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									 Hideki Frazier Is A
Martial Arts Enthusiast
Born on 17th January, Hideki Frazier is a
martial arts enthusiast. He studied from
Ramsey High School and completed his
schooling in 1981. He is a professional martial
arts expert who offers training to the local
area     community     centers   which    house
underprivileged children. Aside that, he
engages in teaching martial arts to school
children who goes to local elementary
institutions for free of cost. He helps them to
learn about defense techniques and training
which are meant for children, teachers and
Hideki Frazier is very passionate about martial
arts. He started to learn martial arts at a very
young age of 13 years. In 1982, he shifted to
California to pursue it further as his career. In
1982, he started focusing on the area of nurse
kickboxing competitors and in developing
tournaments. Soon afterwards, he opened his
first academy known as Tae Kwon Do Defense
Academy. With a love and undying passion, he
has devoted his entire life and career to
learning and teaching martial arts.
Hideki Frazier’s school of martial art later
started providing age related martial arts
training to children in 2000. With the help of the
training, he has helped young school kids to
build skills and abilities of a leader. Children can
take age specific classes for children of age two
years of age. Besides, children older or
teenagers and even adults can take classes on
Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu training and
fitness kickboxing. His school is rated one of the
best for teaching various forms of martial arts.
Hideki Frazier maintains a residence in beautiful
La Habra in CA at Whittier Blvd.
His school which specializes to offer training on
self defense celebrated its 29th year of
establishment in La Habra.In addition, he is
also an expert who trains little kids of 20 to 36
months in his Karate Kiddies class which is
also a parent and me class. With this class,
young kiddies can build interest and build self
confidence and a character along with feeling
reassured about themselves in the training
sessions. Other than that, Hideki Frazier’s
interests include watching movies, working on
his cars, and going to a shooting range.
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