Trouble Shooting Chart

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					Trouble Shooting Chart

The purpose of this exercise is to develop a trouble shooting chart which will enable you to repair some
problems in a broken telephone.

Based on your understanding of how a telephone works. List the components that could be involved,
responsible, or in some way associated with the following problems:

(visual drawing tracing path of signal?)


Problem: No dial tone.

Possible Causes
1.) Bad connection to wall, (problem in wall plug)
2.) Broken or disconnected handset speaker
3.) Bad connection between handset and telephone
4.) Problem in hook mechanism.


1.) Will not dial

2.) No ring

3.) Can not hear other person when you pick up but you can hear them.

4.) Other person cannot hear you.

5.) Cannot hear other person, and he/she cannot hear you.

6.) Pick up phone, ringing does not stop.

7.) No dial tone.