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Email Marketing


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									Email Marketing

There are many types of email marketing which can help you attract
clients. Some of them are directly related to sales where as some are
not. We are here providing you with some of these types of email
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1. Quick announcements

These are simple brief announcements made to the client for the special
offers, new products and quick fire sale. These are often referred as
postcard emails.

2. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are generally used to build a relationship with the
client. This is the key step for the increase in the sales. The focus is
made on providing the customers with relevant and useful products.

3. Catalog Emails

Catalog email is like the electronic brochure for the company. They are
the self explanatory. They give the detailed description for your
company’s specialties and particulars. The primary goal for them is
encouraging the customers to buy your products.

4. Press Releases

Email releases can be the best way to attract news coverage. If your
clients have provided you with media contacts then they will be
beneficial for you to distribute your press release.

Point to be considered:

Always keep in mind that One Size does not fit all. It is likely that
your one client appreciate tailed email newsletters while the other one
have more appeal for on and off announcements, postcard emails. Keep the
one size does not fits all approach with your email marketing strategy.
Top 5 Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing comes with a dozen of advantages. Five top email
marketing advantages are listed below. For you to have awareness about
the online email marketing this note is sufficient enough.

1. Viral Email Marketing

Viral process means “multiplication on its own”. If this term is used for
the marketing then it is obvious that the marketing or advertising
process is conducted on its own. It is the most known advantage one
experience while marketing online. Once you have initiated a message it
spreads throughout the web network on its own.
2. Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to get and stay in touch with your clients.
You are able to be reminded by them for you keep in touch with them every
now and then with newsletter etc. this making your email marketing

3. Less Time ConsumingIt does not take much time.

Consuming much time you are able to earn more money. Matt Furey, one of
the leading email marketers of the world is one of the examples. He says
that he spend less than 20 minutes working on an email and makes more
than 10 thousand dollars over every email he sends.

4. Continuous Marketing

One of the great advantages of marketing is that you are able to have
continuous marketing with a same client. Once you are in touch with any
of the client you can keep up with the producer-consumer relation for

5. Joint Venture Leverage

Another advantage for the email marketing is if you have more subscribers
with your list the chances for earning money are more. So the chances for
joint ventures with other online business are also high.

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