Guidance for Guangzhou by liaoqinmei


									                                   Foreigner Guidance Of                           Guangzhou
1. About Guangzhou

(From top: Tianhe CBD, Statue of Five Goats, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport ,Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Canton

Fair Pazhou Expo Complex , and Pearl River Bridge. )

Guangzhou, in English and other European languages also known as Canton (which was first
romanized from the Cantonese pronunciation of Guangdong by the Portuguese) and also known as
Kwangchow, is a sub-provincial city and the capital of Guangdong Province in the southern part of the
People's Republic of China.

It is a port on the Pearl River, navigable to the South China Sea, and is located about 120 km (75 miles)
northwest of Hong Kong. As of the 2000 census, the city has a population of 6 million,[citation needed]
and an urban area population of roughly 11.85 million, making it the most populous city in the province
and the third most populous metropolitan area in China. The provincial government's official estimate of
the metropolitan area's population at the end of 2006 was 9,754,600. Guangzhou's urban land area is the
third largest in China, behind only Beijing and Shanghai.

Guangzhou (Guangdong) City Information

Major Economic Indicators (2007)

Land Area                                        7,435 km2
Population                                       10.0 million
GDP                                              RMB 705.1 billion (US$93.7 billion)
GDP Composition
Primary Industry (Agriculture)                   2.3%
Secondary Industry                               39.9%

(Industry & Construction)
Tertiary Industry(Service)                 57.8%
GDP Per Capita                             RMB70,186 (US$9,331)
Unemployment Rate                          2.2%
Fixed Asset Investment                     RMB 186.3 billion, 9.8% up
Utilized FDI                               US$3.3 billion, 12.4% up
Total Import & Export                      US$73.5 billion, 15.2% up
Export                                     US$37.9 billion, 17.0% up
Import                                     US$35.6 billion, 13.4% up
Sales of Consumer Goods                    RMB 259.5 billion, 18.9% up
Source: Guangzhou Economic and Social Development Report 2007


National Hygienic City (2008)
-Ministry of Health of P.R. China

International Garden City (2001)
-International Gardens Association

Historic and Cultural City (1986)
- State Council of China

2. Geography and climate

Guangzhou is located at 112°57'E to 114°3'E and 22°26'N to 23°56'N. The city is part of the Pearl River

Guangzhou has a humid subtropical climate influenced by the Asian monsoon. Summers are wet with
high temperatures, high humidity and a high heat index. Winters are mild, dry and sunny.

                                      Weather data for Guangzhou

   Month       Jan    Feb    Mar    Apr    May     Jun    Jul    Aug    Sep    Oct    Nov    Dec    Year

Average high 18.3 18.5 21.6 25.7           29.3    31.5   32.8 32.7 31.5 28.8 24.5 20.6             26.3
   °C (°F)     (65)   (65)   (71)   (78)   (85)    (89)   (91)   (91)   (89)   (84)   (76)   (69)   (79)

Average low 10.3 11.7 15.2 19.5            22.7    24.8   25.5 25.4 24.0 20.8 15.9 11.5             18.9
   °C (°F)     (51)   (53)   (59)   (67)   (73)    (77)   (78)   (78)   (75)   (69)   (61)   (53)   (66)

Precipitation 40.9 69.4 84.7 201.2 283.7 276.2 232.5 227.0 166.2 87.3 35.4 31.6 1,736.1
mm (inches) (1.61) (2.73) (3.33) (7.92) (11.17) (10.87) (9.15) (8.94) (6.54) (3.44) (1.39) (1.24) (68.35)

               118.5 71.6 62.4 65.1 104.0 140.2 202.0 173.5 170.2 181.8 172.7 166.0 1,628.0

 % Humidity      72   77     82     84     84      84     82     82     78     71     66     66     77

precipitation    8     11     15       16    18      19      16    16     13     7      6      5      150
Source: 中国气象局 国家气象信息中心 March 2009
Source #2: World Meteorological Organisation (UN) January 2010
3. Transportation and infrastructure
 With the first line of Guangzhou Metro opened in 1997, Guangzhou is the fourth city in Mainland China
to have an underground railway system, behind Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. Currently the underground
network is made up of four lines, covering a total length of 116 km, while another four lines are under
construction and due to be completed in 2010 before the Asian Games. A long term plan is to make the
city's underground system expand over 500 km by 2020 with 15 lines in operation.

The existing four lines of Guangzhou Metro network:

Line 1 (Fangcun Line): From Guangzhou East Railway Station to Xilang Station
Line 2 (Jiahe Line): From Sanyuanli Station to Wanshengwei Station
Line 3 (Shiqiao Line): From Guangzhou East Railway Station and Tianhe Coach Terminal Station to
Panyu Square Station
Line 4 (Guangzhou University Town Line): From Wanshengwei Station to Jinzhou Station
Line 5 (Huanshi Line):From Jiaokou Station to Wenchong Station
Guangzhou's main airport is the Baiyun International Airport in Huadu District opened on August 5, 2004.
It replaced the old Baiyun International Airport, which was very close to the city centre and failed to meet
the fast-growing air traffic demand.

Guangzhou is well connected to Hong Kong by train, coach and ferry. The Guangdong Through Train
departs from the Guangzhou East railway station (pinyin: Guǎngzhōu Dōngzhàn) and arrive at the Hung
Hom KCR station in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The route is approximately 182 km in length and the ride takes
less than two hours. Frequent coach services are also provided with coaches departing every day from
different locations (mostly major hotels) around the city.

There are daily ferry services including an overnight ferry service, which takes eight hours, as well as
high-speed catamaran service which takes three hours, to the China Ferry Terminal or Macau Ferry Pier
in Hong Kong. The Nansha Pier, located in the distant Nansha District outside the city centre, is also
operating six daily 75-minute catamaran services to Hong Kong.

From January 1, 2007, the municipal government has banned motorcycles in the urban areas.
Motorcycles found violating the ban will be confiscated.The Guangzhou traffic bureau claimed to have
reported reduced traffic problems and accidents in the downtown area since the ban.

According to a report on the China Daily of July 6, 2007, all buses and taxis in Guangzhou will be
LPG-fueled by 2010 to promote clean energy for transportation and improve the environment. At present,
Guangzhou is the city that uses the most LPG-fueled vehicles in the world. As of the end of 2006, 6,500
buses and 16,000 taxis were using LPG, taking up 85% of all buses and taxis.

One of the new buses

Gongyuanqian Station of Guangzhou Metro

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Colonial buildings on Shamian Island

Towers in Guangzhou's CBD (left-center) with

IFC/West Tower (right) and Guangzhou Opera House (front) under construction

4. Tourism

    •   Guangxiao Temple 109 Guangxiao Lu (Metro 1 Xi Men Kou - Exit C) – As the sixth patriarch
        of Zen Buddhism, Hui Neng, trained at this temple in the 7th Century, it is a popular pilgrimage
        site for Zen Buddhists. The temple has been destroyed several times by fire, and the current
        buildings date only from the mid 19th century. Admission ¥4. Warning - there are beggars
        outside who will approach any tourist and whilst they will be grateful for whatever you give them
        it is the monks of which you need to be careful. The monks thrust small 'lucky' charms onto
        tourists before insisting on 'donations', and claiming that anything between 100 and 400 RMB is
        normal, which is crazy for a country with a typical weekly salary of around 600 RMB: avoid these
        orange clothed con artists.
    •   Liurong Temple 87 Liurong Lu (Metro 1 Gong Yuan Qian - Exit I)– The Temple of Six Banyan
        Trees, which includes the 17 story, eight-sided Hua Ta, or Flowering Pagoda, is one of the most
        popular attractions in Guangzhou. The temple dates back to the 6th century, while the pagoda
        predates it by about 300 years. Admission ¥5, Flower Pagoda ¥10.
    •   The buildings and streets of the former British and French concession on Shamian Island have
        been beautifully renovated, creating an oasis of tranquility in an otherwise bustling and hectic
        metropolis. One of the old structures is Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel, located at 14 Shamian
        Street. Attractions on the island are all free. As an island, Shamian is not particularly spectacular,
        but what makes it special that for several hundred years this tiny spit of land was the only place
        in all of China that Europeans could establish settlements. The architecture reflects that era,
        and it has a very unique atmosphere. (Metro 1 Huang Sha - Exit D)
    •   Across the canal from Shamian is the Chinese Medicine Market. The modern front of the
        market has quite a few stalls selling dried herbs used in Chinese Medicine. The real charm here
        lies just behind the modern exterior. The modern exterior is built onto a series of old historical
        narrow alleyways with shops selling herbs. The Starbucks on Shamian provides a great respite
        from the hustle and bustle of Guangzhou
    •   Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall,(Metro 2 Ji Nian Tang - Exit C) located on Dongfeng Zhong Lu, is
        dedicated to the founder of the Republic of China and local hero Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. It was
        constructed in 1931 and built on the original site of Sun Yat-sen's presidential office on Yuexiu
        Hill. Oopen 8AM-6PM. Admission is free for the park and ¥10 to go inside the hall.
    •   Chen Clan Academy [10] Zhongshan 7 Lu (Metro 1 Chen Jia Ci - Exit D). This is very well
        preserved architecture from the 19th century. It used to belong to a wealthy family by the name
        of Chen and now houses many articles including ivory sculptures and artistic statues.
        (Admission ¥10)
    •   Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral 56 Yide Lu (Metro 2 Hai Zhu Guang Chang).It is
        one of the oldest church structures in the city, and the largest of its kind of Southern China. It is
        currently in use for worship. Visiting hours are limited to Sun from 7AM-6PM. Free admission.

   •   Huangpu Military Academy is on Changzhou Island. It was founded in 1924 by Sun Yat-sen,
       along with the Chinese Communist Party at the time. Many famous Chinese war heroes were
       trained here. Admission ¥15.
   •   Wu Xian Guan Temple (Metro 1 Xi Men Kou Exit C)Admission ¥5.
   •   Huaisheng Mosque (Metro 1 Xi Men Kou Exit C). This is one of the oldest Muslim mosques in
       China, built in 627. The mosque is not open to the public, but you can take a peek outside.
   •   Sanyuan Temple (Metro 2 Ji Nian Tang - Exit C). This is the largest and oldest Taoist temple in
       the city.
   •   Xiguan Residence (Metro 1, Chang Shou Lu)– See the traditional Cantonese architectures
       from ancient Guangzhou. This structure was occupied by the upper class.
   •   Hualin Temple (Tour Bus No. 2; Metro 1, Chang Shou Lu)

Museums and galleries

   •   Guangzhou City Art Museum (Metro 2 Yue Xiu Gong Yuan)– Located near the Zhehai
       Building in Yuexiu Park, this impressive gallery has more than 10,000 pieces of art work,
       including calligraphy, traditional Chinese paintings, sculptures and Tibetan Buddhist art
   •   Guangdong Museum of Art 8 Yanyu Lu, Er-sha Island, (Tour Bus No.2) [11]. Open 9AM-5PM,
       Tue-Sun. The museum is on Er-Sha Island and focuses on contemporary Chinese art, with a
       particular emphasis on Guangdong artists. Admission ¥15. Under 18 is free with paying parents.
   •   Nanyue Royal Tomb Museum 867 Jiefang Bei Lu, (Metro 2 Yue Xiu Gong Yuan) - Across from
       Yuexiu Park. This is a tomb of a king of ancient South China. 9AM-5:30PM. Admission is ¥12,
       20 8666 0885)
   •   Guangzhou Sculpture Park Tongxin Lu at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. Free Admission. (Tour
       Bus No. 1, 3)
   •   President Sun Yat-Sen Museum 18 Dongsha Jie, Fangzhi Lu. +86 20 3428-1366. Admission
       is ¥6. Open 9AM-5PM Tue-Sun. Closed Mon.
   •   Guangzhou Uprising Museum 200 Qiyi Lu (Metro 1, 2 Gong Yuan Qian Exit J). The Museum
       is at the site of the first Communist government building. Open 9AM—12PM and
       1:30PM-4:30PM Tues–Sun. Closed Mon.
   •   Guangdong Revolutions History Museum            2 Lingyuan Xi Lu , (Located in the martyrs
       memorial park. Metro 1 Lie Shi Ling Yuan Exit D). Sun Yat-Sen was sworn in here in 1921 as
       the president of Republic of China. The museum tells stories from the Opium War to the
       founding of the new China.
   •   Peasant Movement Institute42 Zhongshan 4 Lu,(Metro 1, Nong Jiang Suo Exit C). This is the
       original site of Communist training center founded by Mao Tse-tung in the 1920s. Now it is a
       museum covering the recent China revolutionary history. Open 9AM-4:30PM Tue-Sat.

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Huaisheng Mosque

Pearl River at night

Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, June 2009

Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, on Shamian Island

Parks and gardens

    •    Huanghua Gang Commemoration Park, huáng-huā-gǎng-gōng-yuán, [12] 79 Xianlie
         Zhonglu, ) (Tour Bus No. 1), +86 20 3758-8321. Open 6AM-8:30PM. Admission is free. This is a

        park that will set you in a poignant mood. The main attraction is the monument built to
        commemorate the 72 martyrs who died during the 1911 uprising.
    •   Yuexiu Park yuè-xiù-gōng-yuán, (Metro 2 Yue Xiu Park Station Exit B1)[13] is the largest urban
        park in China and is a lush green area that flows over acres of hills and includes several lakes. It
        includes the Ming Dynasty Zhenhai Tower zhèn-hǎi-lóu, now home to the City Museum with
        relics dating back to the 15th century and an up-to-date miniature of Guangzhou (separate
        admission). Also check out the Stone Statue of the Five Rams, the symbol of Guangzhou (For
        more details, see 'History' section of Understand). Open 6AM-9PM. Free Admission.
    •   Yuntai Garden (Tour Bus No. 1, 3) yún-tái-huā-yuán is situated at the foot of Baiyun (White
        Cloud) Mountain and is famous for its wide variety of rare flowers and trees. Every year there is
        a beautiful 3-D flower exhibit. During this period, admission is ¥20, but it is well worth it.
        Admission is ¥10.
    •   Huadu Square is a park-cum-recreation square located in the north part the city and near the
        government office buildings of Huadu District. The square incorporates, among other attractions,
        an outdoor theater, large fountain, outdoor dance area and statues. There is a large grass area
        that is similar to a Western style meadow and a subtropical forest and ornamental flower beds.
    •   Xiangjiang Wild Animal Safari Park is in Panyu district. Admission is ¥150.
    •   Guangzhou Martyrs' Memorial Garden Zhongshan 2 Lu (Metro 1 Martyrs' Park Station Exit D)
        – This park is dedicated to those who fought and died in the Communist Uprising in 1927.
    •   Grand World Scenic Park 888 Daguanyuan Nan Lu (, (Bus 548, 224, 245). Open

Yuntai Garden

Communist monument in Martyrs' Memorial Garden


    •   The Baiyun Shan (White Cloud Mountain),(Tour Bus No. 1, 3) [14] is a great place to relax
        and enjoy a day among lush, rolling hills. It also offers great views over the city. The road to the
        top is restricted to park trams and pedestrians. To get to the top lookout point, you can use the
        main roads or trails. There are many places to rest and refreshments are available along the
        way. It is a great place to see people enjoying nature and playing games, such as badminton,
        football and even bungie jumping. There are many bus routes to and from different parts of the
        city, as well as taxis usually available near the park gate. Open 6AM-7PM. Park entrance ¥5.
        Cable car round trip is ¥40, tram from ¥20. Other attractions ¥5-¥10)
    •   Lianhua Shan (Lotus Mountain) features an impressive quarry from which red sand stones
        were mined about 2,000 years ago, a pagoda from 1612, and a barrack from 1664. The
        obligatory statue of Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of compassion, at the side of the Buddhist
        temple is also not to be missed. From Guangzhou, take bus 308 or 302 and exchange bus at
        Panyu). The bus takes about two hours and costs ¥14. There is a ferry service from Guangzhou
        at Tianzi Pier   at Beijing Lu Nan for ¥25. The boat leaves at 8:15AM and returns at 3:15PM.
        Admission is ¥30.

5. Education

Higher education institutes

National universities

Sun Yat-sen University (founded in 1924)

South China University of Technology

South China Normal University

Jinan University (founded in 1906)

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

South China Agricultural University (founded in 1909)

Public universities and colleges

Guangdong University of Finance

Zhongkai Agrotechnical College (founded in 1927)

Guangzhou Medical College

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

Guangdong University of Technology

Guangzhou University

Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology

Guangdong University of Business Studies

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Xinghai Conservatory of Music

Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University

Guangzhou Sports University

Note: Institutes without full-time bachelor programs are not listed.

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre also known as Guangzhou University City is a large

 university complex located in the southeast suburbs of Guangzhou. This huge higher education centre

 occupies the entire Xiaoguwei island in Panyu District, covering an area of about 18 square kilometres.

 It houses new campuses from ten universities, nine of which still maintain their old campuses in

 downtown Guangzhou. The whole Higher Education Mega Centre can eventually accommodate up to

 200,000 students, 20,000 teachers and 50,000 staffs.

Universities which have campuses in the Mega Centre:

Sun Yat-sen University

South China University of Technology

South China Normal University

Guangdong University of Technology

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

Guangzhou University

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Xinghai Conservatory of Music

Sun Yat-sen College of Medical Science, Sun Yat-sen University

The main gate of Sun Yat-sen University

6. Guangzhou Hotel Information

With the rapid development of tourism and an increase in the number of business travelers to the area,

 restaurants and hotels are mushrooming in Guangzhou.

At the top end of the scale (RMB500-RMB1200), there are numerous five star hotels,
providing good services and high quality accommodation. Among the best of these are the
White Swan Hotel, which has some great restaurants too, and the Garden Hotel.

The Middle end of the market (RMB250-500) offers even greater choice and, although the
service here may not be as efficient as the five star hotels, many of these places are very
conveniently located with particularly good business facilities. Good Hotels in this range
include the China Hotel which is a gorgeous place with some very special rooms on offer.

For budget travelers, the best option is the Victory Hotel which has one of the best locations
in the city on picturesque Shamian Island.

List Hotels in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel                   5
                                          Star     No. Liu Hua Road 120, Guangzhou
          Hotel Name                                                Hotel Logo
Guangzhou Marriott China Hotel              5
                                          Rating   No. Liuhua Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou
guangzhou Asia International Hotel
guangzhou Intercontinental Hotel            5
                                            5      No.339 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou Road,
                                                   No. 326, Section 1, Huanshi Dong
Guangzhou White Swan Hotel                  5      1   Southern
                                                   Guangzhou      Street,   Shamian  Island,

Guangzhou Garden Hotel                      5      Guangzhou
                                                   No. 368 Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Regal Riviera Hotel               5      No. 1 Ping Jing Street, Hao Zhou Road, Hai Zhu

Guangzhou Ka Ying Hotel               4   No. 418
                                          District Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou
Royal Mediterranean Hotel             5   No. 518 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District
Guangzhou Grand Palace Hotel          4   No. 148, Linhe Zhong Road, Tianhe district,
Donlord International Hotel           5   No. 63 North Guangzhou Avenue, Tianhe,
Guangzhou Central Hotel               4   No. 33 Ji Chang Road, Guangzhou
Oriental Resort Guangzhou
Guangzhou Lido Hotel                  5
                                      3       182, Baiyun Da Dao Nan, Guangzhou
                                          No. 1068 Beijing Road, Guangzhou
Tianlun International Hotel           5   No. Tianhe 172 Linhe Zhong Road, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Hotel                       3   No. 2 Qiyi Road Road, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Yihe Hotel                  5   No.    Summer     Palace,  Tongtai  Street,
Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel      3   Guangzhou
                                          No. Guangzhou Liwan 90 Zhan Qian Road,
Guangzhou Chime Long Hotel            5   No. Chime long hotel. Yingbin road,
Guangzhou Grand China Hotel           3   Guangzhou
                                          No. 108 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou
Hawana Howard Johnson Resort          5   No. 1 Xiawana Road, Taiping Town, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Fu Ho Hotel                 3   No.27-33, Cangbian Road, Yuexiu District,
Guangdong Victory Hotel               4   No. 53 North Shamian Street, Guangzhou
Guangzhou New World Hotel             3   No. 520 Renmin Road North, Guangzhou
Guangzhou International Financial     4   No.   197-199,    West   Dongfeng    Road,
Guangzhou Guo Tai Hotel               3   No. East 376 Huan Shi Road,Guangzhou
Hotel                                     Guangzhou
Guangzhou Sino Trade Hotel Hotel
Guangzhou Landmark Center             4
                                      3   No. 63, Panfu Road, Guangzhou
                                          No.   Haizhu    Plaza,  Qiaoguang    Road,
Guangzhou Furama Hotel
Guangzhou Riverside Hotel             3
                                      4   No. 316 Changdi Road, Guangzhou
                                          No. 298 Yan Jiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou

Guangdong Bai Yun Hotel
Guangzhou Shamian Hotel               3
                                      4   No. 367 East Shamian street, Guangzhou
                                          No. 52 South Huanshi Road, Guanghou

New Pearl River Hotel                 4   No. 795 Bingjiang East Road, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Ocean Hotel                 4   No. 412 Huan Shi Dong Lu, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Mandarin Hotel              4   No. 618 Middle of Guangzhou Ave., Guangzhou

Guangzhou Guo Men Hotel               4   No. 66 Huacheng Road ,Guangzhou

Guangzhou Nansha Grand Hotel          4   No. 1 South Second Road, Shangmao Avenue

GuangzhouRosedale Hotel               4   No.   348   Jiang   Nan     Da     Road    Central,
GuangzhouChina     Mayors     Plaza   4   No. 189 Tianhe Bei Road, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Globelink Hotel             4   No.208 Yuexiu South Road, Guangzhou

Guangdong Foreign Business Hotel      4   No. 293 Guangzhou Road Central, Guangzhou

Guangzhou White Palace Hotel          4   No.   111 North     Side,   Ying    Bin,   District,
Ocean Plaza Apartment hotel           4   No. 416 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Ramada Pearl Hotel          4   No.   9     Ming    Yue     Yi   Road-Dongshan
Guangzhou Parkview Square Hotel       4   No. 960, Jie Fang Bei Road, Guangzhou



Street markets

If time and weather permits, walking is perhaps the best way to see the city as the back alleys,
which are littered with antiquities, are not accessible by motorized vehicles. Most trades and
goods categories are concentrated in a specific area or along one main street.

    •   Guangzhou wholesale marker directory. Find all kinds of professional wholesale markets in
    •   Global International shoes Trade Centre Xiguan Antique Street near Liwan Park
    •   Flower Street Baohua Lu
    •   Jade Street Changshou Luand Wenchang Lu, near Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. (Metro 1
        Chang Shou Lu)
    •   Ivory and Sea productsDaxin Lu
    •   Toy Street and Dried goods and snacks Street Yide Lu. (Metro 2 Hai Zhu Guang Chang)
    •   Bridal Street   Jiangnan Bei Lu
    •   Flowers, Aquatic and Lightings Street Danan Lu near Beijing Lu. (Metro 1, 2 Gong Yuan
    •   Household Merchandise Street Gaodi Jie. The street has become a shopping center selling
        everyday goods.
    •   Cultural Street Wende Lu,(Metro 1 Long Jiang Suo). This is a good place to look for antiques
        and traditional Chinese artistic goods.
    •   Qingping Market Qingping Lu (,(Metro 1 Huang Sha) –It is located North from Shamian Island.
        Cantonese are known to eat just about any animal, and the market is world famous for its wild
        animal trades, although it has been tamer since the SARS outbreak. It is still a great place to go
        for exotic goods.
    •   Haiyin Shopping District is located at the northwest side of the Haiyin Bridge, selling
        appliances, sporting goods, cloth, fabrics, camera accessories and electronics.

Locals on the run outside the Grandview Plaza in Tianhe District. In the background is the 80-story
CITIC Plaza.

Malls and shopping centers

•   Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street – This is the main shopping thoroughfare, a pedestrian street
    where most stores are open from 9AM-10PM. Avoid individuals who solicit pirated DVDs and
    imitation goods. Don't follow anyone into the small dark alleys in between buildings to see their
    goods. Remember to visit Mayflower Plaza at 68 Zhongshan 5 Lu , at the northern end of the
    Pedestrian Street. This is a place where young people hang out and shop. (Metro 1, 2 Gong
    Yuan Qian - Exits C, D)
•   Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street This shopping area is also a showcase of traditional Cantonese
    architecture. It is particularly pretty at night when it's lit up. Prices here are generally lower than
    Beijing Lu's, but prepare to bargain a fair bit. Remember to visit Liwan Plaz located at 9
    Dexing Lu , the east end of the street. (Metro 1 Chang Shou Lu - Exits D1, D2.) You will find a
    good selection of crystal here.
•   Zhengjia Plaza (Grandview Mall)228 Tianhe Lu,(Metro 1, 3 Ti Yu Zhong Xin). +86 020
    3833-0098. This is new mall built near Teem Mall, located in the heart of Tianhe district. It
    includes famous fashion stores and several department stores, with beautiful musical fountians
    and fantastic views. Guest flow can reach half a million a day on holidays and festivals. This
    mall includes Starbucks, Dairyqueen, Pizzahut and McDonalds. An iceskating rink, amusement
    park, and a fivestar cinema is available. This is the largest Western-style shopping mall in
•   China Plaza. 33 Zhongshan 3 Lu, ),(Metro 1 Martrs' Park) – Located on top of a metro station,
    this is another large shopping mall with brand name department stores, clothing and electronics
    stores, restaurants, etc.
•   Tee Mall 208 Tianhe Lu ,(Metro 1 Ti Yu Xi Lu). This is probably the busiest and most popular
    shopping mall in the heart of the city. It is located right above the metro station.
•   Zhong Tian Shopping Plaza – Located at Zhongxin Square near the East Train Station. (Metro
    1 Guangzhou Dong Zhan.) . This plaza is more than a place to shop and eat. The plaza has

          great one-stop service to meet your banking, dry cleaning, grooming and transportation ticket
    •     Friendship Store369 Huanshi Dong Lu 9:45AM-9:45PM. It is one of the oldest department
          stores targeting foreigners in Guangzhou. You will also find its branches in Zhengjia Plaza and
          Times Square on 28 Tianhe Beilu .
    •     Wang Fu Jing40 Long Lin Xia Lu The famous department store in Beijing opened a branch in
          Guangzhou with the same name, featuring mid to high-end products.
    •     Onelink Plaza9 Jie Fang Nan Lu – At first glance, this looks like a regular shopping mall but it is
          actually a wholesale market. Each shop usually sells just one type of product but the selection
          and variety of products is enormous, you'll find variations of products you won't find anywhere
          else. You can buy products such as arts and crafts, jewelry, sporting goods, toys, key chains,
          collectibles and gifts of all types. Many store and boutique owners from all over the world come
          here to buy their products wholesale. You will get the best prices if you buy in bulk (usually 20 or
          more). Most shop owners will not bargain unless you buy in bulk. However, if you only buy one
          or two items, the prices are usually cheaper than anywhere else since you are buying directly
          from the wholesaler.

    Shangxiajiu pedestrian street


Cantonese cuisine is well-known for its blend of color, fragrance, taste and presentation, and
it is ranked among the top four in the country. In particular, dim sum, a delicate pastry, is
famous for being simple yet delicious. Local customs have also played a major role in the
development and diversity of Cantonese cuisine, as it is often said that Cantonese people eat
everything that swims except a submarine, everything that flies except an airplane, and everything
with four legs except a table. However, despite the culinary achievements in the kitchen, the
standards of hygiene still leave a lot to be desired, and so care should be taken in choosing
restaurants and dishes. If in doubt, it is safer to avoid food containing meat, and fortunately
Cantonese cuisine is famous for its vegetarian dishes.

Do not ever be afraid of ordering too much - almost every restaurant in Guangzhou will have a
takeaway option, just ask to da bao (take-out) and your leftovers will be packaged up in a sealable,
microwavable container to be eaten at home.


    •   Baifu Restaurant , 112 Tiyu Dong Lu(3F, Baifu Plaza, Metro 1 Ti Yu Zhong Xin), ☎ +86 20
        3880-8268. edit

    •   Chuan Guo Yan Yi, 140-148 Tiyu Dong Lu, Tien He District, ☎ +86 20 3887-9879. Food from
        Sichuan (Sezchuan) province, the food from this restaurant is served hot pot style. Busy on
        Friday and Saturday nights. Popular with expats and those who like hot/spicy food. edit

    •   Datong Restaurant, 63 Yanjiang Lu, ☎ +86 20 8188-8988. Huge restaurant spans all 8 floors
        of the old building. The place has been around for a long time and is a favorite among
        locals. edit

    •   Guangzhou Restaurant, 2 Wenchang Nan Lu (Metro 1 Chang Shou Lu), ☎ +86 20
        8138-0388. This Cantonese family restaurant has several branches all over the city. Other
        locations include 20 Binjiang Xi Lu ) and 112 Ti Yu Dong Lu

    •   Liuhua Congee House , Renmin Bei Lu (In Liuhua Park. Metro 2, exit Yue Xiu Gong Yuan), ☎
        +86 20 8668-0108. Open 24 hours. Excellent dim sum in beautiful surroundings. edit

    •   Lian Xiang Lou, (Metro 1, exit Chang Shou Lu), ☎ +86 20 8181-1638. M-F 6:30AM-10PM,
        Sa-Su 6:30AM-11PM. Founded in 1889, Lian Xiang Lou is known for its tasty dim sum. Local
        cards only. edit

    •   Pan Xi Restaurant, 151 Longjin Xi Lu , ☎ +86 020 8181-5718. Serves up dim sum among
        trickling streams and stunning architecture. Try one of their famous dumplings shaped like a
        rabbit's head. edit

    •   Tao Tao Ju , 20 Dishipu Lu, (Metro 1 Chang Shou Lu), ☎ +86 20 8138-9632. Specialty is the
        Cantonese moon cakes. edit

    •   Wenji Restaurant , 10 Xuanyuan Qiao (Metro 1 Chang Shou Lu), ☎ +86 20 8172-8887. As the
        place was established by the former chefs from Qingping restaurant, they have the original
        Qingping chicken on the menu


    •   Cai Gen Xiang, 167 Zhongshan 6 Lu (Metro 1 Xi Men Kou), ☎ +86 20 8334-4363.
        6:30AM-2:30PM, 5PM-9PM. edit

   •    Fo Shi Jie , Niu Nai Chang Jie(by Tongfu Zhong Lu), ☎ +86 20 8424-3590. 7AM-9PM. Part of
        the profits is given to charity. edit

   •    Fo You Yuan, 12 Shi Lu Ji Zhongshan 8 Lu; 712 Shangjiu Lu (Metro 1 Chang Shou Lu), ☎ +86
        20 8181-9188. 6:30AM-3PM, 5PM-10PM. Interesting and new vegetarian dishes. edit

   •    Shui Yun Tian , 38-42 Jinghui Lu (next to the Guangxiao Temple, Metro 1 Xi Men Kou), ☎ +86
        20 8107-2463. 6:30AM-2:30PM, 4:30PM-9:30PM. Great buffet around noon


   •    13 Factories, Tiyu Xi Lu Tianhe Bei Jie No. 7 ☎ +86 20 3884 9230. 11AM-12AM. Menu has a
        heavy American South influence, with authentic gumbo, jambalaya, po' boys, and pulled pork all
        on offer, but French, Spanish, and Italian dishes can also be found. Frequented by both expats
        and locals. edit

   •    Buongiorno Italian Restaurant (Buongiorno), 33 Jiansheliumalu, 3F Yian plaza, ☎ +86 20
        83633587, [25]. 11AM-11PM. Real Italian restaurant, Italian managed and prepared. Best pizza
        and pasta in town, wonderful meat and fish dishes. edit

   •    Danny's Italian American Restaurant, 4F Unit 403, #188 Huangpu Da Dao Xi, Home Garden
        Mall, Tianhe District ☎ +86 020 8756-1993, [26]. Guangzhou expat institution. Delicious
        Italian dishes including pasta, pizza, salad, desserts, hamburgers and other "western" foods.
        Chinese dishes are also available. For dine in or take out. edit

   •    The Italian Restaurant , 360 Huanshi Dong Lu (3F, East Tower, Zhujiang Building), ☎ +86 20
        8386-3840. 10:30AM-2AM. Despite the unimaginative name, this is the place if you're craving
        Italian. Pizzas, pastas and beer are on offer. edit

   •    The Mexican Restaurant, (just above The Italian Restaurant). Food is mediocre and a bit
        expensive. edit

   •    La Seine, 33 Qingbo Lu (Ground floor, Zinghai Concert Hall), ☎ +86 20 8735-2222. The best
        French restaurant in the city. Also one of the most expensive restaurants. edit

   •    Western Delights, Tao Jin Jia Yuan, ☎ +86 13533377784, [27]. Western-style homemade
        sandwiches, managed and prepared by Westerners. Delivery service

Foreign Chains

 Foreign fast food, ice cream and coffee chains are well established in Guangzhou. These include
 KFC , Pizza Hut, McDonald's , Starbucks and Häagen-Dazs . All of these can be found in the
 Zhengjia Plaza (See "Shop").


When it comes to drinks, Guangzhou is one of the best cities in China to knock back a few. With
a relatively large population of foreigners here, the city offers a wide variety of nightspots
that cater to all tastes.

Tsing Tao and Zhu Jiang are the two major Chinese beer brands that are sold almost everywhere.
Both are fairly standard light lagers. Carlsberg is also brewed in Guangzhou, which explains the
reasonably large amount of Carlsberg taps in the bars.

Bai-E-Tan Bar Street on Changdi Street (Metro 1 Fang Cun; across the river from White Swan Hotel)
is packed with bars, but action is scarce until at least 10:30PM. It is recommended to have dinner
in one of the nearby restaurants before heading out to the bars. Special promotions, such as a
half dozen bottles of beer for ¥100, are common.Overseas Chinese Village, next to Holiday Inn
is a sort of bar street consisting of six or seven bars side by side, all two-storey buildings
with a different theme on each floor. Prices are on the high side, costing about ¥40 for a small
bottle of beer.

For latest reviews of restaurants, bars and night clubs pick up a free copy of That's PRD, a monthly
English publication. It is available at several hotels and lounges.

    Bar Street at Bai-E-Tan

    Nightlife at Shangxiajiu in Liwan District.

    Dance clubs

    •   C:Union, No.115, Shuiyin Rd., Chengshihui. Great place to hear atyipical live music like reggae
        or classic rock. Bar has both an indoor section consisting of a dance floor and couches and an
        outdoor section with patio seating and recently-added new basement. Wide beer selection and
        bartenders measure all drinks out in plain view. Early on the bar is populated mostly by locals,
        however as the night progresses the bar quickly fills with expats. Patrons tend to be very friendly
        open to meeting new people. There is usually at least one English speaking bartender at each
        station. ¥25-¥50 beer, ¥15 shots.

    •   The Cave , 360 Huanshi Dong Lu (basement on the end of the Zhu Jiang Building nearer to
        the Garden Hotel), ☎ +86 020 8386-3660. ¥30 standard drink.         A favorite expat hangout. The
        resident DJ spins a wide range of music. Exotic dance performances, i.e. live-python dance,
        start late on the dance floor.</drink>

    •   Club NaNa, No. 26 Tianlun Garden Jian She 4 Rd. (up the street from Oggi's Pizza). Packs a
        variety of music, well-known throughout Guangzhou for its wild parties, including a singles lock
        and key party, a secret costume party, and live hip-hop shows. The owners may be seen
        handing out free drinks. Beware of the tequila shots. Begins as a largely Chinese club but
        around 11:30PM, the shaking switches from dice to dancing and it becomes a mix of East and

    •   Gipsy King Bar, 360 Huanshi Dong Lu(opposite end of the Zhu Jiang Building from The Cave),
        ☎ +86 020 8387-5177. Underground bar similar to The Cave. Many local "working" girls
        sashay around. There are individual dance performances at one corner of the bar, while group
        performances start on the main dance floor at 10PM. ¥30 standard drink.

    Gipsy King Bar

8. Banking

ATMs that accept foreign credit or debit cards are common in shopping malls and tourist areas.
Withdrawal is available in Chinese currency only. Most banks also accept exchanges from your local

currencies to RMB. Your passport is required for this service. However, they do not change it
back to your local currencies.

    •   Bank of China There is a branch inside Garden Hotel. ATM is available on the ground floor of
        White Swan Hotel, and over 100 locations in Guangzhou. Their ATMs are the best bet for using
        foreign cards.
    •   Bank of America [64] Rm 2506, 555 Renmin Zhong Lu. +86-20 8130-0888. The bank has
        alliance with China Construction Bank.
    •   Citi [65] Unit 101, Fortune Plaza No. 118 TiYu East Road Tian He district. +86-20-38981688.
        This bank has a full service branch, foreign currency exchange services, and a 24 hour
        International ATM Service.

9. Contact

    •   The area dialing code for Guangzhou is 020. From overseas, dial +86 20 XXXX-XXXX. Phone
        numbers are 8 digits.
    •   Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality 13-15/F, 140 Dong Feng Xi Rd.. +86 20
    •   Consulates
             o   Australia, 12F, Development Center, No.3 Lin Jiang Da Dao, Zhu Jiang New City +86
                 20 3814-0111.
             o   Belgium, Rm. 1601-1602A, Citic Plaza, 233 Tie He Bei Rd. +86 20 3877-2351/6.
             o   Cambodia, Rm. 804-807, Garden Hotel, 368 Huan Shi Dong Rd. +86 20 8384-9937.
             o   Canada, Ste. 801, China Hotel Office Tower, Liu Hua Rd.
             o   Cuba, +86 20 2238-2603.
             o   Denmark, Ste. 1578, China Hotel Office Tower, Liu Hua Rd.+86 20 8666-0795.
             o   Finland, Rm. 3309B-12, Citic Plaza, 233 Tie He Bei Rd.+86 20 3877-0188.
             o   France, Rm. 803 Guangdong International Hotel Main Tower, 339 Huan Shi Dong Rd.
                 +86 20 2829-2000.
             o   Germany, Rm. 19F, Guangdong International Hotel, 339 Huan Shi Dong Rd.+86 20
             o   India, Units 1401-1404, 14th Floor, Skyfame Tower, 8 Linhe Zhong Road, Tianhe
                 District, +86-20-85501501-05 Indonesia, Rm. 1201-1223, West Building, Dong Fang
                 Hotel, 120 Liu Hua Rd.   +86 20 8601-8772.
             o   Italy [61], Rm. 5207-5208, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He Bei Rd. ) +86 020
             o   Japan, Garden Tower, 368 Huanshi Dong Lu +86 20 8334-3090.
             o   Korea, 18F, Guangzhou International Commercial Centre West Tower, 122 Ti Yu Dong
                 Rd.+86 20 3887-0555.
             o   Malaysia, Rm. 1912-1918, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He Bei Rd. +86 20 3877-0757.
             o   Mexico, Rm. 1402-03, 183 Tian He Bei Rd. +86 20 2222-0980.
             o   Netherlands, Rm. 905, Guangdong International Hotel, 339 Huan Shi Dong Rd.+86
                 20 8330-2067.
             o   Norway, Rm. 1802, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He Bei Rd. +86 20 3811 3188 .

             o   New Zealand, Rm. 1160, China Hotel Office Tower, Liu Hua Rd.       +86 20 8667-0253.
             o   Pakistan, Rm. No. 705-06, Grand Tower No. 228, Tianhe Rd.,510620, +86-20
             o   Philippines, Rm. 709-711, Guangdong International Hotel, 339 Huan Shi Dong Rd.
                 +86 20 8331-1461.
             o   Poland, 63 Shamian DajieTel: +86 20 8121-9993/4.
             o   Singapore, Rm. 2418, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He Bei Rd. +86 20 3891-2345.
             o   Sweden, Rm. 1002B-1003, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He Bei Rd. +86 20 3891-2383.
             o   Switzerland, 27F, Grand Tower, 228 Tian He Rd.+86 20 3833-0450.
             o   Thailand, M07 Garden Hotel, 368 Huan Shi Dong Rd. +86 20 8384-9937.
             o   United Kingdom, 7F, Guangdong International Hotel, 339 Huan Shi Dong Rd.         +86
                 20 8314-3000.
             o   U.S.A., [62] Note that the visa, passport and adoption sections of the Consulate have
                 recently moved to 5th Floor Tian Yu Garden (Phase II) 136-146 Linhe Zhong Lu ;
                 Mailing address remains and other offices remain at: 1 Shamian Nan Jie, Shamian
                 Island , +86 20 8121-8000. This is the only U.S. Consulate in China that processes
                 adoption visas.
             o   Vietnam, 2F Building B North, Landmark Canton Hotel, 8 Qiao Guang Rd., Haizhu
                 Square+86 20 8330-5911.
   •    Internet cafes are common in major Chinese cities, though are often the target of government
        crackdowns. Popular ones in Guangzhou include:
             o   Worldwide Network on Jiangsu Lu
             o   the more up-market Sparkice in Central Plaza on Huai Hai Zhong Lu
             o   China Mayors Plaza . 189 Tianhe Bei Lu
             o   Budget Internet Cafe on Fuzhou Lu
             o   Starbucks
   •    Police: The Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Division is located at 155 Jiefang
        Nan Lu+86 20 8311-5808 (M-F 8:50AM-11:30AM, 2:30PM-5PM.) You can get your visa
        extension done here if needed.


   •    Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital is near the Garden Hotel. 106 Zhong Shan Er Lu.
        +86 20 8382-7812, +86 20 2062-2031.
   •    Kaiyi International Dental Care [68] Ice Flower Hotel, 2 Tianhe Bei Lu. +86 20 3886-4821, +86
        20 3387-4278

10.Useful Words

   a.   Please take me to the Airport Terminal
   b.   Please take me to Okay Airways office at Airport

     c.   Please take me to Wal-Mart Super Martket
     d.   I want rice. 我要米饭,               I want fried beef 我要炒牛肉
          I want Coco Cola 我要可口可乐              I want beer 我要啤酒
          I want ice 我要加冰                  I want chopsticks 我要筷子
          I want fork 我要叉子                 I want spoon 我要勺子
          I want 7 up 我要七喜                How much 多少钱
11. Emergency Telephone Number
Fire 119
Police 110
Traffic Accident 122

Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Chancery:No.27,Guang Hua Lu, Beijing
Tel::010-65322881      Fax:010-65322751


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