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					                                 Re: Alignments of the Newport Tower

Re: Alignments of the Newport Tower


      • From: Eric Stevens <eric.stevens@xxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 10:36:42 +1300

On Sat, 03 Feb 2007 08:52:53 GMT, "David B." <tronospamchos@xxxxxxxxx>

       "Jack Linthicum" <jacklinthicum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

               I checked with Redwood Library for any early 19th and 18th Century
               articles on the Tower/Mill. Note the lack of Mr. Means' last name in
               the letter. Here is the reply:

               Hello Mr. Linthicum,

               Cheryl Helms passed your request on me. I checked our collection
               catalog and found that most of our materials on the Stone Mill/Tower
               are from the 20th Century. I did find that an article appeared in the
               Scribner's of 1879 by Hatfield which the library owns 3 copies. We
               also have two books from the 19th Century; one by Carl Christian Rafn
               (1841) and another by Charles T. Brooks (1851). We do have the
               working files of Phillip Ainsworth who wrote a book on the Mill/
               Tower. There may be some 19th C. articles in those files. I was not
               able to find any newspaper clippings in our collection from the 19th
               C. However, that does not mean they do not exist − somewhere.

               Lisa C. Long
               Ezra Stiles Special Collections Librarian
               Redwood Library and Athenaeum

       Thanks Jack.

       I had hoped the 1777−9 Newport Gazette might be covered by the Early
       American Newspapers digitization project, but so far it seems not, though it
       has been microfilmed. On the other hand, if anybody has access to (available through many US universities) they could perhaps
       look for any references within the 4425 available pages of the Newport
       Mercury (going back to 1758, but this paper was supplanted by the Gazette

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                                  Re: Alignments of the Newport Tower
        during the Loyalist domination of the town which seems unfortunately to be
        the likeliest time−frame for the alleged explosion) or the 3527 pages of the
        Providence Gazette, both in Series 1.

My recollection of the story I have heard says that the explosion
which damaged the top of the tower was deliberately set off by the
British as a parting gift. I think this would place it as occurring
during October 1779.

Eric Stevens

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