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									Talent Show

Idea of TV project “got talent” comes from British television. Author of idea and initiator is Simon Cowell's SYCO Company. Pilot show was first launched in
Great Britain. However first full version was shown in United States. As a result within this project bounds seeking for talents begun in 30 countries of the
world, including our country.

Britain's Got Talent first TV Show was first aired in 2007, June 9. Prize for the winners of the project was £100,000. In the end of the first season of Britain’s
Got Talent first discovered talent was Paul Potts (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDB9zwlXrB8), who got contract with Sony BMG besides the prize
money. Winner of the season 2 of Britain’s Got Talent was 14 years old break dancer – George Sampson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyDnYeUnT7w).
Winner of the season 3 (April 11, 2009) group of street dancers _ Diversity (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPcGy77Gru8).

sing talents is different in different countries. But in every country the winner is such manifestation of talent that is most valuable for these countries.
Partially, winner of Got Talent shows personal profile of the country. Talent elected with the majority of TV audience voices partially shows that this person
reflects in the best ways the ideas, the dreams, the demands citizens of that country are not indifferent about, moreover, they are very sensitive, very
emotional, very involved, very loyal.

In Georgia this project is called “Nichieri” (Talented). Firs season was aired in February 2010 and lasted up to April 3. During the whole season TV audience
was active. If we look at the rankings of that project during the whole season, we will see, that ranking index is quite stable. As to increasing TV audience on
the specific date is probably connected to audience interest in Talents on that specific date. Ranking of the final show is 33,5%.
These both pictures show that seeking talents in Georgia is of current importance and valuable work. No matter how we explain these percents, connect them
to the specific participants or turns, anyway, in total we will come to the conclusion that audience of the project has “demands for seeking talents”.

Hence, this project seems to be very popular in Georgia. Besides this, it has biggest plus not from the point of view of seeking talents and assisting them to
realize their talents, but simply because it gives opportunity to many people to show their abilities and that is why they become more wanted, more realized,
more satisfied and free.

Let’s put parallels between specificity of talents that were discovered in different countries.

Country                          Name                     Premier                                         Winners

                                                                                     Season 1, 2008: Martin Bustos (Humorian Imitation)

Argentina                  'Argentinian Talent          July 27, 2008                    Season 2, 2009: Daniel Ferreyra (Guitarrist)

                                                                                              Season 3, 2010: Upcoming Season

Australia              Australia's Got Talent         February 18, 2007                   Season 1, 2007: Bonnie Anderson (Singer)

                                                                                     Season 2, 2008: "Smokin" Joe Robinson (Guitarrist)
                                                             Season 3, 2009: Mark Vincent (15-years-old-opera singer)

                                                                         Season 4, 2010: Current Season

Belgium    Super talent in Vlaanderen    March 15, 2007               Season 1, 2007: Triple E(Sister's Trio)

Bulgaria     Bulgaria's Got Talent        March 1, 2010                    Season 1, 2010: In Progress

Brazil         You Have a Talent          August 5, 2009           Season 1, 2009: D-Effect (Animation Artists)

Croatia           Super talent          September 25, 2009    Season 1, 2009: Tihomir Bendelja (gymnastic twirling)

Denmark             Talent               August 15, 2008              Season 1, 2008: Robot Boys (Pop Band)

Estonia           Talendijaht           December 30, 2007          Season 1, 2007: Kadi Liis Saar (Mental Math)

                                                                    Season 1, 2007: Aleksi Vähäpassi (Beatbox)
Finland          Talent Suomi            October 1, 2007
                                                                Season 2, 2009: Miikka Mäkelä (pantomim dance)

                                                              Season 1, 2006: Salah Benlemqawanssa (Popper/B-boy)

                                                                      Season 2, 2007: Junior (break dancer)
France         Incroyable Talent        November 6, 2006
                                                                         Season 3, 2008: Alex (fire artist)

                                                                        Season 4, 2009: Florian (magician)

                                                                     Season 1, 2010: Levan Shavadze (Singer)
Georgia             Talent               February 1, 2010
                                                                        Season 2, 2011: Upcoming Season

Germany         The Supertalent          October 20, 2007           Season 1, 2007: Ricardo Marinello (singer)
                                                                       Season 2, 2008: Michael Hirte (harmonica players)

                                                                    Season 3, 2009: Yvo Antoni & Primadonna (dog training)

                                                                                Season 4, 2010: Upcoming Season

                                                                         Season 1, 2007: Christos Zacharopoulos (Singer)

                                                                              Season 2, 2009: Kiss Madiam (Band)
Greece        Ellada Eheis Talento         March 23, 2007
                                                                                   Season 3, 2010: In Progress

                                                                                Season 4, 2011: Upcoming Season

Hungary           A star is born          October 20, 2007                  Season 1, 2007: Utasi Arpad (Comedian)

India           India's Got Talent          June 27, 2009                      Season 1, 2009: Prince dance group

Indonesia     Indonesia's Got Talent   April 17, 2010 (audition)                  Season 1, 2010: On Progress

                                                                   Season 1, 2007: Yaniv, Fund Alnkooh & Yaniv Suissa (Aerial
Israel         The Next Big Thing           June 26, 2007

Italy           Italia's Got Talent      December 12, 2009                         Season 1, 2010: In Progress

Lithuania       Lithuanian Talent        September 27, 2009                    Season 1, 2009: Mikas (Play teeth)

               When You Can Do
Luxembourg                                February 28, 2009                     Season 1, 2010: Upcoming Season

                                                                       Season 1, 2008: Daniëlle Bubberman (Contortionist)
Netherlands   Holland's Got Talent         March 28, 2008
                                                                        Season 2, 2009: Tessa Kersten (Guitarrist/Singer)
                                                                         Season 1, 2008: Chaz Cumming (Music Group)
New Zealand   New Zealand's Got Talent   September 8, 2008
                                                                                Season 2, 2010: Upcoming Season

                                                                      Season 1, 2008: Erlend Bratland (16-year old singer)
Norway            Norske Talenter        February 22, 2008
                                                                             Season 2, 2009: Quick (hip-hop dancer)

Philippines    Philippines Got Talent    February 20, 2010                       Season 1, 2010: Current Season

                                                                          Season 1, 2008: Mellkart Ball (duo acrobatics)
Poland               The Talent          September 13, 2008
                                                                   Season 2, 2009: Marcin Wyrostek (playing the accordion)

Portugal        There is Talent Here      January 28, 2007                 Season 1, 2007: Joana Romao (Acrobatics)

                                                                           Season 1, 2007: Maxim Tokayev (musician)

                                                                      Season 2, 2008: Dimitry Burkin (gymnastics parade)
Russia            Minutes of Fame        February 17, 2007
                                                                                Season 3, 2009: Grace (ensemble)

                                                                                 Season 4, 2010: Current Season

Serbia             I have a Talent       September 21, 2009   Season 1, 2009-10: Danijel, Darko i Sandra Piler (children music trio)

Slovakia         Slovakia has Talent     September 21, 2008         Season 1, 2008: Old School Brothers (hip-hop breakers)

                                                                                 Season 1, 2010: Current season

Slovenia        Slov enia’s got Talent    March 21, 2010                          Season 2, ?: Upcoming season

                                                                                  Season 3, ?: Upcoming season
South Africa         SA's Got Talent        October 1, 2009          Season 1, 2009: Darren Rajbal (a deaf hip hop dancer)

Spain               You Have Talent         January 2, 2008                Season 1, 2008: Salva (flamingo dancer)

                                                                        Season 1, 2007: Zillah & Totte (Ventriloquism)

                                                                             Season 2, 2008: Zara Larsson (Singer)
Sweden                   Talang              April 13, 2007
                                                                           Season 3, 2009: Charlie Caper (Magician)

                                                                              Season 4, 2010: Upcoming Season

Turkey           You Are Talent, Turkey!   November 13, 2009   Season 1, 2009-10: Bilal Avcı and Uğur Karameşe (Popping dance)

                                                                        Season 1, 2009: Kseniya Simonova (Sand artist)
Ukraine           Ukraine's Got Talent       April 3, 2009
                                                                              Season 2, 2010: Upcoming Season

                                                                           Season 1, 2007: Paul Potts (Opera Singer)

                                                                       Season 2, 2008: George Sampson (Street-dancer)
United Kingdom     Britain's Got Talent       June 9, 2007
                                                                           Season 3, 2009: Diversity (dance troupe)

                                                                                Season 4, 2010: Current Season

United States     America's Got Talent       June 21, 2006             Season 1, 2006: Bianca Ryan (11-year-old singer)

                                                                         Season 2, 2007: Terry Fator (ventriqulouist)

                                                                         Season 3, 2008: Neal E. Boyd (Opera Singer)

                                                                       Season 4, 2009: Kevin Skinner (Country Singer)
                                                                                             Season 5, 2010: Upcoming Season

Every third on this list was a singer, nearly 20% were dancers, 12% - acrobats or gymnasts, 10% were playing specific instrument. From the global scale of this
project only two participants had comic turns. As country talents on global scale there were presented only two magicians, one of them represented France
(2009:    Florian   _     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYiBqbixLSw&feature=related)          and   the   second    -   Switzerland   (2009:   Charlie   Caper   _
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4R_ub_cAGw). Until today mostly singers and dancers have been receiving status of talented. But sometimes happens,
that status of talented is granted to the person, who plays Sirtaki on his own tooth. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmFRny7gt84). Talents in most
different direction were revealed in Estonia, Finland, and France, German and Lithuanian people. Winner of German’s Got Talent in 2007 became trainer of
the dogs.

It is very interesting Estonia’s Talent specification in 2007. Estonian girl Kadi Liis was performing her talent – solving mathematical challenges very fast and
from memory – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBNrq28ADQY – this video is in Estonian and you won’t understand how the calculation process is
going on or what juries are talking about this girl, but even if you understood the language, for you probably it would be hard to understand the logic of the
people, whose wish was to grant Kadi Liis status of the most talented in Estonia.

   Country                   Name                 Premier                                             Winners

Estonia                    Talendijaht       December 30, 2007                      Season 1, 2007: Kadi Liis Saar (Mental Math)

Finland                   Talent Suomi        October 1, 2007                       Season 1, 2007: Aleksi Vähäpassi (Beatbox)

France                  Incroyable Talent    November 6, 2006                             Season 3, 2008: Alex (fire artist)

Germany                 The Super talent      October 20, 2007            Season 3, 2009: Yvo Antoni & Primadonna (dog training)

Lithuania               Lithuanian Talent    September 27, 2009                          Season 1, 2009: Mikas (Play teeth)
In general, seeking talent is very subjective process for many reasons, in other words, the person, who is named as talent of one or another country, in reality
cannot be considered as most talented in that country, even for the selecting process means attracting persons with specific personal profile for this show. So,
                                                                  if we discuss ability to participate in that competition, this is already a variable, that will
                                                                  screen the winning potential of the talents, who do not will, don’t have demands and
                                                                  readiness to participate in such show. Besides this, screening of people, who participate,
                                                                  filtering them and moving to finale and win, as a result, mostly depends on people.

                                                                  Winner of “Got Talent" is the most talented participant, who best of all managed to charm
                                                                  the audience, made them to feel him and his talent very easily. Winner of this project is a
                                                                  talent who covers values of the country, where this contest is held. If we pick out every
                                                                  singer from that world wide TV project and ask specialists to evaluate them, it is very
                                                                  possible, that voice are distributed differently. For example, our “Nichieri” winner in season
                                                                  one became Levan Shavadze (http://nichieri.ge/levanfinali-2/), person, as well as Gulnazi
                                                                  Goletiani, was predestined for winning from the very first performance. We can say that in
                                                                  general, that talent became winner, which could easily wake up in audience what we can
                                                                  call it “Georgian”, Georgian spirit, social responsibility or “national satisfaction” or etc. In
                                                                  the very last moment the contestant’s “frankness” factor was added to this. Same time
                                                                  another contestant Ani Khanchaliani reached the final ( http://nichieri.ge/xanchalianifin/),
                                                                  the song she performed was much more corresponding to the concept of “Talented”,
                                                                  “gifted”. In the final she showed best performance compared to previous performances,
                                                                  probably was most perfected compared to other competitive turns, but it depends for who.
Exactly this “depends for who” is the basis for that project and the weak point. Exactly this remains the audience satisfied or some groups of this audience
displeased, correctly not satisfied.
It is interesting, that the winner of America’s “Got Talent" this year was chosen exactly with this “national”
sign, he was a farmer, singer and was singing the song of the genre, that was acceptable, easily taken to heart
for typical American (as for typical Georgian was Levan Sahvadze’s singing style and orientation).

                                                         KEVIN SKINNER _ WINNER _ SINGER/GUITARIST

                                         35 YEAR OLD MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY _ UNEMPLOYED FARMER



In general, we can say, that “Got Talent” is the best project to understand towards what is nation sensible and
what is the best way to gain their sympathy and loyalty and of course, to find talented people like Ani
Khanchaliani, Dato Robakidze or Ramaz Garshaulashvili.

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