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Cheerleading Guidelines


Cheerleading Guidelines


The following Guidelines have been compiled to comply with all school
rules, and may be amended at any time by the advisor/coach or
school principal.

Coach: Ashley Johnson
Cell: 912-536-4970

Coach: Shelby Cox
Cell: 9126634131

Mr. Pete Iott, Principal
South Effingham Middle School
1200 Noel C. Conaway Road
Guyton, GA 31312
School: 728-7500
Fax: 728-7508

                    2011-2012 Cheerleaders


   1. Cheerleaders are under the same requirements as other athletes in regard to grades. The
      no pass/no play policy is regulated by the state.

   2. Age: Athletes cannot turn 14 during their 6th grade year, 15 during their 7th grade year, or
      16 during their 8th grade year.

   3. The coaches will contact the administrators'/counselors' office for grade verification as
      often as required to monitor eligibility.

   4. Any candidate interested in trying out for the team must have passed 3 out of 4
      academic classes in the semester preceding the tryout date.

   5. Any cheerleader with failing grades at mid-term, or the time of Progress Reports will be
      suspended from the squad for the remainder of the grading period.

   6. Any cheerleader who does not pass 3 out of 4 academic classes for the grading period will
      not be eligible to cheer the following nine weeks.

   7. Any cheerleader who does not pass 3 out of 4 academic classes in the last semester will be
      declared “ineligible”, and is therefore dismissed from the squad.

   8. Basketball cheerleaders may lose academic eligibility mid season if they do not pass 3 of 4
      classes in the 1st semester of the school year.

   9. It will be the responsibility of the cheerleaders to show all Progress Reports and Report
      Cards to the coaches the day they are issued.

   1. Each cheerleader must be physically able to participate in long periods of vigorous activity
      without undue fatigue.

   2. No one will be allowed to try out for cheerleading without having had a CURRENT physical
      on file with the school. If your physical runs out during a season, it is your responsibility
      to get a new one. Cheerleader participation will be nonexistent without current physical.

   3. The physical is good for one calendar year and must be signed by doctor. You must also
      have on file the parent consent form, travel form and insurance information.

   4. Warm-ups and fitness training are a regular part of every practice.

   1. Each cheerleader must maintain a desirable attitude and a spirit of cooperation in all
      classes! IF a teacher has to meet with a coach about a cheerleader's behavior in
      class, the coach will take corrective action, which may include conferencing with
      the cheerleader, giving the cheerleader a number of DEMERITS, suspending the
      cheerleader from a game, or recommending that the teacher follow handbook
      rules as they apply to the infraction. Attitude checks with the teachers of cheerleaders
      will be conducted at mid-term and at the end of each grading period. In addition, teachers
      are asked to speak to the coaches concerning behavior issues in class.

   2. Each cheerleader must realize the commitment he or she makes to the school and student
      body to be a school representative and leader when he or she is chosen. Behavior,
      attitude, and conduct should reflect this at all times.

   3. Cheerleaders must be able to control, to the best of their ability, any
      unsportsmanlike conduct of fans. An example of this would be to start a positive,
      supportive cheer to discourage any negative conduct by the crowd.

   4. Each cheerleader must be willing to cooperate fully with the captains and with the coaches.

   1. All cheerleaders are expected to participate in fundraising activities since this is
      a part of being on a team. Each cheerleader should be willing to help plan, coordinate,
      and work at fundraising activities which will provide the financial backing for all members
      of the group.

A. Athletic Events
   1. In the event that a cheerleader should have an unexcused absences from a game or other
      assigned athletic event, she will be benched for the following game or athletic event, and
      will sit (in uniform) with the coaches during the next event. Excused absences include
      personal illness, death in the family, or religion.

       Personal illnesses must be documented with a note from a physician or

   2. Each cheerleader will be given a copy of the schedules for all football and basketball
      games. It is the cheerleader's responsibility to verify the time of each game with the
      squad's captain, as there are occasional time changes or cancellations.

   3. If a cheerleader cannot attend a game, or must leave early from a game, the coaches
      must be contacted prior to the game, and should be notified by the cheerleader
      herself or parents. If the coaches cannot be reached, contact the school secretary. A
      written excuse from the parents must be presented to the coaches the following school
      day. The captains cannot give the cheerleader permission to miss a game. Failure to
      notify the coaches in advance will result in the cheerleader being benched for the following
      game and/or athletic event, and he or she will sit (in uniform) with the coaches during this

     1. If a cheerleader cannot attend practice, the coaches must be notified prior to the
      practice by phone, email, or in person. The cheerleader or her parents must notify the
      coaches. If the coaches cannot be reached, contact the school secretary. Failure to notify
      the coaches prior to the practice will result in laps, suspension, or dismissal from the
      squad. The only acceptable excuses for missing a practice are the same for missing a

       2. If a cheerleader is absent from a scheduled practice the day before a game, he or she
       will be suspended from that week's game and/or pep rally, athletic function, etc…. If a
       cheerleader is suspended, he or she still must dress out with the team and sit with the
       team or coaches all 4 quarters of the game.

       3.The coach, captain, and/or co-captain of the squad will remind each cheerleader of
       scheduled practices.

   1. A cheerleader is tardy to a practice session, demerits will be given, if he or she is not
      dressed in practice clothing and ready to begin the warm-up routine at 4:00 p.m.

   2. A cheerleader is tardy to a game, demerits will be give, if he or she is not dressed in
      uniform and ready to begin the warm-up routine when directed to by the coaches.

   3. If a cheerleader is late to a practice session or to a game for any reason, Demertis will
      be given.

   4. A cheerleader will not leave school during the day and then return for cheerleading
      practice unless they have been present for half of the school day STUDENTS MUST BE
   COUTNED PRESENT( CANNOT LEAVE BEFORE 12PM).. Students must attend
      school for half of the day in order to be counted present, and a cheerleader who is
   absent may not practice or perform with the team on the day of the absence. If an
   absence occurs the day before a competition or performance, the cheerleader will
   not participate in the performance (competition or halftime). Should a cheerleader
   need to leave school and return to practice because of a doctor, dentist, or
      orthodontist appointment the advisor, captain, or school secretary must be notified before

   5. A cheerleader must have his or her tennis shoes and shorts/sweatpants at every practice.
      Failure to do so will result in DEMERITS. He or she must also have all uniform parts
      (tennis shoes, skirt, top, bloomers, socks, ribbons, and bodysuit) at every game. If the
      cheerleader leaves any of his/her cheerleading attire (tennis shoes, bloomers, skirt, top,
      socks, ribbons, and/or bodysuit) at home or anywhere else when he/she should have
      them, he or she is officially “not in uniform”, and punishment is to the coaches’ discretion.

   1. Excellent care must be taken of the uniforms at all times. It is the responsibility of each
      cheerleader to care for his or her uniform. Shoes must be cleaned or polished before each

   2. Competition shoes and Cheer shoes should not we worn as street shoes. This means that
      the shoes ordered at the beginning of the season should only be worn when practicing or
      cheering at football games.

   3. All cheerleaders are responsible for having spandex shorts to be worn under shorts. This
      is to ensure that we are all comfortable and appropriate for all practices AND TRYOUTS. In
      this same manner, all cheerleaders are responsible for wearing sports bras to all games
      and practices. These must be black, white, grey, or maroon. This is to keep the Uniform
      aspect of the squad. Failure to have these items at practice will RESULT IN DEMERTIS.

   4. The cheerleader will buy all "personal" uniform parts unless otherwise directed by the
      coaches. The school will assume the cost of items that will be handed down. During the
      school year, if a cheerleader fails to pay for any uniform part by the due date, he or she
      will receive demerits. Should a parent need to make other arrangements to pay for

       uniform items, the parent should contact the coaches and the cheerleader will not be held

   5. If the cheerleader should lose his or her uniform, pom-poms, or any other school-paid
      item(s), the cheerleader's parents must pay for these lost items. Any and all school-paid
      items must be returned at the end of the school year or paid for if lost. The cheerleader's
      report card will be held until all uniform parts are returned or paid for. If a cheerleader
      destroys a uniform or tries to return a damaged one, his/her report card will be held until
      the cost of the uniform is paid or until the uniform is repaired.

   6. Uniforms may be issued prior to a game or athletic event, and collected following the
      event in order to better maintain the uniforms.

   7. Cheerleaders' hair should be pulled away from the face so that it will not hang in the eyes.
      All members of the team must wear the same hairstyle. Any type of beads, etc… worn in
      the hair are not allowed. The only exceptions would be those who have extremely short
      haircuts that cannot be worn in the agreed upon style. State and National rules mandate
      that hair must be out of the face and off of the shoulders in order to meet safety
      guidelines. Cheerleaders must wear the designated hair accessory; it is part of the

   8. The cheerleader will be neat (good grooming habits) and will not wear jewelry of any
      kind (dangling earrings, studs, watches, rings, metal bracelets, string bracelets,
      or plastic bracelets, and necklaces) at games or at practice. FAILURE TO REMOVE
      SAID ITEMS WILL RESULT IN DEMERITS. This will help to prevent lost, theft, or
      damage to jewelry and injury as a result of wearing jewelry. Cheerleaders will not be
      allowed to wear scrunchies or braided friendship bracelets around their wrists.

   9. The cheerleader will do all grooming in the restroom area only.

   10. All fingernails must be active length (very short) so as to not cause injury to yourself or
       other team members. No nail polish is to be worn, and cheerleaders are not allowed to
       wear acrylic or false nails at any time throughout the season.

   11. The cheerleader will not chew gum while practicing or cheering. If gum is chewed during
       practice, the cheerleader will receive demerits.

   12. The cheerleader must conduct herself as a "lady" at all times. She will not jeer with fans
      or participants at athletic events. Proper manners are expected at all times.

   1. All cheerleaders will sit together in rows during basketball games.

   2. Boyfriends and girlfriends or family will not be allowed to sit with or directly behind the
   cheerleaders during the games. The rules in the student handbook pertaining to boy and girl
   relationships apply to ballgames, as well.

 1. Cheerleaders will ride with the coaches. The school will provide transportation. There will be
    no loud talking on the bus on away games. Cheerleaders who exhibit behavior on the bus or
    at any restaurant that is not acceptable will run laps at the beginning or at the end of a
    practice session. The number of laps will be at the discretion of the coaches. If a cheerleader
    should continue to misbehave on the bus or anywhere else during away games, he or she
    will receive demerits.

 2. All cheerleaders who ride the bus to a game must return on the bus with the squad. Any
    exceptions must be approved in advance by coaches as well as administration 24hrs. prior to
    the exception being made. Any cheerleader who violates these transportation rules will result
    in demerits

 3. Female cheerleaders will not sit on the bus with their boyfriends, and male cheerleaders will
    not sit on the bus with their girlfriends to or from the games.

 4. Parents must pick their cheerleader up at the designated time and place. If a
    parent is more than fifteen minutes late, the cheerleader will receive demerits. If
    the parent calls with a valid excuse (wreck, car trouble, worked later than expected, etc.),
    the coaches will excuse the delay.

   1. A cheerleader may be suspended or dismissed from the squad at the discretion of the
      coaches or school principal for such on-campus behavior deemed inappropriate for a
      student who has been elected to a leadership or prominent school position. Such actions
      would include office referrals, ISS, smoking, the use of improper language, drinking of
      alcoholic beverages or the use of drugs, cheating, fighting, being disrespectful to school
      personnel, or other behavior that would reflect badly on the rest of the squad or student

   2. As a representative of SEMS, a cheerleader is expected to behave in an appropriate
      manner when he or she is off campus. Failure to do so will result in DEMERTIS.

   3. Any cheerleader suspended from school will automatically be dismissed from the squad
      permanently. Suspensions from the bus will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

   4. When a cheerleader is suspended from the squad, the cheerleader must attend the games
      during the time he or she is suspended. The cheerleader must be in full uniform and sit
      behind the participating cheerleaders or sit with the coach. Habitual suspensions will result
      in dismissal from the squad. Once a cheerleader has been dismissed from or quits the
      squad, he or she will not be allowed to return to the squad ever again--not even
      the following year.

   5. All cheerleaders interested in returning to the squad the following year must tryout again.
      Present membership on the squad does not guarantee a position on the squad the
      following year.


                       SEMS Cheerleading Demerit Guidelines

The demerits system is a method that establishes structure and discipline within the
cheer team. It holds the cheerleader responsible for his or her own actions and helps
maintain a dictation to the team. The following are reasons for demerits and the
consequences that will follow….

                                Reasons for Demerits.
A Cheerleader will receive 1 Demerit if        Arrives late to practice or game
he/ or she….                                   Is not appropriately dressed for
                                                practice or game
                                               Does not observe the no cell phone
                                               Does not observe the no jewelry rule
A Cheerleader will receive 2 Demerits if       Is absent from a practice or game
he/ or she….                                    without a written parent or doctors
                                                excuse or a note from another
                                                school sponsored activity.
A Cheerleader will receive 3 Demerits if       Interacts or behaves in
he/ or she….                                    appropriately and/or disrespectful
                                                with peers or coaches at the
                                                coaches discretion.

                             Consequences of Demerits.
The accumulation of 5 demerits will result    One game suspension. Practices and
in…                                             all other cheer events will be
                                                required by the cheerleader.
The accumulation of 10 demerits will          A two week probation. Practices and
result in…                                      will be required by the cheerleader.
                                              The cheerleader will not be allowed
                                                to attend cheer events.
The accumulation of 15 demerits will          Permanent suspension from the
result in…                                      team.


I _______________________________________________have read the rules of the
South Effingham Middle School cheerleading team, and I will meet the requirements as
they have been explained to me to the best of my ability. My parents have also read the
rules, and we understand and will make every effort to fulfill our obligations in order for
this year to be a successful one.

______________________________________                  _______________________
     Parent/Guardian's Signature                                 Date

______________________________________                    _______________________
        Cheerleader's signature                                   Date

                            Competition Try outs only..

                I do not wish to be considered for an alternate
                I would like to be considered for an alternate


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