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									Domain Names (Update)
This document is aimed mainly at members of the Red and LightBlue groups, as
their Outcome Resolves both require the development of a Web-site for which a
Domain Name must be both chosen & registered.

Having done a bit more research, and in response to the feedback from several of the
Infoset, I believe that I have now whittled our choice of possible domain names for
the Wizard Prang and Metaphorum Web-sites.

      Not many people liked the idea of using hyphens, e.g. 'wizard-prang' and
       'meta-phorum', so we will stick with 'wizardprang' and 'metaphorum'.

      The use of a '.co.uk' extension was considered inappropriate, as this will be an
       international Web-site.

      None of the '.com' extensions for either domain name are available, having
       already been registered by other people/organisations.

      We really shouldn't use '.net', as that implies that we are an ISP, with our own
       hardware connected to the Internet.

      We should only use the '.org' extension if we are definitely going to be a "non-
       profit making organisation". This extension is, however, currently available
       for both domain names.

      Which leaves us with the '.info' extension, which is an international domain,
       seems to have no restrictions on what it type of organisation it can be used by,
       and currently available for both domain names.

I, therefore, suggest that we register the following domain names:



Let me know what you think ASAP, as I would like to register the domains and set up
the holding pages by the end of the week.

Ian Perry (I.P.Perry@hull.ac.uk)

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