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									Growing Mooresville
Reinventing for the Future
 Mooresville will be the destination for
economic growth in the Charlotte region
by creating a climate that grows existing
 businesses, attracts new businesses,
 cultivates entrepreneurship, creates a
 world-class workforce, maintains and
enhances an excellent quality of life, and
   encourages collaboration within its
community to build economic prosperity
                  for all.
 • The Mooresville-South Iredell (MSI)
 region works together and across town
    and county boundaries to support
 existing businesses, entrepreneurs, and
    attract companies within its target
industries that provide higher-quality jobs
         and long- term prosperity.
• Good staff communication with county and regional

• Active in Lake Norman Transportation Commission,
  Charlotte Regional Partnership and Centralina Economic
  Development Commission.

• School, county and town staff active with Developers
  Council. EDC created a position for existing business.
  Effective Downtown Commission.

• County and Town Commissions receptive and active with
  economic incentives. Mitchell College strongly oriented
  towards workforce education.
• Prepare the current and future workforce
   in the MSI region for high-impact, high-
   paying jobs by strengthening the public
   education system, increasing access to
  the higher education system, and making
    the community college and workforce
       education system more effective.
•   Public schools are assisted by Town water and sewer improvements for Woodland Heights
    and Mooresville Middle, Intermediate and Rocky River schools. Schools assisted the Town
    with space for sewer station at Coddle Creek School. MGSD school resource officers paid by
    The Mooresville Police Department.

•   Town Parks/Rec shares facilities at several ISS and MGSD schools and assisted in upgrading
    facilities for recreation and school use. The Town assisted with installing wireless at
    Mooresville Senior High School. The Town Library offers student resources and programs.
    MGSD digital conversion program prepares students, teachers and parents for 21st century.
    Mi- Connection provides internet connections through discount program for students who
    would not have it without MIC. NF Woods Technology campus of MGSD provides training and
    programs that are workforce preparatory. Public schools improved State ranking within top
    10 and 20. ISS added an IB program and MGSD issues laptops to all students grades four and
    higher. High Schools won regional, state and national championships in several sports,
    robotics and educational leadership.

•   Mountain State University offers graduate degrees. Mitchell College and MSU offer
    undergraduate training in professions. Both have new facilities. Mitchell College maintains
    close ties with the Chamber and Downtown Commission and offers Seminars and workforce
    education courses from a day to semester. MSU features leadership development
    undergraduate and graduate programs. The Town approved land use for Pine Lake Prep
    Charter school. The MSI Chamber has active standing committee in workforce education.
• Continue to preserve the high quality of
 life already present in the MSI region and
     improve quality of life elements most
   likely to attract young professionals and
     businesses among the recommended
                 target industries.
•   Public schools improved State ranking within top 10 (MGSD) and 20 (ISS). ISS
    added an IB program and MGSD issues laptops to all students grades four and
    higher. High Schools won regional, state and national championships in several
    sports, robotics and educational leadership.

•   Improved traffic flow at problem intersections. Paved gravel streets. Added
    sidewalks around schools. Built four major parks and improved several facilities.
    Improved code enforcement. Created downtown signs. Revised Mooresville logo
    for use among several organizations.

•   Improved downtown appearance and traffic flow. Attracted 3 restaurants and a
    bar. Improved service, speed, reliability, options and quality of internet and
    phone for home. Began Mooresville Concert Series and expanded with outdoor
    performances and movies. Started seasonal monthly Cruise In and Art Walk.
    YMCA offers major events around Independence Day. Chamber hosts several
    expos and seminars targeting professionals.

•   Mooresville has a sense of community in it’s core of downtown merchants,
    schools and common industry and 360° field & farm separation from next
• Ensure that sites and infrastructure in the
  MSI region are ready to meet the needs
   of target businesses that want to locate
        in the region as well as existing
       businesses that want to expand.
•   Completed upgrade of water plant with capacity for industrial
    development. Began expansion of sewer and initiated inspection
    and upgrade of old pipes and pumps.

•   Created strong Fund Balance and bond rating and used cash
    aggressively as bidding rates fell to improve and expand facilities.
    Managed the town’s Balance Sheet very well.

•   Improved traffic flow with intersection and rail crossing
    improvements and completed road surface upgrades.

•   Business quality internet and phone service available and scalable
    but not sufficient in nonresidential areas.

•   Mooresville is not competitive in land price or availability, interstate
    access and building availability. There are no useful solutions
    underway. Insufficient infrastructure in Langtree and Cornelius
    Road employment center areas.
• Provide adequate resources to the MSI
  region’s economic development efforts,
 create a more positive environment, and
   improve the effectiveness of economic
      development activities through
        collaborative programs and
     cooperative efforts throughout the
• Enhanced Mooresville’s role as a regional employment
  center – commuting patterns at equilibrium.

• Created separate organizations to collaborate and focus on
  aspects of Economic Development .

• Created public and private funding for Economic
  Development Corporation.

• Mooresville assists Chamber and Downtown Commission
  with financial and staff targeted program support.

• Strong, collaborative working relationship with stakeholders
  – MSIEDC, Chamber, Town and County.
• A lot has been accomplished from the
  original Comprehensive Economic
  Development Strategy.

• Commitment and collaboration have
  been the key to our success.

• Thank you for making good things
  happen for our community.
• What has to be done to build the
  capacity to compete and a community
  that thrives in a changed and changing
  economic environment?
• Mooresville and the world are different
  than they were in 2006, what is driving
  the transformation today and for the next
  5 years?
          2005                            2011

   Population: 20,000              Population: 33,741

Unemployment Rate: 3.2%        Unemployment Rate: 11.1%

   Price of Gas: $1.39             Price of Gas: $4.00

 Lowes Employees: 200            Lowes Employees: 4000

# of Facebook Members: 0   # of Facebook Members: 500,000,000
Mooresville will be the destination for
 economic growth by creating a climate
   that grows businesses, cultivates
entrepreneurship, creates a world-class
workforce, enhances its excellent quality
    of life and collaborates within its
  community and the Charlotte region.
  Mooresville seeks to maintain and
enhance the community’s high quality of
  life; attract young professionals and
provide quality educational opportunities
     at all levels for a high quality and
             educated workforce.
• How do we nurture a high quality

• What attracts young professionals
          to a community?

• What things would make someone
  say Mooresville/South Iredell has a
         high quality of life?
Mooresville seeks to enhance its role as
   an employment center in the region
through its support of existing industries,
   entrepreneurship, the attraction and
    recruitment of its target industries;
     the provision of the necessary
        infrastructure and efficient,
      collaborative service delivery.
 • How do we support existing industries?
       • What can we do to nurture
 • How can we best attract and recruit our
               target industries?
  • What needs to be done to assure the
  provision of the necessary infrastructure?
• How do we provide efficient,collaborative
                service delivery.
• We need your help evaluating, refining
  and prioritizing actions steps for each
  goal at a meeting on May 18th.

• If you have ideas after you leave this
  meeting, please email them to:

            Thanks for your help!

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