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[screen displays EKU Cast logo]

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[screen displays Cherie Dawson-Edwards in studio]

[Cherie Dawson-Edwards, host, speaking] Hello, and welcome to EKU Cast. I’m Cherie
Dawson-Edwards. In this final edition of our three-part series, EKU Cast Goes Green, we look
at some of the many campus programs aimed at reducing the university’s environmental impact.
From the EKU Rides program to the paperless payroll system, individuals and departments
throughout the university are continually demonstrating the green power of maroon.

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[screen displays Martin parking lot and text “EKU Rides”]

[female speaking] EKU Rides is really a social carpooling mechanism that allows folks that are
interested in sharing rides to campus to meet each other and to ride together —

[screen displays Beverly Burrus, chair, EKU Staff Council, speaking to camera] — and with
gasoline prices and with parking on university campuses, we thought it was a good idea to look
into this.

[screen displays EKU’s home page]

[Beverly Burrus speaking] You can actually get onto EKU’s Web page, and there’s a link from

[screen zooms in on link to “EKU Rides”]

[screen displays another computer screen]

[Beverly Burrus speaking] But also, if you’re on Facebook, there’s a link from Facebook —

[screen displays Facebook login page]

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[Beverly Burrus speaking] — to get into EKU Rides.

[screen displays EKU Rides page]

[Beverly Burrus speaking] The main thing you need is you have to have an EKU e-mail account.

[screen displays Martin parking lot]

[Beverly Burrus speaking] Right now, we have five designated parking spots in the Martin lot
for faculty or staff.

[screen displays close-up of EKU Rides sign in Alumni Coliseum parking lot]

[Beverly Burrus speaking] There are 10 spots for commuter students in the Alumni Coliseum
parking lot. At least two people have to put their parking permits on the dash so they know —

[screen displays Beverly Burrus speaking to camera] — and they’re prime parking spaces, trust

[screen displays Margaret Lane, EKU Rides participant, speaking to camera] There’s days that
there’s so many people going green and riding together, doing the rideshare, that we can’t get a
parking place. So, if they’d add a few more spots, that would be great.

[screen displays Melvin Alcorn, EKU Rides participant, speaking to camera] That’s the biggest
complaint on all campuses, not just on Eastern’s, but everywhere — not enough parking spots.

[screen displays various angles of Martin lot]

[Beverly Burrus speaking] I’ve been in conversation with parking, and they are looking at
expanding the spaces in both lots.

[screen displays text “EKU Rides, www.rides.eku.edu”]

[Beverly Burrus speaking] We’ve had about 700 students, faculty and staff that have utilized it
in a semester. It’s been a great success in our mind.

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[screen displays woman at computer and text “EKU Payroll”]

[Deborah Newsom speaking] Financial affairs, working in concert with human resources and
information technology, embarked upon three initiatives.

[Deborah Newsom, vice president, Financial Affairs and Treasurer, speaking to camera] The
first was the paperless payroll. The second was paperless student billing, and the third was
related to student refunds.

[screen displays shots of EKU Direct screens]

[Deborah Newsom speaking] Our primary objective was enhanced service —

[screen returns to Deborah Newsom speaking to camera] — but certainly the benefits also
associated with these programs are the cost savings and the support of the university’s
sustainability initiative. Of the three programs I mentioned, that eliminates the processing of
approximately 200,000 documents a year.

[screen displays EKU payroll documents]

[Deborah Newsom speaking] I did a quick calculation on the cost to actually print and process a
check. This does not include labor cost. It’s roughly 1.80 a check.

[screen returns to Deborah Newsom speaking to camera] So, you’re looking at hundreds of
thousands of dollars in direct savings, both in postage, processing costs, toner, paper and so on.

[screen displays shots of EKU Direct screens]

[Deborah Newsom speaking] Our objective would be to never write checks again, but we are
certainly, with this 200,000-dollar decrease in document processing, taken a huge first step.

[screen displays “EKU Payroll, www.accounts.eku.edu/payroll/”]

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[screen displays man and several bicycles with text “EKU RECycle Program”]

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[Brian Clark, Asst. Dir., Campus Recreation Adventure Programs, speaking to camera] Having
bikes has been a goal for Campus Recreation for a while, and last semester we were able to
purchase 31 bikes, 25 commuter bikes for students and 6 commuter bikes for faculty/staff
members of the facility.

[screen displays various shots of Fitness and Wellness Center]

[Brian Clark speaking] It’s free. There’s no cost. You can check out a bike up to a month at a
time. We will allow you to re-check that out if there’s no waiting list, so we’ve had several
people that have just checked them out about three times consecutively.

[screen displays Nicole Gallaher and Brian with bike]

[Nicole Gallaher speaking] I’ve signed up previously, so this is my second time getting a bike.
I’m really excited to have it back.

[Nicole Gallaher, student, Farmersville, OH, speaking to camera] I live so close to campus, and
it doesn’t make sense for me to drive everywhere, plus with parking being an issue half the time,
gas prices, so I just figured, ride a bike, get a quick little workout in, save some gas.

[screen displays Nicole and Brian at table]

[Brian Clark speaking] There’s a process to actually fit you in the bike, so depending on your
inseam and your height, we want to outfit you as best as possible, obviously, for the bike to fit

[Brian Clark speaking to camera] But we have several different sizes that we can accommodate
most people.

[screen returns to Nicole and Brian at table]

[Brian Clark speaking] We provide a lock, as well. We also provide a fender if you want to ride
in the rain, and we will provide a front light and a rear light for the bicycle as well. All that,
absolutely free. Those are just options that you can add to the bike.

[screen returns to Nicole and Brian with bike]

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[Brian Clark speaking] The only thing we don’t provide is a helmet, and we just strongly
encourage everybody to go out and buy a helmet.

[Brian Clark speaking to camera] If we have a bike available, it’ll take 30 minutes max,
hopefully, to get you outfitted for the bike and do all the paperwork and all you have to do is
bring your Eastern ID and credit card or debit card, something to keep on file in case you don’t
ever bring the bike back to us.

[screen displays Nicole on bike]

[Brian Clark speaking] It’s a great opportunity for us to minimize environmental impact and
reducing our carbon footprint and also promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness outside of the
Fitness and Wellness Center.

[screen displays EKU RECycle Program, www.campusrec.eku.edu/adventure/bikes”]

[bike bell chimes]

♪ [slower music ends] ♪

♪ [different music begins] ♪

[screen displays books and text “EKU Recycling”]

[David Williams, Assoc. Dir., Facilities Service Administration, speaking] Paper is obviously
the largest volume of recyclables on a college campus. In fact, paper is probably 75 percent of
our total waste.

[David Williams speaking to camera] So, we started this program concentrating on paper, and
we still really are more paper and cardboard than any other material.

[screen displays various shots of recycling on campus]

[David Williams speaking] Custodians bring it from offices to a central location. We bring it
back over here. Then, we transfer it into large Gaylord containers on pallets, load that up and
take it to Kentucky Recycling.

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When we pick up trash on campus, we use two different bags. All of those bags with cans and
bottles are brought up here, and then we go through and take the lids off the bottles and separate
the cans. Now, our aluminum cans are donated to Habitat Madison County.

The state has been generous with their money available for grants for recycling. That’s helped
us to purchase some nice containers for our meeting rooms and public spaces.

[screen displays Model’s playground and sign]

[David Williams speaking] We have managed to retrofit the Model’s playground with crumb
rubber mulch that’s virtually permanent. That’s a recycling grant program.

[screen displays truck]

[David Williams speaking] We’ve taken this diesel-powered cardboard truck and converted it to
burn waste vegetable oil that we are getting from Aramark food service. It’s cleaned and filtered
and then burned in these trucks. If this all works well, we have hopes to go ahead and convert
more vehicles depending on the supply of waste vegetable oil.

We’re saving landfill space, and we are reusing these materials, so we’re saving energy, so
there’s an environmental savings there. It’s just the right thing to do.

[screen displays EKU Recycling, www.facilities.eku.edu/recycling”]

♪ [different music ends] ♪

[screen returns to Cherie Dawson-Edwards speaking to camera] That does it for our three-part
series, EKU Cast Goes Green. For more information on EKU sustainability initiatives, visit

Until next time, I’m Cherie Dawson-Edwards. Thanks for watching EKU Cast.

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