Why Values Matter

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					        Why Values Matter
         The Power of Values Governance at
              Markham Public Library

Cheryl Marcus
Acting Branch Librarian, Markham Public Library – Unionville Branch

Andrea Cecchetto
Branch Librarian, Markham Public Library – Milliken Mills Branch

Catherine Biss, David Dycke, Nancy Gillespie, Georgina Perrier
    Why Values Matter: Outline
   Why Values?
   What are Staff Values?
   Using the Staff Values
   Benefits of the Staff Values Process
   The Co-creation of the Values:
       Choosing the Values
       The Values Champions
   Our Values Panel: First-hand perspectives and
    Why Values Matter:

   Provide an overview of self-management
    process through values governance
   Describe a framework to initiate values
   Outline process to enable staff to resolve
    interpersonal issues
   Explain how ‘values’ increase collective
    accountability and ownership
    Why Values?
    The MPL Experience

   Identified need to address interpersonal issues
    and staff satisfaction
   Create a united organization through values
   Staff were asked to envision what it would take
    to achieve this - what would that organization be
What are the Staff Values?

The Four Values:
1.   Respect
2.   Communication
3.   Common Focus (Service)
4.   Teamwork
Staff Values

Empathy, courtesy, inclusiveness

   Treat others as they would like to be
   Be punctual at all times
    Staff Values

    Correcting insufficient communication;
    how to communicate

   Provide and accept open, honest expression with
    no fear of reprisal
   Listen actively and probe for clarity
Staff Values

Common Focus (Service)
All staff recognize that customer service
is our common goal

   Provide seamless service to customers
   Discuss, share and implement best
    practices across the system
 Staff Values
Be supportive and accountable; helping
one another and nurturing relationships

 Commit to one team working together for the
  betterment of the MPL system
 Help one another, even when it is not one’s
  direct responsibility
Using the Staff Values

Staff Values are:
   Designed to aid in the resolution of
    interpersonal issues by and between staff
   Code of conduct to guide daily behaviour
   Staff-driven and co-created
   Used to create a unified organizational
    Using the Staff Values

Staff Values ARE NOT:

 Management or Union driven
 A means of resolving performance issues

 An arbitration process

 EAP or HR initiative
     Why Values Work

Values work because they are:
1.    Staff-driven
2.    Co-created
3.    Observable
4.    Championed by front-line staff at each
      work site (i.e. Values Champions)
5.    Sustainable (e.g. monthly reviews)
     Benefits of the Staff
     Values Process


1.    Break down silos
2.    Improve morale & create a satisfying
      work environment
3.    Empower Staff
4.    Increase accountability
    The Co-creation Process

   Staff describe the best possible working
    relationship – staff volunteered
   Determine how that relationship can be describe
    in terms of values
   Staff sign Declaration of Interdependence
   Create Values Champions; provide training
   Hold monthly meetings – front line staff only
     The Co-creation of the
     Values: Choosing the Values
Features of the Staff Values:

1.   Chosen freely
2.   Chosen among alternatives
3.   Chosen after examining consequences of
     each alternative
4.   Prized and Cherished
5.   Affirmed
6.   Acted Upon
7.   Repeated
    The Co-creation of the Values:
    The Values Champions

Who are the Values Champions?:

 Members of staff – all levels
 Cross-section of talents
 Departmental representation
 Volunteers that believe in the process
 The Co-creation of the Values:
 The Values Champions

Characteristics and Qualifications:

 Empathetic
 Impartial

 Approachable

 Supportive
    The Co-creation of the Values:
    The Values Champions

The Role of the Values Champions:

 Act as facilitators, NOT problem solvers
 Promote and model values

 Provide orientation to new staff
 The Co-creation of the Values:
 Employee Responsibilities

Employees have responsibilities too!

Declaration of Interdependence –
 Staff must do their best to live the values
 and to hold themselves and each other
 accountable for success
The Co-creation of the Values:
Employee Responsibilities

Staff should:
   Feel comfortable approaching Values
   Feel empowered to deal with their own
    difficult situations
   Understand the role of the Values
  The MPL Values Panel:
  Experiences and Perspectives

    Catherine Biss            Nancy Gillespie
CEO, Markham Public Library   Information Services –
                                Angus Glen Branch

   Georgina Perrier             David Dycke
   Borrower Services –        D.G.Dycke Consulting
  Markham Village Branch
 Additional Information

For further information on starting the Values Governance
Process at your Organization contact:

    David Dycke
    D.G. Dycke Consulting
    416 368-4399
    416 995-6300

To contact the Presenters:
Cheryl Marcus                        Andrea Cecchetto
Acting Branch Librarian              Branch Librarian-Milliken Mills
905-513-7977 x2182                   905-513-7977 x5342

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