QS Chart of Accounts Upload by MrRail


Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Accrued Liabilities
Accrued Taxes
Accumulated Amortization
Accumulated Depreciation
Additional Paid in Capital
Allowance for Doubtful Accounts
Capital Lease - Current
Capital Leases - Long Term
Capital Stock
Cash and Cash Equivalents
Common Stock
Cumulative Translation Adjustment
Debts - Current
Debts - Long Term
Deferred Taxes Liabilities - Long Term
Deferred Revenue - Current
Deferred Revenue - Long Term
Deferred Stock Compensation
Deferred Tax Assets - Current
Deferred Tax Assets - Long Term
Deposits and Prepayments
Dividend Paid
Dividend Payable
Employee Advances/Loans
Escrows and Reserves
Fixed Assets
Income Tax Payable
Intangible Assets
Intercompany Payable
Intercompany Receivable
Investment in Subsidiary
Loan Payable - Current
Loans - Long Term
Long Term Investments
Mortgage Loans - Long Term
Note Payable - Current
Note Payable - Long Term
Other Assets
Other Current Assets
Other Current Liabilities
Other Liabilities
Partners Equity
Retained Earnings
Preferred Stock
Prepaid Expenses
Sales and Used Tax Payable
Short-Term Investments

Advertising and Promotion Expense
Allocation Expense
Amortization Expense
Automobile Expense
Bad Debt Expense
Benefit Expense
Bonus Expense
Business Licenses and Permits Expense
Charitable Contributions Expense
Commission Expense
Compensation Expense
Computer Processing Expense
Copying and Printing Expense
Cost of Consulting Revenue
Cost of Goods Sold
Cost of Hardware Revenue
Cost of Licenses Revenue
Cost of Maintenances Revenue
Cost of Other Revenue
Cost of Products Revenue
Cost of Sales Revenue
Cost of Services Revenue
Cost of Software Revenue
Cost of Subscriptions Revenue
Cost of Supports Revenue
Credit Card and Other Service Expense
Debt Service Expense
Depreciation Expense
Dividend Income
Due and Subscriptions Expense
Education Expense
Equipment Rental Expense
Facility Expense
Federal Tax
Finance Charges Expense
Foreign Tax
Gain/Loss on Sales of Fixed Assets
Insurance Expense
Intercompany Expense
Intercompany Purchases
Intercompany Sales
Interest Expense
Interest Income
Legal and Accounting Expense
Management Fees Expense
Meal and Entertainment Expense
Miscellaneous Expense
Office Supplies Expense
Other Expenses
Other Income
Other Operating Expense
Partnership Expense
Payroll Expense
Payroll Taxes
Postage and Delivery Expense
Professional Services Expense
Realized Foreign Currency Exchange Gain/Loss
Rent Expense
Repairs and Maintenance Expense
Revenue - Consulting
Revenue - Hardware
Revenue - Licenses
Revenue - Maintenances
Revenue - Other
Revenue - Products
Revenue - Sales
Revenue - Services
Revenue - Software
Revenue - Subscriptions
Revenue - Supports
Salary and Wages Expense
Sales Returns and Discounts
Shipping Expense
Software and Maintenance Expense
State and Local Tax
Stock-based Compensation Expense
Telecommunication Expense
Travel Expense
Unrealized Foreign Currency Exchange Gain/Loss
Utility Expense
Withholding Tax

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