-Sep-08    Shaw Motors         Baripada
B101   40931532     LP709          OR01H9166    497TC93HUZ877211     386513JUZ054396     2005   28-Jan-08    Shaw Motors         Baripada
B103   5000304950   Indigo CS LS                475IDT14FRZP74610    607146FRZP82044     2008   14-Feb-10    Sabat Auto          Berhampur
B107   5000136959   INDICA DLE     OR02Y5646    475IDI01GWZP59711    600131GWZP62454     2003   27-Dec-07    Lectronics Yard     Bhubaneswar
B108   5000215423   INDICA DLS     OR05AB6233   475IDI05MSZPH2252     600142MSZPH4100   2007   13-Feb-10    Lectronics Yard     Bhubaneswar
B109   5000117449   INDICA DLE     OR13D1555    475IDI05ESZP71606     600132ESZP77223   2007   12-Feb-10    Lectronics Yard     Bhubaneswar
B110   5000275558   SFC407Truck    OR05Q6142    497SPTC31FWZ882159    357124FWZ809491   2003   27-Jun-09    Lectronics Yard     Bhubaneswar
B111   20871333     INDIGO LS      OR09G9111    475IDT14DTZP55093     607144ETZP68230   2006   16-Nov-09    Lectronics Yard     Bhubaneswar
B112   5000191171   LPT1613        OR06F1772    697TC45MWZ123232      373341MWZ135209   2003   03-Feb-10    Lectronics Yard     Bhubaneswar
B115   40105459     SFC407 BUS     OR05R4717    497SP41GWZ889288      357151GWZ051264   2003   03-Dec-06    Jena Stockyard      Bhubaneswar
B116   82275        LPT2515        OR02A0177    697TC57ARZ803617      444027ARZ702886   2008   28-Dec-09    Jena Stockyard      Bhubaneswar
B118   5000153867   INDICA DLE     OR01E8009    475IDI01BWZP11841     600131BWZP15945   2003   13-Feb-10    Jena Stockyard      Bhubaneswar
B120   40932179     LPK2516        OR05W6195    60A62448277           396522ATZ201465   2006   19-Nov-08    Jena Stockyard      Bhubaneswar
B127   5000304747   LPT2515TC      OR04H7556    80F62691887           426031GRZ218480   2008   13-Feb-10    Jena Stockyard      Bhubaneswar
B128   5000161331   Sumo VictaLx   OR21A8556    483DL51BSZ705050      446154BSZ910684   2007   26-Jan-10    Jena Stockyard      Bhubaneswar
B129   5000039961   SFC407Truck    OR13C8447    497SPTC35MTZ927785    357176MTZ835314   2006   10-Jan-10    Jena Stockyard      Bhubaneswar
B137   5000289285   INDIGO LS      OR02AT5671   475IDT14DRZP44303     607144DRZP48775   2008   14-Feb-10    Krupajal Yard       Jajpur
B138   5000180659   SK1613         OR14Q4435    697TC56JSZ142796      373134JSZ132637   2007   11-Feb-10    Krupajal Yard       Jajpur
B139   5000143337   Spacio Gold    OR223187     497SP27JWZ904944      421105JWZ925200   2003   09-Jun-08    Krupajal Yard       Jajpur
B141   40927490     SE1613         OR09F8158    697TC56EUZ116521      373145EUZ118951   2005   07-Feb-10    Krupajal Yard       Jajpur
B143   40883839     SK1613TC       OR01H7487    697TC56LUZ139515      373134LUZ140120   2005   11-Feb-10    Krupajal Yard       Jajpur
B146   20860603     SPACIO ST      OR04D0885    497SP27KWZ915473      421105KWZ930188   2003   30-Sep-07    Krupajal Yard       Jajpur
B147   40864372     SFC407 BUS     OR10D2211    497SP41HVZ916443      357151HVZ052480   2004   27-Nov-07    Kalinga Auto Synd   Jeypore
B148   63315        LPK407 EX      OR10E8004    497SPTC36LTZ913425    357601LTZ831561   2006   30-Nov-09    Kalinga Auto Synd   Jeypore
B149   5000091017   LPK2516        OR18A7036    70C62556782           396522CSZ208158   2007   21-Jan-10    Kalinga Auto Synd   Jeypore
B150   35976        LP709          OR249202     497TC93GTZ873730      386513HTZ051690   2006   30-Dec-08    Kalinga Auto Synd   Jeypore
B151   71883        SFC407Truck    OR10F0327    497SPTC35FSZ864340    357514FSZ819139   2007   30-Nov-09    Kalinga Auto Synd   Jeypore
B152   40864001     SFC407 Bus     OR18A0452    497SP41HVZ914595      357151HVZ052365   2004   25-Dec-08    Kalinga Auto Synd   Jeypore
B153   5000133989   SUMO EX        PB08P0585    DTO740648             385003DTO912558   2007   26-Sep-08    Lectronics Yard     Jharsuguda
B154   10901343     LPK2516        JH05P2559    60C624664510000       396522CTZ206648   2006   18-Mar-08    Praladh Kr Singh    Jharsuguda
B155   10871397     SK1613TC       OR09G9570    697TC56ETZ12566       373134ETZ120924   2006    06-Jul-08   Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B156   5000323932   SK1613         OR09L2033    697TC56KRZ141646      373134KRZ311961   2008   12-Feb-10    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B160   5000110507   INDICA DLE     OR02P7023    475IDI01FZZP32780     600131FZZP32788   2000   19-Nov-07    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B162   5000049084   INDICA DLX     OR01E5303    4751D101KXZP65133     600131KXZP65623   2002    29-Jul-07   Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B163   40928230     SK1613TC                    697TC56 HUZ123967     373134HUZ126127   2005   29-Nov-09    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B164   40927333     SE1613         OR09G1717    697TC50EUZ844218      373145EUZ721622   2005   02-Jan-08    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B166   40884483     LP407 6T       OR09G2174    497SPTC35EUZ846769    357251EUZ052464   2005    29-Jul-08   Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B168   20871517     INDICA DLE     OR09C4050    475IDI01GXZP3939620   600131GXZP40545   2002   26-Dec-07    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B169   20871160     INDICA DLE     JH05N8935    475IDI05MUZPH0551     600132ATZP08128   2006   17-Nov-07    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B170   20870060     INDICA DLS     OR09D4070    475IDI01KWZP91588     600141LWZP93924   2003   26-Nov-07    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B171   10871447     LPT1109        OR09H0391    497TC93GTZ131137      416403GTZ125497   2006   25-Aug-09    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B172   10871152     SK1613TC       OR09G5010    697TC56BTZ106725      373134BTZ105520   2006   27-Nov-08    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B174   10871073     LP709          OR09G3707    497TC93HUZ877442      386513JUZ054330   2005   27-Oct-09    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B175   10886806     LPT2518        WB23A9759    60E62476295           448026ETZ117369   2006   12-Sep-08    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B176   10887005     MHCVBODY       WB23A9759    60E62476295           448026ETZ117369   2006   12-Sep-08    Mulu Stockyard      Keonjhar
B177   20862535     INDICA DLE     OR02AF6786   475IDI05FUZP75279     600132FUZP73968   2005   22-Aug-08    Santi Stockyard     Khurda
B178   40887504     SK1613TC       OR09G4262    697TC56LUZ140658      373134LUZ140984   2005   15-Jan-10    Santi Stockyard     Khurda
B179   5000344679   LPT1109        OR07R6059    497TC93AQZ800057      416403AQZ700121   2009   18-Jan-10    Santi Stockyard     Khurda
B180   40885827     SFC407Truck    OR02AH3295   497SPTC35JUZ883638    357514JUZ822957   2005   18-Oct-09    Santi Stockyard     Khurda
B181   5000116916   LPK2516TC                   70D62566603           396522DSZ211118   2007    17-Jul-08   Ray Parking         Kiriburu
B182   5000072683   SK1613         JH02J0125    697TC56CSZ118398      373134CSZ112450   2007   07-Jun-08    Ray Parking         Kiriburu
B183   17510        SK1613         OR14N8213    697TC56GTZ134057      373134GTZ127774   2006   14-Jun-08    Ray Parking         Kiriburu
B185   10901150     SK1613TC       OR14M8268    697TC56CTZ113262      373134CTZ110799   2006   02-Feb-10    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B187   5000317650   SK1613         OR14R9845    697TC56JRZ139776      373134JRZ131894   2008   28-Jan-10    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B188   5000307482   SK1613         OR14R5768    697TC56GRZ132383      373134GRZ124673   2008   17-Dec-09    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B189   5000232756   LPK2516TC      OR16C1114    70L62622158           396522LSZ228784   2007   29-Oct-09    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B190   5000276435   SK1613         OR14R1668    697TC56DRZ122828      373134DRZ117282   2008   29-Jan-10    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B191   5000270471   3516           OR14R0965    70M62630665           415206MSZ231130   2007   17-Dec-09    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B192   5000268752   SK1613         OR14R1046    697TC56DRZ119143      373134DRZ114666   2008   10-Dec-09    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B193   5000259500   SK1613         OR14Q9766    697TC56CRZ114710      373134CRZ111093   2008   09-Aug-09    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B194   5000042207   LPT1109        OR14P1181    497TC93MTZ163471      416403MTZ148991   2006   29-Apr-09    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B195   5000124792   SK1613         OR14P8715    697TC56ESZ126590      373134ESZ305731   2007   08-Feb-10    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B196   5000278735   SK1613         OR14R2653    697TC56DRZ124553      373134DRZ304861   2008   10-Feb-10    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B197   5000004801   LPT1109        OR14N6417    497TC93JTZ145284      416403JTZ136606   2006   29-Oct-09    MB Stockyard        Rourkela
B200   5000232249   INDIGO LX      CG12D5177    475IDT12DVZP40152     601154DVZP44179   2004   19-Dec-09    Jalan Automobile    Sambalpur
B201   5000109417   INDICA DLE     DL3CQ5846    475IDI02EZZP27457     600132EZZP29758   2000   09-Apr-08    Jalan Automobile    Sambalpur
B202   5000067078   INDICA DLX     CG04ZP1511   475IDI01DZZP19869     600151DZZP20161   2000   14-Sep-07    Jalan Automobile    Sambalpur
B203   40405198     SFC709         OR15F0783    497TC84EXZ872910      386122EXZ807743   2002   27-Feb-06    Samal Motors        Sambalpur
B204   20863616     INDICA DLS     OR05W8080    475IDI05ATZPO2156     600142ATZPO9686   2006   14-Sep-07    ShreeBharatMotors   Sambalpur

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