The Pine Crest Circle of Excellence recognizes all gifts made to Pine by xumiaomaio


									The Pine Crest Circle of Excellence recognizes all gifts made to Pine Crest School
during our fiscal year which began on July 1, 2009 and will end on June 30, 2010.

We are very grateful for the support of our leadership donors to date who are
listed below. We truly appreciate the commitment and support of the entire Pine
Crest community and are pleased to recognize all of the generous individuals who
have made gifts through October 31. For a complete listing of donors, see
                                           CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE
                                     CASH GIFTS AS OF OCTOBER 30, 2009

($25,000 and Above)

Debbie and Walter Banks '61
Charles Burnett III '74
Rosa and Francis Feeney

($10,000 TO $14,999)

Jeanne and Kevin Quinn
Barbara and Michael Landry
Rachel and Robert Lenner
Lauren and Jeffrey Morris
Denise and Peter Wittich

($5,000 TO $9,999)

Cristina and Alvaro Dasilva
Olga and Mitchell Diamond
Sue and Laurence Fendrich
Dionella and William Hassett
Richard Ingham
Marian and Gerald Jablonski
Irene Jung
Rohan Kelley '58
Dawn Mazer
Laurel and Robert Mondshine
Karrie and Max Musa
Ana-Karina and Jonathan Politano
Ilze Laurane and Aleksandrs Popovs
Debby and Mark Rosen '87
John Roth
Randi and Brian Schwartz
Maria and Daniel Staton
Carrie and Farshid Tafazzoli

($2,000 TO $4,999)

Melissa and Brad Ackerman
Kari and Thomas Angelo
Mary and Dale Baker
Debbie Banks-Snyder and Chip Snyder
Karen and Alan Bauman
Charlotte and Stephen Bell
  Kristen Bell '02
Lisa and Paul Berger
  Sandra and Stanley Berger
Bonnie and Patrick Boroian
Ellen Lebow Braun and Michael Braun
Felise and Donald Brodsky
Jodi and Evan Brody
Michelle and Marc Chandler
Cindy and Jeffrey Conine
Debra and Glenn Cooper
Jeanne and Charles Del Vecchio
Melissa Osceola DeMayo '95 and Jacob DeMayo
Margaret and Yale Fisher
Karen Yeung-Foreman and Jay Foreman
Laura and Peter Goldman
Laura and Andres Gonzalez
Stephanie Hollander
Renee and Barry Honig
Suzan and Gary Jaffe
Karen and Robert Kahane
Rowena and Robert Kirland
Kendall Hanft-Knezevich and John Knezevich
Nancy and Sonny Kotite
Ulrika and Stefan Kristofersson
Kim and Stephen Lazarus
Tiffany and Steven Liff
Debbie and Laurence Lipnick
Michele and Paul Meli III
Caryl and Alan Mendelsohn
Marie and Frank Occhigrossi
Jennifer and Charles Owensby
Richard Palmaccio
Denise and Kenneth Picinich
Stephanie and Michael Popkin
Olga and Alexander Prigoda
Romy and Barry Rabkin
Laura and Paul Radensky
Rebecca and Thomas Robertson
Janice and John Rozanski
Olivia and Sam Sadati
Emily Sattee
Margo Brilliant-Schwartz and Robert Schwartz
Cheryl and Douglas Shamon
Carole and Donald Sider
Patricia and Scott Silverman
Elizabeth and Richard Strain Jr.
Nithya and Srinath Sundararaman
Catherine and Terry Walker
Karen and David Wegmann
Elizabeth and Jonathan Weymouth
Pamela and B. Michael Wiggins
Susan and David Woolsey '77

($1,000 TO $1,999)

Anna Annecca '09
Suzanne and Marc Bell
Jeanette and Charles Bonfiglio
Lisa Marie Browne and Robert Browne
Sylvana and Donato Casale
Sheila and Robert Chestnov
Lourdes and James Cowgill
Deborah and Gregory Edwards
Louise Fishman
Tina and Joel Gellman
Richard Gertz
Alexia and Richard Gertz Jr. '88
Joan and Ronald Goldburg
Michelle and Nicholas Golubov
Edythe Harrison
Lillie Thom and Clifford Hartman
Diana Heileman '81 and Michael Heileman '79
Jill and Steve Holt
Kimberly and Jay Katari
Lynn and William Kay
Robin and Eric Klar
Lois Lautenberg
Donna Sirois-Logue and Michael Logue
Susan and Charles Masimore
Joanna and Robert Meisel
Jason Neimark
Holly Strogoff and Thomas Niederman
Sarah and Steven Petri
Roberta Nedry Platner and Michael Platner
Lisa Stier and German Restrepo
Michele Chatlos Roach '73
Ginger and Eli Sananes
Esther and Irving Schatz
Barbara and Ezra Shashoua
Patricia and David Wallace
Lisa and James Wheeler '77
Danielle and Kevin Wilen

(Gifts up to $999)

Marcelo Abello
Diane and Ted Abers
Kaitlin Abers '08
Matthew Abers '07
Mandee and Jason Adler
Antoinette Allen
Barbara Andersen '77
Farahnaz and Guy Angella '86
Denise and Ronald Antin
Terri Arkin and Gary Arkin
Judith Armstrong
Tammy and Gil Aronson
Lorie and Dean Austin
Michael Baker
Debra and Gary Bal
Nazanin Baldwin
Karen and Bruce Barber
Linda Bartron
Catherine and Benjamin Battle II
Wendy Beck and Stanley Beck
Jane Becker
Margo and Howard Bedick
Gerda and Edward Benda
Tammy and Lloyd Berger
Gil Berkovich '79
Lorrie and Lloyd Berkowitz
  Aaron Berkowitz '06
  Rachel Berkowitz '03
Sandy and Scott Berman
Valerie Hinton Berwanger '81
Robert Beye '59 and William Beye '58
Andrea and Leon Bibas
Anthony Billera '78
Sharon Birch-Smith
Zorica Kandic and Boris Bjelos
Guida Blake
Kathleen Blandford
Rita and Irwin Bloom
Nancy and James Blosser
  Bailey Blosser '04
  Jamie Blosser '02
Cathy and William Bodenweber Jr.
Patricia Gedney Boig
Kevin Boothe '01
Yamile Elias and Arturo Borja
Kelly Tirik and Ira Bornstein
Barbara and Leonard Bornstein
Andrea and Bruce Braffman
Leona and Leon Brauser
Vilma and Jeffrey Breidbord
Paul Breidbord
Marta and Nicolas Breuer
  Christine Breuer '05
  Nicholas Breuer '02
Erica and William Britton
Paige and Jonathan Brody
Marcus Brodzki '04
Beverly Bronfman
Donna and Herman Brovender
Carol and Raymond Brown
Jean Ann and Timothy Brown
William Brown
Meredith and Michael Bruder
Michael Buchsbaum '88
Lynn and Alan Buhler
  Brittany Buhler '08
Brent Burns
Jennifer and Mitchell Burnstein '82
Gregory Burton
Donna and Michael Cabrera
Dana Cahn
Marilyn Cahn
Monte Cahn
Maria and Fernando Cajale
George Caldwell Sr.
Lauren Wolk Calig '83
Estes and John Carns
Wanda and Alberto Casaretto
Gina and Paul Castronovo
Victoria Cave
Luisa Certain
Jean and Joseph Clair Jr.
William Clement '61
Heidi and George Coggeshall
Lydia Coggeshall
Corinne and Sol Cohen
Robert Cole '91
Ann Cooper
Mary and Ernest Costantino
Cindy Cottone
Tabatha Quetgles-Cross and K.C. Cross
Jonathan Cross '86
Julie and David Cundy '79
Susan Hersman d'Adesky and Don d'Adesky
Frances and Arthur d'Almeida
Patricia and Dorian Damoorgian
Sara Penn Daniel '74
Laurie Darman
Sara and Irving David
Laura Deane
Elena Martinez Del Alamo '67 and José Del Alamo
Margaret Devash
Bess Dias
Dion Flannery and William Diener
Stephanie and Irving Don
Leslie and Shepard Doniger
Cheryl Ann Doolittle
Debra and Carl Drucker
Nina and Mario Dubovoy
Lynn and James Duncan
Carmen and John Edelson
Kathryn and Michael Effley
Debbie Einbinder
Samra and Jeffrey Elliot
Claudia and Sean Elliott
Miriam and Sol Emmon
Cheryl and Eric Etter
Teresa and Paul Evenson
Jennie and Geoff Falbey
Stacey and Craig Farlie
Barbara and William Farlie Jr.
Shirley and James Farris
Mary Lois and James Faulhaber
Vickie Fauss '68
Virginia Ferayorni
Donna Fields
Connie and Murray Fields
Margarita and Charles Filmer
Donna Zalter-Finkelberg and Eric Finkelberg
Amy and Charles Fischer Jr.
Alison Moss-Fisher '95 and David Fisher Jr.
Windie and DeHaven Fleming
Matilde Flesc
Jay Flynn '77
Mary Graham and James Foster
Marilyn Freedman
Sarah and Harold Fried
Jodi and Martin Friend
R. Tyler Frizzell '77
Beth Leventhal Fromkin and Kenneth Fromkin
Draisa and Andrew Gale
Isolde and Howard Gates
Lori and Jay Geiserman
Flora and Abe Genick
Laura and Michael Gilbert
Kathryn and R. Bowen Gillespie III
Marilyn and Marc Goldberg
Lisa and Scott Goldberg
Tara Goldberg
Julie and Marc Golden
Ivonne Goldstein
Maria Iglesias and Carlos Gomez-Fernandini
Doreen and Steven Goodman
Vinnie and Gary Gordon
Fiona and Norman Gotlieb
Elyse Bloom Greenfield
Alison and Michael Gross
Donna and Jay Grossman
Barbara and Robert Grosz
Lori Pristo and Nora Gugel
Carolina and Lee Hackmeyer
Claire and Lee Hager
Anne and Alan Haig
Kim Haines
Julie Ann Hall '87
Rosemary and Richard Hall
Kathy Halligan
Elizabeth Hanlon
Laura and David Hardin
Tad Harrington
Dinasie Harripersad
Leigh Frizzell Hayes '73
Kristen and Christopher Hazleton
Bonnie and Eric Heatzig
Joanne and David Heiny
Valerie Steele Herrera '82
Patricia Hess
Esther and Paul Heyden
Jan Hinton
Jo Ann Hoffman
Amanda Holender
Lane and Karl Hop
Linda Lee Howell
Sharon and Norbert Huebsch Jr.
Leslie and Robert Hurley
Deborah and Michael Irvin
  Brett Irvin '03
Ellen and Peter Itzler
Karen and Jeffrey Jacobs
Deborah and Michael Jacobs
Suzanne and Peter Jarvis
Susu and George Johnson, Jr.
Gloria Johnson
Laura and Harold Jones III
Conchita and Donald Kafka Jr.
  Concepcion Kafka '05
  Donald Kafka III '07
  Juliana Kafka '09
Anna and Keith Kahan
Rosalba and Steven Kahn
Nancy and Phillip Kallen
Sharon and Joshua Kantor
Carol and Irving Karten
Alisa and Kevin Karten
Carole and Joe Kashner
Elissa Ellant and Thomas Katz
Carol and Lawrence Katzell
Kalpana Kaul
Pamela and Brad Kelsky
Michelle and Trevor Keyes
Florence and Rudolphe Khoriaty
Anton Kidd
Nancy-Lynn Kidwell
Tokiko and Yoshito Kishi
Michael Klinger '92
Linda and Alexander Kowalczyk
Janice Krauser '69
Susan Altwater Kreiser '59 and Gerald Kreiser '59
Mary-Lou and John Krna
Marcy and David Kronrad
Frank Kruger-Robbins
Elyssa and Barry Kupferberg
Esther Uria LaBovick '83
Grace Lambert
Allison and Edward Lang
Marjorie and Stephen Lawrence
Mary Ledbetter
Susan and Davie Ledbetter
Rafael Lefkovic
Diane and Armando Leighton Jr.
Ronni and Ronald Leisenring
Monica and Daniel Lenghea
Franci and Scott Leon
Wendy and Lee Lerman
Amy and Daniel Levene
Michael Levy '86
Caryn and Martin Lewis
Heidi Cohen-Lieberfarb and Ross Lieberfarb
Brian Litinsky '91
Na Liu
Steven Liu
Jennifer and Jack Lokeinsky
  Jessica Lokeinsky '06
  Kaitlyn Lokeinsky '09
Carolyn Luck
Stacey and George Luck
Carol and Earle Mack
Jacqueline Gouvea and Dipnarine Maharaj
Lisa and Leslie Maister '92
Susan and Ross Manella
Tracy Burton and Mark Manofsky
Maria Marcello
Chely and Alan Markowitz
Irina and Michael Marrow
Rose and Bruce Martin
Alexandra and Ron Mastriana
Betsy Saunders Matheney '72
Laurie and Walter Mathews
Renee Matthews
Robin and Thomas Matthews
Cindy and Matthew Mattone
Lakhwinder Kaur and Baldev Mattu
Arlene and Philip Mayster
Claire and Damiano Mazzone
Marilyn and John McAuliffe
Arlene McDace
Kathleen and David McDade
Betty and Frank McGinn
Elizabeth and Gregory McGowan
Mary and Robert McGrath
Cynthia and John McKeon
Sharon McKittrick
Mindy and Michael Meade
Norma Mednick
Jan Mehl
Joan and Daniel Meister
Maureen and Gary Meller
Andrew Mellin '86
Cheryl Moss-Mellman and Robert Mellman
Larry Mellone
Julie and Jose Melo
Mariette and Kevin Merrigan
Matthew Mettille
Nicole and Mark Metz
Kristin and Terry Micalizio
Bond Millard
Sandy Sullivan-Miller and Jay Miller
Lisa and Lawrence Miller
Peggy and Michael Minckler
Judy and David Mishkel
Janet and Raul Mitrani
Bernard Mlaver
Rene and Lakhi Mohnani
Renee and Geoffrey Mombach
Irene Mombach
Naomi and Skiles Montague
Hye-Jin and Gay-Joon Moon
Lauren Moreno
Robert Morse '86
Sherry and Richard Moss
Lorena Bejar Mukamal '93
Dana and Robert Mullaney
Pamela Munsey
Wayne Murray '72
Clara and George Nenezian
Robin Nesbitt
Robert Nesselroth
Carline and Raymond Newby
Catherine Lidy Noonan and Simon Noonan
Wendi and Ian Norris
Doug Nowlin
Beth and Richard O'Brien
Karen and Joe O'Byrne
Joel Lenzi O'Connell '60
Ellen and Roy Oppenheim
  Melissa Oppenheim '08
Pia and Pablo Ormachea
Abena Osei-Bonsu
Mirta Chang and Eleno Oviedo
Naeemah and Darryl Owens
Jean Page and J. Clifford Page Jr.
Amy Paul
Anabel and Jack Peicher
  Katherine Tanya Peicher '04
  Valerie Peicher '07
Helen and Omar Periu
Lisa and Jason Perlman
Amy and Jeffrey Perlman
Amy Shapiro Perper and Harry Perper
Ann and Tom Perschbacher
Sandra and Kurt Pfeffer
Cristina Sollosso Pierson '84 and Glen Pierson
Seema and Basel Pissaris
Norma and Alan Platner
James Pletcher
Christina Pojdl
Marie and Daniel Polley
Dawn and David Pollay
David Pollock Sr.
Debbie Potak
Joyce Powell
Krista O'Connell Promnitz '97
Nancy and Todd Pusateri
Ruth and Stephen Pyle
Rachel Quigley '05
Lila Abello and William Quinlan
Constance Chastain Ramgolam and Neil Ramgolam
Ellen Huybers Ramm
Julee and Richard Ramnath '87
Betty Jane Reeves
Jacqueline and Jason Reeves
Elizabeth and Joseph Rega Jr.
Sondra and Charles Reifer
Ariana Alvarez and Juan Restrepo
Susan Rineer
Betsy Friedt Rinella '74
Anne Skaja Robinson '84
Sabrina Robinson
Christine Price Rosenberg and Eric Rosenberg
Harriet and Stephen Rosenberg
  Evan Rosenberg '03
Roger Rosenblatt '73
Kimberly Glasser Rosenstock '91
Lauren Rosenthal
Alicia and John Roth
Carol Rousso and Michael Rousso
Joni and Alan Routman
Sophie and John Rozanski
Terry and Julian Rubinstein
Illeanne and Morgan Rukes
Jaclyn and Mark Saltzman
Adel and Steven Sarnoff
Monica and Alberto Sasson
Anna-Louise and Andrew Sattee '78
Alka and Sumit Sawhney
Peri Blum and Vernon Schaller
Leo Scheinkman '93
Robyn and Neil Schiller
Tara Schimpf '06
Diane and Charles Schmidt
Jacqueline Schnidman
   Amy Schnidman '04
   Laurie Schnidman '01
Caryn Schorr
Ellen and Howard Schulman
Andrew Schwartz
Eileen and Marc Schwartz
Margaret and Gary Seelinger
Belinda and Larry Seidlin
Robin Seligsohn and Michael Seligsohn
Steven Seminer '77
Jacci and Floyd Seskin
Robin and James Shapiro
Candace and Jared Shaw
Anthony Shea
Kristin Shealy
Marcie and Brett Shecter
Joni and David Shepperd
Frances and Josef Shlomi
Roswitha and Stephen Sidelko
Marie and David Sigler
Darryl Silvera '81
Joyce and Neil Silverman
Karen and Jeff Skimming
Kimberly and Clifford Slater
Michelle and Gary Slatkow
Tracy and Robert Slatoff
Becky and Adam Smith
Dara and Dale Smith
Samantha and Daniel Snyder
Elizabeth Snyder
Donald Soffer
Susan and Panos Sofianos
Simone Justus Spiegel '78 and Sam Spiegel
Sheryl and Kenneth Stahl
Valerie Stanescu
Naomi and Richard Steinberg
Mary and Eric Stelnicki
Dhuane Gebauer Stephens '79
Diana and Mark Stephenson
Sherry and Carl Stern
Vicki and Steven Stolberg
Jacqueline and Jerry Stolzenberg
Laura and Keith Stolzenberg
Maggie and Doug Stoppel
Marion and Theodore Stotzer Sr.
  Theodore Stotzer Jr. '08
Lorraine and Phillip Strasser
Axel Strauch
Suzanne Stryker
Lourdes Suarez
Margareta Sudbrink
Jean Sungenis
Susan Sutherland
Sarah Wing Svendsen '95 and Jared Svendsen
Meryl and Bruce Tabatchnick
Gregory Tabor '99
Carol and Jorge Tabush
Anna and Justin Talerico
Amy and Michael Talkow
Jan Tansey
Susan and Patrick Taylor
Meah Tell
  Shoshana Tell '06
Barbara and Edmund Terry
Alla Polishko and Serge Tews
Tarulata and Hemant Thakkar
Joeleah and Thomas Tighe
Lydia Andrews-Tucker and Bruce Tucker
David Tunkel
Sherry and Michael Urban
Jennifer and John Uustal
Maria and Marnix Van Der Plas '67
Susan Vicelli
Ana Villa
Leah Vishno
Olga Moskaleva and Evgeny Volter
Nancy and Hugh Walter
Karen Wilson-Walters and Joseph Walters '95
Laurie and Sheldon Warman
Harold Warp '64
Ellen and Gary Wayne
Lisa and Bruce Weihe
Alvin Weinberg '74
Sylvia and Norman Weinger
Ruth and Barry Weiss
Debra and Eric Weiss
Jaclyn and Richard Weiss
Elizabeth Whittington
Janet and Robert Wiard
Isabelle and Luc Wille
Susan Williams
Uzelle Williams '65
Jessica and Marc Winnick
Geri Garfinkle Wohl '81
Mindy and Randolph Wolpert
Cynthia Woodburn
Jennette and Jared Woolf
Jia Yang Xiong and Michael Xiong
Kathy Conway-Yaffe and Daniel Yaffe
Daria Davis Yatak and Bashar Yatak
Susan and James Yezbick
Dalal and Wisam Zakko
Mari Sue and Antoine Zammit
Joyce Zelcer
  Amy Zelcer '03
Nancy and James Zelch
Norma Zelch
Pamela and Amir Zfira
Trudy Zimmerman
Barbara and Richard Zisk

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