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									Faculty Development in the London Deanery

The strategic direction from NHS London is now clear and excellence in
education requires a well trained, well motivated cadre of clinical teachers.
‘Training the trainers’ can no longer be considered as a dispensable piece of
deanery activity but core recurrent business, a fact that was also identified in
the conditions imposed on the deanery by PMETB in relation to their quality
assurance visit of November 2007.

A Faculty Development unit has therefore been established within the London
Deanery with excellence in education as its overarching aim. On behalf of the
Deanery the Unit will strive to achieve this aim by:

   •   developing the educational expertise of the Deanery’s faculty of
   •   producing a range of targeted educational resources for clinical
   •   promoting educational research in postgraduate medical and dental

A large number of faculty development initiatives are already in train which
can be viewed at a designated London Deanery Faculty Development website
www.londondeanery.ac.uk/facultydevelopment. These include:

Support for Trusts through:
  • financial support for local faculty development initiatives
  • educational consultancy in relation to local programmes
  • financial support for creation of a local database of educators and their
     training needs
  • local ‘outreach’ delivery of courses and workshop

Fellowships in Medical Education
    • five out-of-programme posts in medical education for specialty

Short courses
  • a comprehensive prospectus of short courses for clinical teachers
       delivered by a deanery team in central London

Masters in Clinical Education
  • a new MA at the Institute of Education, London University e-learning for
      clinical teachers
  • a raft of 14 short e-modules on all relevant aspects of clinical teaching
      Individual bursaries
  • up to £500 per financial year to support the professional development
      of clinical teachers

Mentoring network
  • the development of a mentoring network to support doctors in transition

                      For further details see www.londondeanery.ac.uk/facultydevelopment
  or contact Samantha Hobbs, Faculty Development Manager shobbs@londondeanery.ac.uk

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