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The Information Technology Division (previously a division of Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman
Chartered Accountants) of IBRAHEEM Soft Mart (Pvt.) Ltd. (ISM) is one of the leading
software development and system consulting setups in Pakistan. ISM is the concern firm of
Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman member Grant Thornton International, which is one of the
largest firms of consulting and accounting across the globe. The association with Grant
Thornton provides our ITD, the opportunity to stay in touch with the latest worldwide trends
and technologies and giving our valued clients the best possible solutions.

As a part of IBRAHEEM Soft Mart (Pvt.) Ltd. (ISM), the Information Technology Division has
the human resources of utmost skills and versatility. The team consists of experienced
system analysts, designers, software developers, cost and financial accountants, business
administrators and data officers.

We have an infra structure of offices, hardware equipment, communication networks and
financial facilities which are necessary to perform large automation assignments. We
specialize in the following areas and possess an extensive experience in provision of these

      Business Application (desktop and web based);
      Office automation;
      System analysis, designing and re-engineering of systems;
      Implementation of the automated systems in organization;
      Training of management and staff to work under automated environment; and
      Information Technology Consultancy.

We developed many application softwares for various government, semi-government and
non-government organizations in Pakistan. . We provided complete solution to various clients
in the following sectors:

      Chemicals Industry (Pesticide/Insecticide)      Oil and Ghee Industry
      Pharmaceuticals Industry/Distribution           Hospital Services
      Power Industry (Electric Generation)            Toy Industry (SAGA Sports (Pvt.) Ltd)
      Textile (Spinning, Weaving, Knitting etc.)      Bread Industry
      Polyester Industry (Yarn/Fiber)                 Banks & Financial Sector
      LPG/NGL Production/ Marketing Industry          Services and consulting companies
      Builders, Developers (Real Estate)              Export/Import Trading Companies
      Home Appliances (Electronic/Electrical)         Clubs, Restaurants, Messes & Hotels
      Frozen Foods and Ice cream Industry             Hospitals & Clinics
      Telecom Industry                                Super Store, Departmental Store &
      Paper and Board Industry                         Shops
In addition to the software development, ISM has provided services of systems installation,
implementation, on the job training of the users and maintenance services as well. List of
software enclosed in „Software Product‟ annex.

Oracle ERP - Implementation (Associated Group of Companies)
Associated Group (AG) was founded by Mr. Z.Z. Ahmed (1910-1989), former Deputy Inspector
General of Pakistan Police, in 1965. Today, it is one of Pakistan's premier business houses in the
energy sector. Within the energy sector, AG has three lines of business-Liquefied Petroleum Gas
(LPG), Power Generation and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Company: Associated group of companies. Oracle 10g base ERP (SYROS) made by Intertec System,
LLC (UAE). It covers all the aspect of business. We successfully installed and implemented in five
different companies.

Oracle ERP - Implementation SAGA Sports (Pvt.) Ltd.
Completed Under: SAGA Sports (Pvt.) Ltd June 2006 Oracle based ERP implemented.

                            ACCPAC ERP - Implementation (Ali Akbar Group)
Completed Under: Ali Akbar Group of Companies
    1. About Firm: The Ali Akbar Group of Companies is a big group specialized in agro-base
        chemicals. It contain four companies (a) Pak China Chemicals (b) Ali Akbar Enterprises (c)
        Dada Jee Corporation (d) Links International (Soneri Gas)
    2. Franchise Sales Management System (a) Accounts Receivable (b) Shelf Credit (c) Inventory
        Control. The system runs at regional level (Eight Regions) and consolidating at head office.
    3. ACCPAC Pro 71a Accounting System (ERP) with eight modules a) Accounts Receivable b)
        Sales Order c) Accounts Payable c) Purchase Order d) Inventory Control e)
        Production/Planning Module f) Letter of Credit (LC) g) General Ledger. I have made big
        modification in ACCPAC for implementation of business rules.
    4. Human Resource Management Information System. Analyzed HR requirements and design a
        comprehensive HR Information System that tracks the provident/pension funds. The system
        has a facility to send Journal Voucher in ACCPAC Pro 71a General Ledger.
    5. Employee Expense and Reimbursement System. Analyzed the requirements and developed
        an Employee Expense and Reimbursement system. The system is smart to receive Employee
        Expense Report through WEB by using ASP (VB 60). The system has ability to drop Journal
        Voucher in ACCPAC Pro 71a General Ledger. The system was designed because we want to
        reduce the load from General Ledger.
    6. Fixed Asset System Analyzed the requirements and prepare documents for a comprehensive
        Fixed Asset System. The system has a facility to send Journal Voucher in ACCPAC Pro 71a
        General Ledger.
              SBT ERP - Implementation (WorldCALL Group)
Completed Under: WorldCALL Group of Companies SBT Pro 50 Build # 708 Accounting Systems.
 Analyze the company requirement related to following fields. a) Accounts Receivable b) Inventory
 Control c) General Ledger.
1. PTCL Payable System. Analyzed the company requirement/need and develop a PTCL Payable
 System. The system reads NMS (Network Management System) data and prepares expected PTCL
 Bill for each telephone. Read/input PTCL bills data. Then prepare a comparison statement (tickler
 report) between NMS Expected Bill and PTCL actual bill. The system has a valuable help to the
 management related to PTCL Payable.
2. Payroll System. Analyzed company requirements and develop a comprehensive Payroll System
 with provident/pension funds controls.

                          FMC United (Pvt.) Limited
1. Sales Management System (SMS)
   1.1. Accounts Receivable
          1.1.1.Receipt/Revenue by Policy (Advance policy, Seasonal Policy etc.) The system was
               evaluating these policies while calculating customer incentives. The receipts were made
               on zonal level.
          1.1.2.Invoicing: The invoices were made on zonal level.
          1.1.3.Customers database were managed at zonal level.
          1.1.4.Customer demands were also managed at zonal level. The demands were recorded
               before starting the season.
          1.1.5.Customer credit limit were managed at head office
   1.2. Shelf Credit
        1.2.1.The system was managed the “Availability of Products” at “club member’s shelf”.
               When the product was sold the system was generated the invoice.
          1.2.2.The system provided the report about the available stock at shelf.
   1.3. Inventory Control
          1.3.1.The system has complete track of inventory at zonal level and all information available at
               head office for review and analysis.

1. SBT Pro 50 Build # 707 Accounting Systems:
   1.1.     Accounts Receivable
   1.2.     Sales Order
   1.3.     Accounts Payable
   1.4.     Purchase Order
   1.5.     Inventory Control
   1.6.     General Ledger
   1.7.     Employee Expense and Re-imbursement
   1.8.    Payroll
   1.9.    Fixed Assets
   1.10. Human Resources
   1.11. Tax Payment System

Pak Elektrons Ltd., Saphire Group of Companies, SNGPL, Crescents Green Wood
and many more projects (development and deployment) successfully sign off

Software development team is the strongest arm of the IT division, includes experience
senior programmers of RDBMS and high level languages. The team is consist of 8
developers and equipped with fully equipped with the latest technology. Detail of our IT staff
strength is listed below:

         Project Manager               1
         Team Lead                     3
         Software Developers           6
         Systems Analyst/Designers     4
         Database Designer             2
         Marketing Department          5
         Data Entry Operator           10
         IT - Support Staff            4
         Others Staff                  3

As part of IBRAHEEM Soft Mart (Pvt.) Ltd. the information technology division enjoys the
association of MIS specialists, chartered accountants, implementation supervisors and a big
team of junior officers. Prominent consultants from banking, corporate sector, stock
exchange, library & information sciences and education also back the division.

The IT division has a team of data entry operators to perform large data jobs. The division is
also equipped with a team of hardware engineers and technicians. As the division is fully
committed to provide total solutions to corporate clients, this support staff is extremely useful
for computer procurement, installation, servicing, trouble shooting, repairing and

 1.       Jamshoro Join Venture                    15.   Pakistan Cables Limited
 2.       Lube Gas Private Limited                 16.   Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop
 3.       Mehran Gas Private Limited               17.   Peer Events Management
 4.       Texmac Services (Pvt.) Ltd.              18.   Eden Developers (Pvt.) Ltd.
5.    Zarco Telecommunication (Pvt.) Ltd.    19.   Ali Akbar Group
6.    Telpoint (Pvt.) Ltd.                   20.   FMC United (Pvt.) Ltd.
7.    SkyCom (Pvt.) Ltd.                     21.   Sonery Gas
8.    Sunrise Sales (Pvt.) Ltd.              22.   Pioneer Gas (Pvt.) Ltd.
9.    Haidri Developers                      23.   Tez Gas (Pvt.) Ltd.
10.   Javaid International                   24.   ICEPAC Limited
11.   Crystalline Ampoule Works (Pvt.) Ltd   25.   SAGA Sports (Pvt.) Ltd.
12.   Power Piston Limited                   26.   Madeeha‟s
13.   Lafco (Private) Limited                27.   Coca Cola Beverages (Pvt.) Ltd
14.   Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop             28.   Pak Elektrons Limited

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