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									                             ECOMINEX 2012
                     The Fourth International Forum and Exhibition

                          On Economics of Mineral Resources

                                  In the Arab Countries

                 Exploration, Extraction, Processing and Manufacturing

                  Al-Azhar Conference Center, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

                                  21- 23 February 2012

The Syndicate of Scientific Professions of Egypt and Saudi Egyptian Foundation for the
organizing of exhibitions and conferences are pleased to invite interested authorities,
organizations, establishments and institutions to participate in the fourth International
Forum and Exhibition on Economics of Mineral Resources in the Arab World, focusing
on Exploration, Processing, Manufacturing and Export.

This event comes after the great success enjoyed by the great in the first, second, and
the third forum, is expected to attract this event a large number of senior scientists and
experts from international organizations and regional and local research centers,
universities and industrial enterprises and research and development centers in the area
of mining and mineral wealth in the Arab countries and the World .

The Forum would accompany a major exhibition of Arab and foreign companies in the
field of mineral wealth and investments and their mining and exploration, extraction,
processing and manufacturing of raw materials mining and quarrying and institutions
detection and analysis techniques and geographic information systems and the offices
of mining and environmental consulting.

Organized By:-

     1- Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions directed by Prof. Dr. Ali Ali

2- Saudi Egyptian Foundation for the organizing of exhibitions and conferences

  Directed by Engineer / Essam Mohamed Mahmoud

The organizing committee:-
- Prof. Dr. Ahmed Atef Dardeer (The former chairman of the Egyptian Geological
Survey Authority)
- Eng. Saleh Ben Mohammed Al Bala' (Chairman of Gharabeel Commercial Est.)
- Eng. Essam Mohammed Mahmoud (Chairman of Saudi Egyptian Foundation for
the organizing of exhibitions and conferences.).
- Prof.Dr./ Mohammed Mahmoud Mohamadian (General Secretary of the
Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions)
- Dr./ Hassan Bakhit Abd Elrahman (HEAD OF GEOLOGICAL SURVEY SECTOR
of the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority).

Objectives of the forum :-

    1- Provide information on the potentials of mineral resources in the Arab world that
       can be invested.
    2- Discuss the importance of preparation and manufacturing of the raw materials to
       increase its added value.
    3- Discuss cooperation horizons among the companies working in the field of
       manufacturing and export of mining raw materials in the Arab countries
    4- Identify and discuss the international parameters and factors that currently
       control the world market for mining and quarrying products.
    5- Possibilities of establishing an Arab Union for mineral economics affiliated to
       similar international unions.

Subjects of Interest to the Forum:-

All papers that will address improving and increasing the added value are
strongly welcomed as the following products:-

1- Economic Geology.

2- Mine Engineering.

3- Ore Dressing.

4- Geographic Information System.

5- Mining investments in the Arab world

6- Geophysical Exploration.
7- Cement Industry and building material.

8- Economics of Small-Scale Mines.

9- Evaporating Salts Industry.

10- Environmental Assessment of Mining activities.

11- Marble, Granite and Ornamental stones.

12-Fesibility studies of mining activities.

13- Industrial Minerals.

Objectives of the exhibition:-

     1- Successful business deals conclusion
     2- Maintain and enhance investment opportunities in the field of mining and
     3- Highlight the progress and development in the mining and quarrying industry.
     4- Compilation of the largest companies under one roof.
     5- Exchange views and ideas between the participating companies..
     6- Provision and exchange of information.
     7- Highlighting the activities of institutions and companies and present their
         activities and raise competition for the best.
     8- Support trade between countries.
     9- Communication between producers, which could provide for the establishment
         of cooperation and integration and exchange of experiences among themselves
         and which can be in the form of union or merger of some producers..
     10- Open the way for researchers of investment opportunities.


     1- Mining and quarrying Companies in Egypt, Arab and foreign countries.
     2- Cement, construction materials, marble, granite, ceramics companies.
     3- Fertilizers companies, Land and sea transport. Shipping, agencies and
        equipment Rental...
     4- Operating equipment companies.
     5- Exploration companies, scientific equipment and desert supplies subsistence.
     6- Analysis of raw materials laboratories.
    7- Arab Ministries, organizations, bodies and institutions.
    8- Universities, institutes and Research centers.
    9- Egyptian and Arab chambers of industry and trade.
    10- Departments of Arab Quarries and mines.
    11- Consulting offices, feasibility studies and investment banks.

The Exhibition Fees (Per Sq.meter) :-

350 U.S Dollars for the Arab and Foreign Organizations and Companies.

600 Egyptian Pound for the Egyptian Organizations and Companies.

The Forum Fees(Per person):-

350 U.S. Dollars for the Arab and Foreign Organizations and Companies.

600 Egyptian Pound for the Egyptian Organizations and Companies.

The fees should be sent to the following account:-

                      (The Fourth International Forum and Exhibition)
1- The National Bank of Egypt – Al Kasr Al Ainy branch account no. (11055506739), for
American Dollar.
2- The National Bank of Egypt – Al Kasr Al Ainy branch account no. (01055506733), for
Egyptian Pound.
                               Swift no: NBEGEGCX150

Presented Papers:-

Participants intending to present technical papers are kindly asked to complete a
form containing the following:-

1-The Paper Title on a separate sheet (font 16 Arial) as well as Author(s) Name
and Institution (font 14 Arial) and email.

2- An Abstract on a separate sheet (one-page, font 12 Arial)

3- All abstracts received by 30 December 2011 will be published in The Book of
Abstracts and distributed on all participants of the Forum.
4- Authors wishing to publish the Full Text of their paper in the Proceedings of
the Forum should send the text, including items 1 and 2 mentioned above with
the full text (font size 14 Arial and headlines font size 16). The full text should not
exceed 10 pages including tables and figures.

5- All full text papers should be submitted on A4 size sheets, with 3 cm margins
at all sides. Original diagrams and figures should be attached.
The paper should be received before the end of January 2012


           Saudi Egyptian Foundation for organizing exhibitions and conferences

       14, Eltaawenate Buildings - Eighth Quarter- Mustafa Elnahas Extent

                                   Nasr City - Cairo




                  Tel:+(+2) 2-24732410                  (+2)2- 24719133
                                    Fax: (+2)2-24720427

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