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    Universal® to Provide Olympics Ops Consultation at NBAA2011
NBAA, Las Vegas, (Oct. 10, 2011) – Trip support specialists from Universal Weather and
Aviation, Inc. will be available at exhibit C8926 to help operators proactively plan their trips to
the Summer 2012 Olympic Games in London at NBAA2011.

Although the games will not begin until July 2012, due to the high demand for slots, parking and
hotels, operators should begin planning now, according to Universal Aviation London-Stansted
Operations Manager Jason Hayward.

“Next summer’s Olympics will be one of the busiest periods for air traffic in London’s history,
so operators need to begin booking slots and making hotel reservations immediately,” said
Hayward. “At Stansted, we’ve been preparing for this influx of traffic for months and are fully
prepared to help our clients. To handle the high amount of traffic, we’ve secured overflow
parking and added additional ramp equipment. We are also already accepting slot reservations.
Slots, parking and hotel rooms will be at a premium and may not be available to those who wait
until closer to the event.”

All airports in the southeast of England including the London area will require slots from the
period of July 21, 2012 through Aug. 15, 2012. Although there are more than eight airports in the
London area, Hayward said operators need to have a strategic plan when choosing their
destination airport.

“With more than 32 Olympic venues across the UK, 10 of which are outside London, selecting
the right airport and hotel is critical,” said Mark Hazard, Director, Trip Support Services
Operations, Universal®. “We can assist operators by providing the most current slot and parking
information, then helping them develop a customized plan that meets their specific Olympic
requirements. We’ll help operators answer the critical questions they need to ask when selecting
an airport or FBO. Is the airport open 24 hours? Are there parking restrictions? How far is the
airport from the Olympic Village or the games the operators plan to attend? Can the airport
accept large aircraft?”

Stansted Airport, which is open 24/7, is located 30 minutes from the Olympic Village by car.

“Stansted is uniquely equipped to serve operators due to its location,” said Hayward. “Universal
Aviation has the ability to handle all sizes of aircraft, from Beech 200 up to a Boeing 747, and
we are completely refurbishing our FBO facilities. Europe-based operators can also take
advantage of the expert’s onsite in our European Operations Centre for trip support and flight

planning services, including 24/7runway and slot coordination, which will allow for quick-turn

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members provide solutions including UVair® fuel, credit for approved customers, trip planning
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