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									Personal Information
       Name:                        Abdulhadi Hairan
       F. Name:              Omar Khan
       Date of Birth:        27 April, 1979
       Place of Birth:       Kunduz Province
       Nationality:          Afghan
       Mother Tongue:        Pashto
       Profession:           Research Analyst; Journalist; Translator
       Email:                       ahhairan@gmail.com
       Web:                         www.abdulhadihairan.com
Languages Skills
                          Reading               Writing                 Speaking
       1)   Pashto        Native                Academic                Native
       2)   English       Excellent             Very good               Very good
       3)   Urdu          Excellent             Excellent               Fluent
       4)   Dari          Very good             Good                    Good (improving)
       5)   Hindi         Nil                   Nil                     Very good
       6)   Dutch         Basic                 Basic                   Basic (learning)
       7)   Punjabi       Good                  Good                    Good
       8)   Arabic        Basic                 Basic                   Basic

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Services that I provide

   1) Translations 2) Interpretation 3) Pashto language teaching 4) Advising about
      cultural issues related about Afghanistan and the tribal areas 5) Writing research
      papers 6) Writing news stories 7) Writing opinion pieces 8) Participate in
      conferences and seminars worldwide that discuss Afghanistan, Pakistan, Taliban,
      Pashtuns and the tribal areas 9) Participating in programs that promote human
      rights, religious freedom, tolerance, gender equality, and civil society 10) Writing
      stories and blogs.

Work History
       1.   Correspondent (Current): Central Asia Online (English)
       Key responsibilities:
                    Providing new stories, interviews, opinion pieces and feature
       2. Research Analyst (Current): Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS)
       (English), Kabul, Afghanistan (http://www.caps.af/staff/hairan.asp)
Key responsibilities:
               Writing weekly analyses about the current situation in Afghanistan,
              Pakistan, and the tribal areas
               Writing reports of important assessments (Assessing security,
                   terrorism, governance, stakeholders; writing reports of legal programs,
                   analyzing data from field research)
               Doing quantitative and qualitative field research studies
               Doing provincial assessments (security, terrorism, tribal conflicts)
               Writing suicide attack and insurgent groups profiles
               Preparing presentations on the above
       3. Project Analyst (Jan. 2009) Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN) (English), Kabul,
Afghanistan (www.pajhwok.com)
Key responsibilities:
               Acting as lead analyst of the Tracking Campaign Promises project
                   which identifies the promises of President Hamid Karzai during his
                   campaign and tracks progress on them
               Writing news and feature stories
       4. Freelance interpreter/ translator (2003-current) Different organizations,
       newspapers and magazines, and UK, US, Canada, and Singapore–based
       translation companies (English>Pashto>Urdu>Dari)
Key responsibilities:
           English to Pashto, Urdu, Dari and vice versa translations
           Proofreading and editing other translators' translations
           The translations include: journalistic material, technical reports, military
          manuals, academic papers, literary books, highly important government sector
          monthly and quarterly reporters, legal cases, etc.
           Interpretation
           Transcription
           Subtitles
           Voice-over
5. Pashto translator/localizer (Feb-Jul. 2009): Paiwastoon Networking Ltd. (One
Laptop Per Child (OLPC)) (USAID sub-contact project) (English>Pashto), Kabul,
Key responsibilities:
           Translating computer and internet softwares, including: Etoys, Mozilla
          Firefox, Open Source, Joomla, etc.
           Translating official letters and statements
6. News Editor (2006-2008): Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) (Pashto, Urdu), Peshawar,
Key responsibilities:
           Taking notes of the news from correspondents in the field by phone
           Writing the news stories in Pashto and Urdu
           Contacting officials, eyewitnesses, local people, and anti-government
          elements for more information about the incidents
           Compiling all the information into news stories in Pashto and Urdu
           Editing news stories written by sub-editors
           Translating and editing press releases of the governments, NATO, AGE,
          and others
7. Regional Editor, Afghanistan (2008): Instablogs.com (English)
Key responsibilities:
           Editing all the news reports and articles posted by contributors about
          Afghanistan region
8. Senior News Editor (2008): Bimonthly Jirga, (Pashto, Dari) London, UK
Key responsibilities:
           Preparing the whole paper.

       9. Sub-editor/translator/columnist (2004-2006): Daily Wahdat, (Pashto),
       Peshawar, Pakistan
Key responsibilities:
            Writing features about important topics
            Preparing special editions on some important political, social and literary
            Writing a weekly column
            Translating news stories from English and Urdu into Pashto
10. Sub-editor/columnist (2006): Daily Khabroona, (Pashto), Peshawar, Pakistan
Key responsibilities:
            Writing features about important topics
            Preparing special editions on some important political, social and literary
            Writing a weekly column
            Translating news stories from English and Urdu into Pashto
11. Reporter/columnist/translator (2002-2004): Weekly Roshan-e-Pakistan (Urdu),
Karachi, Pakistan
Key responsibilities:
            Translating articles from Pashto and English into Urdu
            Writing a weekly column
            Interviewing important personalities of Pashto literature
Web links
My personal blog: www.abdulhadihairan.com
Different News Stories:
Central Asia Online: www.centralasiaonline.com

The Boston Herald:
Pajhwok Afghan News: http://www.pajhwok.com/viewstory.asp?lng=eng&id=88370
The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/abdulhadi-hairan
Center for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS): http://www.caps.af/staff/hairan.asp
LinkedIn profile: http://af.linkedin.com/in/hairan
Proz Profile: http://www.proz.com/profile/633226
Translators’ Café Profile: http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/member81427.htm
Benawa (Pashto): http://www.benawa.com/fullstory.php?id=23092
Tolafghan (Pashto): http://www.tolafghan.com/posts/15708
Learn Pashto (blog): http://learnpashto.wordpress.com/
Twitter Updates: http://twitter.com/hairan
       Madrassa study (1989-1995): Different madrassas in different parts of tribal
        areas and Pakistan (Bajaur Agency, Dir, Swabi, Mardan, etc)
       Self-study
Computer/Internet Skills
       SPSS (used for statistical analysis)
       CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools: Trados, OmegaT
       MS Word
       MS Excel
       PowerPoint
       CorelDraw
       Website
       Internet search
       Social networking
       Publicity
       Publishing
   1) Pakhto Pa Internet Ke, (published: 2007): a book that provides information about Pashto
      websites, forums, email, etc.
   2) Tanda Mey Mata Shwa, (published: 2008): a collection of short stories.
   3) English Proverbs with Pashto Mataloona of the same meaning (unpublished)
   4) Two Pashto novels (not-published)
   5) A book about modern usage of the Pashto language (unpublished)
   6) Zama Khaibarai Wada (Pashto translation of My Khyber Marriage by Morag Murray
International travels (on assignments, to conferences)
    Holland
    United Arab Emirates
    India
    Nepal
    Morocco
    Pakistan

   1) Prakhar Sharma, Head of Research at Center for Conflict and Peace Studies.
      Email: prakharsharma@yahoo.com
   2) Amin Mudaqiq, Kabul Bureau Chief of Radio Free Europe (Radio Azadi), Ph.
      0093-799-047410, Email: mudaqiqa@rferl.org
   3) Syed Raham Dil Shah, Editor of Daily Wahdat (Pashto), Peshawar, Pakistan. Ph.
      0092-333-9206120, Email: dailywahdat@gmail.com
   4) Mohammad Ali Mohmand, English Editor at Pajhwok Afghan News, Kabul. Ph.
      0093-788-297218, Email: m.ali.momand@gmail.com
Documents/recommendation letters
       A number of documents and recommendation letters are available on demand.


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