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									       Rugby Borough Council Affordable Warmth Action Plan 2006 – 2009                                                              

               2005/06      2006/07
     TARGET 1:   25%                    Increase in monetary terms in Warm Front Grants implemented in the Borough.
     TARGET 2:   500                    Home Energy Check surveys completed by Rugby residents. Maximise information captured from
                                        survey to ensure effective use of resources.
     TARGET 3:      100                 Referrals made through Rugby BC Affordable Warmth scheme to the WEEAC.
                                        Warmfront National Target xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

#KEY AIM 1: Establish and maintain effective partnership

 Objective                       Local Issues                                                               Timescale               Lead
 1.1 Operate an effective        1. Set up a local steering group of key stakeholders meeting on an         On going                RBC
 Rugby Affordable Warmth            eight weekly basis. (see strategy for membership)                       Meets bi-monthly to
 Steering Group                  2. Identify other agencies with interest in affordable warmth and invite   review key objectives   All
                                    to join steering group.
                                 3. Follow up non-attendees to ascertain if there are any issues that                               RBC
                                    can be addressed by the group.

 1.1 Incorporate and improve     1. To include Energy Efficiency measures into Housing Grant work                                   RBC
 Energy Efficiency Measures         where appropriate assisting with safety of heating systems and                                  Care and
 into housing grants, i.e.          affordable warmth                                                                               Repair
 Renovation, Disabled Facility   2. To link all available funding streams so as to maximise private                                 WCC
 & Home Repair Assistance           sector grant availability i.e. Warm Front, loans etc. Energy works
                                    incorporated into grant spec. establishing warm home standard.
                                 3. Low Carbon Buildings Programme offers a number of grants to                                     Energy Saving
                                    install energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.                                      Trust

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       Rugby Borough Council Affordable Warmth Action Plan 2006 – 2009                                                            

KEY AIM 2: Raise awareness of fuel poverty and affordable warmth

Objective                       Local Issues                                                               Timescale               Lead
2.1 Ensure all Rugby            1. Hold 2-5 days of electric blanket testing and energy advice.            1. AC x2- 3 times a     RBC
residents are                      (Renewal Areas, Fire service, Sheltered Housing)                           year                 Tenant
accessing the local             2. Promote WEEAC details in core Council and partner publicity             2. ongoing              Participation
Energy Efficiency                  material including Tenant Times and the Council Website                 3. Liaise with R        Officer (RDTA)
Advice Centre                   3. Ensure reception staff, Contact Centre Advisers and partner                Williams Benefits    CAB
                                   organisations remain aware of when and how to refer applicants to          Advice               EAGA
                                   WEEAC                                                                   4. Sept/Oct 06          Age Concern
                                4. Liaise with EAGA to carry our a targeted mail shot to all local
                                   residents on qualifying benefit                                         5. ongoing
                                5. Ensure sufficient stocks of leaflets are available at key outlets       6. Ongoing NEA
                                   including GP surgeries, CAB offices Age Concern Libraries etc.          produced DVD in
                                6. Check publicity, referral training, and self-referral forms can reach   multiple languages      Note: Difficult
                                   minority ethnic groups throughout Rugby including difficult to reach    option for linking to   to reach
                                   groups, single people etc.                                              RBC web                 Groups, BME,
                                                                                                                                   Older People
2.2 Increase energy             1. Hold ½ days sessions – “Introduction to Energy Awareness”               1. Sept/Oct 06          RBC
awareness amongst other         2. Develop energy advice leaflet for general use                           2. Oct 06               WEEAC
organisations e.g.                                                                                                                 Voluntary Grps
Community/Voluntary Sector                                                                                                         Rugby CAB

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       Rugby Borough Council Affordable Warmth Action Plan 2006 – 2009                                                          

KEY AIM 3: Provide effective Energy Awareness Training

Objective                       Local Issues                                                           Timescale                 Lead
3.1 Continue Referral              1. Arrange a minimum of four affordable warmth-training sessions       1. Quarterly           WEEAC
Mechanism                             and offer to Contact Centre Advisors, and partner stakeholders
                                      including Community Development Officers, District Nurses and
                                      more as identified.
                                   2. Produce 6-monthly follow-up letter to all trained referrers.        2. 6 monthly           WEEAC

KEY AIM 4: Market energy efficiency and affordable warmth

Objective                       Local Issues                                                           Timescale                 Lead
4.1 Raise awareness of             1. Submit a minimum of four press release articles to local press   1. Quarterly June &       ALL including
energy efficiency                     throughout 2006/07 promoting keeping warm keeping well              Oct 06 „ R U           Rugby FM
and affordable warmth.                campaign, insulation deals, and grants for households, energy       Getting Enough
                                      efficiency tips, and domestic renewable and other related           Campaign
                                      themes.                                                          2. Sept 2006
                                   2. Deliver in partnership a minimum of 3 presentations to
                                      community groups including local faith groups, Renewal Area      3. ongoing
                                      Action teams, BME etc                                            investigations/research   Note: use data
                                   3. Review options for match funding initiatives with British Gas    4. Matter with Legal      held on Flare
                                      linked to Council Tax benefit – see case study Wyre Forest BC.   Section                   and other data
                                   4. Develop partnership opportunities in Chill Out Scheme see        5. 2 x event before       sources
                                      Rushcliffe BC                                                    and 2 after Christmas     (stakeholders
                                   5. Explore ways to advise low income households of available        2006 (Inc EE Week         to identify
                                      grants i.e. Warm Front Grant, Credit Union and other forms of    Oct)                      demands,
                                      assistance.                                                      6. Liaise with R          gaps and
                                   6. Develop links with Housing Benefit and Warm Front installers     Williams Benefits         opportunities

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       Rugby Borough Council Affordable Warmth Action Plan 2006 – 2009                                                              

Objective                        Local Issues                                                              Timescale                 Lead
4.2 Provide information in          1. Leaflet targeting families, carers and neighbours advising of the   ongoing                   RBC
appropriate format                     health needs of the very young and very old                                                   WEEAC
                                    2. Produce sticker with key contact numbers for use by advisors
                                       and other home visitors
                                    3. Identify effective methods of cascading information within the
4.3 Target community venues         1. Job Centres, Doctor‟s surgeries, Community Centres, Day             1. Benefit Advice Off     RBC
for information and advice              Centres, other advice agencies
                                    2. Set up permanent display points in selected venues                  2. Benefit Advice Off
                                    3. Establish system for updating displays                              3 Benefit Advice Off      TPO
                                    4. Warden sites/community rooms                                        4. Sheltered Hsg

KEY AIM 5: Ensure low income residents benefit from fuel supply competition

Objective                        Local Issues                                                              Timescale                 Lead
5.1 Promote better                  1. Produce and distribute „Did you know‟? Fact Sheets on pre-          Ongoing signposting to    RBC
understanding of                       payment methods for frontline staff, e.g. Housing Officers,         Energy Watch              WEEAC
fuel costs, payment                    Sheltered Housing Teams, Tenant Groups (RDTA) Health                Oct Energy Eff Week       TPO
arrangements.                          Visitors, Nurse Advisers, Renewal Area Action Teams, etc            Planning Mtg WC 25th      Energy Watch
                                                                                                           Sept 06                   Rugby FM
5.2 Investigate feasibility of      1. Explore opportunities for holding training sessions on              Visit arranged 0ct 06     ALL
renewable energy sources as            renewables for building control officers?                           ECOPOD various rep
an alternative to mains gas in                                                                             attending from Steering
rural areas                                                                                                Grp

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       Rugby Borough Council Affordable Warmth Action Plan 2006 – 2009                                                   

Objective                      Local Issues                                                             Timescale         Lead
5.3 Minimise fuel debt             2. Distribute 1000 low energy light bulbs and HEC to All Housing     Oct 2006 Energy   RBC
amongst low-income                    Teams, Renewal Area Action Groups, Sheltered Housing              Efficiency Week   WEEAC
residents.                            Teams, Parish Council Groups, Benefits section and other                            Rugby PCT
                                      identified stakeholders. Energy Eff Week                                            Age Concern
                                   3. Develop energy efficiency referral opportunities with Health
                                      Visitors undertaking PATCHES home safety checks

KEY AIM 6: Encourage all housing owners to achieve affordable warmth

Objective                      Local Issues                                                             Timescale         Lead
6.1 Facilitate the                1    Develop partnerships with Registered Social Landlords to
achievement of                         encourage enhanced standards of energy efficiency through the
affordable warmth in                   Local Registered Social Landlords Liaison Group
Social Housing.
6.2 Achieving affordable          1.   Write to all letting agents in the Borough to make them aware                      RBC
warmth in Private                      of Warm Front and free insulation from fuel utilities for                          WEEAC
Sector Housing.                        qualifying tenants.                                                                Rugby Credit
                                  4.   Write to private landlords (Landlord Forum) and HMO owners                         Union
                                       to outline available grants for energy efficiency measures for
                                       HMOs, subject to changes to rules for Warm Front
                                  5.   Support Green Loans scheme arising from RBC Housing
                                  6.   Run competition for New Bilton Renewal Area linked to
                                       returned HEC‟s. Prize to be agreed
                                  7.   Facilitate three events i.e. Renewal Area 3 SWOP SHOP
                                       Woodlands, Energy Efficiently week with information stand.
                                       Low energy light bulbs and home energy checks.
                                  8.   Offer exchange service for low energy light bulbs for

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       Rugby Borough Council Affordable Warmth Action Plan 2006 – 2009                                                         

                                       customers completing HEC and to display HEC leaflet stand
KEY AIM 7: Access funding and other resources to deliver the strategy

 Objective                       Local Issues                                                          Timescale               Lead
 7.1 Explore alternative            1. Look at criteria for EST Innovation, Supporting People, WOLP,                           ALL
 funding mechanisms                    charitable trusts and Lottery funds to see whether these can
                                       fund Affordable Warmth projects in Rugby.
                                    2. Prepare a bid if a suitable project is identified.

KEY AIM 8: Ensure strategy delivery, development and evaluation

 Objective                       Local Issues                                                          Timescale               Lead
 8.1 That the Rugby                 1. Ensure that Action Plan 2006/07 is included in partner          1.   Reviewed           ALL
 Affordable Warmth                     Delivery/Business Plans.                                             quarterly
 Steering Group                     2. Ensure that Rugby steering group members have this area of      2.   Reviewed           ALL
 delivers the actions                  work identified as core work.                                        quarterly
 in this plan.

 8.2 Obtain high level              1. Embed action plan within the LSP through the Health &           1. Need to consider     ALL/LSP
 commitment to this                    Wellbeing Group.                                                   Post LAA launch
 action plan.                       2. Strengthen links with Affordable Warmth Strategy and Action        and links to LSP     RBC
                                       Plan with RBC Corporate Social Inclusion Strategy and key       2. Ongoing
                                       objectives                                                      3. Establish links to   Strategic Health
                                    3. Ensure Rugby PCT support continues through and after current       Warwickshire PCT     Authority
                                       changes. Explicitly link Affordable Warmth work to Health
                                       Inequalities agenda.

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      Rugby Borough Council Affordable Warmth Action Plan 2006 – 2009                                

Objective                   Local Issues                                             Timescale         Lead
8.3 Review, monitor and        1. Report 6 monthly progress to partner boards          1. ongoing      ALL
communicate action             2. Review and re-focus the action plan for 2007/08.     2. bi monthly
plan progress.                                                                            meetings

   Jargon Buster

   CAB                     Citizens Advice Bureau
   EST                     Energy Savings Trust
   HMO                     Houses in Multiple Occupation
   LAA                     Local Area Agreement
   LSP                     Local Strategic Partnership
   NEA                     National Energy Action
   PCT                     Warwickshire Primary Care Trust
   RBC                     Rugby Borough Council
   RDTA                    Rugby District Tenant Association
   TPO                     Tenant Participation Officer
   WEEAC                   Warwickshire Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
   WOLP                    Warwickshire On Line Partnership

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