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21 April 2005

Dear Colleague,

The new Consultant Clinical Academic Contract

I am pleased to be able to give you an update on the progress of issuing the new Consultant
Clinical Academic Contracts. More than 2/3rds of the contracts have been issued and over
60% of these contracts have been signed and returned. Consultant Clinical Academics who
returned their contracts before 11 March 2005 have now had their basic salary (for 10 PAs)
increased to the new scale rates and have been paid the basic salary arrears due. APAs
have also been paid, backdated to 1April 2004 (or date of transfer if later), to Consultant
Clinical Academics due Academic APAs only.

However, due to the need for further negotiations with NHS Trusts regarding approval for
back dating Clinical APAs to 1 April 2003, no clinical APAs have yet been paid,

The negotiation process with the NHS Trusts is drawing to a close and where a Trust will
pay for the back dating of Clinical APAs these will be paid to Consultant Clinical Academics
as soon as possible following confirmation from the UCL Finance Department. Although
many Trusts have agreed in principle to pay Clinical APAs from 1 April 2003 (or date of
transfer) UCL has been asked not to proceed with payments until the relevant Finance
Offices have confirmed the names of staff for which Clinical APAs are agreed. It is
acknowledged that a large number of letters re funding commitments have been obtained by
many of you but the Trusts are now requiring us to work only from the agreements reached
between Finance Offices. This delay is almost as frustrating for us as it must be for you.

In my December 2004 letter I mentioned that each Trust would need to confirm on-call
supplements before they could be paid. The reason for this is that much of the data collected
in the data verification process does not agree with job plans and some of the job plans
have been quite vague regarding on-call commitments. It has also been identified that some
Consultant Clinical Academics have left or changed rotas since job plans were prepared. We
are therefore liaising with Trusts for accurate information but are constrained while waiting
for their responses.

You are reminded of the UCL WebPages dedicated to Consultant Clinical Academics that
provide useful information on the new contract. It is updated occasionally and can be
accessed on http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/cca.

The new pay scales effective from 1st April 2005 are now available on the HR web site and
these will be implemented this month.

If you have any queries regarding your particular contract please contact Karen Ault at
k.ault@ucl.ac.uk or on extension 48237

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Brant
Director of Human Resources


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