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									 Vol. 2, No. 6                                                                          October 18, 2004

                                                                 system bid list, to
We’re proud of . . .                                             receive information on
■ Barbara Anderson, State Bridge Crossing ES; Charlene           how to do business with
  Collier, Sandtown MS; Kathryn Cook, Taylor Road                the system and to view
  MS; Moretta Dixon, Seaborn Lee ES; Regina Dotson,              current solicitations.
  Liberty Point ES; Liz Marinelli, Chattahoochee HS;             Employees and
  Cindy Miller, Esther Jackson ES; Toni Samuels, New             departments also can
  Prospect ES; Lakeisah Watkins, High Point ES, and              order from vendors who
  Kam Weldon, Palmetto ES—this year’s “graduates” of             have negotiated
  Fulton’s Cross-Training Program for School Bookkeepers.        contracts with Fulton,
  These 10 bookkeepers went through an intensive 40              and access “virtual
  hours of hands-on training between July and September          mall” to order supplies
  2004 on such topics as cost center budget procedures,          and other materials
  using purchase cards, grant procedures, position tracking      online.
  and personnel issues. The bookkeepers were supported
                                                              ■ John LaForge, Coordinator of Music Curriculum—
  in their training by mentors Terry Black, Dunwoody
                                                                recently named to the Advisory Board of the National
  Springs ES; Eileen Checkelsky, Wilson Creek ES;
                                                                Center for Educational Partnerships in Music.
  Pamela Couch, Hillside ES; Alice Eskew, Gullatt ES;
  Patty Houghton, Hopewell MS; LaTarsha Martin,               ■ Conley Hills ES Principal Delores Hall and teachers
  McNair MS; Marie Morris, High Point ES; Annie                 Tonia Edmond, Patricia Miller, Irene Walton-Norman
  NeSmith, Stonewall Tell ES; Phyllis Smith, Alpharetta         and Kristin Siembieda—presenters of a workshop entitled
  HS, and June Summerlin, E. C. West ES.                        “Writing Isn’t Whack: It is W.A.C., Writing Across the
                                                                Curriculum” at the fall conference of GACIS, the Georgia
■ Kia Edwards, Conley Hills ES; Lana Nelms, S.L. Lewis
                                                                Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors.
  ES; Cecile Traut, Mimosa ES; Kay Blohm, Dolvin ES,
  and Carol Smith, E. C. West ES—chosen by state              ■ Linda Holt, Hapeville ES, and Lula Memminger,
  consultants to serve as Georgia Prekindergarten Mentor        Campbell, Liberty Point and E. C. West elementary
  Teachers during 2004-05. This is the second year in a         schools—chosen by state consultants to be Georgia
  row that Kay and Carol have been selected.                    Resource Coordination Mentors for the second year in
                                                                a row for 2004-05.
■ Purchasing Department Director Wilma A. Gibbs and
  her staff—winners of a 2004 Best of the Web and Digital     ■ Paul Hulsing, third grade teacher at Crabapple Crossing
  Education Achievement Award for the department’s web          ES—chosen the Wal-Mart Georgia Teacher of the Year
  site from the Center for Digital Education, a national        because of his contributions to education and the positive
  research and advisory institute. The Center recognizes        impact he has on his students.
  education web sites that improve web-based service
  delivery through site efficiency, functionality and         ■ Therese McGuire, Coordinator of Health and Physical
  innovation. Our Purchasing Department’s web site              Education—named the Advocate of the Year by the
  (www.fcspurchasingdept.org) allows potential vendors          Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education,
  and contractors to register online and be placed on the       Recreation and Dance (GAPHERD).
 October 18, 2004                            Rapport ONLINE                                                 page 2

■ Maureen Wales, adapted physical education teacher at      ■ Joseph C. Woodruff, Assistant Principal, DeKalb
  Alpharetta ES and Roswell HS—named the Georgia              County School System, to Assistant Principal of Webb
  Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year by the       Bridge MS
  Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education,
                                                            ■ Henry E. Adams, Special Educator/Special Projects,
  Recreation and Dance (GAHPERD).
                                                              Paulding County Schools, to Assistant Principal of Tri-
■ Centennial, Chattahoochee, Milton, North Springs,           Cities HS
  Northview, Riverwood, Roswell and Westlake high
  schools—schools with 2005 National Merit and National
  Achievement Scholarship Finalists.
                                                            Coming up…
■ Riverwood HS – regional winner of the 2003-04
  Governor’s Cup SAT Challenge for Region 6AAAA,            Community meetings to discuss high school
  based on the highest average increase on SAT scores for   academic needs – All interested community members
  last year’s senior class.                                    and staff are invited to attend meetings at the following
■ Woodland Charter ES, Spalding Drive Charter ES,              times and places to review data on Fulton’s high school
  Dunwoody Springs ES, Sandy Springs MS and North              academic programs and potential program models, and
  Springs HS – recipients of a $100,000 grant from the         provide input and feedback:
  Georgia Department of Education to study best practices      • 7-8:30 p.m.,
  in Talented and Gifted (TAG) certification, English to       Thursday, October 21,
  speakers of other languages (ESOL) certification and         Alpharetta HS
  instruction in assessment.
                                                               • 7-8:30 p.m.,
                                                               Monday, November
                                                               1, Banneker HS
On the move
                                                               The meetings are
Congratulations to…                                            being held as part of a needs assessment of academic
                                                               programs among high school students. The assessment
■ Joseph Dell, Technical Support Specialist, Curriculum
                                                               is designed to identify student needs that are not being
  Department, to
                                                               met and where those needs are concentrated, and study
  Coordinator of
                                                               state-of-the-art programs from across the country. Needs
  Instructional Resources
                                                               to be examined include additional magnet programs,
  in Instructional Services
                                                               nontraditional high school schedules and settings,
■ Brigitte Paraham,                                            partnerships with higher education, ESOL (English to
  School Psychologist, to                                      speakers of other languages) centers, interventions for
  Coordinator of 504 and                                       students with discipline problems and advanced academic
  Student Support Team in the Curriculum Department            programs.
■ Cathey Goodgame, Teacher, Autrey Mill MS, to Assistant
  Principal of Autrey Mill MS.

Welcome to…
■ H. Gregory Barfield, Foreign Language/ESOL Division
  Chair, Cobb County School District, to Coordinator of
  Foreign Language
■ Abdul K. Lindsay, Clinical Nutrition Manager,
  Sodexho’s Corporate Services, to Area Supervisor for
  School Nutrition
 October 18, 2004                               Rapport ONLINE                                                  page 3

School Bus Safety Week—October 17-23 is National                              Carlene Mapson, Renee Rainey,
   School Bus Safety Week, a great time to recognize our                      Barbara Savage, Janet Thomas
   600 bus drivers and other transportation staff for safely      11 years: Nada Backowski, Robert Dunagan,
   transporting students to and from school every day. The                  Barbara Duncan, Charlene Haas,
   theme for this year’s safety week is “Shhh…Railroad                      Pamela Huddleston, Samuel Johnson,
   Crossing,” a reminder to everyone that bus drivers must                  Tammy Landrum, Gloria Moore,
   stop at railroad tracks and listen for an oncoming train                 Marcanne Netherland, Jennifer Oxford,
   before safely crossing the tracks.                                       Mary Phillips, Barbara Price, Helen Smith,
   This is a great time to also express appreciation to our                 Jimmy Strickland, Sandra Strickland,
   548 bus drivers who received safe driving awards in                      Larry Webb, Cynthia Eitmann,
   August, including the following drivers who were                         Patricia Greene
   recognized for 10 or more years of safe driving:               10 years: Deborah Holland, Emma Howard,
   29 years: Jean Smith                                                     Charles Lindsey, Tonya Marshall,
                                                                            Joe Ann McCoy, Sharon Pullen,
   26 years: Patricia Dove                                                  Terrell Redd
   25 years: Laverne Peck, Marie Pierce, Helen Samples
   24 years: Frances Hardin, Mildred Mack
   23 years: Kate DeLong, Barbara Goodman,
             Viola Jones
   20 years: Elaine Fleming
   19 years: Sheary Caldwell, Nancy Freeman,
             Lea Ogozelec
   18 years: Joyce Blackwell, Gail Coleman,
             Pamela Johnson
   17 years: Sandra Cook, Sandra Fountain,
             Carolyn Grimes, Gail Perry, Carol Shelnutt
   16 years: Maureen Brooks, Linda Copeland,                   2004-05 Employees of the Year to be recognized
             Mildred Dixon, Latrell May, Robert Stacey,           at The Main Event—Friday, October 22, is the date for
             Deborah Waters                                       this year’s The Main Event, the annual employee/
                                                                  partnership luncheon sponsored by the Fulton Education
   15 years: Melissa Arnold, Sheila Bearden,
                                                                  Foundation to recognize employees of the year. This
             Betty Fuller, Dolores Glassford,
                                                                  year’s theme is “Educators . . . Architects of the Future.”
             Corine Irwin, Margaret King,
             Beverly Smith                                     ■ Adell Atwood, sixth grade Math Teacher at Elkins Pointe
                                                                 MS, is this year’s Overall Teacher of the Year/Middle
   14 years: Linda Burnette, Laura Lietch,
                                                                 School Teacher of the Year.
             Sharon Medley, Robert Mitchell,
             Kathy Nestlehutt, Herman West,                       Adell is a former businesswoman who left a 22-year
             Brenda Wheatley                                      career in interior design and public relations to pursue a
                                                                  career in education after four days of substitute teaching
   13 years: Jean Bernstein, Lenora Cargile,
                                                                  became an eight-week position. Her first full-time teaching
             Rosalyn Doe, Leah Kearns, Pamela Lane,
                                                                  assignment was at Northwestern MS in 2000. When
             David Logan, David Marks,
                                                                  Elkins Pointe MS opened the following year, she
             Paulette Mercer, Mechelle Needham,
                                                                  transferred and has remained there since.
             Carlos Richards, Mary Jean Smith,
             Wade Smith, Sylvia Stevens, Beverly Ward             Adell has a four-part teaching philosophy: 1) Love Them,
                                                                  2) Listen to Them, 3) Learn from Them and for Them,
   12 years: Roland Hoke, Edna Jarrard,                           and 4) Lead Them. As the district’s overall Teacher of
             Patricia Jordan, Billie Lovelace,                    the Year, Adell now represents Fulton in the Georgia
    October 18, 2004                                Rapport ONLINE                                                  page 4

     Teacher of the Year program, which will announce a              a day camp counselor, he first learned the power of
     winner in spring 2005.                                          teaching when he gently coaxed a terrified 13-year-old
■    Deborah Mason, School Assistant at Woodland Charter             to wade into the deep end of a YMCA pool. As a result
     ES, is this year’s Overall School Professional of the Year.     of his influence, the child became one of the YMCA’s
     Deborah operates the school science lab, which has nearly       expert swimmers.
     170 visitors a day. She studies the state science curriculum    Richard became a high school English teacher, first in
     and plans correlating activities for use in the lab, which      Cherokee County, and in 2001, at Milton HS. He
     features hands-on science lessons, including a rotating         challenges students to think about life through the
     zoology exhibit for students to learn about different           characters in their literature books, encourages students
     animals and their habitats.                                     to find their voices in writing, and stresses the importance
     Deborah researches new science programs for teachers            of the classics while still emphasizing the works of
     and suggests activities to use in their classrooms. In          contemporary authors.
     addition, for several years she has coordinated the Imagine     These systemwide employees of the year were chosen
     That science enrichment program summer camp, attended           from among support professionals and teachers of the
     by students across metro Atlanta.                               year from schools and buildings throughout Fulton.
■    Beckey Jones, Manager of the Professional Learning
     Resource Center North at the Kimball Bridge Center, is
                                                                    Elementary School Teachers of the Year
     this year’s Overall Support Professional of the Year. As         Abbotts Hill                  Hembree Springs
     a 17-year veteran employee, Beckey models lifelong               Laura Benscoter               Sandra Yeske
     learning through her support of professional development         Alpharetta                    Heritage
     and often takes several courses each year to improve her         Mary Lou Welch                Arthur Blevins
     skills.                                                          Barnwell                      High Point
     Every day Beckey makes decisions regarding the                   Margaret Melville             Michelle Fernandez
     instructional resources and workshop materials offered           Bethune                       Hillside
     at the Professional Learning Resource Center. These              Aila Dakue Dark               Georgana Potesta
     resources are used to prepare teachers for the classroom         Brookview                     Hamilton E. Holmes
     and for staff development courses. In addition, her work         Eleanor D. Cornelius          Mari Early
     with vendors has saved Fulton thousands of dollars by            Campbell                      Lake Windward
     streamlining shipping and delivery procedures.                   Timmeko Parks                 Gail Clements
■    Beth Poole, Kindergarten Teacher at Creek View ES, is            College Park                  Seaborn Lee
     this year’s Elementary School Teacher of the Year. A             Mona Haygood                  Christine Walker
     former accountant, Beth has turned her love of numbers           Conley Hills                  S.L. Lewis
     into a love of teaching, helping young children master           Kristen Siembeida             Amy Steward
     their numbers and alphabet, and instilling other                 Crabapple Crossing            Liberty Point
     fundamentals of learning.                                        Gay Middleton                 Renee Cook-King
     Feeling that a business background, strong communication         Creek View                    Manning Oaks
     and organizational skills, and an enthusiasm for the             Beth Poole                    Beth Nation
     classroom would be a successful combination, Beth                Dolvin                        Medlock Bridge
     returned to North Georgia College and State University           Debbie Seagraves              Chris Sinon
     to earn a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education           Dunwoody Springs              Mimosa
     and a Specialist’s degree in Teacher Leadership. She             Kimberly Jenks                Kristin Kletzel
     began teaching in 1997 at Sweet Apple ES and four years          Findley Oaks                  Mountain Park
     later transferred to Creek View ES.                              MaryLou Andrews               Linda Beeman
     Beth savors her students’ enthusiasm toward learning             Gullatt                       Mt. Olive
     and the delight in their eyes when they accomplish               Kimberly Mackey               Deneatrice S. Gammage
     something they thought impossible. She helps students            Hapeville                     New Prospect
     gain confidence in their abilities and develop a positive        Darolyn McConnell             Colleen Chambers
     first impression of school.                                      Heards Ferry                  Love T. Nolan
■    Richard Williams, ninth grade English Teacher at Milton          Clara Bradwell                Denise Fisher
     HS, is this year’s High School Teacher of the Year. As
 October 18, 2004                      Rapport ONLINE                                   page 5

Elementary School Teachers of the Year, cont.      Elementary School
   Northwood              Spalding Drive Charter   Professionals of the Year
   Susan Wildes           Lynn Tomaselli
   Oak Knoll              State Bridge Crossing       Abbotts Hill         Liberty Point
   Toki Huff              Lynn Smith                  Pam Jenkins          Harriet Graves
   Ocee                   Stonewall Tell              Alpharetta           Manning Oaks
   Juliana Stallard       Kenya Greer                 Peggy Lloyd          Kathy Penteado
   Palmetto               Summit Hill                 Barnwell             Medlock Bridge
   Yuvonka Fenece Avery   Leisel Owen                 Sharon James         Mary Frances Barrett
   Parklane               Sweet Apple                 Bethune              Mimosa
   Shirley Butler         Karla Lazzari               Hattie Ruff          Diane M. Lancaster
   Randolph               Tubman                      Brookview            Mountain Park
   Arnetta A. Eady        Harriet Morgan              Kevin Robinson       Diane Peoples
   River Eves             Evoline C. West             Campbell             Mt. Olive
   Beth Cox               Clay Hildebrand             Kathy Peek           Claire Barnes
   Roswell North          Woodland Charter            College Park         New Prospect
   Lynn Coleman           Annie Walker                Cresit Cunningham-   Freda Manning-Rumph
                                                      Dowdell              Love T. Nolan
                                                      Conley Hills         Carl Golden
Middle School Teachers of the Year                    Bernice Johnson      Northwood
   Autrey Mill            Northwestern                Crabapple Crossing   Martha O’Connor
   Deborah Panciera       Sandra D. Keith             Patricia Ann Clark   Oak Knoll
   Bear Creek             Ridgeview                   Creek View           Geanice Lewice
   Martha Owens           Mike Gibson                 Cathy Aielli         Ocee
   Camp Creek             River Trail                 Dolvin               Susan Hughes
   Phyllis Johnson        Mary Peterson               Lisa Sutton          Palmetto
   Crabapple              Sandy Springs               Dunwoody Springs     Lisa Donald
   Sandra Moss            Pam Rivers                  Leonor Diaz          Parklane
   Elkins Pointe          Taylor Road                 Findley Oaks         Tammy Harris
   Adell Atwood           Linda Clay                  Charlotte Hayes      Randolph
   Haynes Bridge          Webb Bridge                 Gullatt              Phedelia E. Singleton
   Marie Yelvington       Robin Yackley               Mary Buquoi          River Eves
   Holcomb Bridge         Paul D. West                Hapeville            Brenda Anusiem
   Rachel Hill            Eleanor Brookins            Kim Latham           Roswell North
   McNair                 Woodland                    Heards Ferry         Mike Carver
   Johnnie Ford           Shakira Shabazz             Shiranne Simmons     Spalding Drive Charter
                                                      Hembree Springs      Jonathan Worrell
High School Teachers of the Year                      Frankie Webb         State Bridge Crossing
   Banneker               North Springs               Heritage             Dorian Johnson
   Annette A. Davenport   Sol Aboulafia               Cynthia Hardy        Stonewall Tell
   Centennial             Northview                   High Point           Denise Cooper-Paige
   Todd Willis            Anu Bhardwaj                Lakeisha Watkins
                                                                           Summit Hill
   Chattahoochee          Riverwood                   Hillside             Deidre Fann
   Alan Wind              Ron Marstall                Helene Leibowitz
                                                                           Sweet Apple
   Creekside              Roswell                     Hamilton E. Holmes   Judy Zuber
   Lametric Patterson     Alex Chrzanowski            Edwena Fields
   Independence           Tri-Cities                  Lake Windward        Debra A. Olateru
   Gaganjot Singh         Bruno Paige                 Mary Benoit
   McClarin               Westlake                                         Evoline C. West
                                                      Seaborn Lee          Dawn Cash
   Yvette Gunn            Douglas Edwards             Johnnie B. Levell
   Milton                                                                  Woodland Charter
                                                      S.L. Lewis           Deborah V. Mason
   Richard Williams                                   Annie Clark
 October 18, 2004                          Rapport ONLINE                                           page 6

Middle School Professionals of the Year            F.I.Y.
  Autrey Mill              Northwestern            (Fulton Information for You)
  Michael Harrell          Bryan Neely
  Bear Creek               Ridgeview
                                                   New Fulton County directory available —Looking
  Sandra Thomas            Sarah Good                 for an up-to-date list of Fulton County schools, offices
                                                      and departments with accurate phone numbers and
  Camp Creek               River Trail                directions? Well, look no further than your own office
  Efrem Roberts            JoAnn McDaniel
                                                      or computer.
  Crabapple                Sandy Springs
  Renee McComas            Elizabeth Minton           A new, hard copy 2004-05 Fulton County Directory is
                                                      being sent to schools and departments throughout the
  Elkins Pointe            Taylor Road
  Cindy Thomas             Terri Howard               system and will be available in school and department
                                                      offices. The directory includes general information, phone
  Haynes Bridge            Webb Bridge                numbers of schools and departments, a list of
  Diane Stephenson         Jane Masterson
                                                      Administrative Center staff and phone numbers, frequently
  Holcomb Bridge           Paul D. West               requested numbers and driving directions to all Fulton
  Virginia Hallam          Kam Weldon                 schools and other buildings.
  McNair                   Woodland
  Raymond C. Wright, Jr.   Lillian Price              The directory is also available electronically. Open
                                                      Outlook, click on Public Folders, click on All Public
                                                      Folders, click on ICRO, click on Telephone Directory
High School Professionals of the Year                 and then open 04-05 Telephone Directory.doc.

   Banneker                North Springs              The information for the directory was compiled and is
   Jacquelyn Smith         Brenda L. Watts            being kept up to date by Communications Professional
                                                      Assistant Linda Almond with the assistance of
   Centennial              Northview
   Frederick Green         Keith A. Johnson           Communications Professional Assistant Liquan Elliott.
                                                      If you have questions, suggestions or comments, contact
   Chattahoochee           Riverwood                  Linda at 404-763-6834 or at almond@fulton.k12.ga.us.
   Kesha Strong            Emma Prothro
   Creekside               Roswell
   Robin W. Smith          Cynthia Joyner          Student Discipline Office adopts new drug
   Independence            Tri-Cities              intervention program – Insight Intervention
   Cathryn McWilliams      Tanya Brown
                                                      Program is the name of the new in-house drug
   McClarin                Westlake                   intervention program, adopted for use in 2004-05 by the
   Sandra McKissic         Barbara Barton             Office of Student Discipline and the Office of Safe and
   Milton                                             Drug-Free Schools. This positive alternative to suspension
   Mark Billish                                       for students caught for possession, intoxication or
                                                      distribution of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs on school
                                                      premises replaces the SUPER (Substance Abuse
Administrative Support Employees                      Prevention and Education Resource) program that has
of the Year                                           been used recently.
  Administrative Center    Transportation             Insight is facilitated by assistant principals, counselors,
  Daphne Ellison           Patsy Bohannon             family service workers, health and physical education
  The Meadows              Warehouse                  teachers, and school resource officers. The facilitators
  Operations Center        Mike Eidson                present the educational program in which students are
  Irving Ray Stegall                                  encouraged to examine the effects of drug use on their
                           Jo Wells Center
  Staff Development        Nicole Fletcher            lives. For more information, contact the Office of Student
  Beckey Jones                                        Discipline at 404-763-5600 ext. 151.
  October 18, 2004                                  Rapport ONLINE                                                           page 7

          Growing from good to
          great in Fulton County
Editor’s note: Providing excellent customer service is one way to help move from good to great. For many of us, our customer
service skills are put to the test on the telephone, when parents, community members and others call with questions and concerns.
Following are Fulton County’s Telephone Etiquette Guidelines, which can also be found in the new 2004-05 Fulton County
Directory (see related article on page 6).

                                                                                                   go the extra   mile to
                                                                s           •   Extend yourself –
                                    ministrative office                         respond to the calle
    ■ Cov   er phones in all ad                             .
                                 p.m. on work days
       from 8 a.m. to 4:30                            a “l ive”                                         as much as possible
       Make sure all calle
                              rs are greeted with                       ■   Avoid  transferring calls,                ation
                                                                                               ly-requested inform
       voice.                                                               • Keep frequent
                                                                               at your fingertips                      return
                               e before the third
                                                       ring                                       and have someone
     ■  Answer the phon                                                     • Take a message
                                on another call).                               the call
        (even when you’re                                                                        to transfer a call, fo
                                                                             • If you do need
                                       lf and your school                        these procedures:
     ■ Alw     ays identify yourse                      the                                                will be transferred
                                 when you answer                                 -   Tell the caller they
         and/or department                                                                             the telephone num
         phone.                                                                   - Give the caller          ing transferred
                                                                                      to which they are be                   en
                                                               ngs,                                     one is answered, th
                                    hen another line ri                           - Wait until the ph
      ■ If   you are on a call w                              swer                                         have a transfe r call
                                 to hold while you an                                  announce that you
          ask the first caller                                                         and briefly explain
                                                                                                             the topic
          the second call.                 om the first caller                                           r be transferred mor
                   ait for agreement fr                                            - Do not let a calle
          • W                             on hold                                       than once
                 before placing them
                                         cond caller, ask them
           •     After greeting the se                           call                          is angry or upset
                                      complete the first                    ■ If your caller
                 to hold while you                             caller                              to try to understand
                                   ent from the second                        • Listen closely
           • Wait for agreem
                  before placing them
                                           on hold                                 problem or issue
                                                                                                    the caller’s
                                                                               • Acknowledge               oncerns, but remai
                                                         ller needs                  ustration/feelings/c
                               no matter who the ca                                fr
        ■ Own the call –                 , they get their firs
             to  talk with eventually                                                                    t they would like to
                                     u.                                             Ask the caller wha
             impression from yo                                 ests
                                    ller’s needs or requ                            have done.                                sue.
              • Listen to the ca            needs or requests (t
                                                                      o                                  lve or resolve the is
                     estate the caller’s                                        •   Propose steps to so                       at
              • R                            rstand them)                                              of action. (Note: Th
                   make sure you unde                                            • Agree on a plan                         ” since
                                           r how the informat
                                                                    ion                                   ing to disagree
                    Explain to the calle                                            could mean “agree
               •                                                                                               es when a caller
                    or issue can be hand next steps to be                            th ere certainly are tim n not be done.)
                                                                                                            that ca
                                       ller the                                      requests something
               • Repeat to the ca                                                                       propriate.
                                               the caller
                    taken by you and/or e caller on a plan                        • Follow up, if ap
                                      t with th
                • Seek agreemen
                     of action
  October 18, 2004                               Rapport ONLINE                                                          page 8

                                                                      ■ Discussed future calendar options for the school system
School board in action                                                  with Chattahoochee HS students Riaz Virani and Ryan
At its October 12 and 14 meetings, the Board of                         Van Parys, and Centennial HS Principal and FCSS High
    Education . . .                                                     School Principals’ Association President Ron Wade
■ Adopted the Policy                                                  ■ Discussed the balanced school calendar in Floyd County
  Governance® model                                                     with Floyd County Schools Superintendent Kelly Henson
  and draft policies                                                  ■ Approved an Executive Limitation policy that designates
  and, in accordance                                                    the superintendent’s successors in an emergency: Deputy
  with Policy                                                           Superintendent for Academics Dr. Vickie Perdue Scott
  Governance,                                                           and Chief Human Resources Officer Randy Reece.
  transferred current
  policies to district                                                Upcoming Board meetings
  procedures under the superintendent.                                    …October 28, 5-7 p.m. – Roundtable, Administrative
■ Approved personnel action (see On the Move, page 2)                     Center
■ Approved an implementation grant for Amana Academy                      …November 9, 4:30 p.m. – Board meeting, Dunwoody
  Charter School, which is expected to open in fall 2005                  Springs ES
■ Approved the first reading of 2005 legislative priorities               …November 11, 5 p.m. – Workshop, Administrative
                                                                          Center (tentative)
■ Approved a contract with Stevens Learning Systems,
  Inc., to purchase language laboratories for middle and                  …November 11, 6:30 p.m. – Board meeting,
  high schools                                                            Administrative Center
■ Authorized the sale of property for right-of-way/easements              …November 18, 5-7 p.m. – Roundtable, Dunwoody
  at Wilson Creek ES                                                      Springs ES
■ Authorized the hiring of Kessler International to conduct               The 2004-05 calendar of Board meetings, workshops
  an audit of the school system’s SPLOST and capital                      and roundtables can be found on the county web site
  projects                                                                under the Board button at the top of the front page. Please
                                                                          check the web site frequently for updates.

                                                 Our Mission
                                  is to educate students to be responsible, productive citizens.

                                                   Our Vision
  The Fulton County School System is a place where all children learn to their full potential in a safe, nurturing environment
    supported by involved and committed staff, family, and community in helping to prepare them for a successful future.

                      Rapport ONLINE is produced every two weeks during the school year
                                      and once a month during the summer
                          by the Fulton County Schools Communications Department.
                               For comments, questions or to submit information:
                          Ellen Rogalin, 404.763.6830 or Rogalin@fultonschools.org.

It is the policy of the Fulton County School System not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin,
             age or disability in any employment practice, educational program, or any program, activity or service.
 If you wish to make a complaint or request accommodation or modification due to discrimination in any program, activity or
          service, contact Compliance Coordinator Randy Reece at 786 Cleveland Avenue SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30315,
                                          or phone 404-763-4585; TTY 1-800-255-0135.

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