PDC Category Chart - DOC by MrRail


									PDC Chart.

In the shaded space provided, identify the total number of PDCs you have received in each
category. (please refer to the PDC Category chart for guidance)

      Category A:                                           Category L:
      Profession Specific Scientific Research               Teaching/Instructing non-diploma or non-
      & Applications Conferences with a                     degree courses/continuing education
      focus on Physical Fitness.                            courses
      Category B:                                           Category M:
      CSEP H & FP National or Provincial or                 Post undergraduate and post certification
      Regional Committee Work                               academic pursuits: university degree
                                                            academic courses or college diploma
      Category C:                                           Category N:
      PFLC PREP Module                                      Non-diploma or non-degree
                                                            courses/continuing educationa
                                                            opportunities - post certification pursuits
      Category D:                                           Category O: Non-diploma or non-degree
      Workshops/seminars offered by active                  on-line courses/educational opportunities -
      PFLCs                                                 post certification pursuits
      Category E:                                           Category P:
      CPAFLA Course                                         Proof of passing the test questions related
                                                            to featured article that appear in scientific
                                                            professional journals for fitness
      Category F:                                           Category Q:
      CPAFLA Refresher/Update                               Fitness instructor skill courses
      Category G:                                           Catgeory R:
      CSEP Exercise Therapist Designation                   Seminars/Workshops offered by Local,
                                                            Private, Club or Comericial Fitness
                                                            Consulting and/or Fitness Certification
      Category H:                                           Category S:
      Peer Reviewed Publications (Research                  Conferences offered or sponsored by
      Journal Articles, Chapters in books,                  Local, Private, Club or Commercial Fitness
      Position Statements, etc): Reviewed by                Consulting and/or Fitness Certification
      experts (PhD) in related area                         Agencies
      Category I:                                           Category T:
      Peer Reviewed Research Grants                         Automated Defibrillator Training

      Category J:                                           Category U:
      Non Peer Reviewed Commercial                          First Aid/CPR Instructor Certification
      Fitness Publications
      Category K:                                           CSEP-CEP Upgrade Workshop
      Teaching university degree academic
      courses or college diploma courses

Keep in a safe place for seven years. This information can be requested at any time.

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