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       The Or inda news
Volume	25,	Number	5	
                                                                                      The	Orinda	Association,	Publisher	
                                                                          Delivered	to	9,000	Households	and	Businesses	in	Orinda	
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                                                                                                                                                                                                   May	2010

Time Running
Out to Vote
       By	MAGGIE	SHARPE	and		
           SALLY	HOGARTY

A	    few	 hundred	 people,	 including	 stu-
      dents,	parents,	teachers	and	support-
ers	 turned	 out	 for	 the	March	 28	 rally	 for	
Measure	A	in	downtown	Lafayette.
  Measure	A	seeks	to	counteract	some	of	
the	 cuts	 to	 education,	 particularly	 in	 arts	
and	 music,	 from	 state	 and	 local	 govern-
ment.	 The	 proposed	 $112	 per	 parcel	 tax	
will	 sunset	 in	 five	 years.	 Opponents	 say	
that	 given	 the	 current	 economic	 climate,	
this	is	not	the	time	for	more	taxes	and	that	

                                                                                                                                                                                         COURTESY	OF	ORINDA	VISION
                                                       A	proposed	change	for	the	Village	showing	a	crescent	walkway	connecting	the	Community	Center,	sculpture	garden,	park	and	Hospice	tree.

                                                       Building Proposals Could Change Shape of Orinda
                                                                  By	BILL	RAYNOLDS                          step	was	forming	a	Planning	Process	Re-            ary	2009	with	a	number	of	recommenda-
                                    MAGGIE	SHARPE                         Staff	Writer                      view	Task	Force	in	March	2007	to	provide	          tions	for	residential	and	downtown	changes.	     	

Students	from	local	high	schools	and	interested	          s	the	inherent	nature	of	Orinda	about	to	         recommendations	to	the	city	on	streamlin-          One	 local	 resident,	Ann	 O’Connell-Nye,	
adults	enjoyed	performances	and	speakers	at	the	
Measure	A	rally	held	in	Lafayette’s	Town	Square.          change,	and	if	so,	will	it	be	for	the	bet-        ing	the	building	process	for	residents	and	        who	 has	 been	 attending	 Task	 Force	 and	
                                                       ter?	 	who	 will	 implement	 these	 changes	         to	look	at	ways	to	revitalize	the	downtown	        Planning	 Commission	 meetings,	 feels	
schools	should	be	more	creative	in	how	they	           and	will	they	be	made	with	full	community	           area.		These	efforts	have	resulted	in	changes	     the	downtown	recommendations	have	the	
administer	funds.                                      input?	These	are	questions	several	groups	           to	 zoning	 ordinances,	 setback	 distances,	      potential	 to	 change	 Orinda’s	 “semi-rural	
   Measure	A	is	a	mail-in	only	election	and	           and	individuals	in	Orinda	are	addressing	as	         and	 design	 standards	 that	 have	 probably	      village”	 feel	 into	 something	 that	 reflects	
all	 votes	 must	 be	 received	 at	 the	 County	       the	city	looks	at	ways	to	increase	downtown	         gone	 unnoticed	 by	 the	 majority	 of	 local	     an	 altogether	 different	 image.	 	 In	 recent	
Election	 Office,	 555	 Escobar	 Street,	 in	          business	and	pedestrian	traffic.                     residents.		That	was	then,	this	is	now.		          correspondence	to	The Orinda News,	she	
Martinez	 by	 May	 4.	 Postmarks	 do	 not	                For	several	years,	there	have	been	efforts	          The	Task	Force	released	a	report	in	Janu-       expressed	 her	 concern.	 “The	 Downtown	
count.	 Ballots	 should	 be	 mailed	 by	April	         by	 city	 planners	 and	 the	 city	 officials	 to	                                                      Task	 Force	 and	 some	 members	 of	 the	
                      [See SChOOLS	page	16]            “revitalize”	the	downtown	areas.	The	first	                                                             Planning	 Commission	 propose	 changing	

                                                                                                                   In thIs Issue                   Page
                                                                                                                                                               the	 existing	 35	 foot	 height	 limit	 to	 55’,”	
                                                                                                                                                               writes	Nye.	“Our	downtown	could	become	
             A	Young	Goddess	Chosen	for	May’s	Tiger                                                          	 Bayseng	Spice	                             5
                                                                                                                                                               canyon	like,	and	the	views	of	our	hills	could	
                                                                                                             	 Police	Blotter	                            6    disappear	from	our	human	scale	city	that	
                                                                                                             Around	Town                                       is	so	unique.”	
                                                                                                             	 Local	Business	                          12        To	 address	 concerns	 about	 looming	
                                                                                                             	 Schools/Students	                        15
                                                                                                             	 Scouts	                               7,	10
                                                                                                                                                               structures,	 the	 Task	 Force	 proposes	 the	
                                                                                                             	 Visual/Performing	Arts	     8-9,	11,	13,	17     existing	35	foot	height	limit	be	reduced	to	
                                                                                                             Business	Buzz	                             20     27	feet	at	the	street-facing	façade,	and	the	
                                                                                                             Calendar	                                  17     front	setback	(from	the	curb)	be	increased	
                                                                                                             Car	Time	                                   7
                                                                                                             Classified	                                18
                                                                                                                                                               to	10	feet,	which	would	minimize	the	ef-
                                                                                                             Editorial	                                  4     fect	 of	 a	 new	 55’	 height	 limit.	 The	 Task	
                                                                                                             Orinda	Association	                         3     Force’s	 January	 report	 also	 states	 “the	
                                                                                                             Seasoned	Shopper	                           2     topography	in	most	areas	recommended	for	
                                                                                                                                                                                  [See DOwNTOwN	page	6]

                                                                                          SHAYNA	KADER
  nine-month-old Athena	(on	top)	was	left	in	a	cardboard	box	along	with	three	other	kittens	in	front	
  of	a	Petco	store.	Fortunately,	she	was	subsequently	adopted	by	shayna Kader who	says	she	is	
  a	very	playful	“tiger”	who	loves	to	jump	in	the	bathtub,	grab	the	drain	plug,	and	hide	it	in	Kader’s	
  shoes.	She	also	likes	to	groom	her	best	friend	and	housemate	Bella,	a	one-year-old	black	cat	who	
  doesn’t	mind	Athena’s	bear	hugs.

     Permit	No.	4
   Orinda,	California
2 n The Orinda news n May 2010

                                                                                  FARMERS’	MARKET

                                                                                                        the	plants	are	young	and	can	be	steamed	or	

         Seasoned Shopper                                                                               boiled	(like	spinach	or	chard),	removing	the	
                                                                                                        stems	if	they’re	tough.	For	fun	I	like	to	add	
                                                                                                        beet	greens	to	pasta	a	few	minutes	before	
         Market Opens May 1                                                                             the	end	of	cooking	time	to	turn	the	pasta	a	
                                                                                                        light	shade	of	pink.	
                                                                                                           Dandelion	 greens	 and	 mustard	 greens	
                                                   BARBARA	KOBSAR                                       are	sharp	in	flavor,	but	the	smaller,	younger	
                                                                                                        leaves	add	some	pizzazz	to	a	salad	or	an	

I  n	 its	 14th	 season,	 the	 Orinda	 Farmers’	
   Market	 has	 become	 the	 heart	 of	 the	
community	 on	 Saturday	 mornings	 with	
                                                        Spring	greens	are	at	their	best	this	time	
                                                     of	 year	 –	 mild	 and	 tender	 with	 lots	 of	
                                                     character.	One	of	my	stops	for	greens	is	at	
                                                                                                        omelet.	Older	leaves	do	best	in	a	stir	fry	
                                                                                                        or	braising.	
                                                                                                           Swiss	 chard	 takes	 on	 a	 new	 look	 with	                                            BARBARA	KOBSAR

shoppers	 finding	 their	 favorite	 growers	         Ratto	Farms	stand,	known	for	bunch	items	          varieties	 like	 Bright	 Lights	 –	 beautiful	       Delicious	 and	 colorful	 berries	 are	 hard	 to	 pass	
and	 vendors,	 and	 families	 enjoying	 the	         like	spinach,	mustard,	beet	and	dandelion	         red,	 yellow,	 orange	 or	 white	 stalks	 and	
outdoors.	 Curious	 children	 “discover”	 a	         greens,	chard,	kale	and	lettuces.		                floppy	dark	green	leaves.	Chard	is	a	close	          last	up	to	a	week.
new	fruit	or	vegetable	(maybe	rhubarb	or	               Beets	 at	 the	 market	 come	 with	 their	      relative	of	the	beet,	but	is	grown	only	for	           As	a	relative	of	the	radish,	arugula	grows	
beets!),	and	adults	delight	in	finding	fresh,	       greens	attached	so	I’m	really	getting	two	         its	nutritious	leaves.		Since	the	stems	need	        quickly.	Small,	young	arugula	leaves	stand	
in-season,	local	produce.	                           vegetables	in	one.	Remove	greens	from	the	         to	cook	longer	than	the	leaves,	it’s	a	good	         on	their	own	in	a	salad	while	larger	ones	
   Green	is	the	alluring	color	at	the	market	        beets	after	purchasing	to	avoid	moisture	be-       idea	to	separate	the	two,	cut	the	stems	into	        mix	well	with	milder	lettuces	such	as	Red	
in	May.	Asparagus,	fava	beans,	green	beans,	   	     ing	pulled	from	the	root.	when	trimming,	          one-inch	 lengths	 and	 steam	 or	 sauté	 in	        Leaf	or	Romaine.	
green	garlic,	celery,	cucumbers,	peas	and	           leave	about	one	to	two	inches	of	the	stem	         chicken	or	vegetable	broth	for	five	minutes	           Arugula	is	technically	an	herb,	but	has	
broccoli	are	plentiful,	but	I	never	overlook	        attached	to	the	beet,	so	that	when	cooked	         before	tossing	in	the	leaves	to	cook	for	an	         become	 increasingly	 popular	 as	 a	 salad	
bins	and	baskets	filled	with	new	crop	red	           the	 beets	 do	 not	 “bleed”	 their	 color.	The	   additional	four	to	five	minutes.	                    green,	soup	or	sandwich	ingredient	and	as	
cherries	and	strawberries	either.                    earthy	flavor	of	beet	greens	is	mildest	when	         Both	 mizuna	 and	 arugula	 are	 peppery	         an	 addition	 to	 pasta	 and	 other	 vegetable	
                                                                                                        tasting	 –	 arugula	 usually	 a	 little	 stronger	   dishes.	 It’s	 an	 easy	 plant	 to	 grow	 in	 the	
                                                                                                        than	mizuna.	Mizuna	can	grow	as	high	as	             garden	or	patio	pots,	where	seeds	quickly	
                                                                                                        12	to	14	inches	but	the	younger	four	to	six	         produce	 the	 deeply	 notched,	 irregularly	
                                                                                                        inch	dark	green,	deeply	cut	fringed	leaves	          shaped	 leaves	 –	 like	 dandelion	 or	 turnip	
                                                                                                        are	less	bitter	than	large	ones.                     greens.
                                                                                                           At	the	Ledesma	stand,	I	find	a	baby	ver-            The	 name	 arugula	 stems	 from	 its	          	
                                                                                                        sion	of	arugula	that’s	hard	to	pass	up.	Since	       European	 heritage,	 but	 it’s	 commonly	
                                                                                                        arugula	is	very	perishable	(lasts	only	two	          found	under	other	labels	such	as	roquette	
                                                                                                        to	three	days)	the	Ledesmas	usually	sell	it	         (French)	 and	 rocket	 (English).	 Italian	
                                                                                                        separately	since	other	bagged	salad	greens	          cuisine	typically	uses	Parmesan	cheese	to	
                                                                                                                                                             complement	the	rich	flavor	of	the	arugula	
                                                                                                                                                             and	makes	a	quick	dish	by	combining	aru-
                                                                                                                                                             gula	leaves,	olive	oil	and	shaved	Parmesan.	
                                                                                                                                                             heat	tends	to	mellow	the	peppery	flavor,	
                                                                                                                                                             and	like	other	greens	can	be	sautéed	and	
                                                                                                                                                             topped	with	a	dab	of	butter	and	seasoning	
                                                                                                                                                             such	as	oregano.	
                                                                                                                                                               May	celebrates	the	fresh	cherry	season	
                                                                                                                                                             with	red	and	white	varieties.	Apricots	and	
                                                                                                                                                             peaches	make	their	debut,	berries	abound,	
                                                                                                                                                             potatoes	are	dug	and	squash	are	great.		
                                                                                                                                                               The	 Orinda	 Farmers’	 Market	 is	 open	
                                                                                                                                                             every	 Saturday	 from	 9	 a.m.	 to	 1	 p.m.	 on	
                                                                                                                                                             Orinda	 way	 in	 front	 of	 the	 Community	
                                                                                                                                                             Park	and	Rite	Aid.	For	more	information	
                                                                                                                                                             visit	the	website	at	www.cccfm.org	or	call	
                                                                                                                                                             the	market	hotline	at	925-431-8361.
                                                                                                                                                               See recipes page 22.
                                                                                                                                                            The Orinda news n May 2010 n 3

                                                                               ORINDA	ASSOCIATION

   A Message From the OA President                                                                     Sponsor Haley’s Run for a Reason
   For a Change...                                                                                               By	SALLY	HOGARTY                        bidders.	Items	received	by	May	7	will	have	
                                                                                                                           Editor                        company	name	listed	on	flyers.
                                                                                                                                                           		Visit	www.angelhaley.org	or	email	ha-
                                                     Mark Roberts
                                                                                                       O      n	May	15,	2000	Orinda	residents	Su-
                                                                                                              zanne	and	Donovan	Tom	lost	their	21-
                                                                                                                                                         leysrun@aol.com	for	more	information.

S    pring	is	in	full	bloom.		It’s	the	season	
     of	change	–	not	only	for	our	gardens	
but	also	for	how	we	do	and	look	at	things.	    	
                                                   restaurants	 in	 neighboring	 communities,	
                                                   there	are	plenty	of	great	choices	right	here	in	
                                                   Orinda.		A	new	personal	favorite	is	Pizzeria	
                                                                                                       month-old	daughter.	haley	died	peacefully	
                                                                                                       in	her	sleep,	and	the	cause	of	her	death	is	
                                                                                                       still	unknown.	The	Toms	became	involved	
while	it’s	easy	to	be	a	creature	of	habit	(be-     Amoroma,	across	Moraga	way	from	Orinda	             in	 the	 organization	 Sudden	 Unexplained	
lieve	me,	I	know),	it’s	rewarding	to	take	a	       hardware.	 	 (home	 improvement	 always	            Death	 in	 Childhood	 (SUDC).	 The	 orga-
fresh	look	at	long-held	practices	and	beliefs	     makes	me	hungry.)		Really	good	food	and	            nization,	like	SIDS	(Sudden	Infant	Death	
and	ask,	“Is	it	time	for	a	change?”		Permit	       menu	 variety,	 great	 service,	 friendly	 bar	     Syndrome),	 explores	 possible	causes	and	
me	to	offer	a	few	suggestions.                     scene	and	reasonable	prices.		And	your	sales	       steps	for	prevention.
   A	 lot	 of	 people	 tackle	 home	 improve-      tax	stays	here	in	Orinda	(well,	at	least	some	         Each	 4th	 of	 July,	 the	 Toms	 and	 other	
ment	 projects	 in	 the	 spring.	 	 Before	 you	   of	it	doesn’t	go	to	Sacramento).                    volunteers	 organize	 haley’s	 Run	 for	 a	
automatically	 head	 for	 a	 big	 box	 store	        Does	your	out-of-town	auto	service	pro-           Reason	to	raise	funds	for	SUDC.	The	race	
through	 the	 tunnel	 or	 in	 Concord,	 check	     vider	support	organizations	like	the	Orinda	        is	in	conjunction	with	the	Roadrunners	Fun	
out	the	surprising	variety	of	products	you	        Baseball	Association,	Seniors	Around	Town,	         Run,	both	begin	at	8	a.m.	on	the	4th.	The	
can	get	at	Orinda	hardware.		The	service	          Orinda’s	Fourth	of	July	celebration,	EFO	or	        group	is	currently	accepting	sponsorships	
is	friendly	and	helpful	and	the	values	are	        the	Orinda	historical	Society?		I	didn’t	think	     and	donations,	which	must	be	received	by	
good,	too	–	especially	when	you	factor	in	         so.		Orinda	Motors	sure	does	and	has	done	so	       May	7.	
the	value	of	the	time	and	gas	you	save.            for	nearly	20	years.		Their	service	is	terrific,	      The	 following	 opportunities	 are	 avail-
   while	I	admit	there	are	a	lot	of	terrific	                         [See PRESIDENT	page	18]          able:	 Presented by Sponsors - $300	
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                                                                                                       full-color	flyers/posters,	and	your	promo-

Start Your Own Family Tradition                                                                        tional	item	or	coupon	in	400	goody	bags;	
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                                                                                                       logo	 on	 10,000	 full-color	 flyers/posters;	
           By	SUSAN	MEYER                          ebrates”	banners,	designed	by	local	artist	         Silent Auction Donors	-	Donate	to	silent	
              Contributing	Writer                  Nancy	 Daniels,	 will	 be	 on	 major	 Orinda	       auction	and	be	seen	by	hundreds	of	local	

T    he	 Orinda	Association	 proudly	 cel-
     ebrates	its	27th	anniversary	of	hosting	
Orinda’s	4th	of	July	parade	and	celebration.	 	
                                                   thoroughfares	from	Memorial	Day	through	
                                                   Labor	Day.	
                                                      Families	 or	 businesses	 can	 purchase	
Lots	of	great	children’s	activities	–	includ-      these	 popular	 2.5’	 x	 5’	 banners	 for	 only	
ing	pony	rides	–	are	planned	as	well	as	great	     $350.	To	reserve	your	family	or	business	
entertainment,	food	and	the	fabulous	4th	of	       banner,	 go	 to	 The	 Orinda	 Association	
July	parade.                                       website	 at	 www.orindaassociation.org	 to	
  why	 not	 start	 the	 celebration	 early	 by	    download	the	application	form.	
having	your	very	own	banner	commemo-                  Start	your	own	family	or	business	tradi-
rating	 Independence	 Day	 and	 Orinda’s	          tion	today!	For	information,	call	925-254-
25th	year	as	a	city?	Festive	“Orinda	Cel-          0800	or	e-mail	oa@orindaassociation.org.	      	

                             The Orinda Association
    The	Orinda	Association	is	a	nonprofit	corporation	dedicated	to:
    •	Maintaining	and	improving	the	quality	of	life	in	Orinda;
    •	Promoting	awareness	and	discussion	of	issues	that	are	important	to	the	community;	
    •	Encouraging	and	recognizing	volunteer	efforts	to	enhance	the	beauty,	character,	and		
      security	of	Orinda.
                                          P.O.	Box	97
                               26	Orinda	Way	(Lower	Level	Library)	
                                    Orinda,	California	94563	
                                Phone:	254-0800	Fax:	254-8312

  President	          Mark	Roberts                 BOARD	MEMBERS
  Vice	President	    Steve	Meagher                 Barnaby	Beck
  Treasurer		               Jim	Luini              Chris	Laszcz-Davis	
  Secretary	           Cindy	Powell                Bill	Waterman
  Membership	         April	Meagher
4 n The Orinda news n May 2010


Letters to the Editor                                                   Few	 know	 about	 the	 Orinda	 Downtown	
                                                                        Plan,	co-chaired	by	Orinda’s	most	contro-
                                                                        versial	developer.	
solving the Leaf Blower                                                    Former	mayors	and	residents	have	spoken	
Problem                                                                 out	against	the	proposed	looming	55-foot	
   It	seems	that	the	focus	has	been	on	ad-                              height	of	structures.	Trying	to	amend	the	
dressing	the	symptoms	without	solving	the	                              current	35-foot	height	limit	in	the	Orinda	
problem.		So	here	is	a	naïve,	simplistic,	and	                          General	Plan	is	very	serious.
some	will	argue,	absurd	perspective.		May-                                 walnut	Creek	residents	voted	on	whether	
be,	just	maybe,	the	solution	is	to	cut	down	                            Nieman	Marcus	should	come	to	their	down-
all	trees.		No	trees,	no	leaves.		No	leaves,	                           town.	we	haven’t	had	that	opportunity	in	
no	leaf	blowers.		Furthermore,	no	leaves,	                              Orinda.	we	pay	the	property	tax.		we	should	
no	huge	fire	hazard.		No	huge	fire	hazard,	                             decide	Orinda’s	direction	by	voting.
no	 need	 for	 all	 the	 fire	 protection.	 	 Last,	                       Also,	the	city	will	not	respond	to	having	
but	not	least,	changes	to	the	city’s	planning	                          a	Town	hall	meeting	where	residents	could	
rules	for	landscape	screening	would	be	in	                              gather	for	one	evening	to	hear	the	pros	and	
order.		You	can	thank	me	later	for	reduc-                               cons.			The	Task	Force	and	Orinda	Vision	
ing	your	angst	and	stress	level	if	you	are	                             like	to	present	their	plans	and	not	be	inter-
embarking	on	a	remodel	or	reconstruction	                               rupted	by	other	viewpoints.                              List of The Orinda News Advertisers
project.		I	know	this	is	blasphemous.		I	be-                               The	 Planning	 Commission,	 where	 rec-                 	                                     Page        Pet services
lieve	this	will	quiet	the	town	down	as	soon	                            ommendations	are	heard	before	being	sent	                  Automotive                                        Animal	House	Pet	Sitting	                      12
as	we	reduce	car	traffic,	ban	barking	dogs,	                            to	 the	 City	 Council	 “for	 approval,”	 has	             Orinda	Motors	                           7        I	Talk	Dog	                                    14
                                                                                                                                   Orinda	Shell	Auto	Care	                 10        Professional services
shut	down	construction	projects,	and	keep	                              repeatedly	changed,	postponed	or	cancelled	                Beauty and Fitness                                Kattenburg	Architects	                          2
children	indoors.		Unfortunately,	you	will	                             discussion	for	months.			Publicity	is	meager.	  	          CoreKinetics	                           12        Law	Office	of	Clay	Deanhardt	                   6
have	to	live	with	the	horror	of	seeing	your	                            It’s	impossible	for	residents	to	know	when	                Full	Life	Fitness	                      13        Real estate and Mortgage services
neighbors	periodically.                                                 to	attend	to	gain	information.		The	item	is	               Gina	Kahn	                               1        AG	Realty	                                      9
                                                                                                                                   In	Forma	                               13        Coldwell	Banker
   Now	before	you	start	typing	your	rebut-                              usually	placed	at	the	end	of	the	agenda.                   Living	Lean	                            12        		Laura	Abrams	                                20
tal,	 I	 am	 not	 advocating	 changes	 to	 the	                            Members	 of	 the	 city-appointed	 Down-                 Med	EstheticsRx	                         9        		Patti	Camras	                                 3
fire	 district.	 	 Public	 safety	 is	 a	 very	 seri-                   town	Task	Force,	who	say	repeatedly	that	                  Churches                                          		Shellie	Abbes	Kirby	                         13
ous	 matter.	 	we	 only	 understand	 it	 if	 the	                       they	met	for	two	years,	seem	to	think	they	                Anglican	Church	                        10        		Maureen	Wilbur	                              11
                                                                                                                                   Cleaning services                                 Mary	Chatton	Brown	                            19
emergency	 is	 close	 to	 home.	 	 I	 am	 just	                         “deserve”	approval.		Many	in	the	commu-                    Kirby		                                5,	8       Pacific	Union	Realty
illustrating	a	point.                                                   nity	have	volunteered	much	longer	than	that	               Total	Clean	                           5,	6       		Virginia	and	Paul	Ratto	                      8
   If	you	counted,	I	offered	three	potential	                           on	other	issues.	                                          Computer services                                 Prudential	Realty
solutions.		while	I	am	at	it,	depending	on	                                Call	 the	 city	 (253-4200)	 or	 register	 on	          Computer	Simplicity	                      2       		Leila	Schlein	                                7
                                                                                                                                   Portable	CIO	                             8       Village	Associates
the	wind	pattern,	I	could	hear	traffic	noise	                           the	 website	 at	 www.cityoforinda.org	 to	                Construction and trades                           		Ann	Sharf	                                   16
on	hwy	24	in	the	evening.		For	interested	                              review	the	agendas	for	May.		The	Planning	                 David	Collins	Painting	                 10        		April	Matthews	                              16
parties,	I	would	like	to	circulate	a	petition	                          Commission	meets	the	2nd	and	4th	Tuesday	                  Ironwood	Engineering	                   14        		Clark	Thompson	                              19
to	block	hwy	24	between	the	hours	of	6-10	                              (May	11	&	25)	and	the	City	Council	on	the	                 Mara	Construction	                      16        Recreational
                                                                                                                                   McCartt	Construction	                   19        Bottomley	Equestrian	Center	                   11
p.m.	in	the	summer	time	so	I	can	reclaim	                               1st	and	3rd	Tuesday	(May	4	&	18)	at	7	p.m.	                Ricalday	Roofing	                       14        Oakland	Strokes	                               14
my	peace	and	quiet.		who	is	with	me?		I	                                in	the	Library	Auditorium.		Another	orga-                  Tom	Romaneck	Painting	                   2        Roughing	It	Day	Camp	                          15
guess	I	stand	alone.		however,	when	a	tree	                             nization,	 Concerned	 Orindans	 Oversight	                 Dental                                            Restaurants
falls,	I	bet	I	will	hear	it.                                            League	(COOL)	is	holding	meetings.		They	                  Dr.	Mary	Smith	                           9       Baan	Thai	                                     12
                                                                                                                                   educational                                       Casa	Orinda	                                   13
                                  –	George	Fahd                         can	be	contacted	at	ConcernedOrindans@                     Holden	High	School	                     15        Hsiang’s	Restaurant	                            9
                                                                        gmail.com.			                                              Orinda	Academy	                         15        Loard’s	Ice	Cream	                              3
Opposed to Leaf Blowers                                                    Orinda	citizens	might	not	want	to	allow	                Saklan	Valley	                          11        Republic	of	Cake	                               2
   I	am	opposed	to	the	use	of	power	leaf-                               five	volunteers	on	the	City	Council	to	make	               Tot	Drop	                               15        Siam	Orchid	                                   10
                                                                                                                                   TOPS	                                   14        Szechwan	Restaurant	                           14
blowers	of	any	kind	for	all	the	well-known	                             the	decision	for	remaking	our	downtown.	        	          Financial and Insurance services                  Zamboni’s	Pizza	                                3
reasons.	As	I	do	not	own	a	large	Orinda	es-                             Just	as	the	$22	million	City	hall	was	built	               Farmers	Insurance	                      15        Retail stores
tate	with	a	6000	square	foot	deck	such	as	a	                            with	 little	 input,	 while	 our	 streets	 were	           StoneCastle	Land	and	Home	              20        Farmers’	Market	                               17
previous	writer	mentioned,	I	do	not	have	the	                           crumbling,	the	city	is	trying	to	circumvent	               Sue	Breedlove	Insurance	                20        Green	Buddah	                                  12
                                                                                                                                   Garden/Landscaping                                Holly	Hock	                                     5
“inconvenience”	of	having	to	sweep	such	a	                              the	public	once	again.	                                    Blue	Pine	Tree	Service	                 16        McCaulou’s	                                     5
large	area	(or	have	it	swept	for	me).	On	our	                              Getting	the	consensus	of	residents	seems	               Blue	Ridge	Landscaping	                 10        Morrison’s	Jewelers	                            3
little	cul-de-sac	just	off	Moraga	way,	for	                             essential.	At	least,	if	the	majority	decides	              GardenNest	                             20        Orinda	Books	                                  14
example,	we	have	an	outside	gardener	who	                               they	 want	 the	 Downtown	 Plan,	 the	 com-                K.B.	Kolman	                             6        Orinda	Pet	Food	and	Supply	                    19
                                                                                                                                   McDonnell	Nursery	                      16        senior services
arrives	early	in	a	pick-up	truck	and	tends	a	                           munity	 could	 be	 behind	 it	 --	 rather	 than	           Medical                                           Casa	de	Gracia	                                 7
few	of	the	yards	by	firing	up	his	gasoline	                             having	it	imposed	on	us.		Thanks	for	get-                  Dr.	Kristen	Walker	                       2       Visual Arts
blower	at	7:30	a.m.	every	day.	This	is	an-                              ting	involved.                                             Medicine	Shoppe	                          6       Orinda	Arts	Council	                           11
noying,	noisy,	unhealthy,	and	irritating	to	                                                      –	Ann	&	Gary	Nye
me	and	my	wife’s	allergies,	but	he	doesn’t	                                                                                    nitely	one	of	the	major	factors	in	shaping	           make	our	schools	so	different	from	those	
seem	to	care	despite	requests	to	cease.	In	a	                           student speaks Out                                     a	person.                                             around	the	state,	or	even	the	nation.		Losing	
small	and	more	confined	area	such	as	ours,	                                high	school	is	no	fun.		As	a	Campolindo	              	The	rejection	of	Measure	A	would	se-               such	important	assets	will	cause	students,	
it’s	much	worse	than	on	the	larger	estates	                             junior,	 I	 think	 I	 can	 say	 without	 a	 doubt	     verely	limit	hard-working,	aspiring	students	         from	freshmen	to	seniors,	to	suffer.		A	lack	
in	Orinda	Village.	Those	who	want	to	bike	                              that	most	of	my	peers	would	agree.		But,	              who	are	trying	to	grow	as	people	and	figure	          of	classes,	both	regular	and	advanced,	and	
or	jog	or	walk	their	dog	have	to	put	up	with	                           then	 again,	 high	 school	 isn’t	 a	 joke	 or	 a	     out	what	they	want	to	do	with	their	lives.	    	      renowned	electives	will	no	longer	separate	
this	almost	every	day.	I	say,	no	more!                                  playground	to	fool	around	in.		high	school	            By	 removing	 valued,	 inspirational	 teach-          us	from	schools	in	less-affluent	districts.		A	
                              –John	windle,                             is	serious	business;	serious	preparation	for	          ers,	 cutting	 extracurricular	 and	 advanced	        shortage	of	teachers	will	no	longer	provide	
                                                                        college,	a	career,	and	a	foundation	for	the	           classes,	 and	 getting	 rid	 of	 counselors	          students	 with	 one-on-one	 aid	 and	 advice	
Be Wary of Orinda’s Downtown                                            rest	 of	 your	 life.	 	 high	 school	 is	 a	 place	   dedicated	 to	 helping	 students	 excel	 and	         that	students	need	to	learn	and	understand	
Plan                                                                    to	learn,	grow,	and	explore	new	ideas	and	             make	the	best	future	they	possibly	can,	our	          difficult	concepts.		A	complete	abolishment	
  There	are	17,000+	residents	in	our	city.	                             points	of	view.		I	think	high	school	is	defi-          district	will	lose	some	of	the	very	things	that	                            [See LETTERS	page	18]

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                                                    BAYSENG	SPICE	COMPANY	/	CHANTA	LUANGRATH

County Denies Bayseng Spice
Company Appeal
          By	MAGGIE	SHARPE                          of	service”	area	not	covered	by	EBMUD	or	
                  Staff	Writer	                     a	sanitary	district.

T    he	Contra	Costa	Board	of	Supervisors	
     voted	March	9	to	nix	a	request	by	own-
ers	of	the	Bayseng	Spice	Company	to	lift	
                                                       Bayseng	 Spice	 Company	 owners	and	
                                                    Orinda	 residents	 Paul	 and	 Tamara	 At-
                                                    tard	took	out	building	permits	from	Contra	
a	stop-work	order	on	construction	of	their	         Costa	 County	 between	 2004	 and	 2008	
new	 residence	at	 1000	 Fish	 Ranch	 Road.	        to	 construct	the	 new	 home	 and	an	 adja-
The	property	lies	in	an	unincorporated	area,	       cent	processing	 plant	 called	 The	 Spice	
just	above	the	Caldecott	Tunnel.	The	main	          house.
objection	is	the	water	supply	and	sewage	              The	construction	is	an	expansion	of	their	
disposal	for	the	house,	which	lies	in	an	“out	      bay	 leaf	 processing	 and	 export	 business	
                                                    across	 the	 street	 at	 21	Tunnel	 Road.	The	
                                                    family,	including	Tamara	Attard’s	mother	
                                                    and	two	brothers,	launched	the	business	in	                                                                                                       JILL	GELSTER
                                                    the	1970s.	The	family	grows	thousands	of	
                                                    acres	of	bay	trees	in	California,	dries	them	           Long-Time	City	Employee	Retires
                                                    at	 the	 local	 facility,	 and	 exports	 them	 all	     Chanta Luangrath, shown here with his wife sounthara	at	his	retirement	party,	has	been	unlock-
                                                                                                            ing	doors,	setting	up	rooms	at	the	Orinda	Community	Center,	Orinda	Library,	and	other	city	facilities	
                                                    over	the	world.                                         during	the	evening	hours	and	on	weekends	for	the	past	22	years.	“If	someone’s	class	or	meeting	is	
                                                       The	Spice	house	is	90	percent	complete,	             too	hot	or	too	cold,	Chanta	is	the	doctor	who	comes	to	fix	it,”	says	his	supervisor	Jim	Arth.	“He	has	
                                                    while	the	foundation	for	the	residence	was	             always	been	so	reliable,	so	likable	that	we	call	him	our	evening	ambassador.”	Luangrath,	who	is	
                                                    already	complete,	when	the	county	issued	               from	Laos	and	speaks	five	languages,	often	found	himself	translating	for	other	staff	members.	He	
                                                                                                            plans	on	traveling	with	his	wife	and,	finally,	enjoying	his	weekends	at	home.
                                                    the	stop-work	order	in	December	2008.
                                                       The	 county	 claims	 that	 the	 building	
                                                    permits	were	issued	in	error	because	wa-              supply	to	the	Attards’	proposed	residence.	            Officer	 for	 review	 of	 the	 proposed	 water	
                                                    ter	 supply	 and	sewage	 disposal	 plans	 for	        Jason	Crapo,	deputy	director	of	the	Contra	            supply,	 and	 prior	 to	 the	 County	 health	
                                                    the	 project	 were	 never	 approved	 by	 the	         Costa	County	Building	Inspection	Division,	            Officer’s	approval	of	the	proposed	sewage	
                                                    County’s	health	Officer.	Although	a	well	             noted:	“In	this	case,	Permit	#409539	[for	             system	for	the	proposed	residence.”
                                   MAGGIE	SHARPE
                                                    water	permit	was	granted	in	1999	to	the	for-          the	construction	of	the	home]	was	issued	                The	Attards	say	they	have	invested	hun-
the spice house	is	also	the	temporary	home	of	
tutor Perini Construction,	which	is	constructing	   mer	owner	of	the	property,	the	county	says	           in	error	and	is	invalid	because	it	was	issued	         dreds	of	thousands	in	the	new	development,	
the	new	bore	at	the	Caldecott	Tunnel.               this	does	not	constitute	approval	of	a	water	         prior	to	its	submission	to	the	County	health	                                 [See APPEAL	page	16]

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6 n The Orinda news n May 2010

                                 POLICE	BLOTTER	/	CONTINUATIONS

                                                                                POLICE BLOTTER
                                                                                                      March 2010

                                                      False Residential Alarms:	 Officers	              Vandalism – Misdemeanor:	 	 1	 in-
                                                    responded	 to	 123	 false	 alarm	 calls	          cident	 was	 reported	 on	Via	 Floreado.	
                                                    throughout	the	city.	                             Arrests
                                                      Auto Burglary (theft	from	a	locked	               Alcohol – Drunk in public: 3	arrests	
                                                    vehicle):	 5	 incidents	 were	 reported	          were	 made	 on	 Moraga	 way,	 Theatre	
                                                    on	 Camino	 Sobrante,	 Overhill	 Rd.,	 El	        Square	and	Ivy	Dr.	at	Moraga	way.
                                                    Sereno,	Barbara	Rd.	and	Lavenida	Dr.                Battery – Domestic:		2	arrests	were	
                                                      Residential Burglary: 1	incident	was	           made	 on	 El	 Toyonal	 and	 Dalewood	
                                                    reported	on	La	Espiral.                           Ln.
                                                      Stolen Vehicle:	 	 3	 incidents	 were	            Driving Under the Influence:	
                                                    reported	 on	 Scenic	 Dr.,	 Ivy	 Dr.	 and	        MISD:	1	arrest	was	made	on	Alice	Ln.	
                                                    Barbara	Rd.                                       MISD	 <.08:	 2	 arrests	 were	 made	 on	
                                                      Grand Theft (theft	of	more	than	$400	           Orinda	way	and	Camino	Pablo/Camino	
                                                    value):	From	a	vehicle:		3	incidents	were	        Sobrante.	Felony	<	.08:			1	arrest	was	
                                                    reported	on	Sally	Ann	Rd.,	Moraga	way	            made	on	Alice	Ln.
                                                    and	 Parkway	 Ct.	 From	 a	 building:	 	 1	         Misdemeanor:		1	arrest	was	made	on	
                                                    incident	was	reported	on	Rae	Dr.	All	oth-         Oak	View	Terrace.
                                                    ers:	1	incident	was	reported	on	Camino	             Recovered Stolen Vehicle:		2	vehicles	
                                                    Sobrante.                                         were	recovered,	1	on	Davis	Rd.	and	1	
                                                      Petty Theft (theft	of	less	than	$400	           on	Lloyd	Ln.
                                                    value	from	an	unlocked	vehicle)	From	               Terrorist Threats: 1	arrest	was	made	
                                                    a	vehicle:	 1	incident	was	reported	on	           on	Evergreen	Dr.	
                                                    Camino	Sobrante.	All	others:	4	incidents	           Warrant Arrests:	 2	 arrests	 were	
                                                    were	reported	on	Via	Farallon,	Orinda	            made	 on	 Camino	 Encinas	 at	 Camino	
                                                    way,	Orchard	Rd.	and	Alice	Ln.                    Pablo	and	Brookwood	Rd.
                                                      	Vandalism:	2	incidents	were	reported	                  	–	Compiled	by	Jeanette	Irving,	
                                                    on	Moraga	way	and	Las	Vegas	Ct.                                 Orinda	Police	Department

                                                 ◆ DOwNTOwN	from	page	1                               The	city	is	also	under	state	law	obligation	
                                                                                                      to	provide	downtown	housing	in	order	to	
                                                 55	feet	slopes	down	from	the	street	thereby	         qualify	 for	 regional	 transportation	 fund-
                                                 minimizing	 the	 appearance	 of	 building	           ing.
                                                 height.”	 Nye	 disagrees.	 “My	 preference	             According	 to	 Planning	 Director	 Em-
                                                 is	 not	 to	 have	 looming	 55’tall	 buildings,	     manuel	Ursu,	this	process	was	initiated	in	
                                                 even	with	setbacks.	Orinda	shouldn’t	look	           late	2008	with	six	public	workshops,	and	
                                                 like	Santana	Row	or	other	contrived	beige	           public	 input	 was	 subsequently	 sought	 at	
                                                 cities,”	she	adds.                                   five	joint	study	sessions	of	the	City	Council	
                                                                                                      and	 Planning	 Commission	 held	 between	
                                                 History of Task Force                                February	 and	 June	 2009.	 	 Ursu	 says	 that	
                                                    According	to	the	Planning	Department’s	           public	comments	were	noted	and	that	the	
                                                 website,	 its	 goal	 is	 the	 “revitalization	 of	   recommendations	 were	 revised	 accord-
                                                 downtown	 Orinda	 into	 a	 vibrant	 pedes-           ingly.		Some	issues	of	public	concern	that	
                                                 trian-oriented	village	with	a	mix	of	retail,	        led	to	revisions	include	creek	restoration,	
                                                 residential,	cultural	and	office	uses.”		In	a	       public	notice,	green	business	issues,	bike	
                                                 report	dated	August	5,	2009,	the	Task	Force	         paths,	 trails	 and	 walkways,	 and	 specific	
                                                 subcommittee	charged	with	developing	the	            zoning	modifications.
                                                 proposed	 downtown	 changes	 lists	 three	              A	number	of	local	residents	interested	in	
                                                 primary	objectives:	an	infusion	of	housing,	         seeing	the	proposed	changes	to	the	down-
                                                 incentives	to	retail	business,	and	a	coordi-         town	 area	 come	 to	 fruition	 have	 formed	
                                                 nated	merchandising	strategy.		Key	to	the	           Orinda	Vision.		This	group	of	volunteers,	
                                                 achievement	of	these	goals	is	the	increase	          whose	 members	 include	 urban	 planners,	
                                                 in	 maximum	 building	 height	 from	 35	 up	         architects	 and	 developers,	 put	 together	
                                                 to	55	feet,	as	well	as	more	flexible	zoning	         their	idea	of	what	Orinda	might	look	like	
                                                 standards.	                                          in	2030.		Orinda	Vision’s	Tom	Trowbridge	
                                                    Although	several	reasons	for	the	height	          says	“since	the	development	of	a	downtown	
                                                 increase	are	listed	in	the	Task	Force	report,	       takes	place	property	by	property,	it	is	the	
                                                 housing	 is	 the	 driving	 factor.	 	 	 Based	 on	   hope	 of	 Orinda	Vision	 to	 offer	 multiple	
                                                 a	 June	 2000	 senior	 housing	 and	 service	        property	 owners	 and	 their	 architects	 an	
                                                 needs	survey	commissioned	by	the	City	of	            overall	 vision	 that	 reflects	 the	 wishes	 of	
                                                 Orinda,	housing	close	to	transit,	retail	and	        Orindans	for	the	future	of	their	town.	The	
                                                 public	services	is	desired	by	local	seniors.	    	   intent	is	an	integrated,	pedestrian-friendly	
                                                 The	planned	homes	are	also	expected	to	ap-           downtown	that	works	better	for	its	residents	
                                                 peal	to	persons	employed	locally,	as	well	as	        because	the	appeal	of	the	whole	physical	
                                                 empty-nesters	and	young	professionals	who	           environment	is	greater	than	the	sum	of	its	
                                                 appreciate	the	downtown	amenities	without	           parts.”	The	group	has	been	showing	presen-
                                                 the	maintenance	issues	of	traditional	single-        tations	of	their	vision	to	various	community	
                                                 family	homes.		The	Task	Force	expects	the	           groups	and	at	public	meetings.
                                                 housing	to	have	a	positive	impact	on	local	             On	the	other	side	of	the	issue	is	a	new	
                                                 retail	businesses	within	walking	distance.	      	                     [See TASK	FORCE	page	14]
                                                                                                                                                                  The Orinda news n May 2010 n 7

                                                                                             CAR	TIME	

 Car Time                                                                                                        Girls	Scouts	Earn	Gold	Award	at	Orinda	Motors

 What	About	My	Tires?
 	          	          	         	                   by	JEFF	JOYCE

M        any	 motorists	 wonder	 when	 is	 the	
         right	time	to	replace	the	tires	on	their	
vehicles.		Should	I	replace	my	tires	if	they	
                                                       on	 the	 inside	 edge	 or	 outside	 edge,	 it	 is	
                                                       likely	 due	 to	 an	 alignment	 problem	 and/
                                                       or	worn	suspension	parts.	Bottom	line,	if	
still	 look	 like	 they	 have	 tread	 left?	 This	     one	part	of	the	tire	is	bad	the	whole	tire	is	
definitely	could	be	a	concern.	Tires	can	lose	         bad.	A	wheel	alignment	inspection	should	
their	footing	long	before	they’re	worn	out.	           always	be	performed	after	tires	are	replaced	
Even	tires	with	half	their	tread	left	may	be	          to	determine	if	you	have	worn	steering	or	
riskier	than	you	think.		Tests	show	that	tread	        suspension	 components.	worn	 struts	 and	                                                                                          CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO

can	 give	 up	 a	 significant	 amount	 of	 grip	       bushings	will	also	effect	tire	wear	and	road	        Orinda troop 30662	went	hands	on	at	Orinda Motors	recently.	The	future	motorists	discussed	car	
                                                       control.	                                            maintenance	and	even	changed	the	oil	on	a	car	to	earn		the	Car	Sense	Interest	Project	as	part	of	
when	it’s	still	at	the	halfway	point.	worn	                                                                 their	Gold	Award	requirements.	Pictured	(L-R)	Katie Latimer , Jamie Fiero, sofie Woodlee, Cecily
tires	are	not	as	effective,	especially	on	wet	            Air	 pressure	 loss	 does	 contribute	 to	        schmidt and John Vanek from Orinda Motors.
roads.	when	the	roads	are	wet,	marginally	             premature	tire	wear	as	well	as	tire	monitor	
worn	tires	do	not	have	deep	enough	grooves	            alarms,	false	ABS	codes,	handling	and	brak-
to	channel	water	out	from	beneath	the	tread.	          ing	issues.	Checking	tire	pressure	regularly	
The	result	is	hydroplaning,	where	the	tread	           is	important.	You	can	also	try	using	nitrogen	
skims	 across	 the	 water’s	 surface	 and	 the	        rather	than	conventional	compressed	air	in	
vehicle	no	longer	responds	to	the	steering	            your	tires.	Nitrogen	molecules	do	not	break	
wheel.	Tires	have	wear	bars	that	run	across	           down	like	those	in	normal	air	resulting	in	a	
the	tread.	If	the	wear	bars	are	flush	with	the	        fraction	of	the	air	loss.	Nitrogen	does	not	
tread’s	outer	surface,	the	tires	are	due	for	          have	 the	 moisture	 content	 of	 air,	 which	
replacement.	You	can	also	use	the	old	penny	           also	affects	tire	longevity.	Orinda	Motors	
test.	If	the	tread	doesn’t	reach	the	top	of	the	       Express	Oil	Change	and	Tire	Center	is	the	
Lincoln’s	head	on	the	upsidedown	penny,	               first	tire	shop	in	this	area	to	offer	nitrogen	
your	tires	are	done.	                                  inflation	service.	
   how	about	when	tires	appear	to	be	worn	
only	on	the	outer	edges	but	the	center	still	
has	plenty	of	tread.	Is	this	a	problem?	Yes,	
                                                         OBA	Car	Wash	Benefits	
indeed.	 when	 the	 tread	 is	 worn	 on	 the	             Children’s	Hospital
edges,	you	have	less	traction	in	the	turns.	            On	May 8	and	May 15,	from	9	a.m.	-	
This	 portion	 of	 the	 tires	 where	 the	 tread	       1	p.m.,	Orinda Motors	will	host	over	
and	the	sidewall	meets	is	called	the	crown	             300	players	from	the	Orinda	Baseball	
and	 carries	 the	 weight	 of	 the	 car.	 when	         Association	in	a	fundraising	car	wash.	
the	 edge	 of	 the	 tire	 is	 worn	 down	 to	 the	      Money	 raised	 goes	 to	 the	 Ricksen	
second	level	of	rubber,	you’re	more	likely	             Fund	which	benefits	Children’s	Hospi-
to	have	a	blow	out.	when	inner	and	outer	               tal.	Get	your	car	spruced	up	for	spring	
edges	are	both	worn,	it	is	likely	to	be	due	            and	help	children	in	need.
to	under	inflation.	Tire	pressure	is	crucial	
to	good	tire	wear.		If	the	tire	is	worn	only	
8 n The Orinda news n May 2010

                                                                                    LIBRARY	GALLERY

Exquisite Wood Turned from Reclaimed Trees                                                                                                        ----	Advertisement----

and Much More at Orinda Library Gallery                                                                  Thorns of Social Networking
          By	ELANA	O’LOSKEY                                                                                       By	Evan	Corstorphine                         tive	and	dangerous.	Our	little	chatterboxes	
                  Staff	Writer                                                                                             Portable	CIO                        may	be	undoing	their	future	or	endangering	

T    his	month’s	exhibit	goes	up	on	Mon-
     day,	May	6,	and	continues	till	the	end	
of	 the	 month.	 It	 includes	 wheel-thrown,	
                                                                                                         w       hen	 I	 was	 young,	 my	 Uncle	 Mike	
                                                                                                                 had	a	CB	radio.	I	suppose	because	
                                                                                                         Mike	saw	me	enjoying	the	radio,	it	landed	
                                                                                                                                                               themselves	or	their	families	with	the	most	
                                                                                                                                                               innocent	of	public	messages.
                                                                                                                                                                  For	example,	the	messages	about	when	
hand-carved	 porcelains;	 unusual	 photo-                                                                in	my	lap	on	Christmas	morning,	1975.	The	            you’re	getting	home,	or	when	you’re	going	
graphs	 depicting	 nature’s	 sanctuaries;	                                                               radio	was	great	fun,	and	I	spent	many	hours	          on	vacation	are	perfect	for	the	person	casing	
finely	attenuated	woodturned	vessels	and	                                                                talking	with	friends.                                 for	a	break-in.
an	oasis	of	bold,	colorful	clay	monoprints.	                                                                The	 experience	 wasn’t	 without	 its	 les-           I	 heard	 a	 college	 lacrosse	 coach	 speak	
Please	join	these	adept	artists	to	learn	more	                                                           sons.	 Once,	 I	 needled	 an	 upper-classman	         about	scholarship	prospects.	She	was	very	
about	their	work	at	an	artists	reception	on	                                                             just	enough	to	where	he	came	over	to	my	              pointed	about	the	use	of	social	networks,	
Saturday,	May	8	from	4	to	5:30	p.m.                                                                      house	 to	 have	 a	 “chat.”	 	A	 chat	 by	 itself	    and	 said	 coaches	 use	 MySpace	 and	 Fa-
   Jacques	 Blumer	 of	 Moraga	 is	 a	 self-                                                             wouldn’t	 have	 been	 a	 problem,	 but	 the	          cebook	to	research	kids	to	whom	they’re	
described	studio	artist,	working	lathes	and	                                                             over-stuffed	bully	he	brought	was!                    thinking	about	offering	scholarships.	She	
turning	locally	found	wood	into	pieces	he	                                                                  Another	time,	thinking	I	was	alone	with	           noted	 they’ve	 retracted	 offers	 based	 on	
exhibits	in	galleries.	Not	to	be	pigeonholed	                                                            the	person	I	was	having	a	conversation	with,	         materials	 they	 read	 on	 those	 sites.	Those	
as	creating	either	utilitarian	or	artistic	piec-                                      KRISTIN	SALZMAN    I	gave	out	my	telephone	number.	It	didn’t	            pictures	from	the	party,	or	the	description	
es,	he	insists	his	natural	edge	salad	bowls	       “shrine, Presidio Forest,”	 a	 selenium-toned,	       take	long	for	our	telephone	to	start	ringing	         of	what	went	on,	all	are	taken	as	evidence	
are	both	and	loves	the	idea	of	them	being	         silver	gelatin	print	by	Kristin satzman	is	part	of	   with	all	sorts	of	nasty	adolescent	calls.             of	who	a	student	is	and	how	they’ll	behave	
                                                   the	May	exhibit.
used	often	and	appreciated	at	the	same	time.	                                                               Fast	 forward	 35	 years,	 and	 it’s	 2010.	       on	 at	 college.	A	 moment	 of	 fun	 can	 turn	
The	idea	of	people	touching	his	pieces	in	         slow	 down	 to	 look	 closely	 at	 things,	 her	      Instead	of	a	CB	radio,	your	child	has	a	cell	         into	a	lifetime	of	regret.
order	 to	 experience	 what	 the	 wood	 feels	     awareness	 of	 beauty	 unfolding	 from	 that	         phone	 and	 a	 laptop.	 Kids	 can	 now	 send	            But	 it’s	 not	 limited	 to	 students.	 Many	
like	is	something	he	encourages.	                  crystalline	 moment	 allows	 her	 to	 “tell	 a	       text	 messages,	 pictures	 and	 videos.	They	         adults	 have	 found	 that	 the	 IRS	 uses	 the	
   Blumer	 also	 enjoys	 teaching	 at	 Cam-        story”	she	can	share	with	others.	She	shoots	         can	 also	 stay	 connected	 with	 MySpace	            medium	 to	 find	 dead-beat	 parents	 or	 to	
polindo	and	Loma	Linda	high	Schools	and	           “all	film”	and	prints	in	her	own	darkroom,	           and	Facebook.	Should	you	be	concerned?	          	    gain	 evidence	 of	 under	 reported	 income.	
Mt.	 Diablo	Adult	 Education	 in	 Pleasant	        consistent	 with	 the	 non-digital	 craft	 in	        At	the	very	least,	you	should	be	aware	of	            Private	investigators	and	lawyers	love	these	
hill.	 The	 teaching	 keeps	 his	 techniques	      which	she	trained.	                                   what’s	going	on.                                      sites,	which	can	help	prove	adultery,	fraud	
fresh,	but	he	also	is	an	active	member	of	            For	those	new	to	photography,	her	advice	             The	great	thing	about	these	mediums	is	            or	 other	 crimes.	 Finally,	 identity	 thieves	
the	American	Association	 of	 woodturn-            is	“Pursue	what	you	love	in	photography	              they	offer	the	same	things	I	enjoyed	as	a	            can	 use	 this	 free	 information	 to	 aid	 their	
ers	and	the	Bay	Area	woodturners.	Pieces	          and	 don’t	 be	 concerned	 with	 how	 the	            boy.	That	is,	they	let	kids	connect	and	stay	         “social	 engineering”	 of	 someone’s	 iden-
shown	include	Olive	Natural	Edge	Bowl,	            world	receives	it;	learn	how	to	do	it	well	           in	touch.	On	the	flip	side,	they	also	serve	          tity,	to	obtain	credit	or	access	to	privileged	
14	x	10”	and	Black	walnut	&	Ebony	Vase,	           and	let	your	passion	take	hold.	Let	go	of	            as	 the	 gossip	 channel.	 The	 difference	 is	       accounts.
12	x	12”.	                                         the	 expectation	 that	 it	 will	 support	 you	       that	where	the	words	I	spoke	on	the	radio	               There’s	a	lot	of	beauty	in	our	world,	but	
   “I’d	like	to	see	more	of	an	infrastructure	     financially.”	See	more	of	Satzman’s	work	             were	lost	in	the	ether	as	soon	as	they	were	          there	are	also	a	lot	of	creeps,	and	we	have	
developed	to	showcase	all	the	local	artists	       at	www.kristinsatzman.com.                            spoken,	 now	 everything	 is	 transmitted,	           to	 think	 differently	 to	 protect	 ourselves.	
in	 our	 area,”	 says	 Blumer,	 “...and	 more	        Lynne	 Meade	 of	 Oakland	 draws	 and	             stored	 and	 becomes	 a	 matter	 of	 public	          It’s	 just	 the	 way	 it	 is,	 so	 let’s	 be	 careful	
galleries	 willing	 to	 showcase	 woodturn-        carves	thick	clay,	freehand,	when	it	reaches	         record.	It’s	on	servers	on	the	Internet	for	a	        out	there.
ers.”	 See	 www.turnedwoodgallery.com              the	bone	dry	state,	using	a	variety	of	tools.	        loooooong	time.                                          For	advice,	help	with	your	systems,	or	
for	 a	 sneak	 preview	 of	 what	 can	 happen	     Finer	 finishing	 work	 is	 done	 with	 dental	          why	is	that	a	problem?	Because	it’s	not	           planning	your	office	IT	support,	call	Por-
when	found	wood	meets	a	dedicated,	gifted	         tools	and	rough	work	with	metal	trimming	             1975,	it’s	2010.	we	live	in	a	world	that’s	           table	 CIO,	 925-552-7953,	 or	 email	 us	 at	
woodturner.                                        tools.	 Organic	 forms	 derived	 from	 plant	         less	 Mayberry	 and	 more	 mean,	 competi-            helpdesk@theportablecio.com.
   Kristin	Satzman	of	San	Francisco	is	an	         and	 sea	 life	 pepper	 her	 creations;	 often	
experienced	 photographer	 who	 teaches	           these	 elements	 are	 interwoven	 to	 create	
beginning	 photography	 techniques	 to	            complex	and	undulating	surfaces.	She	fires	
the	Zone	System	and	the	crafting	of	fine	          her	work	with	a	simple,	clear	glaze.	Meade	
negatives	and	prints.	“The	Luminous	Veil,	         is	showing	a	variety	of	vessels,	some	softly	
Visions	of	Sanctuary”	is	an	apt	description	       colored	in	pastels.	See	more	of	her	work	at	
of	the	series	of	selenium	toned	silver	gelatin	    www.lynnemeadeporcelain.com.
prints	in	the	show.	“Shrine,	Presidio	For-            Pamela	 Stefl	 Toki	 of	 Oakland	 studied	
est”	and	“Return,	Mt.	Davidson,”	are	both	         with	master	print	maker	Mitch	Lyons,	the	
9	x	12	prints	framed	16	x	20”	and	part	of	         originator	 of	 clay	 monoprints.	 “The	 im-
her	 exploration	 of	 landscapes	 in	 SF	 Bay	     mediacy	 of	 the	 process	 and	 earth	 feeling	
Area	parks.	Satzman	is	fascinated	by	the	          from	 the	 clay	 are	 aspects	 that	 attracted	
edge	where	urbanity	and	wilderness	meet.	          me	to	this	creative	technique,	and	I	fell	in	
“These	landscapes	act	as	a	portal	leading	         love	with	it,”	says	Stefl.	She	also	teaches	
us	out	of	the	hectic	energy	of	city	life	into	     in	 the	 Orinda	 Union	 School	 District.	 In-
a	more	internal	and	meditative	space,”	says	       cluded	 in	 the	 exhibit	 are	 ink	 as	 well	 as	
Satzman.                                           clay	monoprints,	but	often	they	are	mixed-
   Because	 photography	 forces	 her	 to	                              [See GALLERY	page	16]
                                                                                                                                                             The Orinda news n May 2010 n 9

                                                                                         VISUAL	ARTS

Three Orinda Artists in Prestigious Art Show/Sale
            By	SALLY	HOGARTY	                            says	Steele.	“I’m	inspired	by	the	colors	in	
                       Editor                            nature,	and	I	prefer	a	very	simple	composi-

S   ince	 childhood,	 Orinda	 Native	 Lisa	
    Steele	 had	 dreamed	 of	 painting.	 A	
class	 taught	 by	 professional	 artist	 and	
                                                         tion,	which	I	find	calming	and	conducive	to	
                                                         contemplation,”	adds	the	artist	who	often	
                                                         paints	with	her	hands.	
Civic	Arts	 Education	 (CAE)	 instructor	                   Orinda’s	 Pam	 Bivens	 spends	 her	 days	
Tesia	 Blackburn	 started	 her	 on	 her	 way.	           “playing”	in	the	mud	at	the	Clay	Arts	Guild	
Now	 Steele,	 along	 with	 50	 fellow	 artists	          Studio	in	walnut	Creek	thanks	to	her	son	
including	Orinda	residents	Kay	Van	hoesen	               Nicholas.	As	Nicholas	was	leaving	to	attend	
and	Pam	Bivens,	will	show	her	paintings	                 an	MFA	program	in	ceramics,	he	encour-
at	CAE	and	the	Clay	Arts	Guild’s	annual	                 aged	his	mom	to	try	the	medium.	She	did	
Spring	Art	Show	and	Sale.	The	three-day	                 and	now	seldom	spends	a	day	without	her	                                        CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO
                                                                                                           Kay Van hoesen	displays	one	of	the	gourds	that	
sale	runs	April	30	–	May	2	at	two	walnut	                hands	in	clay.	“I’m	still	in	the	infancy	stage	   she	grew	in	her	Orinda	backyard.

                                                                                                           Shadelands	 Campus,	 111	 N.	wiget	 Lane	
                                                                                                           (ceramics,	painting,	photography,	jewelry	
                                                                                                           and	textiles);	and	at	Civic	Park	in	the	Clay	
                                                                                                           Arts	 Guild	 Studio,	 1365	 Civic	 Drive	 at	
                                                                                                           Broadway.	The	event	continues	on	May	1	
                                                                                                           from	10	a.m.	–	9	p.m.	and	May	2	from	11	
                                                                                                           a.m.	–	5	p.m.	at	Civic	Park	and	11	a.m.	–	6	
                                                                                                           p.m.	at	Shadelands.	For	more	information,	
                                                                                                           call	925-943-5846.

                                                                                       CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO
Lisa steele	readies	her	work	for	CAE’s	spring	art	sale.

Creek	locations.                                         of	developing	a	style	or	voice,”	Bivens	ex-
  Steele,	who	graduated	from	U.C.	Berke-                 plains.	“I’m	very	grateful	to	the	instructors	
ley	with	a	degree	in	nutrition	and	clinical	             at	Civic	Arts	who	give	you	lots	of	freedom	
dietetics,	worked	as	a	registered	dietitian	in	          to	work	on	objects	of	personal	interest	un-
hospitals	and	healthcare	facilities	for	many	            der	their	experienced	and	watchful	eyes.”	
years	before	accepting	a	position	in	the	food	           Bivens	currently	makes	functional	ceramic	
service	industry.	In	2002,	she	left	the	work	            pieces	 through	 a	 combination	 of	 wheel-
                                                         thrown	and	hand-building	techniques.
                                                            Long-time	Orinda	Union	School	District	
                                                         teacher	Kay	Van	hoesen	waited	until	she	
                                                         retired	to	indulge	in	her	passion	–	gardening	
                                                         and	gourds.	An	avid	gardener,	Van	hoesen’s	
                                                         backyard	garden	has	become	a	refuge	for	
                                                         birds,	squirrels	and	rabbits	and	is	certified	
                                                         as	a	National	wildlife	Federation	habitat.	
                                                         She	discovered	a	birdhouse	gourd	plant	at	
                                                         a	nursery	and	planted	it	in	her	tomato	cage.	
                                                         Before	she	knew	it,	she	had	10	large	gourds	
                                                         taking	over	the	space.	“I	became	fascinated	
                                                         by	gourds.	They	have	served	many	practi-
                                                         cal	and	artistic	purposes	for	centuries,”	she	
                                                         explains.	“They	are	considered	the	pottery	
                                   CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO     of	the	plant	world.”
Pam Bivins	 uses	 a	 pineapple	 to	 give	 texture	 to	      Van	 hoesen	 grows	 most	 of	 the	 gourds	
her	work.
                                                         that	she	decorates	–	up	to	100	per	season.	
world	to	devote	more	time	to	her	family.	By	                All	three	Orinda	artists	will	be	showing	
2008,	her	two	boys	(Alec	currently	a	junior	             their	work	at	CAE	and	the	Clay	Arts	Guild’s	
at	Miramonte	and	Michael	now	attending	                  Spring	Art	 Show	 and	 Sale,	 which	 opens	
Arizona	State	University)	no	longer	needed	              with	an	artists’	reception	on	April	30	from	
her	undivided	attention,	and	Steele	decided	             5	 –	 9	 p.m.	 The	 reception	 includes	 enter-
to	pursue	her	dream.	                                    tainment	and	refreshments	and	takes	place	
   “My	 work	 is	 about	 color	 and	 texture,”	          at	two	walnut	Creek	locations:	Civic	Arts	
10 n The Orinda news n May 2010

                                                             SCOUT	TROOPS

                                  Orinda’s Troop 237 Inducts Eagle Scouts
                                  D    avid	 Esquivel	 and	 Matthew	 Duncan	
                                       achieved	 Boy	 Scouting’s	 highest	
                                  award	recently	after	completing	their	indi-
                                                                                     Esquivel’s	 Eagle	 project	 benefited	 the	
                                                                                  wagner	 Ranch	 Nature	 Area,	 where	 he	
                                                                                  created	 a	 1,000	 foot	 trail	 that	 is	 now	 ac-
                                  vidual	community	service	projects.	             cessible	to	the	handicapped	and	people	in	
                                                                                  wheelchairs	for	the	first	time.	he	cleared	
                                                                                  brush,	roots	and	large	tree	branches	before	
                                                                                  spreading	gravel	over	the	trail	which	now	
                                                                                  measures	three	feet	wide	and	has	a	five	foot	
                                                                                  turnaround	area	every	50	feet.	A	sophomore	
                                                                                  at	Miramonte,	Esquivel	is	the	son	of	Gabriel	
                                                                                  and	Jill	Esquivel.	
                                                                                     Sleepy	hollow	Elementary	School	was	
                                                                                  the	 recipient	 of	 Duncan’s	 Eagle	 project.	
                                                                                                                                                                       CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO
                                                                                  he	raised	funds	to	landscape	a	weed-filled	
                                                                                                                                       Matthew Duncan
                                                                                  area	 near	 the	 school’s	 entrance.	with	 the	
                                                                                  funds	and	fellow	volunteer	scouts,	Duncan	           plants	 and	 assembled	 a	 garden	 bench	 on	
                                                                                  cleared	the	area	of	weeds	and	overgrown	             the	path.	A	sophomore	at	De	LaSalle	high	
                                                                                  bushes,	installed	a	drip	irrigation	system,	         School,	Duncan	is	the	son	of	Jeff	and	Anna	
                                                                                  enriched	the	soil,	and	built	a	garden	path.	         Duncan.
                                                                                  he	also	planted	drought	and	deer	resistant	                               –	Jill	howie-Esquivel

                                                                                                          Girl	Scout	International	Faire
                                                              CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO
                                  David esquivel

                                                                                                                                                                    CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO

                                                                                    eight members from Orinda Girl scout troop 30662	hosted	the	recent	Girl	
                                                                                    Scout	International	Faire	at	Orinda	Intermediate	School.	The	girls,	pictured	above,	
                                                                                    include	(L-R) Alicia Macler, Melanie Jones, Anna Blain, sofie Woodlee, tara
                                                                                    Baghdassarian, Jamie Fiero, and Katie Latimer.	Not	pictured	is	Gabriela	Blum.	
                                                                                    Approximately	270	girls	from	Orinda,	Moraga	and	15	countries	attended.	The	
                                                                                    faire	celebrates	international	friendships	and	recognizes	the	role	of	Girl	Scouts	
                                                                                    USA	as	a	part	of	the	global	community.	Troop	30662	consists	of	16	sophomore	
                                                                                    high	school	students	who	have	been	together	since	first	grade.

                                                                                                                                        special needs Boy scout troop
                                                                                                                                        Orinda	Masonic	Lodge	is	now	the	sponsor	
                                                                                                                                        of	 Orinda	 Troop	 122,	 a	 troop	 for	 special	
                                                                                                                                        needs	 boys	 aged	 11	 and	 up.	 Meetings	
                                                                                                                                        will	be	held	at	the	Orinda	Masonic	Center,	
                                                                                                                                        9	Altarinda	Road	in	Orinda,	at	6:30	p.m.	
                                                                                                                                        on	 the	 second	 and	 fourth	 Thursdays	 of	
                                                                                                                                        each	 month.	 Prospective	 scouts,	 Eagle	
                                                                                                                                        Scouts,	and	experienced	scout	leaders	are	
                                                                                                                                        invited	 to	 contact	 Herb	 Lederman	 (925-
                                                                                                                                        631-0229),	 Mary	 April	 (925-674-6122),	
                                                                                                                                        or	Loren	Piper	(510-267-1740).
                                                                                                                                                                  The Orinda news n May 2010 n 11

                                                               CALIFORNIA	SHAKESPEARE	FESTIVAL

The Hills Are Alive With A lot More Than
Music at the Bruns Amphitheater
           By	SALLY	HOGARTY                           living	roof	that	blends	gracefully	into	the	
                     Editor                           surrounding	hills.	

C     alifornia	 Shakespeare	 Theater	 has	
      lots	 to	 celebrate	 this	 season.	 	 The	
company’s	 annual	 gala	 raised	 more	 than	
                                                         “Our	 contractor,	 Overaa	 Construction,	
                                                      has	been	good	at	taking	into	account	our	
                                                      deadlines,”	says	Doyle.	“After	all,	postpon-
$530,000,	shattering	all	previous	records,	           ing	the	season	is	not	an	option.”
and	 phase	 one	 of	 the	 building	 project	 is	         Orinda	resident	Jim	Roethe	is	the	capital	
well	underway.                                        campaign	 co-chair,	 providing	 leadership	
   when	 the	 2010	 season	 opens	 with	 the	         along	with	co-chair	Sharon	Simpson.	“we	
world	 premiere	 of	 John	 Steinbeck’s	 The           started	 raising	 money	 two	 years	 ago	 and	
Pastures of Heaven,	patrons	will	no	longer	           had	 $7	 million	 when	 the	 bottom	 fell	 out	
trek	 up	 the	 hill	 to	 bathrooms	 in	 portable	     of	the	housing	market,”	says	Roethe.	“we	
trailers	or	order	refreshments	from	a	similar	        decided	to	do	the	project	in	stages	to	take	
                                                                                                                                                                                                     SALLY	HOGARTY	
portable	 building.	 The	 various	 “tempo-            advantage	of	the	current	low	construction	
                                                                                                           the new Patron and Artist Center	being	constructed	above	features	a	“living”	roof	that	blends	into	the	
rary”	 structures	 will	 have	 been	 replaced	        costs.	we	knew	we	wanted	to	upgrade	the	             rolling	hillside	and	includes	restrooms,	a	cafe,	and	dressing	rooms	for	the	actors.	
with	 a	 state-of-the-art	 building	 that	 will	      actors	dressing	rooms	and	amenities	for	the	
enhance	 the	 theater-going	 experience	 for	         patrons	so	that’s	phase	one.	In	phase	two,	
both	 patrons	 and	 artists	 alike.	 The	 $8.25	      we’ll	address	upgrading	the	stage,	technical	
million	Patron	and	Artist	Center	includes	            elements,	and	seating.”
31	 restrooms,	 energy-efficient	 dressing	              Roethe	 notes	 that	 the	 majority	 of	 the	
rooms,	 wardrobe	 and	 green	 room	 for	 ac-          contributions	to	the	capital	campaign	have	
tors,	a	modern	café	and	theater	store,	and	           come	from	individual	donations.	“Less	than	
offices	 for	 volunteers,	 house	 staff,	 and	        $.5	 million	 came	 from	 foundations,”	 he	
management.	There	will	also	be	a	spacious	            adds.	“Our	contractor	is	very	close	to	being	
central	plaza.                                        on	schedule.	we	lost	some	time	because	of	

                                                                              COURTESY	OF	LMS	ARCHITECTS
An	artist’s	rendition	of	the	new	Patron	and	Artist	Center	scheduled	to	be	completed	by	the	start	of	the	
new	season	in	June.

    “Previously,	our	actors	used	trailers	for	         the	weather,	but	we	will	make	our	June	2	
dressing	rooms	and	their	green	room	was	               opening	date	even	if	we	have	to	bring	back	
under	the	stage,	which	got	wet	every	time	             a	trailer	or	two.”
it	 rained,”	 says	 campaign	 manager	 Paul	              The	enthusiastic	co-chair	has	been	on	the	
Doyle.	“with	the	new	building,	we’ll	also	             Cal	Shakes	board	for	15	years	and	was	part	
have	a	wardrobe	facility	and	secure	space	             of	the	search	committee	for	a	new	artistic	
for	set	pieces	and	props,”	adds	marketing	             director	 following	 the	 departure	 of	 Joe	
manager	Marilyn	Langbehn.	“In	previous	                Vincent.	“we	took	a	bit	of	a	risk	on	Jona-
seasons,	our	production	crew	has	spent	a	              than	[Moscone],”	he	recalls.	“he	had	never	
lot	of	time	hauling	things	up	and	down	the	            directed	a	Shakespearean	work	before,	but	
hill.	Now,	they	can	set	things	up	once	and	            we	were	very	impressed	by	his	enthusiasm	
leave	them	for	the	season.”                            and	his	creative	ideas.”
   Designed	by	San	Francisco-based	Leddy	                 A	dedicated	volunteer,	Roethe	has	also	
Maytum	Stacy	Architects,	the	sustainable	              served	as	president	of	the	Orinda	Associa-
building	 features	 a	 vegetation-covered	                            [See ShAKESPEARE	page	16]
12 n The Orinda news n May 2010

                                                                        ExERCISE	/	GREEN	BUDDHA

 Move of the Month                                                                                      Green Buddha Celebrates an “Attitude of
 Curtsy Lunge with Front Raise
                                                                                                        Gratitude” at Calypso Twist
                                                                                                                  By	ELANA	O’LOSKEY
                                                                                                                          Staff	Writer

                                                                                                        O     n	Saturday,	March	13,	several	hundred	
                                                                                                              people	 explored	 what	 gratitude	 is	
                                                                                                        all	about	at	Calypso	Twist,	a	unique	eco-
                                                                                                        friendly	retail	store	in	walnut	Creek.	The	
                                                                                                        intention	for	the	day	was	to	celebrate	and	
                                                                                                        honor	gratitude	in	our	community	by	giv-
                                                                                                        ing	those	who	are	living	with	an	“attitude	
                                                                                                        of	gratitude”	an	opportunity	to	share	what	                                             LISA	KEATING	
                                                                                                        that	 means	 to	 them.	 Featured	 speakers,	       Danna Dowell Windatt and Jeanne Dowell,	
                                                                                                        prize	giveaways,	light	refreshments,	and	the	      co-founders	of	Green	Buddha,	with	Kris Carlson,	
                                                                                                        sharing	of	stories,	which	would	be	uploaded	       author	One Hour to Live, One Hour to Love.
                                                                                                        to	You	Tube,	focused	the	event.
                                                                                                           Kris	 Carlson,	 local	 author	 of	 the	 best	   ing	of	gratitude	–	16-year-old	Alex	Chen	
                                                                                                        selling One Hour to Live, One Hour to              (Miramonte	high)	and	15-year-old	Mariah	
                                                                                                        Love	shared	her	experiences.	Carlson	has	          Flambo	(Irvington	high	in	Fremont).	
                                                                                                        appeared	on	“The	Oprah	winfrey	Show”	                 So	that	people	could	experience	gratitude	
 (Quads,	Hamstrings,	Glutes,	Lower	Back	and	Shoulders)                                                  and	“The	Today	Show.”	Singer/songwriter	           firsthand,	Orinda’s	Green	Buddha	raffled	
 Stand	with	a	dumbbell	in	each	hand.	Cross	your	right	foot	behind	your	left	leg	then	lower	down	in	
 a	deep	curtsy,	bending	your	left	knee	90	degrees,	while	keeping	your	right	leg	extended	and	your	
                                                                                                        Sandi	hunt	of	Danville	added	her	dulcimer	         off	items	from	their	eco-friendly	line	of	ap-
 hips	and	torso	facing	forward.	From	this	position,	raise	weights	to	shoulder	level	in	front	of	your	   tones	 with	 a	 performance	 of	 “why	 we	         parel	and	accessories.	Speakers	chimed	in	
 body,	palms	down,	keeping	elbows	bent	slightly.	Lower	weights	while	standing	back	up	to	starting	      Sing”	 by	 Kirk	 Franklin.	 hunt	 performs	        by	adding	their	donations	to	the	mix.	Mean-
 position.	Do	all	reps	on	this	leg	and	switch	sides.	10-12	reps.	                                       interactive	educational	shows	for	children.	       while,	 David	 Dowell	 and	 Grady	 Candler	
                    (Living	Lean	Personal	Training	and	Nutrition	for	Optimal	Fitness:	925-360-7051)
                                                                                                        Other	 speakers	 included	 Joni	 Sare,	 Raw	       filmed	gratitude	stories.	“we	wanted	to	give	
                                                                                                        Foods	Chef	of	Lafayette,	and	Amy	Erez	of	          something	 back	 to	 the	 community,”	 said	
                                                                                                        Sugi	health	&	Fitness	in	Pleasant	hill.	           Jeanne	Dowell,	co-founder	of	Green	Bud-
                                                                                                           Two	 high	 school	 students	 also	 played	      dha,	and	popular	local	yoga	instructor.	
                                                                                                        a	 part	 by	 contributing	 their	 understand-         Miriam	 Michael,	 owner	 of	 Calypso	
                                                                                                                                                           Twist,	provided	champagne	with	luscious	
                                                                                                                                                           tiny	cupcakes,	and	artisan	wine	tasting	with	
                                                                                                                                                           appetizers.	 This	 award-winning,	 vibrant	
                                                                                                                                                           arts	and	crafts	gallery	in	downtown	walnut	
                                                                                                                                                           Creek	 created	 a	 warm	 welcome	 for	 the	
                                                                                                                                                           event.	 Michael	 offered	 each	 person	 who	
                                                                                                                                                           entered	 the	 store	 a	 “lei”	 with	 a	 blessing	
                                                                                                                                                           coin	emblazoned	with	the	word	gratitude	
                                                                                                                                                           on	a	brightly	colored	ribbon,	as	well	as	a	
                                                                                                                                                           give-away	bag	of	surprises.	
                                                                                                                                                              “Since	 Green	 Buddha	 apparel	 is	 made	
                                                                                                                                                           from	earth-friendly	organic	cotton	and	other	
                                                                                                                                                           soft	fabrics	such	as	bamboo	and	modal,	we	
                                                                                                                                                           really	wanted	people	to	find	out	the	story	
                                                                                                                                                           behind	what	they’ve	done,”	says	Michael.	
                                                                                                                                                           Their	 organic	 cotton	T-shirts	 are	 rain-fed	
                                                                                                                                                           and	 grown	 without	 the	 use	 of	 pesticides.	
                                                                                                                                                           The	men’s	and	children’s	line	comes	from	
                                                                                                                                                           Bono	and	Ali	hewson	through	their	organic	
                                                                                                                                                           clothing	line	EDUN,	which	supports	devel-
                                                                                                                                                           oping	areas	of	the	world.	A	percentage	of	all	
                                                                                                                                                           Green	Buddha	proceeds	goes	to	S.E.E.D.S.,	
                                                                                                                                                           which	provides	grass	roots	relief	to	Nepal’s	
                                                                                                                                                           poorest	villages.	See	www.greenbuddha.net	
                                                                                                                                                           for	more	information.
                                                                                                        The Orinda news n May 2010 n 13

                                                                              SISTER	CITY	/	CHAMBER

Tabor Sister City Foundation Sponsors
“Amazing” Czech Film May 13

        By	KATHY	G.	MCCARTY                            inger	and	John	Iltis	will	also	be	on	hand	for	
                  Staff	Writer                         the	film’s	premiere.		Renowned	filmmaker	

T    he	Orinda/Tabor	Sister	City	Foundation	
     will	present	the	west	Coast	Premiere	of	
the	movie	Accidental Army: The Amazing
                                                       Ken	Burns	has	called	Accidental Army	“a	
                                                       noble	undertaking:	a	history	lost,	returned	
                                                       to	its	people	and	the	world.”
True Story of The Czechoslovak Legion	and	                Billed	as	“The	Most	Amazing	Story	You	
a	special	showing	of	PRAGUE 1968, The                  Never	heard,”	the	independent	film	uses	ar-
Prague Story As Seen Through the Lens of               chives	from	the	Czech	Legion	Project	to	tell	
Paul Goldsmith,	on	Thursday,	May	13,	at	               a	story	that	had	disappeared	from	history:		
the	historic	Orinda	Theater.		The	event	will	          the	true	story	of	the	Czechoslovak	Legion	
feature	an	introduction	by	The	hon.	Rich-              which	 had	 been	 virtually	 erased	 by	 the	
ard	Pivnicka,	honorary	Consul	General	of	              Soviet’s	50	year	rule.		Film	commentators	
the	Czech	Republic.                                    included	Lt	Col	Mike	Maudlin,	USA	retired	
  Chicago-based	filmmakers	Bruce	Bend-                                       [See LEGION	page	14]

            Chamber	of	Commerce	Is	On	Cloud	Nine

                                                                                     SALLY	HOGARTY
  the Orinda Chamber of Commerce welcomed	the	new	organic	hand	and	foot	therapy	salon,	
  Cloud	9,	with	a	ribbon-cutting	ceremony.	Shown	above	are:	Patti	Camras,	AJ	Nisen,	Sue	Breedlove,	
  Dina	Zapanta,	Andrea	Dang	(owner),	Cindy	Nguyen,	Rick	Kattenburg	and	Candy	Kattenburg.
  Located	at	1	Orinda	Way,	Suite	3,	just	behind	Hsiang’s	Restaurant	in	the	Village,	Cloud	9	uses	
  new,	green	products.	For	more	information,	go	to	www.cloud9organictherapy.com.	
14 n The Orinda news n May 2010


                                         ◆ TASK	FORCE	from	page	6                           ◆ LEGION	from	page	13

                                         citizen’s	 group	 call	 COOL	 (Concerned	          (advisor	to	the	Czech	Army	2003-2006),	
                                         Orindans	Oversight	League)	whose	mem-              and	 Professor	 Malynne	 Sternstein,	 PhD.	
                                         bers	are	very	concerned	about	the	potential	       The	documentary	was	also	assisted	by	the	
                                         changes	and	the	low	attendance	of	residents	       Czech	consulate	and	included	an	introduc-
                                         at	public	meetings.		COOL	wants	to	maxi-           tion	 by	 Madeleine	Albright,	 who	 writes	
                                         mize	 public	 awareness,	 particularly	 as	 it	    she	is	“pleased	to	see	this	unique	story	of	
                                         pertains	to	building	height	increases.		The	       personal	heroism	and	collective	freedom	
                                         group,	which	held	their	first	public	meeting	      re-told	for	a	modern	audience.		Not	only	is	
                                         April	22,	feels	that	the	public	might	be	bet-      it	an	amazing	adventure,	it	offers	important	
                                         ter	served	by	voting	on	the	more	significant	      lessons	for	today.		Through	their	courage	
                                         changes	through	a	ballot	initiative.	              and	will	to	survive,	the	Czechoslovak	Le-
                                            The	 City	 Planning	 department	 is	 cur-       gionnaires	proved	that	a	people	yearning	to	
                                         rently	 holding	 hearings	 on	 the	 various	       choose	their	own	destiny	could	overcome	
                                         proposed	changes.		At	press	time,	the	next	        incredible	odds.”	
                                         scheduled	 meeting	 was	April	 27	 in	 the	           The	film	will	have	two	showings	–	5:30	
                                         Library	conference	room.		These	propos-            p.m.	and	7:30	p.m.		There	will	be	a	no-host	
                                         als	will	ultimately	be	submitted	to	the	City	      beer	and	wine	reception	from	5-7:30	p.m.	
                                         Council	for	approval.	                             Tickets	 to	 the	 event	 are	 $15	 adults	 and	
                                            For	updates	on	when	downtown	revital-           $10	students	(under	18)	and	seniors	(65+).	
                                         ization	 is	 on	 the	 Planning	 Commission’s	      Tickets	are	available	on	line	at	www.events.
                                         agenda	or	to	access	the	Task	Force’s	report,	      org/SCICAOT1/viewevent.aspx?id=26553	
                                         go	to	www.cityoforinda.org.	For	informa-           or	you	may	get	tickets	at	the	Orinda	As-
                                         tion	on	COOL,	email	concernedorindans@             sociation,	26	Orinda	way,	Orinda.		If	you	
                                         gmail.com.	For	information	on	Orinda	Vi-           prefer,	 you	 may	 mail	 a	 check	 to:		 west	
                                         sion,	go	to	www.orindavison.org.                   Coast	Premiere,	The	Orinda/Tabor	Sister	
                                           Planning Commission and City Council        	    City	Foundation	P.O.	Box	265,	Orinda,	CA	
                                                                                            94563		(Checks	must	be	received	by	May	
                                                     City	Meeting	Schedule
                                                                                            7).		According	to	the	sponsors,	seating	is	
                                            Planning	Commission	meets	second	and	
                                                    fourth	Tuesdays	at	7	p.m.	
                                                                                            limited,	and	if	the	earlier	shows	sell	out	a	
                                                        Library	Auditorium                  third	showing	at	9	p.m.	will	be	added.	
                                          City	Council	meets	first	and	third	Tuesdays	at	      The	 Orinda/Tabor	 Sister	 City	 Founda-
                                                 7	p.m.	in	the	Library	Auditorium           tion	has	worked	with	the	Orinda	Lions	and	
                                                                                            Rotary	Clubs	to	help	fund	Czech	students	
                                                                                            attending	 Miramonte	 high	 School,	 sent	
                                                                                            teachers	 to	 Tabor	 to	 teach	 English	 as	 a	
                                                                                            Second	Language,	and	sponsored	fellow-
                                                                                            ships	for	physicians	from	Tabor.	
                                                                                                              The Orinda news n May 2010 n 15

                                                                                    SCHOOLS	/	STUDENTS

Second	Graders	Support	Guide	Dogs

                                                                                         CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO
saklan Valley school	second	graders	recently	raised	$410	for	Guide	Dogs	for	the	Blind.	It	was	in	con-
junction	with	the	eye	unit	they	were	studying	where	they	learned	the	properties	of	light	energy,	prisms	
and	rainbows,	and	an	in-depth	study	of	the	parts	of	the	eye.	They	ended	the	unit	with	a	visit	to	the	Guide	
Dogs	for	the	Blind	campus	in	San	Rafael.

Varsity	Cheer	Team	Wins	First	Place

                                                                                        CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO
the Miramonte high school	varsity	cheer	team	won	first	place	at	the	recent	National	Cheerleading	
Association’s	National	Competition	held	at	Knott’s	Berry	Farm.	More	than	75	schools	from	all	over	the	
country	participated.	Shown	above	are	(L-R)	emelia hildreth, Laura Weston, sasha Belinsky, Coach
Rebecca George, Maddy Karol, tatyana Belinsky, Christie Requa, and Brianna Dickerson.

Lamorinda	Chapter	of	National	Charity	League

                                                                                            JAMES	FIDELIBUS
twenty-two young women from Acalanes, Campolindo and Miramonte high schools	logged	a	com-
bined	total	of	5,500	hours	assisting	local	philanthropies	such	as	Monument	Crisis	Center,	the	Contra	
Costa	Food	Bank,	Loaves	and	Fishes,	and	Special	Olympics	over	the	past	six	years.	Pictured	above	(L-R	
back	row)	Morgan Pavey, Kendall Andronico, Julia Wenck, haley sayres, Deanna Colombo, Lauren
hogan, and Caroline Appert. (L-R middle row) Anna Pickrell, Lily Williams, Rachel Whittom, eliza
Galligan, Lissa Gilbert, siena Ritelli, and ellie stern. (L-R front row) Lyndsey Park, Allison Kneis,
erika henningsen, sarah Osterman, natalia Chiodo, Katie Richards, Meaghan Burke, and eliza-
beth Lenczowski.
16 n The Orinda news n May 2010


◆ APPEAL	from	page	5                                 Local	Agency	Formation	Commission],	“is	            building	the	lateral	sewer	line	that	connects	   and	 that	 the	Attards	 have	 proceeded	 in	
                                                     working	 hard	 to	 have	 more	 control	 over	       with	Caltrans’	sewer.	“According	to	state	       good	 faith	 with	 permits	 and	 inspections.	
including	nearly	$28,000	in	building	permit	         what	happens	in	the	county.”                        law,	to	run	a	sewer	line	from	one	county	        “Caltrans	 Superintendent	 of	 Tunnels	 and	
fees	for	the	residence	alone	and	$500,000	              To	solve	the	problem	of	sewage	disposal,	        into	another	county	requires	the	approval	of	    Tubes,	Ray	Mailhot,	contacted	planners	in	
for	the	foundation.                                  the	Attards	first	applied	to	the	county	for	        the	LAFCO	agencies	from	both	counties,”	         Contra	Costa	and	Alameda	and	gave	staff	
   “This	is	government	at	its	worst,”	says	          permission	to	use	a	septic	tank.	This	pro-          says	Uilkema.	“No	applications	were	made	        a	 tour	 of	 the	 proposed	 sewer	 line,”	 says	
Paul	Attard.	 “I’ve	 never	 seen	 a	 situation	      posal	was	rejected	because	the	property	is	         to	either	Alameda	or	Contra	Costa.	The	ap-       Baltodano.	“Everyone	was	aware	of	what	
where	 leaders	 treat	 people	 so	 unfairly.	        too	close	to	a	tributary	stream	that	drains	        plicants’	building	permit	is	invalid	unless	     was	going	on.”
we	 are	 a	 family-owned	 organic	 bay	 leaf	        into	the	San	Pablo	Reservoir.	“The	prop-            approved	by	both	agencies.”                         he	says	the	fact	that	the	county	signed	
business;	we’ve	put	all	our	capital	into	this	       erty	lies	in	the	watershed	of	the	San	Pablo	           Carlos	 Baltodano,	 an	 Orinda	 planning	     off	on	the	foundation	for	the	new	residence	
project.	This	is	where	the	heart	and	home	           Reservoir,”	 says	 Uilkema,	 whose	 district	       commissioner	and	former	director	of	Con-         indicates	a	stamp	of	approval.	“when	the	
of	our	business	is.”                                 includes	Orinda.	“we	have	to	ensure	that	           tra	 Costa	 County’s	 Building	 Inspections	     foundation	 is	 approved,	 it’s	 approved	 for	
   Tamara	Attard	 believes	 there’s	 a	 lot	 of	     drinking	water	is	not	contaminated	by	sew-          Department,	now	serves	as	a	consultant	to	       the	whole	house,”	says	Baltodano.	“Plan-
political	maneuvering	going	on	and	that	the	         age	or	dirty	water.	You	can’t	have	a	holding	       the	Attards.	 he	 disagrees	 with	 Uilkema.	     ners	 and	 staff	 at	 Contra	 Costa	 County	
county	wants	to	squeeze	them	out.	“There	            tank	within	50	feet	of	a	tributary	stream.”         “There	is	no	need	to	go	to	LAFCO	because	        are	 going	 backwards	 to	 formulate	 their	
is	a	contingency	of	people	that	don’t	want	             The	Attards	came	up	with	another	plan:	          it’s	clear	that	the	agreement	was	between	       opinion.”
us	 to	 be	 here,”	 says	 Tamara	Attard.	 “we	       To	connect	via	a	lateral	pipe	to	the	Caltrans	      two	 public	 agencies	 (Caltrans	 and	 Oak-         The	Attards	are	now	looking	for	ways	to	
own	 the	 last	 sliver	 of	 private	 land;	 we’re	   sewer	line	that	runs	through	the	Caldecott	         land),”	 says	 Baltodano.	 “LAFCO	 has	 no	      move	forward,	both	working	with	LAFCO	
surrounded	 by	 public	 land	 belonging	 to	         Tunnel	 into	 Oakland.	This	 line	 was	 built	      jurisdiction	over	this	agreement.”               and	exploring	legal	recourse.	Paul	Attard	
EBMUD	and	East	Bay	Regional	Park	Dis-                when	the	first	tunnel	bore	was	excavated	              he	 says	 the	 Board	 of	 Supervisors	 is	    is	grateful	for	the	community	support	for	
trict	(EBRPD).”	She	says	the	land	at	1000	           in	1934.	In	exchange	for	hooking	into	the	          making	the	Attards	out	to	be	bandits	who	        his	family.	“Community	outreach	to	us	has	
Fish	Ranch	Road	is	on	a	list	of	target	prop-         line,	the	Attards	paid	Caltrans	$800,000	for	       are	 acting	 outside	 of	 the	 law.	 he	 says	   been	 outstanding,”	 he	 says.	 “The	 public	
erties	that	EBRPD	would	like	to	acquire.             overdue	repairs	to	the	main	sewer	line.             the	 county	 was	 well	 aware	 of	 the	 agree-   is	 mortified	 by	 what	 the	 county	 is	 doing	
   Tamara	Attard	also	contends	that	County	             Uilkema	maintains	that	the	Attards	put	          ment	that	the	Attards	made	with	Caltrans	        to	us.”
Supervisor	Gayle	Uilkema,	who	is	also	a	             the	 cart	 before	 the	 horse	 and	 didn’t	 have	
LAFCO	commissioner	[the	state-mandated	              the	 necessary	 authority	 to	 proceed	 with	       ◆ ShAKESPEARE	from	page	11                       ◆ GALLERY	from	page	8

                                                                                                         tion	(OA),	the	Center	for	Living	Skills,	and	    media	works	containing	acrylic	paint	or	oil	
                                                                                                         the	General	Plan	Committee	for	Orinda.	he	       pastels.	A	mixed-media	clay	monoprint	in	
                                                                                                         was	also	the	litigator	for	the	OA’s	lawsuit	     the	show	is	“Shapeshifting,”	60	x	36”	and	
                                                                                                         against	the	developer	of	Theatre	Square	to	      “Accoutrements,”	a	22	x	30”	mixed-media	
                                                                                                         stop	the	demolition	of	the	Orinda	Theater	       ink	monoprint.		
                                                                                                         in	the	mid-1980s.                                  Both	Stefl’s	brother,	Larry	Stefl,	and	her	
                                                                                                            But	Roethe	and	the	rest	of	the	Cal	Shakes	    husband	John	Toki,	have	been	established,	
                                                                                                         board	and	staff	are	not	resting	on	their	lau-    professional	artists	for	more	than	25	years.	    	
                                                                                                         rels.	“Next,	we	need	to	go	after	corporate	      They	are	her	sounding	board,	critics,	advo-
                                                                                                         support	for	the	project	and	continue	to	the	     cates	and	provide	lots	of	inspiration.	She	
                                                                                                         next	phase,”	Roethe	says.	                       feels	that	art	is	important	because	it	offers	
                                                                                                            Phase	two	will	focus	on	the	Bruns	Am-         something	 beyond,	 or	 in	 addition	 to,	 the	
                                                                                                         phitheater	by	upgrading	antiquated	lighting	     everyday	linear	awareness	that	our	society	
                                                                                                         and	sound	systems,	building	a	new	control	       demands	on	a	daily	basis.		For	Stefl,	“Art	
                                                                                                         booth,	and	rebuilding	the	stage.	In	addition,	   has	 the	 potential	 to	 feed	 our	 spirit.”	 She	
                                                                                                         permanent	 seating	 will	 replace	 the	 green	   hopes	whoever	views	her	prints	will	be	able	
                                                                                                         plastic	 chairs	 and	 a	 new	 windscreen	 and	   to	 see	 and	 feel	 whatever	 interior	 journey	
                                                                                                         extended	sunscreen	will	improve	comfort	         her	art	initiates	–	wherever	that	leads	them.	   	
                                                                                                         for	patrons	without	disrupting	views	of	the	     Go	to	pamelastefl.com	and	you’ll	see	what	
                                                                                                         surrounding	landscape.                           she’s	talking	about.
                                                                                                            For	more	information	on	the	campaign	           The	Orinda	Library	Gallery	is	open	dur-
                                                                                                         and	 the	 upcoming	 season,	 go	 to	 www.        ing	library	hours	–	Mon.	–	Thur.,	10	a.m.	to	
                                                                                                         calshakes.org.                                   8	p.m.;	Fri.	and	Sat.,	10	a.m.	to	6	p.m.	and	
                                                                                                                                                          Sun.	1	p.m.	to	5	p.m.	Call	254-2814.
                                                                                                                                                          ◆ SChOOLS	from	page	1
                                                                                                                                                          28.	A	drop	box	will	be	available	on	May	4	
                                                                                                                                                          at	Lafayette	Methodist	Church,	955	Moraga	
                                                                                                                                                          Road,	in	Lafayette	from	1	–	8	p.m.	
                                                                                                                                                             The	 Measure	A	 rally	 included	 perfor-
                                                                                                                                                          mances	from	each	of	the	high	schools	in	
                                                                                                                                                          the	Acalanes	School	District	–	Miramonte,	
                                                                                                                                                          Campolindo,	Acalanes	 and	 Los	 Lomas.	
                                                                                                                                                          There	 were	 vocal	 and	 instrumental	 per-
                                                                                                                                                          formances,	 recitations	 of	 Shakespeare,	
                                                                                                                                                          comedy	routines,	and	presentations	by	the	
                                                                                                                                                          public	speaking	class	at	Miramonte	high	
                                                                                                                                                          School.	 	 Principals	 from	 all	 four	 schools	
                                                                                                                                                          also	attended.
                                                                                                                                                             Speakers	 talked	 passionately	 about	 the	
                                                                                                                                                          value	of	public	schools	and	the	need	to	keep	
                                                                                                                                                          arts/music	alive	at	local	schools.
                                                                                                                                                             For	more	information	on	Measure	A,	visit	
                                                                                                                                                            The Orinda news n May 2010 n 17


                                                                                                   Professional Dancer Heads Orinda Ballet
       ON	ThE	CALENDAR                                                                                    By	KATHRYN	G.	MCCARTY
                                                                                                                      Staff	Writer
1	 Friends of the Orinda Library Book Sale,	10	a.m.	-	1	p.m.,	Library	Sorting	Room.	Also	
    May	6.	
    Moraga Art Gallery	features	artists	wenda	Pyman	and	Terry	hunt,	through	June	5	at	Rheem	
                                                                                                   P    atricia	 Tomlinson,	 artistic	 director	 of	
                                                                                                        the	Orinda	Ballet	Academy	and	Com-
                                                                                                   pany	talks	excitedly	about	celebrating	the	
    Center,	570	Center	St.,	open	Tuesday	through	Sunday,	noon	to	5	p.m.	Call	376-5407.             company’s	first	year	anniversary.	The	com-
	   Lafayette Nursery School’s	Annual	Science	Day	Of	Discovery!	10	a.m.-1	p.m.	Children	           pany,	which	rehearses	and	performs	at	the	
    aged	2-8	are	$4.00	each.	979	First	Street,	Lafayette	925-284-2448	or	visit	our	website	www.    Orinda	Community	Center,	offers	students	
                                                                                                   opportunities	to	perform,	as	well	as	classes	
2	 Christian Science Church	Learn	a	prayer-based	system	of	healing,	24	Orinda	way,	2	p.m.	
4	 Cal Shakes	Literary	Society	presents	Macbeth	at	Lafayette	Library	and	Learning	Center,	
                                                                                                   for	 dancers	 Pre-K	 through	 high	 school.	
    3491	Mt.	Diablo	Blvd.,	4	to	7	p.m.,	$45.                                                       Tomlinson,	 a	 former	 professional	 dancer	
6	 Holden High School,	Spring	Drama	Production:	Manos – The Hands of Fate;	Also,	May	              and	New	York	native,	studied	at	the	School	
    7,	8	and	13,	14,	and	15.	For	more	info,	please	call	925-254-0199.                              of	American	Ballet	and	has	been	coached	
7	 First Friday Forum	presents	Ambassador	James	Rosenthal	discussing	“India	and	China:	            by	some	of	the	greatest	contemporary	bal-
    New	heavyweights	in	the	Ring,”	1	p.m.,	Lafayette-Orinda	Presbyterian	Church,	49	Knox	          let	 artists	 of	 our	 time	 including	 George	
    Drive,	Lafayette,	925-283-8722.                                                                Balanchine,	Alexandra	Danilova	and	helgi	
8	 Orinda Baseball Association Car Wash	benefits	Children’s	hospital	and	the	John	Ricksen	         Tomasson.	 She	 danced	 with	 the	 houston	
    Fund,	9	a.m.	-	1	p.m.,	Orinda	Motors,	also	on	May	13,	9	a.m.	-	1	p.m.,	Orinda	Motors.
                                                                                                   Ballet	Company	and	Pennsylvania	Ballet	
    Orinda Books	presents	Pauli	halsted	discussing	Cuisine for Whole Health: Recipes for a
    Sustainable Life,	276	Village	Square,	1	p.m.	Call	254-7606.
                                                                                                   before	 moving	 to	 the	 Bay	Area	 to	 dance	
9	 Orinda Rotary	–	Frank	E.	Isola	Rotary	Field	Day	for	Orinda	students,	Del	Rey	Elementary	        with	Diablo	Ballet.	After	relocating	to	the	
    School,	25	El	Camino	Moraga,	8:30	a.m.	to	noon.	254-2222	or	dick@burkhalters.net.              Bay	Area,	she	met	her	husband,	Joe	Livoti,	
11	 Orinda Books	presents	Mary	Lou	Peters	Schram	discussing	her	novel,	Pursuing Happiness,         a	local	musician,	who	coincidentally	was	
    One More Time,	276	Village	Square,	4	p.m.	Call	254-7606.                                       also	from	New	York.	The	couple	has	a	son,	
13	 Orinda/Tábor Sister City Foundation presents	The Amazing True Story of The Czechslovak         Anthony,	who	is	3.	Jane	Black,	a	19-year	                                               CONTRIBUTED	PHOTO
    Legion,	Orinda	Theater	5:30	and	7:30	shows.	See	article	pages	13-14	for	details.               veteran	ballet	teacher	at	the	Orinda	Com-
17	 Santa Maria Church	presents	Cal	Shakes’	discussion	of	John	Steinbeck’s	The Pastures of         munity	Center,	is	thrilled	to	have	Tomlinson	          would	be	like	having	Tony	LaRussa	come	
    Heaven,	40	Santa	Maria	way,	free,	7	p.m.	Complimentary	ice	cream	and	coffee.
                                                                                                   teaching	in	Orinda.	“It’s	exciting	to	have	            and	teach	OBA	(Orinda	Baseball	Associa-
18	 Orinda Books	presents	Dr.	walter	Bortz	discussing	his	book,	The Road Map to 100: The
    Breakthrough Science of Living a Long and Healthy Life,	2	p.m.	Call	254-7606.	
                                                                                                   someone	who	has	had	such	a	career	of	her	              tion)	baseball.”
	   Cal Shakes	Literary	Society	presents	Much Ado About Nothing	at	Lafayette	Library	and	          own.	her	background	really	influences	her	                Black	explains	that	for	children,”	ballet	
    Learning	Center,	3491	Mt.	Diablo	Blvd,	7	to	9	p.m.,	$45.                                       ability	to	teach	and	communicate	ballet	to	            is	such	a	disciplined	art.	It	requires	concen-
19	 Parents of Orinda Individuals In Special Education (POISE)	meets	at	40	Singingwood	            the	 children.	 It	 is	 a	 tremendous	 thing.	 It	                           [See BALLET	page	18]
    Lane,	Orinda,	9:30	to	11:30	a.m.,	RSVP	to	tague6@comcast.net.
21	 Orinda Ballet	presents	Coppelia,	a	comic	ballet,	Orinda	Library	Theater,	6:30	p.m.,	also	
    May	22	at	2	p.m.,	www.orindaballetacademyandcompany.com.
                                                                                                   India and China the Topic for First
22	 Orinda Books	 presents	 Cynthia	 Brian,	 discussing	 her	 book,	 Be The Star You Are! For
    Teens: Simple Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning, and Leading,	featuring	local	      Friday Forum
    teen	contributors,	276	Village	Square,	3	p.m.	Call	254-7606.
	   California Independent Film Festival	screens	American Graffiti	at	12:45	p.m.,	4	p.m.,	and	
                                                                                                             By	BOBBIE	DODSON                                A	world	traveler	for	many	years,	Rosen-
                                                                                                                      Staff	Writer                        thal	 visited	 China	 a	 year	 ago,	 and	 India	
    7:15	p.m.	at	Orinda	Theater.	Star	Cindy	williams	will	be	there	to	answer	questions.	Call	
    925-277-1355.                                                                                                                                         in	February	of	this	year,	to	gain	firsthand	
	   Pacific Chamber Symphony	 presents	 guitarist	 Paul	 Galbraith	 at	 the	 Lafayette-Orinda	
    Presbyterian	Church,	8	p.m.	Tickets	at	Orinda	Arts	Council,	greenthal@sbcglobal.net.	          I   ndia and China: New Heavyweights in
                                                                                                       the Ring is	 the	 subject	 to	 be	 discussed	
                                                                                                   by	Ambassador	 James	 Rosenthal	 at	 First	
                                                                                                                                                          knowledge	of		these	countries.		he	began	
                                                                                                                                                          his	travels	upon	joining	the	foreign	service	
                                                                                                                                                          in	 1956,	 following	 service	 in	 the	 U.S.	
AT	ThE	LIBRARY                                                                                     Friday	Forum,	May	7,	in	the	sanctuary	at	              Marine	Corps.			he	was	political	officer	at	
All	events	are	free	unless	otherwise	specified.	The	library	will	be	closed	on	May	30	and	31.       Lafayette-Orinda	Presbyterian	Church,	49	              the	U.S.	Embassy	in	Saigon,	Vietnam.		he	
1	 Saturday Morning Live!	Family	story	time	for	3-	to	5-year-olds,	Picture	Book	area,	11	
                                                                                                   Knox	Drive,	Lafayette.		                               also	was	stationed	in	the	Central	African	
     a.m.	Also	May	8	and	15.
	    Origami for Fun,	learn	to	fold	animals	and	figures.	All	skill	levels	welcome,	suitable	for	
                                                                                                      Rosenthal	says,	“China	and	India	have	              Republic	and	the	Philippines	before	serving	
     those	8	years	and	older,	parents	help	children	less	than	7	years,	Tutoring	Room,	2:30	to	4	   risen	rapidly	to	become	major	players	on	              as	Ambassador	to	the	Republic	of	Guinea	
     p.m.	Also	May	8,	15,	22	and	29.                                                               the	world	scene.		Their	relations	with	each	           in	west	Africa	in	1983	to	1986.
	    Book Sale hosted	by	Friends	of	the	Library,	bookshop	and	sorting	room,	10	a.m.	to	1	p.m.	     other,	their	neighbors,	and	the	United	States	            In	addition	to	his	diplomatic	duty	posts,	
     Call	254-2184.	                                                                               carry	increasingly	important	implications	             Rosenthal	 taught	 political	 science	 and	
4	 Toddler Lapsit,	stories,	songs	and	finger	plays	for	1-	to	3-year-olds	and	their	caregivers,	    for	international	relations	generally.”                international	relations	at	the	U.S.	Military	
     Gallery	Room,	10	and	10:30	a.m.	No	registration	required	but	attendance	limited	to	once	         It	is	Rosenthal’s	opinion	that	their	power	         Academy	at	west	Point.		Upon	his	retire-
     per	week.	Also	May	5,	11,	12	and	18.                                                          structure,	their	relative	strengths	and	weak-          ment,	he	returned	home	to	San	Francisco	
	    Peek-A-Boo Time,	stories,	songs,	rhymes	and	rhythms	for	newborns	to	1-year-olds	(pre-
                                                                                                   nesses,	and	their	positions	on	key	interna-            where	he	served	as	executive	director	of	the	
     walkers)	and	their	caregivers,	Gallery	Room,	11:30	a.m.	Also	May	11	and	18.
25	 Natural Solutions to Allergies,	presented	by	Dr.	Jay	Sordean,	Fireside	Room,	7	to	8	p.m.	
                                                                                                   tional	issues	need	to	be	understood	clearly	           Commonwealth	Club	of	California.		Born	
27	 Storytelling for Adults,	presented	by	Contra	Costa	Tale	Spinners.	Share	your	stories	or	       if	 the	 United	 States	 is	 to	 deal	 with	 them	     and	raised	in	the	Bay	Area,	he	received	a	
     enjoy	listening,	Gallery	Room,	7	to	9	p.m.                                                    effectively	in	the	months	and	years	to	come.	    	     BA	in	International	Relations	from	Stan-
                                                                                                   he	continues,	“This	presentation	will	offer	           ford	University	in	1954.
For	more	information	on	library	programs,	call	254-2184.                                           my	assessment	of	these	issues,	and	I	trust	               This	 is	 a	 free	 event	 beginning	 with	 re-
                                                                                                   it	will	help	the	attendees	gain	insight	into	          freshments	 at	 1	 p.m.	 in	 Fellowship	 hall.	
CLUB	MEETINGS                                                                                      this	vital	subject.”                                   Call	925-283-872	or	click	on	lopc.org.
Diablo Star Chapter #214,	Order	of	the	Eastern	Star.	Second	Monday,	7:30	p.m.,	Orinda	Masonic	
    Center.	Contact	Karen	Seaborn,	925-689-0995.	
                                                                                                       CITY/FIRE/SChOOL	DISTRICT	MEETING	SChEDULE
Friends of the Joaquin Moraga Adobe.	Third	Monday,	7:30	p.m.,	Moraga-Orinda	Fire	District	
                                                                                                       Acalanes Union High School District.	First	and	third	wednesdays,	7:30	p.m.,		district	office,	1212	
    Conference	Room,	1280	Moraga	way,	Moraga,	www.moragaadobe.org.
                                                                                                            Pleasant	hill	Road,	Lafayette.
Friends of the Orinda Creeks.	Fourth	wednesday,	8:30	a.m.,	May	Room,	Orinda	Library.	Call	
                                                                                                       City Council.	First	and	third	Tuesdays,	7	p.m.,	Library	Auditorium,	www.cityoforinda.org.	
                                                                                                       Historic Landmarks Committee.	Fourth	Tuesday,	3	to	5	p.m.,	Library	Garden	Room,	public	
Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary.	Every	Friday,		7	a.m.,	Postino’s	in	Lafayette	254-0440,	ext.463.
                                                                                                            is	welcome.	Call	925-788-7323.
Montelindo Garden Club.	Third	 Friday,	 Orinda	 Community	 Church,	 10	 Irwin	way,	 9	 a.m,	
                                                                                                       Friends of the Orinda Creeks.	Fourth	wednesday,	8:30	a.m.,	May	Room,	Orinda	Library.	
                                                                                                            Call	253-1997.
Orinda Rotary.	Every	wednesday	at	noon,	Community	Center,	254-2222.	
                                                                                                       Moraga-Orinda Fire District.	 Third	wednesday,	 7	 p.m.,	Administration	 Building,	 1280	
Orinda Association.	Second	Monday,	7:15	p.m.,	Orinda	Library,	May	Room,	254-0800.
                                                                                                            Moraga	way,	Moraga.
Orinda Hiking Club.	hike	every	wednesday,	9	a.m.,	old	library	parking	lot	on	Irwin	way.	Call	
                                                                                                       Orinda Union School District Board of Trustees.	 Third	 wednesday,	 4	 p.m.,	 OUSD	               	
    Steve	at	253-0131	or	visit	www.orindahiking.org.
                                                                                                            Conference	Room,	8	Altarinda	Road.
Orinda Historical Society.	 Third	 wednesday	 of	 the	 month,	 3	 to	 5	 p.m.,	 OhS	 Museum,		
                                                                                                       Planning Commission.	 Second	 and	 fourth	 Tuesdays,	 7	 p.m.,	 Library	Auditorium,	 253-
Orinda Job’s Daughters.	First	and	third	Monday,	7	p.m.,	9	Altarinda	Road,	925-283-7176.
Orinda Juniors	community	service	group.	First	Tuesday	of	the	month,	September	to	June,	7	p.m.	
    Contact	Diane	Petek	and	Ann	Sullivan	at	orinda.juniors@yahoo.com	for	location.
Orinda/Tábor (Czech Republic) Sister City Foundation.	 Fourth	 Thursday	 of	 the	 month,	    	
    7	p.m.	social,	7:30	p.m.	meeting,	call	254-8260.
Orinda Teen Advisory Council.	Second	wednesday	of	the	month,	4	p.m.,	Orinda	Community	
    Center,	28	Orinda	way.	For	information,	email	orindateenadvisorycouncil@gmail.com.
Orinda Woman’s Club.	Second	Tuesday,	9:30	a.m.	to	noon;	call	Jean	Barnhart,	254-3881.
Second Wednesday Book Group	3	p.m.	Orinda	Books,	276	Village	Square.	Call	254-7606.
World Affairs Book Group.	May	18,	3	p.m.	will	discusses	The Media Relations Department of
    Hizbollah Wishes You A Happy Birthday: Unexpected Encounters in the Changing Middle
    East by	Neil	MacFarquhar,	Orinda	Books,	276	Village	Square,	3	p.m.		Call	254-7606.

send calendar items to Maggie sharpe at m.sharpe66@gmail.com
18 n The Orinda news n May 2010


...classified ads
Computer services
                                                          ◆ LETTERS	from	page	4

                                                          of	counselors	will	leave	students	with	no	
                                                                                                             nation.		Acalanes	high	School	District	is	
                                                                                                             lean	and	fiscally	prudent,	delivering	proven	
                                                                                                             results	year	after	year.		
                                                                                                                                                                 any	serious	college-bound	student.	None.	
                                                                                                                                                                 Academics	 build	 minds;	 electives	 build	
                                                                                                                                                                 individual	character.	They	are	not	extra…	
                                                                                                                                                                 they	are	vital.
transBay tech	 started	 by	 recent	 Miramonte	            one	to	turn	to	when	facing	questions	about	           Measure	A	provides	temporary	assistance	           I	know	that	folks	are	weary	of	local	taxes.	
graduate	providing	computer	services	in	Lamor-            college,	scholarships,	majors	and	careers.		       at	an	unprecedented	time,	to	avoid	cuts	that	       Our	 state	 government	 is	 broken.	 Taking	
inda	area	including:	Windows/Macintosh	support,	            	Measure	A	is	a	necessary	step	to	ensure	        would	disembowel	our	high	schools.		For	
OS	 upgrades,	 software/hardware	 installation,	                                                                                                                 action	locally	is	our	last,	and	only	option.	
networking,	troubleshooting,	consulting,	data	re-
                                                          that	the	children	of	our	district	can	be	suc-      only	31	cents	a	day,	we	can	make	the	differ-        This	is	not	a	drill.
covery,	spyware/virus	removal,	home	theater,	etc.	        cessful,	 well-rounded,	 educated	 people.	   	    ence.		Please	vote	Yes	on	Measure	A.                                             –Riki	Sorenson
info@transbaytech.com	or		925-948-5546.                   A	 well-known	 quote	 states	 “children	 are	                                  –Diane	Oshima
Macintosh technical services for	busy	profes-             the	future.”		Take	away	our	education,	and	                                                            Avoid erosion of schools
sionals.	 Apple	 certified	 with	 OSx.	 Specialist	 in	   you	take	away	the	future.		Please	vote	yes	        no electives if Measure Fails                         I	would	like	to	add	my	voice	in	support	
desktop	publishing,	database	&	Internet	solutions.	
                                                          on	Measure	A.                                         As	 I	 help	 my	 teens	 register	 for	 high	     of	 the	 passage	 of	 Measure	A,	 the	 parcel	
Get	the	help	you	need	today.	Call	254-5467.
                                                                               –	Cheyenne	Ziermann           school,	I	am	horrified	that	the	school	day	         tax	 to	 provide	 emergency	 support	 to	 the	
household service                                                                                            is	slated	for	reduction	to	six	periods	(pend-       high	schools	in	the	Acalanes	Union	high	
Reliable Window & Gutter Cleaning. Friendly	ser-          students Deserve support                           ing	failure	of	the	parcel	tax).	That	means	         School	District.		Clearly	this	action	is	re-
vice	&	outstanding	results!	Servicing	Lamorinda	             If	 you	 are	 unemployed,	 perhaps	 you	        no	electives	for	freshmen	or	sophomores.	           quired	to	avoid	the	erosion	of	the	quality	
since	1983.	Please	call	925-254-7622	or	visit	us	         should	vote	against	the	May	ballot	parcel	         Students	take	P.E.,	English,	math,	science,	
@	www.reliablewindowservice.com.                                                                                                                                 of	our	schools.
                                                          tax	 for	 the	Acalanes	 Union	 high	 School	       history,	and	a	foreign	language	–	all	are	re-                                 	–	Steve	harwood
total Clean.	 Serving	 Lamorinda	 homes	 since	           District.		That	leaves	90	percent	of	us	who	       quired	by	the	state	or	for	UC’s.	That	means	
1985.	 	 Insured	 and	 bonded	 employees.	 376-
1004.                                                     should	vote	“Yes.”                                 no	 drama,	 art,	 music,	 public	 speaking,	
                                                             The	2/3	vote	requirement	for	tax	approv-        video	 production,	 photography,	 etc.,	 for	                      [See MORE LETTERS	page	21
Instruction                                               als	and	the	funds	taken	away	by	Proposition	
Drum Lessons/Bass Lessons -	 Experienced	                 13	from	local	governments	are	both	very	                                                                  Growing	up	as	a	performer,	she	says	that	
teacher,	 All	 levels	 welcome.	 Orinda	 studio	 253-     undemocratic.	 	 Both	 result	 in	 a	 lack	 of	    ◆ BALLET	from	page	17                               all	the	attention	was	constantly	on	her.	“It’s	
7790.	                                                    funds	for	road	repairs,	fire	main	improve-                                                             very	self	involved,”	she	explains.	“Teach-
Guitar Lessons	 at	 Orinda	 studio.	 Jazz,	 Blues,	       ments,	and	school	support.	Good	schools	           tration	and	focus.”	According	to	Black,	the	        ing	is	very	much	the	opposite.	I	enjoy	how	
Rock,	Folk	and	Pop	taught	by	patient	exper.	profes-
sional.	Serving	Lamorinda	since	1980.	Gift	certifi-
                                                          and	good	infrastructure	make	a	community	          dance	form	requires	combining	musicality,	          each	of	the	students	grow	and	develop	as	a	
cates	avlb.	Call	Jack	Eskridge	at	925-254-6317.           more	livable	and	more	desirable	when	one	          math,	 seeing	 patterns,	 and	 athleticism,	        human	being.	It’s	a	wonderful	process.”	
Piano, guitar with Robbie Dunbar.	All	levels:	MA	         eventually	sells	a	house.	I	have	lived	here	       amongst	other	qualities.	“when	you	have	               In	May,	the	group	will	perform	the	three-
Music	Composition.	At	your	home.	Piano	tuning.	           for	40	years	and	seen	my	house	increase	in	        something	that	is	an	art	form,	it	integrates	       act	comic	ballet	Coppelia,	which	Tomilson	
323-9706.                                                 value	20	times.		Yet,	I	pay	$10,000	/year	less	    so	 many	 different	 types	 of	 intelligence,”	     says	is	“kind	of	like	the	Nutcracker	in	that	
                                                          in	 property	 taxes	 than	 my	 neighbors	 due	     she	adds.	Ballet,	she	explains,	also	forms	         it	is	a	fun	family	ballet.”
Pet Care                                                  to	Proposition	13.		Please	do	not	tell	me	to	      a	foundation	for	other	forms	of	dance,	and	            Performances	 will	 be	 May	 21	 at	 6:30	
All ears Pet sitting services –Expert	pet	care	in	        just	pay	more	taxes	myself,	because	that	is	       teaches	 children	 of	 all	 shapes	 and	 sizes	     p.m.	and	May	22	at	2	p.m.	at	the	Orinda	
your	home:	A.M.	&	P.M.	visits,	midday	dog	walks.	         very	unlikely.		But,	a	parcel	tax	is	paid	by	      “confidence,	strength,	flexibility,	stamina	        Library	Theater.	Tickets	are	$15.	For	more	
Dog	boarding	in	my	home.	Orinda	resident.	Bev-
erly:	925-253-8383.                                       all	without	the	shelter	of	Prop	13.		              and	 discipline.”	 Tomlinson	 has	 enjoyed	         information	 on	 performances	 or	 classes:	
                                                             The	parcel	tax	is	$112/year,	which	is	less	     the	 transition	 from	 professional	 ballerina	     http://orindaballetacademyandcompany.
Photography & Videography                                 than	 2	 movie	 admissions	 per	 month	 or	 3	     to	teacher.                                         com.
Preserve your precious family history	 with	 a	           lattes/month.		I	think	that	our	students	and	
personal	video	biography,	photography,	portraits,	        our	teachers	deserve	this	small	measure	of	        ◆ PRESIDENT	from	page	3                             changes	to	our	fire	protection	and	ambu-
weddings	&	events.	Call	Sherry	Burkart	510-548-
                                                          support.		Please	vote	“Yes.”                       personnel	are	expert	AND	friendly,	prices	          lance	service	being	proposed	by	both	FAIR	
7732.	www.sherryburkartphotography.org.
                                                                                      –	hubert	Russell       are	competitive	–	and	they	offer	free	local	        and	Orinda	CARES.		You	may	also	want	to	
services                                                                                                     shuttle	service.		They	make	servicing	your	         learn	 more	 about	 the	 ideas	 for	 the	 future	
                                                          Only 31 Cents a Day                                vehicle	an	almost	hassle-free	experience	–	         of	 our	 downtown	 areas	 –	 and	 the	 BART	
Fix the home up Quick.	 Discount	 $	 925-254-
2171,	www.swartsco.com.
                                                            It’s	easy	to	feel	paralyzed	by	all	the	eco-      and	isn’t	that	a	nice	change?                       station	 between	 them	 –	 being	 suggested	
                                                          nomic	challenges	we	face	today.		But,	it	is	          These	are	just	a	few	examples	of	local	          by	the	Orinda	Vision	group.		(Of	course,	
Master Organizer: Paperwork,	 tax	 documents,	
filing,	closets,	cupboards.	Hourly	rates	925-254-         painfully	clear	that	California’s	problems	        merchants	 with	 whom	 I	 have	 personal	           reading	the	coverage	about	these	issues	in	
0329.                                                     will	only	mushroom	further	if	we	continue	         experience	(but	no	other	relationship)	that	        The Orinda News is	a	great	way	to	stay	on	
Brush Cutting for fire safety. 	 	 Reserve	 early.	       to	turn	our	backs	on	public	education.			In	       are	part	of	our	community.		Their	success	          top	of	them.)
Landscpe	projects	&	garden	maintenance.	Orinda	           the	last	three	years,	our	high	schools	have	       helps	us	when	we	help	them	–	it’s	a	virtu-            when	it	comes	to	change,	I	don’t	espouse	
resident	w/experience	&	Refs.	Charles	925-254-            been	cut	by	$8	million,	from	a	base	funding	       ous	circle.                                         a	blanket	philosophy	like	“Embrace	it”	or	
                                                          level	that	 even	back	then	was	among	 the	            Speaking	 of	 virtuous	 –	 OK,	 this	 segue	     “Don’t	be	afraid	of	it.”		All	I	suggest	is	that	
Barbara Balaam Landscape services		Special-
                                                          lowest	in	California,	which	was	among	the	         is	 a	 stretch	 –	 you	 may	 want	 to	 take	 the	   you	take	the	time	to	learn	about	the	changes	
izing	in	detailed	maintenance.	925-586-0558.
                                                          lowest	in	the	nation.		                            time	to	examine	the	value	of	changes	be-            taking	place	or	being	proposed,	formulate	
Landscaping, reseal	 asphalt	 driveways,	 fence,	
Merrill	925-705-1318.	
                                                            Fortunately,	our	community	has	always	           ing	considered	in	our	community.		(Being	           your	own	informed	opinion	and	then	take	
                                                          valued	 education	 and	 built	 a	 high	 school	    well	informed	is	a	virtue	–	the	segue	did	          appropriate	action.		That’s	the	approach	to	
Run Pony Run Day Care	 -	 Lafayette	 Children	
Learn,	 Grow	 &	 Thrive!	 925-962-9541	 Lic#	             district	that,	in	fact,	leads	the	state	and	the	   work.)		Learn	more	about	the	proposals	for	         change	that	will	help	all	of	us	in	Orinda.
073406626,	runponyrun@sbcglobal.net.

                                                                                                   Orinda news classified ads ...
terry’s Paint Co.	L#851058	Res-Com.	In/outside	
•	 Anything	 •	 Remodel	 &	 Additions	 •	 925-788-                          2010
1663.                                                          Publication schedule
the Painting People.	 Over	 1000	 jobs	 done	 in	                 Issue            Deadline
Orinda.	Free	estimates.	Competitive	rates.	Michael	
Kjar	925-254-6425.
                                                               June	2010            May	5                Your ad in The Orinda News reaches 9,000 households
                                                                July	2010           June	5
                                                                                                                       and businesses in Orinda!
Vacation Rentals
                                                          Ad	rates	are	$5	per-
hAWAII                                                    line	-	$10	minimum                       There are 32 spaces per line. Count each letter, punctuation mark, and space between words.
Big Island Of hawaii	 Lovely	 Beach	 House,	
3BR/2BA	Kohala	Coast.	510-527-2009	HaleLea.                                           Name	_____________________________________________ Category	___________________________
com.                                                      Categories
MexICO                                                    •	For	Sale                  Address	___________________________________________ Number	of	Lines	 ____________________
Mexico, Cabo san Lucas,	May	06-13,	Mothers	               	 Cars
Day	weekend,	2BD/2BA	accommodates	up	to	6	                	 Musical	Instruments                                       _
                                                                                      City	_____________________Zip	 _________Phone	 ________________Email	____________________
people	@	luxurious	Club	Cascadas	on	the	Sea	of	           	 Sports	Equipment              Write your ad in the boxes below with one letter, space or punctuation mark in each box. Cost is
Cortiz.	$1750.00	925-254-8358.                            	 Miscellaneous             $5 per line: $10 minimum.
                                                          •	 help	wanted
                                                          •	 household	Services
Warm & Comfortable Westshore cabin
3bed/2bath	 sleeps	 8	 or	 2	 families.	 Great	 loca-
tion,	peek-lake	views.	www.HomeAtTahoma.com	              	 Domestics
925-253-3115.                                             	 house-Sitting
Lakefront tahoe City, town home.	4BR/2.5BA.	              •	 Instruction
Sleeps	 10.	 Pool.	 Tennis.	 Near	 skiing,	 $1700+/       	 Music	Lessons
wk.	 www.vrbo.com/231447.	 925-247-0077.	                 	 Tutors
David	Finger.                                             	 Miscellaneous
north Lake tahoe	 -	 Carnelian	 Bay	 4BR/5BA,	            •	 Pets
3000	sq.	ft.	Sleeps	12.	Rentourtahoehouse.com.	           •	 Pet	Care
253-9550.                                                 •	 Rentals
Wanted                                                    •	Services                  Enclose	your	check	payable	to	The Orinda Association	and	mail	to	Orinda News,	P.O.	Box	97,	Orinda,	
                                                          •	 Vacation	Rentals/		      CA	94563.	we	reserve	the	right	to	reject	any	ad.	Classified	ads	must	be	prepaid.	Your cancelled check is
I Buy 1950’s Furniture. Danish	modern,	Herman	
Miller,	Knoll	wanted.	1	item	or	entire	estate!	Call	
                                                          	 home	Exchanges            your receipt.
Rick	at	510-219-9644.	Courteous	house	calls.              •	wanted	
                                                                                                                                                               The Orinda news n May 2010 n 19

                                                                               BUSINESS	BUZZ

◆ BUZZ	from	page	20                                 for	the	U.S.	Navy,	including	the	effect	on	
                                                    eyes	of	traveling	at	high	altitude	with	low	          City of Orinda
Bay	Area.	“Because	of	this	we	have	a	large	         atmospheric	 pressure	 and	 low	 humidity.	
take-out	business.”	The	house	specialty	is	         This	study	recognized	low	humidity	causes	                                                              Thursday,	May		13,	2010
gyros,	chicken	gyros,	lamb	gyros.	It	is	the	        a	breakdown	in	tears	film,	causing	damage	
staple.	Yelp.com,	 an	 Internet	 restaurant	        to	the	cornea.                                                                                  This	annual	event	promotes	walking,	bicycling,	
review	site	routinely	heaps	praises	on	Petra	          Eng’s	involvement	in	contributing	to	the	                                                  and	riding	the	bus	for	several	reasons:
Café,	as	do	local	Orindans	who	regularly	           development	 of	 the	 profession	 continues	
patronize	the	place.	“we	have	a	very	large	         today,	as	the	Orinda	Optometry	Group	is	                                                      •	Physical	activity
and	loyal	group	of	customers	who	come	in	           actively	 involved	 in	 research.	 “we	 have	                                                 •	 Teaches	 safe	 walking	 and	 biking	 skill	 to	 chil-
all	the	time,	and	we	are	grateful	for	them,”	       been	a	testing	site	for	clinical	trials	for	the	                                              dren
says	Masarwah,	 who	also	 donates	gener-            major	contact	lens	companies.	Our	patients	                                                   •	Expresses	concern	for	the	environment
ously	to	the	various	local	school	auctions.         appreciate	the	fact	that	we	are	involved	in	                                                  •	Reduces	traffic	congestion,	pollution,	and	exces-
   Originally	from	Jordan,	Azmi	Maserwah	           ongoing	research	and	we	are	knowledge-                                                        sive	speed
lived	in	the	second	largest	city	in	Poland,	        able	 about	 the	 latest	 advances,”	 says	 Dr.	                                              •	Provides	sharing	time	between	community	mem-
Lodz,	for	many	years,	earning	a	Ph.D.	in	           weylin	M.	Eng.	                                                                               bers,	parents	and	children
Food	at	the	Technical	University	of	Lodz,	             This	time	of	year	allergies	are	a	common	
before	moving	on	to	the	Bay	Area.	Fluent	           problem.	 “Many	 of	 our	 patients	 come	 in	           Sponsored	 by	 the	 City	 of	 Orinda	 and	 the	Traffic	 Safety	Advisory	 Committee	 in	
in	Arabic,	Polish	and	English,	Maserwah	                                                                  support	of	similar	national	programs.
also	 speaks	 some	 Russian	 and	 Spanish.	
Understandably,	 owning	 six	 restaurants	                                                                   See	also:		
and	managing	two	of	them	keeps	him	very,	                                                                    www.cityoforinda.org		•		www.walktoschool.org
very	busy.	It	is	a	24-7	lifestyle.	his	favorite	                                                             www.walkinginfor.org		•		www.bicyclinginfor.org
thing	to	do	is	to	read.	“I	am	always	reading.	
I	read	everything,”	he	says.                                                                            challenged	boys	and	girls	through	the	Ma-
   Petra	Café	is	open	Monday	–	Thursday,	                                                               sonic	Lodge	in	Orinda.
11	a.m.	–	9	p.m.,	Friday	and	Saturday,	11	                                                                 For	more	information	about	the	Orinda	
a.m.	–	9:30	p.m.,	and	Sunday,	11	a.m.	–	8	                                                              Optometry	Group,	please	visit	the	website	
p.m.	 For	 more	 information	 or	 to	 place	 a	                                          VALERIE	HOTZ
                                                                                                        at	www.orindaoptometrygroup.com	or	give	
                                                    (L-R) Kelly shintani, Weylin and Kristine eng	
take-out	order,	call	254-5290.                      make	patients	feel	at	home	at	Orinda	Optometry.
                                                                                                        them	a	call	at	253-1320.

Orinda Optometry Group Celebrates                   with	dry	eyes	and	figure	there	is	nothing	          Luncheon Celebrates Local
25th Anniversary in Orinda                          they	can	do	about	it.	Dry	eyes	can	cause	vi-
   The	 Eng	 family	 is	 fairly	 legendary	 in	     sion	problems.	we	suggest	over	the	counter	         Seniors
these	 parts,	 with	 seven	 family	 members	        artificial	tears,	which	replenish	tears	in	the	               By	BOBBIE	DODSON
                                                                                                                          Staff	Writer
across	 three	 generations	 choosing	 the	          eyes.	One	eye	drop	helps	eyes	tear	up	more.	

optometry	profession	as	their	life’s	work.	         Another	 alternative	 is	 to	 have	 a	 punctual	          elebrating	its	10th	anniversary,	Orin-
Located	at	20	Orinda	way	for	the	past	25	           plug	 inserted,	 which	 basically	 blocks	 the	           da’s	Three-Quarters	Century	Club	is	
years,	Dr.	weylin	G.	Eng,	and	his	daughter,	        tear	ducts	and	prevents	tears	from	draining	        only	one	of	two	of	its	kind	in	the	United	
Dr.	Kristine	M.	Eng	carry	on	the	family	tra-        off.	A	 punctual	 plug	 effectively	 reduces	       States.	“All	residents	of	Orinda,	75	years	
dition,	together	with	Dr.	Kelly	S.	Shintani,	       dryness,”	explains	Dr.	Kristine	Eng.                and	 older,	 are	 invited	 to	 an	 afternoon	 of	
a	longtime	family	friend	who	also	attended	            with	the	optometrist	being	the	first	line	       good	food,	friendship,	fun	and	an	interest-
optometry	school	with	Kristine	Eng.	“This	          of	defense	not	only	in	the	detection	of	eye	        ing	program	-	and	it’s	all	free,”	says	founder	
year	marks	the	75th	year	of	continuous	eye	         disease	but	also	detecting	other	health	is-         John	Fazel.
care	by	the	Eng	Family	in	the	Bay	Area,”	           sues,	a	yearly	eye	exam	is	more	than	just	            “while	 I	 have	 quite	 a	 list	 of	 eligible	
says	Dr.	weylin	Eng.                                an	 eye	 exam.”	 Eyes	 are	 the	 window	 into	      guests,	perhaps	some	seniors	haven’t	heard	
   Their	office	is	friendly	and	welcoming.	         the	 body.	we	 have	 detected	 the	 onset	 of	      about	our	luncheon.		I	ask	that	those	eligible	
The	practice	offers	the	latest	cutting	edge	        diabetes	for	example,	before	the	patient	or	        and	interested	phone	me	at	925-324-2017,	
technology	related	to	the	detection	of	eye	         their	primary	care	physician	is	aware	of	it.	It	    so	I	can	send	an	invitation.”
diseases,	 available	 treatments,	 contact	         never	ceases	to	amaze	me	people	who	have	             The	party	takes	place	wednesday,	June	
lenses,	and	an	attractive	selection	of	frames	      high	cholesterol	and	don’t	know	it,”	says	          16	 in	 the	 Fellowship	 hall	 of	 the	 Orinda	
if	you	do	need	a	prescription.	The	eye	wear	        Dr.	 weylin	 Eng.	 The	 Orinda	 Optometry	          Community	Church,		10	Irwin	way,	11:30	
selection	 includes	 lenses	 for	 a	 variety	 of	   Group	utilizes	cutting	edge	digital	photog-         a.m.	 	 As	 usual,	 it	 is	 sponsored	 by	 the	
sports	such	as	scuba	diving,	swimming	and	          raphy	to	create	a	record	of	patients’	eyes.	        church,	 Prudential	 California	 Realty,	 and	
special	lenses	for	computer	use.	In	every	          “Digital	photos	of	the	eyes	are	state	of	the	       the	Lamorinda	Sunrise	Rotary	Club.		They	
examination	room,	eye	information	tutori-           art	these	days.	It	is	a	great	way	to	detect	and	    prepare	the	food	and	provide	an	attentive	
als	 on	 various	 subjects	 are	 available	 for	    monitor	eye	health	and	in	addition	detects	         wait	staff.
viewing	on	a	computer	screen.	“we	try	to	           high	blood	pressure,	macular	degeneration	            “This	year,	we	look	forward	to	honoring	
provide	lenses	that	screen	out	harmful	ultra	       and	tumors	as	well.	It	is	much	easier	on	a	         our	first	centenarian	–	helen	Vurek,	who	
violet	(UV)	rays.	UV	causes	cataracts	and	          computer	to	determine	changes	in	vascular	          recently	 celebrated	 her	 100th	 birthday,”	
increases	the	risk	for	macular	degeneration.	       structure,”	says	Dr.	Shintani.                      says	Fazel.		“we’ll	also	crown	as	king	the	
The	two	populations	at	highest	risk	for	eye	           The	Engs	have	a	long	history	of	giving	          oldest	 man	 present	 as	 well	 as	 the	 person	
damage	are	the	elderly	and	young	children,”	        back	 to	 their	 community	 over	 the	 years	       who	 is	 the	 youngest	 75	 year	 old	 as	 well	
says	Dr.	Shintani.                                  through	 involvement	 in	 the	 Orinda	 Ro-          as	 the	 couples	 who’ve	 been	 married	 the	
   From	1982	to	2006,	Dr.	weylin	M.	Eng	            tary	Club,	the	Masonic	Lodge,	the	Orinda	           longest	and	shortest	time.”
served	 as	 clinical	 professor	 and	 assistant	    Chamber	of	Commerce	and	their	participa-
dean	 and	 director	 of	 clinics	 at	 the	 U.C.	    tion	in	the	Infansee	program,	a	one-time,	no	
Berkeley	School	of	Optometry.	he	served	            cost	eye	and	vision	assessment	for	babies	
25	 years	 in	 the	 U.S.	 Navy	 reserves	 as	       six	to	12	months	old.	Currently	Dr.	weylin	
captain	in	medical	services,	where	he	was	          Eng	is	very	enthusiastic	about	the	creation	
involved	 in	 numerous	 research	 projects	         of	a	Boy	Scout	Troop	for	developmentally	
20 n The Orinda news n May 2010

                                                                                    BUSINESS	BUZZ

  Business Buzz
                                                                                                            17	 different	 smoothie	 concoctions,	 there	          included	 three	 tours	 in	 Iraq.	 Currently,	
                                                                                                            are	 many	 choices.	 The	 names	 alone	 are	           Patrick	is	an	operator	with	Calpine.	For	fun,	
                                                                                                            enticing;	 Strawberry	 Splurge,	 Rocking	              the	couple	enjoys	going	to	the	movies	and	

   Putting a Personal Face                                                                                  Raspberry,	Tropical	Treat,	Mango	Magic.	
                                                                                                            what	is	not	to	love?	Trifiletti	recommends	
                                                                                                                                                                   rock	climbing,	although	with	managing	the	
                                                                                                                                                                   business,	they	have	not	been	able	to	do	as	
                                                                                                            adding	Acai	 and	 raspberry	 sorbet	 to	 the	          much	rock	climbing	lately.
  on Local Business                                                                                         Purple	Pucker.	She	is	also	partial	to	Blue-              Chillers	 delivers	 smoothies	 to	 local	
                                                                                                            berry	Burst	and	Tropical	Treat,	which	mixes	           school	lunch	programs	including	wagner	
                                                        Valerie	Hotz                                        well	 with	 peaches	 and	 mangos	 -	 is	 your	         Ranch,	Stanley	Middle	School,	and	Joaquin	
                                                                                                            mouth	watering	yet?                                    Moraga	Middle	School	and	is	a	member	of	
 To send items for consideration, email                 know	one	word	of	English	when	I	arrived	              The	much	acclaimed	acai	berry	purport-               the	Orinda	Chamber	of	Commerce.
Hotz at v.hotz@att.net.	                                here.	I	made	an	effort	not	to	speak	in	Span-        edly	 supports	 mental	 clarity,	 a	 positive	           The	 shop	 is	 open	 Monday	 through	
                                                        ish	 and	 in	 six	 months,	 I	 learned	 English.	   mood,	 digestive	 function,	 and	 healthy	             wednesday,	 10	 a.m.	 to	 5	 p.m.,	 Thursday	
From Malts to Smoothies, Chillers Has                   Because	 I	 had	 a	 lot	 of	 Brazilian	 friends,	   immune	 function,	 in	 addition	 to	 cardio-           and	Friday	10	a.m.	to	6	p.m.	and	Saturday	
It All                                                  I	learned	Portuguese	as	well,”	smiles	Tri-          vascular	 health.	At	 Chillers,	 two	 ounces	          11	a.m.	to	6:30	p.m.	For	more	information,	
   A	 fun	 place	 to	 stop	 after	 a	 visit	 to	 the	   filetti,	who	went	on	to	earn	her	Bachelor	          of	acai	may	be	added	to	a	16	or	24	ounce	              please	call	254-3233.
library	is	Chillers,	located	at	21Orinda	way,	          of	 Science	 degree	 in	 Forensic	 Science	 at	     smoothie.	 “I	 recommend	 adding	 acai	 to	
Suite	 F,	 near	 the	 UPS	 Store	 and	Village	          Grossmont	College	in	San	Diego.                                                                            Petra Café Offers Delicious Mediter-
Pizza.	 Carmen	 Trifiletti	 has	 created	 this	            Chillers	 is	 smoothie	 heaven.	 “It’s	 our	                                                            ranean and Greek Dishes
wonderland	 of	 smoothies,	 malts,	 floats,	            main	focus.	we	added	Dreyer’s	Ice	Cream,	                                                                     For	20	years,	there	has	been	what	may	
ice	cream,	milk	shakes	–	you	name	it	and	               milk	 shakes,	 floats	 and	 frozen	 yogurt,	                                                               be	 considered	 a	 “hole	 in	 the	 wall”	 joint	
Chillers	has	it.	Carmen	Trifiletti	opened	the	          with	 several	 flavors	 to	 choose	 from,	 but	                                                            in	 Theatre	 Square	 offering	 Greek	 and	
place	this	past	winter	and	has	added	acai	              smoothies	remain	our	focus.	Many	of	our	                                                                   Mediterranean	 fair.	 Originally	Aleko’s,	
juice	 as	 an	 optional	 ingredient	 to	 the	 15	       customers	enjoy	a	little	bit	of	nostalgia	and	                                                             Azmi	 Maserwah	 and	 his	 cousin,	 Basma	
smoothie	concoctions	available.                         ask	for	malts.	It	is	hard	to	find	them	any-                                                                Maserwah,	bought	the	tiny	restaurant		-	it	
   Originally	 from	 coastal	 Peru,	 Trifiletti	        more,	so	we	enjoy	serving	malts	to	happy	                                                                  is	all	of	397	square	feet	-	seven	years	ago	
moved	to	Albany	at	the	age	of	14	and	gradu-             customers,”	she	adds.                                                                                      and	renamed	it	Petra	Café.	They	continue	
ated	from	Albany	high	School.	“I	did	not	                  with	12	different	ice	cream	flavors	and	                                                                to	 deliver	 enthusiastic	 customers	 a	 range	
                                                                                                                                                                   of	dishes	on	their	menu	that	include	mouth	
                                                                                                                                                                   watering	gyros,	grilled	vegetables,	chicken	
                                                                                                                                                                   souvlaki	 and	 lamb	 souvlaki,	 salmon	 and	
                                                                                                                                                                   even	baklava	for	dessert.	Greek	beer	and	
                                                                                                                                                                   wine,	as	well	as	California	wine,	is	on	the	
                                                                                                                                                   VALERIE	HOTZ	
                                                                                                                                                                   menu.	 It’s	 a	 great	 place	 to	 get	 authentic	
                                                                                                            Carmen trifiletti	runs Chillers,	which	specializes	
                                                                                                            in	smoothies.                                          Greek	food	before	or	after	a	movie	at	the	
                                                                                                                                                                   Orinda	Theatre.
                                                                                                            raspberry,	 blueberry	 and	 strawberry,	 be-              	“My	favorite	dish	is	the	chicken	gyro.	
                                                                                                            cause	it	tremendously	enhances	the	flavor	
                                                                                                            of	these	berries,”	says	Trifiletti.
                                                                                                               On	 the	 milkshake	 front,	 20	 different	
                                                                                                            flavors	are	available.	These	are	made	from	
                                                                                                            12	different	ice	cream	flavors	that	include	
                                                                                                            Mocha	Almond	 Fudge,	 Macadamia	 Nut,	
                                                                                                            Rocky	Road,	Oreo	Cookies,	Orange	Sher-
                                                                                                            bet	 and,	 of	 course,	 the	 old	 standbys	 of	
                                                                                                            chocolate	 and	 vanilla.	Your	 youngster	 is	
                                                                                                            sure	to	be	dazzled	by	the	Purple	Cow.	This	
                                                                                                            milkshake	creation	includes	milk,	banana	
                                                                                                            and	grape	juice.
                                                                                                               Trifiletti’s	husband	Patrick	was	a	nuclear	
                                                                                                            engineer	 with	 the	 United	 States	 Navy,	
                                                                                                            where	 he	 served	 for	 eight	 years,	 which	                                              SALLY	HOGARTY	
                                                                                                                                                                   Petra’s long-time employee Alma Martinez	with	
                                                                                                                                                                   owner	Azmi Masarwah	(R).

                                                                                                                                                                   what	is	so	special	about	Petra	Café	and	one	
                                                                                                                                                                   of	the	reasons	I	like	coming	here	is	that	the	
                                                                                                                                                                   staff	is	really	cheerful.	They	always	share	a	
                                                                                                                                                                   smile	when	I	come	in,	and	it	is	memorable,”	
                                                                                                                                                                   says	Valia	Poursartip,	as	she	picks	up	her	
                                                                                                                                                                   to-go	order.
                                                                                                                                                                      “we	are	probably	the	smallest	restaurant	
                                                                                                                                                                   in	the	Bay	Area,”	laughs	Azmi,	who	along	
                                                                                                                                                                   with	his	cousins	owns	six	restaurants	in	the	
                                                                                                                                                                                              [See BUZZ	page	19]
                                                                                                                                                              The Orinda news n May 2010 n 21

                                                                    LETTERS	TO	THE	EDITOR	CONTINUED

◆ MORE	LETTERS	from	page	18                           join	 us	 in	 voting	 yes	 on	 Measure	A.	The	      of	our	schools	during	this	difficult	budget	       and	will	have	to	fight	to	get	basic	foreign	
                                                      Acalanes	Union	high	School	District	is	the	         crisis.                                            language	and	science	classes.			Non-core	
Banning Leaf Blowers Ridicu-                          highest	performing	high	school	district	in	                                   –	Pamela	Goode           classes	 that	 foster	 leadership	 and	 spirit	
lous                                                  California	despite	being	at	the	bottom	of	                                                             so	essential	to	the	high	school	experience	
   The	 article	 “Residents	 Trying	 to	 Quiet	       the	list	for	state	funding.		we	are	able	to	        education still a top Priority                     would	be	eliminated.		All	will	face	much	
Orinda”	is	the	case	of	the	tail	trying	to	wag	        provide	 an	 excellent	 educational	 experi-           Growing	 up	 in	 California	 I	 attended	       larger	class	sizes.
the	dog.		Mr.	Kendall	should	first	enroll	in	a	       ence	for	our	students	due	to	local	funding	         public	 schools	 that	 were	 the	 benchmark	          	Measure	A	is	necessary	to	give	us	the	
sleep	apnea	clinic	and	solve	his	sleep	prob-          which	fills	the	gap	left	by	continued	budget	       for	the	nation.	Now,	the	California	promise	       local,	 reliable	 funding	 we	 need	 to	 close	
lem.		Then	he	would	sleep	at	night	and	leaf	          cuts	from	the	state.	That	gap	is	about	to	get	      of	a	quality	education	for	all	is	tarnished.	      the	 budget	 gap.	 	As	 we	 have	 researched	
blowers	or	noise	would	not	be	a	problem.	         	   wider.	The	AUhSD	is	facing	a	$4.8	million	          Fortunately,	my	daughters	live	in	a	commu-         this	issue,	we	have	learned	that	our	district	
he	could	also	try	triple	pane	windows	in	his	         budget	 deficit	 and	 will	 need	 to	 eliminate	    nity	where	education	is	still	a	top	priority.	     receives	 substantially	 lower	 funding	 than	
bedroom.		Blowers,	lawn	mowers,	shred-                approximately	 50	 qualified	 teachers,	 7th	       California	currently	ranks	near	the	bottom	        others	because	the	property	taxes	we	col-
ders,	chippers,	jackhammers,	buses,	trucks	           period	classes,	and	numerous	elective	and	          of	the	nation	in	education	yet	our	schools	        lect	do	not	cover	the	cost	of	our	schools.	    	
all	 create	 noise.	 	 I	 contend	 that	 a	 power	    enrichment	 programs.	 Our	 outstanding	            rank	in	the	top.	The	quality	of	local	schools	     Piedmont,	a	district	with	comparable	test	
lawn	mower	which	operates	at	3600	rpm	is	             schools	risk	being	reduced	to	average	ones.	        characterizes	 our	 community	 as	 much	 as	       scores	 and	 property	 tax	 situation,	 has	 an	
just	as	noisy	as	a	leaf	blower	at	3600	rpm.	      	   Their	excellent	reputations	are	in	jeopardy,	       the	beautiful	rolling	hills	and	view	of	Mt	        annual	parcel	tax	of	$2,500.		At	$112	per	
Is	that	the	next	tool	you	are	going	to	ban?	      	   negatively	impacting	not	only	students	but	         Diablo.	This	quality	is	thanks	to	the	tremen-      parcel	(less	than	31	cents	per	day),	Measure	
Sure,	let’s	go	back	to	a	push	lawn	mower.	        	   homeowners	alike.                                   dous	wisdom	of	voters	who	have	approved	           A	would	bring	annual	parcel	taxes	in	our	
This	is	ridiculous!		That	is	why	the	Orinda	             The	 cost	 of	 Measure	A	 ($112/year	 for	       previous	local	school	parcel	taxes.                district	to	just	 $301	–	a	fraction	of	Pied-
City	Council	adopted	a	noise	ordinance	to	            five	 years)	 is	 miniscule	 compared	 to	 the	        Our	schools	receive	less	than	the	national	     mont’s	with	similar	quality	results.
address	the	noise	problem.		                          benefits	we	all	reap	from	our	outstanding	          average.	The	past	three	years	our	schools	            	we	need	to	continue	to	fight	for	educa-
   	have	you	ever	tried	to	rake	wet	leaves	           public	high	schools.	The	local	funding	life	        have	lost	ground	as	Sacramento	play	games	         tion	reform	in	California	but	cannot	afford	
stuck	to	the	driveway?		They	won’t	move	              line	is	critical	to	ensure	our	schools	con-         with	the	budget.	The	best	way	to	overcome	         to	 risk	 our	 children’s	 educational	 experi-
with	a	rake	or	a	broom	but	are	easily	blown	          tinue	 to	 perform	 at	 the	 exceptional	 level	    the	 gridlock	 of	 Sacramento	 politics	 is	       ence	over	the	next	five	years	in	the	process.	  	
into	a	pile	with	a	blower.		It	would	take	me	         for	which	they	are	known	and	respected.	       	    through	local	action.	And	that’s	why	I	am	         Once	programs	are	cut,	they	can	take	years	
1	1/2	hours	to	sweep	and	rake	my	concrete	            Please	 show	 your	 commitment	 to	 public	         supporting	 Measure	A.	 It’s	 a	 local	 solu-      to	restore.		Measure	A	is	the	only	solution	
surfaces	and	decks	whereas	with	a	blower	             education	and	vote	yes	on	Measure	A.                tion	that	benefits	local	high	schools.	with	       for	maintaining	programs	in	the	short	term	
it	can	be	done	in	20	minutes.		I	have	a	built	                                –	Dan	and	Kathe	Friel       Measure	A,	we	can	save	critical	core	classes	      while	 we	 push	 for	 longer	 term	 structural	
up	roof	with	white	rock	on	top.		It	would	                                                                in	math,	science,	and	English,	as	well	as	         reform.
be	 impossible	 for	 me	 to	 clean	 the	 leaves	      thinking Ahead                                      music	 and	 libraries.	 I	 am	 an	 optimist.	 I	      	Please	join	us	in	voting	Yes	on	Measure	
and	 pine	 needles	 off	 the	 roof	 without	 a	          Some	 people	 may	 think	 that	 it’s	 a	 bit	    am	 confident	 the	 voters	 will	 vote	 yes	 on	   A.
blower.		                                             premature	for	a	Del	Rey	Elementary	School	          Measure	A.                                                 	–	Kim	Laughton	and	Steve	Maupin
   	 Particulate	 matter	 and	 pollution	 are	        parent	to	be	so	concerned	about	the	impend-                                          –	Jane	hyde
blown	in	the	atmosphere	from	China,	the	              ing	 budget	 cuts	 to	Acalanes	 Union	 high	                                                           ensure schools for next
Sahara	Desert,	farmlands	far	and	near	and	            School	District.		The	cuts	to	AUhSD	may	            Preserve Quality of education                      Generation
circle	 the	 globe	 falling	 out	 on	 our	 cities.	   not	affect	my	3rd	grade	child	today,	but	if	           while	the	state	continues	to	increase	its	        California	under-funds	its	schools	–	we	
Every	time	a	car	drives	by	dust,	pollution	           the	district	cuts	$4.8	million	next	year,	how	      spending	on	prisons,	we	are	deconstruct-           rank	 46th	 in	 the	 nation	 on	 spending	 per	
and	rubber	tire	dust	is	blown	into	the	air.	      	   much	will	be	cut	the	following	years.               ing	 quality	 education	 for	 our	 children	       pupil.	 	Acalanes	 Union	 School	 District’s	
Every	time	the	wind	blows,	the	dust	that	                The	 state’s	 non-partisan	 Legislative	         and,	thereby,	compromise	the	strength	of	          response	for	many	years	has	been	to	invest	
accumulates	on	the	trees	and	surfaces	plus	           Analyst	Office	predicts	the	state	will	be	in	       California’s	 future	 economy.	 Being	 the	        locally	controlled	funds	from	a	school	par-
loads	of	pollen	blow	all	over.		                      a	budget	crisis	for	at	least	four	more	years.	 	    parent	 of	 a	 student	 who	 will	 be	 entering	   cel	tax.	These	funds	allow	Acalanes,	the	top	
   	All	small	engines	must	meet	the	federal	          The	 rebuilding	 of	 programs	 could	 take	         Miramonte	high	School	next	August,	I	am	           ranked	high	school	district	in	California,	to	
and	California	emissions	control	systems	             longer	 than	 a	 decade.	The	 district	 served	     gravely	concerned	that	programs	that	have	         remain	competitive	in	spite	of	consecutive	
non-road	and	small	off	road	engine	regu-              preliminary	layoff	notices	for	56.9	full	time	      existed	and	excelled	for	decades	may	now	          years	of	state	budget	reductions.	
lations.	 	 Small	 engines	 exhaust	 is	 very	        teaching	 positions,	 which	 will	 impact	 all	     be	eliminated.		                                     	Our	children	graduated	from	Miramonte	
clean.		                                              programs,	not	just	electives.		                        with	many	younger	teachers	on	its	staff,	       and	have	gone	on	to	top	notch	University	
   	 The	 problem	 here	 is	 are	 we	 going	 to	         Local	 support	 is	 the	 only	 alternative.		    Miramonte	 has	 the	 potential	 to	 have	 the	     of	California	programs.		we	are	happy	to	
surrender	another	freedom	because	a	small	            Our	schools	need	the	help	we	can	supply	            most	teachers	released	in	the	district.		The	      pay	an	additional	$112	annually	to	ensure	
group	was	offended	by	leaf	blowers.		I	say	           by	 supporting	 the	 Measure	A	 parcel	 tax	        concept	of	local	schools	should	include	a	         that	 the	 students	 of	 the	 future	 have	 the	
no.		The	Orinda	Noise	Ordinance	addresses	            measure.		we	are	fortunate	to	live	in	a	com-        stable	environment	for	students,	not	a	rota-       same	opportunities	that	our	kids	had.	Core	
the	problem	nicely.                                   munity	that	has	high	regard	for	standards	          tion	of	staff	caused	by	budget	uncertainties.	     curriculum,	 staffing,	AP	 classes,	 foreign	
                                	–	Gerald	Perry       and	great	expectations	for	education.		This	        Recently,	 Miramonte	 was	 recognized	 as	         language,	journalism,	public	speaking	and	
                                                      five-year	$112	parcel	tax	will	help	main-           one	of	the	top	100	schools	in	the	country.		It	    other	vital	programs	are	all	at	stake.
Banning Leaf Blowers Doubles                          tain	our	high	schools’	excellent	academic	          ranks	in	the	top	1	percent	of	all	the	schools	       	 Please	 join	 us	 in	 supporting	 Measure	
Cost                                                  and	 elective	 programs.	 	A	 “Yes”	 vote	 on	      in	California.		To	allow	such	a	successful	        A	.
   There	has	been	some	recent	agitation	and	          Measure	A	is	an	investment	in	all	students	         school	to	lose	the	programs	which	has	made	                          	–	Robin	and	Paul	Ludmer
letters	to	the	editor	proposing	the	banning	          in	the	community.                                   it	so	great	should	be	of	great	concern	to	our	
of	leaf	blowers	in	Orinda.		If	leaf	blowers	                                         –	Mary	Friese        community.                                         support the Children
are	 banned,	 the	 current	 cost	 of	 hiring	 a	                                                             By	 supporting	 Measure	A,	 Miramonte	             Voting	 yes	 on	 Measure	A	 is	 a	 vote	 for	
gardener	will	double	or,	if	you	do	the	work	          D i r e C i r c u m s t a n c e s Fa c e            and	the	other	high	schools	in	the	Acalanes	        our	 children.	 It	 is	 as	 simple	 as	 that.	 	we	
yourself,	your	time	will	double.		Replac-             District                                            Union	high	District	will	be	made	to	offer	         volunteered	in	their	classrooms,	worked	in	
ing	leaf	blowers	by	raking	leaves	is	a	very	             As	a	former	teacher	and	administrator,	I	        seven	 periods	 of	 instruction	 to	 students,	    the	lunchrooms,	coached	their	sports	teams,	
expensive	proposal.                                   strongly	urge	you	to	consider	voting	yes	on	        keep	 programs	 such	 as	 public	 speaking,	       and	 sat	 for	 hours	 listening	 to	 them	 read	
   Orinda	 already	 has	 the	 times	 and	 days	       Measure	A.	having	worked	in	Orinda	and	             and	provide	a	comprehensive	science	cur-           when	they	were	young.		we	drive	them	to	
regulated	when	leaf	blowers	can	be	used.	      	      other	school	districts	in	the	bay	area,	I	can	      riculum.                                           events,	sit	for	hours	on	the	sidelines	cheer-
These	regulations	are	adequate.		If	a	neigh-          say	 that	 our	 public	 schools	 are	 the	 jewel	      Get	smart,	vote	smart,	vote	for	Measure	        ing	them	on,	and	anxiously	wait	with	them	
bor’s	 gardener	 violates	 these	 regulations,	       in	the	crown	of	our	community,	due	to	a	            A.                                                 until	their	test	results	are	published.		After	
there	is	a	simple	remedy:		Go	to	the	neigh-           phenomenal	 combination	 of	 student	 tal-                                 –Inez	hollander	Lake        all	 that	 investment	 of	 time,	 money,	 emo-
bor	and	give	him	or	her	a	list	of	the	days	and	       ent,	financial	support,	parent	involvement	                                                            tion	and	love,	how	can	we	turn	our	backs	
times	allowed	for	leaf	blowing	and	tell	him	          and	 high	 district	 standards.	 	 I’m	 always	     Avoid Drastic Cuts With Measure                    on	them	now?		when	everyone	leaves	the	
or	her	that	their	gardener	is	violating	these	        pleased,	 but	 not	 surprised,	 to	 hear	 of	 my	   A                                                  room,	we	remain.		Our	children	have	grown	
regulations	and	if	he	continues	to	do	so,	he	         former	Orinda	students’	achievements	and	              	 I	 am	 writing	 to	 urge	 readers	 to	Vote	   up	believing	that	we	can	be	depended	upon.	       	
will	be	fined.		If	the	violations	continue,	get	      successes.                                          Yes	 on	 Measure	A	 to	 avoid	 drastic	 cuts	      The	government	has	failed	them.		Voting	
the	gardener’s	name	and	address	from	the	                Superintendent	Stockton	has	outlined	the	        to	our	top	rated	but	already	under-funded	         no	will	not	result	in	a	change	in	direction	
neighbor,	report	to	the	Orinda	Police	De-             dire	circumstances	facing	the	district	and	         Acalanes	Union	high	School	District.		with	        or	 policy	 from	 Sacramento.	 	Voting	 no	
partment	and	follow	up	on	the	police.		This	          the	aggressive	action	taken	by	employees	           five	teenagers	(yes,	5!)	with	a	diverse	set	of	    will	mean	less	money,	less	teachers,	fewer	
will	cure	your	problem.		If	you	don’t	have	           to	mitigate	the	financial	situation,	ranging	       talents	and	interests,	our	family	provides	a	      opportunities.	 	 It	 may	 be	 a	 sad	 truth,	 be	
the	courage	to	do	the	above,	the	problem	is	          from	 severe	 reductions	 in	 administrative	       good	example	of	how	all	students	will	be	          we	are	all	that	is	left.		It	is	what	we	signed	
you	not	the	leaf	blower.		You	can	get	a	list	         staff,	to	rarely	heard	of	teacher	compensa-         impacted	if	Measure	A	does	not	pass.		Our	         up	for	when	we	had	children.		would	you	
of	leaf	blower	days	and	hours	by	calling	the	         tion	cuts.	Sadly,	after	three	years	of	signifi-     junior,	 who	 is	 interested	 in	 engineering	     give	up	dinner	and	a	movie	for	your	kids?	
Orinda	Police	Department.                             cant	cuts,	the	district	faces	further	cutbacks,	    or	medicine,	will	only	be	able	to	take	one	        In	a	heartbeat.		Vote	yes	and	stay	in	for	the	
   There	 is	 a	 small	 minority	 of	 Orindans	       effecting	numerous	academic	offerings	and	          science	class	and	find	it	tough	to	compete	        night.	 	Your	 children	 (and	 their	 children)	
who	 think	 everybody	 in	 Orinda	 is	 rich.	  	      potential	loss	of	over	50	teaching	positions,	      for	 college	 admissions	 against	 kids	 who	      will	thank	you.		
They	 aren’t,	 and	 they	 don’t	 have	 money	         which	 may	 limit	 or	 eliminate	 important	        have	had	the	freedom	to	focus	on	math	and	                                         –	Sharon	Noble
to	waste	satisfying	the	whims	of	this	mi-             programs	that	contribute	to	the	academic	           science.			Our	sophomore,	who	has	a	knack	
nority.                                               excellence	found	in	our	high	schools.               for	history	and	has	found	his	voice	through	       Keep Property Values high
                              –	Clyde	Vaughn	            Remember,	Measure	A	is	only	temporary	           Public	Speaking,	could	see	that	award-win-           high	quality	education	is	what	inspired	
                                                      and	will	sunset	in	five	years.		At	$112	per	        ning	and	state-ranked	program	eliminated.	     	   most	of	us	to	choose	to	live	in	Lamorinda,	
help Fill the Gap                                     parcel,	it	is	important	that	we	support	this	       Our	children	entering	high	school	will	have	       and	current	buyers	agree:		we	continue	to	
  we	are	 writing	to	urge	your	readers	to	            emergency	measure	to	maintain	the	quality	          a	shorter	six	period	day	with	no	electives	                           [See LETTER	4	page	22]
22 n The Orinda news n May 2010


◆ LETTERS	4	from	page	21

enjoy	healthy	property	values	despite	the	
real	estate	downturn.		The	Acalanes	School	
                                                       eliminating	more	than	50	full	time	teachers	
                                                       and	core	curriculum.		
                                                          when	 we	 bought	 property	 in	 Lam-
                                                                                                                               Seasoned Shopper
District	provides	an	education	rivaling	that	          orinda,	 we	 knew	 our	 children	 were	                                 Recipes
of	private	schools	which	charge	three	times	           g u a r a n t e e d 	 a n 	 a c a d e m i c a l l y - t o p	
as	 much	 as	Acalanes	 spends	 per	 child.	    	       education,	 at	 public	 school	 “prices.”	
Unfortunately,	 the	 economic	 downturn	               who	 among	 us	 didn’t	 weigh	 the	 huge	
                                                                                                                                                                       BARBARA	KOBSAR
has	conspired	to	threaten	what	we	have	all	            savings	 and	 peace	 of	 mind	 we	 would	
worked	so	hard	to	build.		                             experience	during	our	children’s	K-12	years	                    SKILLET GREENS
   In	times	of	crisis,	all	stakeholders	need	          thanks	to	our	top	schools?                                        Cooked	greens	make	a	great	side	dish.	            CHERRY SALSA
to	contribute	to	a	solution,	and	fortunately,	            P u b l i c 	 e d u c a t i o n 	 i n 	 L a m o r i n d a	   This	recipe	combines	the	greens	with	a	little	        Yummy	 with	 grilled	 chicken	 or	 pork,	
many	 groups	 have	 already	 taken	 action.	   	       is	 an	 amazing	 bargain	 but	 is	 not	 free.	                  garlic	and	pancetta.                                tortilla	chips	or	on	a	turkey	sandwich.	I’ve	
The	 district	 has	 cut	 back	 administrative	         Our	 parcel	 taxes	 are	 not	 only	 a	 tre-                                                                         basically	 just	 substituted	 tomatoes	 with	
expenses	by	20	percent	over	the	last	several	          mendous	 investment	 in	 our	 children’s	                       1	tablespoon	olive	oil                              cherries.
years,	Parents’	Clubs	and	Foundations	have	            future,	 they	 literally	 ensure	 the	 con-                     2	ounces	pancetta	ham
stepped	 up	 fundraising	 efforts,	 teachers	          tinued	 viability	 of	 our	 schools	 and	                       1	teaspoon	minced	garlic                            One	 half	 pound	 cherries,	 pitted	 and	
have	made	an	exceptional	contribution	by	              property	 value.		 Passage	 of	 Measure	                        One	 half	 pound	 Swiss	 chard,	 stems	 re-              chopped
voluntarily	 agreeing	 to	 higher	 class	 sizes	       A	 demonstrates	 to	 Lamorinda	 citizens	                            moved                                          1	tablespoon	fresh	lime	juice
and	a	2.5	percent	pay	cut	with	no	raises	until	        and	 prospective	 citizens	 alike	 that	                        One	 half	 pound	 beet	 greens,	 stems	 re-         One	quarter	cup	cherry	preserves
at	least	2012,	and	parents,	businesses,	and	           our	 community	 is	 still	 among	 the	                               moved                                          1	to	2	green	onions,	chopped
community	members	have	given	even	more	                best	places	to	live	and	raise	a	family.                         One	half	pound	spinach                              1	teaspoon	finely	chopped	jalapeno
of	their	own	diminished	resources	to	help	                For	 our	 children’s	 future	 and	 our	 eco-                 One	half	pound	mustard	greens                       1	tablespoon	finely	chopped	cilantro
make	up	the	difference.		This	cooperative	             nomic	 well	 being,	 we	 must	 continue	                        Freshly	ground	black	pepper	to	taste                   Combine	 all	 ingredients	 in	 a	 medium	
effort	is	commendable,	but	it	is	not	enough.	  	       to	 support	 our	 schools	 without	 reser-                         heat	oil	in	a	skillet	over	medium	heat.	         size	 bowl.	 Chill	 at	 least	 ½	 hour	 to	 meld	
An	 emergency	 parcel	 tax	 (Measure	A)	 is	           vation.		 In	 these	 tough	 economic	                           Add	pancetta	and	cook	until	brown,	about	           the	flavors.
a	 necessary	 step	 to	 maintaining	 essential	        times,	 we	 all	 are	 getting	 by	 on	 less.		                  5	 minutes.	 Remove	 with	 a	 slotted	 spoon	          Makes	about	1	and	one	half	cups.
academic	programs	as	well	as	our	property	             But	 Measure	 A’s	 $112	 per	 parcel	                           and	 drain	 on	 paper	 towels.	Add	 garlic	 to	
values.		Please	join	us	in	voting	yes.                 annual	 investment	 in	 our	 schools	                           drippings	in	skillet	and	cook	30	seconds.	
        –	Deb	Stephenson	&	Mitchell	Reed	              -	 allowing	 us	 to	 preserve	 our	 core	                       Increase	heat	to	medium	high.	Add	Swiss	
                                                       curriculum	 and	 teacher	 positions	 –	                         chard.	Cover	and	cook	3	minutes.	Stir	in	
Preserve Core Curriculum                               is	 something	 we	 cannot	 afford	 to	 do	                      remaining	 greens.	 Cover	 and	 cook	 until	
   Acalanes	 Union	 high	 School	 Dis-                 without.		Vote	Yes	on	Measure	A!                                greens	 are	 wilted	 and	 tender,	 about	 2	 to	
trict	 is	 facing	 a	 $4.8	 million	 budget	 cut,	                                   –	Ben	and	Janet	Riley             3	 minutes.	 Return	 pancetta	 to	 skillet	 and	
                                                                                                                       season	with	pepper.	
                                                                                                                          Serves	4.	

Get Out the Red, White and Blue – It's Time to Celebrate!                                                                                                                                                       BARBARA	KOBSAR
                                                                                                                                                                           Fresh	radishes	and	other	seasonal	vegetables	can	
                                                                                                                                                                           be	found	at	Orinda’s	Farmers’	Market
           By	SALLY	HOGARTY                            begins	at	11	a.m.	traveling	from	the	BART	
                      Editor                           station	to	the	Crossroads	side	of	the	Orinda	
                                                       before	going	under	the	freeway	and	over	to	

T     he	Orinda	Association	began	the	4th	of	
      July	parade	in	the	early	1980s	as	a	way	
to	celebrate	not	only	Independence	Day	but	
                                                       the	Village	side.	Lots	of	community	groups	
                                                       and	 organizations	 will	 be	 "strutting	 their	
                                                       stuff"	 along	 the	 parade	 route	 including	
also	to	celebrate	"community."	As	Orinda	              several	musical	and	dance	groups.	And,	of	
has	become	a	city	and	the	community	has	               course,	many	in	the	parade	will	be	handing	
grown,	so	has	the	celebration.	what	began	             out	candy	to	those	watching.
as	a	parade	is	now	an	entire	day	of	entertain-            Following	 the	 parade,	 it's	 time	 to	 head	
ment,	good	food,	and	good	friends.                     back	to	the	park	for	more	music,	food,	a	
   Since	 this	 year's	 4th	 of	 July	 falls	 on	 a	   silent	auction	and	wine	tasting,	and	lots	of	
Sunday,	the	parade	will	start	at	11	a.m.	in	           kids	activities.	
order	 to	 accommodate	 the	 many	 church	                For	a	booth,	parade,	or	sponsorship	form,	
services	along	the	parade	route.	But	the	day	          go	to	the	Orinda	Association's	website	at	
still	begins	early	with	a	pancake	breakfast	           www.orindaassociation.org.
sponsored	by	the	Orinda	Roadrunners	and	
the	traditional	flag-raising	ceremony	at	the	
flagpole	in	front	of	the	Community	Center	
at	7:55	a.m.
   The	Roadrunners'	Fun	Run	and	haley's	                                                                                                                                                                         SALLY	HOGARTY
Run-for-a-Reason	take	off	at	8	a.m.	in	front	                                                                          the Chamber of Commerce	did	last	year’s	parade	proud	with	its	Statue	of	Liberty	entry.
of	 the	 Community	 Center	 and	 at	 9	 a.m.	
the	 fun	 begins	 in	 the	 park	 with	 activities	
for	 children	 and	 live	 music.	 The	 Friends	
of	the	Orinda	Library	will	have	their	book	
sale	with	lots	of	great	bargains	beginning	
at	10	a.m.                                             the Orinda starlight Village Players	 showed	
   Then	the	jewel	of	the	day	--	the	parade	–	          their	theatrical	side	during	the	parade.

                                                                                                                        the Orinda All Volunteer Marching Band	kept	       Realtor Mary Chatton Brown	showed	her	patrio-
                                                                                                                        the	day	lively.                                    tism	with	her	colorful	outfit.

                                                                                                                        Measure A is a mail-in only election and all votes must
                                                                                                                        be received at the County Election Office, 555 Escobar
                                                                                                                        Street, in Martinez by May 4. Postmarks do not count.
Colorful	participants	enjoyed	the	Orinda Roadrunner’s	pancake	breakfast	to	start	off	the	day.                           Ballots should be mailed by April 28

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