FOR BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION

I.      Criterias of AMDAL, UKL-UKL and SOP

Sub projects which require environmental Standard Operating Procedure (Environmental
SOP) are those which excluded from the AMDAL and UKL-UPL’s criterias (table below).

Table 1. Criterias of AMDAL, UKL-UPL and Env. SOP for Bridge Subprojects

 No              Activity Type                                    Scale
                                          AMDAL                 UKL-UPL             Environmental
                                     (Regulation of State   (Regulation of Public        SOP
                                       Ministry of The         Work Ministry
                                        Environment           No.17year 2003)
                                      No.308 year 2005)
     I Bridge
      1 Construction of bridge
       a). Big City                                          Length ≥ 20m.          Length < 20m.
       b). Medium City                                       Length ≥ 60m..         Length < 60m..
*)Metropolitan       inhabitant >1,000,000
  Big city           inhabitant 500,000 – 1,000,000
  Medium city        inhabitant 200,000 – 500,000
  Rural              inhabitant 20,000 – 200,000

II.     Objective

The objective of this environmental SOP is give environmental safeguard consideration
(physic, biology, social, health) on the planning, construction and maintenance stages.

III. Bridge Subproject Description

Basically, this environmental SOP describe environmental mitigation for minimize negative
impacts of road subprojects activities. The activities of bridge subprojects group into pre-
construction, construction, as follows:

1. Pre-construction Stages
      a. Socialization
          The socialization can be carried out by install announcement billboard, on the places
          which is easy read by public, for examples as figure below:

                    It will be rehabilitate/reconstruc
                                 bridge .....
                              length ......... m

        The socialization is in order people know about activities, and then social impacts can
        be early anticipated.
     b. Filed Survey & Measurement
        The field survey and measurement carried out after socialization.
2.    Construction Stage
     a. Worker Recruitment
        The construction worker recruitment must give priority to the local communities, in
        order to prevent social jealous impact from local communities to workers from
     b. Material Mobilization
        Material mobilization (especially for soil) must use truck with canvas closer.
     c. Basecamp
        Base camp must be completed with toilet and trash can.
     d. Land Preparation
        If there are trees cutting in land preparation, it is required do replanting.
     e. Soil Works (cut and fill)
        Soil works (especially cutting) potentially disturb to existing underground facilities.
        Contractors must looking for information about those before do soil works..
     f. Bridge Work
        Bridge works potentially have impact on stability of riverside. Contractor must keep
        riverside stability.

   g. Asphalt Works
      During asphalt works, it is may occur traffic jam on surrounding of the existing road.
      Contractor must be concerned on this and do traffic management in order to minimize
      or prevent traffic jam impacts.

IV. Environmental Standard Operating Procedure (Environmental SOP) For Bridge

The environmental standard operating procedure (environmental SOP) is present in tabel
below. The table contain:
1. Environmental Safeguard, environmental component which must be kept.
2. Environmental Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), mitigation measurement that
   must be carried out in order to keep environmental safeguard.
3. Threshold, threshold which must be reached from mitigation measurement.

               Table: Environmental SOP on Construction Stage (for Contractor)
No    Environmental          Environmental SOP on Construction Stage                  Thresholds
1    Job                - In the worker recruitment, the contractors must There are local
     opportunities          give priority to the local communities which           communities
     for local              meet the requirement or who able to be trained. recruited as
     communities                                                                   workers.
2    Existing            - Before do soil works, contractor must looking for       Soil works do
     underground            information about underground utilities which may not disturb
     utilities              exist in the around subproject location (pipe, cable, underground
                            water channel).                                        facilities.
                         - If there are underground facilities in the subproject
                            location, the contractors must coordinate with the
                            utilities owner, before soil works implementation.
                            The contractor is responsible to keep these utilities.
                         - If the utilities broken during soil works, the
                            contractor must repair according to the request
                            from its owner.
3    Safeguard to        - The contractors must obtain material from legal         No complaint
     the quarry             quarry which have permission from related              from related
                            government institution.                                government
                         - The contractor must avoid material from important institution
                            natural resource (protected forest, rivers, etc).      regarding
4    Keep good          -   In order to minimize conflict with local               There is
     social relation        communities, contractor needs to involve local         complaint from
     with local             communities in construction activities (especially     local
     communities            on take bench mark on the right boundary).             communities
                                                                                   regarding on
                                                                                   right of way
5    Avoid damage        - The tonnages of material truck do not exceed the        Condition of the
     on road                road capacity.                                         existing road is
     existing (which - If the material mobilization causes damage of the           same as before
     may cause by           road, then contractor must repair it.                  material
     material                                                                      mobilization.
6    Safeguard to        - Protect a part of sloping road area with cover crop. There is not
     road side           - Repair sloping area which damage during                 erosion or
     (around bridge)        construction (with replanting).                        landslide.
     which sensitive     - Minimize trees cutting during construction.
     to erosion.         - Do not put material in waterways or sloping area.

7    Safeguard to       -   Make hence (from bamboo) and pond for prevent         There is no
     river water            erosion mud come to the rivers (figure below).        erosion mud
     quality (from      -   Covering material with platic or canvas.              come to the
     erosion mud).                                                                rivers (in radius
                                                                                  30 meter from

No   Environmental           Environmental SOP on Construction Stage                   Thresholds
                                                                                     project location).

                            Barrier fence

                                                                   Barrier fence

8    Existing traffic   -   If there is traffic jam caused by bridge construction    No traffic jam
     flow during            activities, the contractor must get permit from          caused by
     construction           Dinas lalu Lintas Jalan Raya (Traffic Affair             construction
                            Agency).                                                 activities.
                        -   If required, during bridge construction the
                            contractors provide temporary bridge, so the flow
                            of traffic can be kept.

9    Safeguard on       -   Contractor use equipment and vehicles that have          The air quality
     air quality            emission permit letter.                                  meets to its
                        -   Well operating and maintenance of machine and            standard and no
                            generator in order to minimize its emission. Do          complaint from
                            periodic monitoring.                                     community.
                        -   Covering material pile with plastic or canvas.           Standard for dust
                            Mobilization material (soil, sand, and stone) use        is 230 ug/Nm3
                            truck with plastic or canvas covers in order to          (Government
                            prevent its spill out.                                   regulation No.
                                                                                     41 year 1999).
10   Minimize noise     -   Contractor use good equipments with minimum              There is no
     and vibration          noise emission and vibration.                            complaint from
     impact             -   Control noise emissions at its source                    communities
                        -   Pay attention (with organizing signage) to mitigate      about noise
                            noise impact particularly in the vicinity of sensitive   impact.
                            receptor such as school, hospital, clinics, and near     Noise level
                            mosques during times of worship (e.g., Friday mid-       meets its
                            day prayers).                                            standard 55
                        -   Promoting community awareness through                    dBA.
                            notification and appropriate signage. Incorporate
                            design features such as signs and speed reduction
                            zones to minimize noise during sensitive hours.
                        -   Worker use safety equipment (provide ear
                            protection for activities that exceed 85 dB).
                        -   Use carefully muffled construction equipment,
                            quitted portable generators and diesel equipment,

No   Environmental       Environmental SOP on Construction Stage                   Thresholds
                         and impose noise limits and curfew times when
                         construction activity is to occur near sensitive
                     -   Site heavy truck and equipment staging areas at
                         least 200 m from sensitive noise receptors.
                     -   Monitor short-term noise impacts. Result from field
                         measures will be compared with applicable

11   Safeguard to    -   Properly design, site, and maintain temporary           There is good
     environmental       construction camps to ensure adequate water and         sanitation (no
     sanitation          sanitation facilities, to minimize stagnant water       coliform bacteria
                         through proper drainage, and to avoid water             in well water).
                         contamination among other thing.
                     -   Provide toilet (with penetrate) in field.

                     -   Sufficiently treat wastewater discharge to a
                         receiving water body beforehand to avoid adversely
                         affecting sensitive aquatic or marione life.
                     -   Test treated wastewater at the discharge location
                         initially and periodically for sanitary engineering
                         parameter, including coliform bacteria, to assure
                         that the water meets appropriate wastewater
                         discharge standard.
                     -   Contaminant of asphalt and oil spill is storage in
                         tank and located above concrete floor in order to
                         protect from leak.
                     -   Clean working place, temporary office, settlement
                     -   Contractors provide tank for dump waste from
                         material and other solid waste, and then transport to
                         disposal site.
                     -   Contractors do not bury contaminant from material
                         and other solid waste without permission from
                         subproject director.
                     -   Contractors do not dump dangerous material

No   Environmental       Environmental SOP on Construction Stage                   Thresholds
                         (chemical, oil waste) to waterways/drainage.
                     -   Contractors do not dump material waste to
                     -   After construction complete, the working area must
                         be clean and ready use by owner.
12   Minimize        -   Use secondary intercept when removed or replace         There is no spill
     cotaminant          liquid material in order to prevent spill out.          out of liquid
     from liquid     -   Use proper equipment (pump, funnel) for remove          waste to
     waste               liquid material.                                        environment.
                     -   Locate dangerous material in closing location.
                     -   Train worker to manage dangerous material and

13   Safeguard to    -   After bridge construction complete, keep the            There is not slide
     riverbank           stability of riverbank with cover crop (fast growth     on riverbank
                         of protective plants: grass, bushes).                   around bridge.
                     -   If the riverbank sloping is 1:3 and the water flow is
                         swift, the riverbank around bridge is protected with
                         concrete revetment.

14   Safety for      -   Provide safety equipment for worker (hat, boot,         There is no
     community and       safety clothes).                                        accident during
     worker          -   Provide fire extinguisher, especially at asphalt        construction
                         work location.
                     -   Provide traffic management staff during material
                     -   Provide appropriate fence and signals in
                         subprojects location.
                     -   Prevent access unrelated person come to the
                         subproject location.
                     -   Provide appropriate lighting in subproject location.
                     -   Periodic training for worker, safety daily meeting
                         and daily monitoring.
                     -   Provide first aid equipment in subproject location.


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