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         Association of Royal Naval First Class Divers
16th Annual General Meeting Held At The Home Club Portsmouth
                  on 11th June 2004 at 19:05
The Mr. Brian Tempest Secretary AORNFCD
18 Greyshott Avenue
PO14 3JD
Tel 01329 847951
E-mail address rndivers@hotmail.com or briantempest5@tiscali.co.uk
Web site AORNFCD: -     http://uk.msnusers.com/AssociationofRoyalNavlFirstClassDivers
Web Site all CD: -      http://uk.msnusers.com/RoyalNavyClearanceDivers

Minutes of the 16th AGM

      a.     Opening remarks.
The Chairman opened the meeting at 19:05 and welcomed those present. He then said he wished
more serving members were present, though it was an improvement over the last few year. Total
members at the AGM 54 (47 at Start)

       b.      Approval of 15th AGM Minutes

The Chairman asked that the minutes of the 15th AGM be approved.
Proposed by J.A. Wilson and seconded by R. Hartshorn, and was approved by the members
present and signed.

       c.      Handover to Incoming Chairman.

The outgoing Chairman then handed over to Mr D Green.


       Chairman’s Opening Remarks.

       a.      Chairmans Hand Over.
The new Chairman thanked Steve for his 2 years as Chairman of the Association, during which his
duties have been split by being a member of an operational diving team and having to deploy at
short notice, (Something we all can identify with) this was followed with a draft to DEODS. He then
asked the members to show their appreciation to Steve for all his commitment during the last two

The Chairman then spoke briefly, on points that had come up over the last few years

       b.    The business of appointing a President.
He stated that in answer to a proposal to revert back to appointing a President of the Association,
we progressed through a period of uncertainty. Questions to be answered were: Do we require a
President, who should it be and what would we expect from appointing one. After much debate the
proposal was put to the members who voted against the proposal.
 Opening up the Ass to non One’s.
He stated that the members had also voted to keep the Association open to First Class Divers and
those that had qualified by being founder members of the branch before 1960, (no matter what

Chairman of the AORNFCD Signature

diving qualification they held.)

        c.     Welcome new Vice Chairman.
At this point the Chairman welcomed our new Vice Chairman, Shiner Brassington to the committee
and stated that he looked forward to his contribution, Shiner was absent due to illness at the
present time. We all hope Shiner has a speedy recovery. He was voted in as the Vice Chairman at
the 15 A.G.M.

      e.      Requirement of a Serving member WO (D) TIM Sizer was a volunteer.
He spoke briefly about the advantages of having a serving member on the committee, especially
as assistant to the Social Secretary. In Electing him it would have an additional member to vote, if
we have two committee members absent due to work commitments or illness.

This was put to the Floor and was proposed by Mr Kidman and seconded by Mr Wilson and all
voted in favour of having an assistant to the Social Secretary.

        f.     Treasurer Standing Down
Our Treasurer has now decided that it is time for him to stand down after looking after our books
for the last nine years, he now needs to devote more time to his wife who is not in the best of

The membership showed there appreciations to the Treasurer and gave there thanks to him.
It was proposed by the committee to make Dickie an honorary member in recognition of all his hard
work during that time in office.

 It was put to the floor and the membership gave their unanimous approval. The business of his
replacement will be an agenda item.

       g.     Members signing in.
Reminded members to sign the paper, as this was to not only tell who was present but also for the
free draw for the decanter.

The AORNFCD Raffle would take place at the end of the A.G.M. prior to the divers Social

     h.    Thanks to the secretary.
The members were asked to show their appreciations for all the help and work he gives to its

       i.     Welcome to our ‘P’ Party members.
It was sad not to see Brum Maries & Bruce Jones here last year but is heartening to see them
represented this year. Unfortunately, Bruce and John Pearce are quite ill and our thoughts are with
them, and those mentioned in the obituaries when you have your trip down memory lane and take
a proper tot of Pussers Rum.

       j.    List of apologies
J Payne, M Rogers, T Mason, D Hilton, J Meakin, P Guiver, R Ramsey and D Lott, also a number
of the Spanish contingent have sent their apologies via the Web site (I can not find it).

       k.      OBITUARIES.

Chairman of the AORNFCD Signature

Bernard “Brockie” Brook-Foster, Doc Campion and Ray Rowlands.
Other:- Titch Halsall, Mick Curry, Edward Cassidy, Jeff “George” Walters, Lt Cdr Robbie Robinson,
Niel “Wiggy” Wiggins.

Also a personal thanks was given to Mr D Bond who has donated the Association a Gold helmet
for the main prize in the Divers Social raffle.


       i.     Treasurer. The Chairman asked the members if there was any body willing to act as
the treasurer other than Mr Kidman who was proposed by Mr Fellows and seconded by Mr Wilson.

There being no other member present wishing to take on the position it was put to the floor and
voted unanimously.

       ii.     Serving member to assist the Social Secretary. Voted in Chairman’s remarks

       b.      VOTE OF THANKS TO TREASURER (9 Years of service to the Association).


      a.     CHANGE OF ADDRESS.
Please inform the Secretary or Treasurer of any changes of address and any mail changes. If
members can complete the Plaxo Email sent to then to update email and normal addresses,
information could be sent more efficiently.


County Club Membership number for booking Accommodation at the Home club is 2067.

       c.      LETTERS FROM MEMBERS.

I would like to thank the members who have helped the committee and all those that have
corresponded and Joined this year. (We have some old and bold divers and some new blood): -

Brum Maries, John Cobb help every year with the Tot of Rum, George Sissions who helps with the
raffle and to Terry Settle who brought Brian Owers down (He has since written thanking Terry how
nice, it was to see an old friend who he was on course together 55 years ago).

The new Joiners Rev D Morrell, JG Morris, J Dawson, B Davis, J Billing (A Sprightly 85 year old
looking for any of his old mates), T. Malpass and Brian Owers (For those that are interested Brian
makes Ties and the like). I would like to thank all who helped Brian attend the meeting. (Notable Mr
T Settle)

Henry Minn for all his post cards telling us of his adventures and his letters, also those from other

Those that could not make the social Sandy Bruce, Steven Meddoms, 12 other emails, which
were too late to include in the notes for the meeting and a number of message left on the
answering machine telling us about the hold up on the motorway on the evening of the Social and

Chairman of the AORNFCD Signature

that they may not make the Social.

I have been asked to forward details about Diver Reg Bailey by his family, if anyone can help
please pass on to the sec.


The two Web sites are areas where members can keep themselves updated and read the most
recent letters. The Association web site (only) will be used to promulgate member's letters on
such items as changes to the constitution, new membership proposals, etc.. Though if a
member does not wish his letter to be placed on the web site, please indicate that in the letter

The Clearance Diving Branch Group Site will still be running and will be updated with information
about future events for the whole Diving Community. We have been informed since the meeting
that we are unable to put content from the Divers and Minewarfare Magazine on the Web sights,
(The MAD magazine) due to MOD copy write. So if any one puts forward any articles to the MAD
magazine, could they please forward the article to the Association. We then can keep members
updated on what is happening in the Navy and any interesting Stories from any past divers we
would like to put on the web site, even from those serving in the Commercial Diving and EOD.


A record of the audited accounts is on a separate page at the end of the Minutes the funds at
present are quite healthy at present

The Audit was done this year by Mr R Harshorn and Mr B Tempest.

The New Treasurers Address is Mr C Kiddman


Mr N Carter and Mr J Wilson volunteered to do the Audit of 2005


     Action                                               From                     Till
     Meet in the Nuffield bar.                            18:00                   18:45
     AGM in the Brocks Bar. As per 50th.                  19:00                   19:30
     After AGM proceed to the ballroom for Tot       On Completion of            Disco
     of Rum Doors open from Brocks bars to                AGM
     the main ballroom
                                                         Tot Time
     Light snacks                                         20:30                   22:45
     Raffle of prizes during Intermission               22:30-ish                 01:00
AGM and Social Details 2005 – 2007 will be held on the 3rd Sat in June at the Home Club: -
     2005        18th June 2005

Chairman of the AORNFCD Signature

       2006           17th June 2006
       2006           16th June 2007

The committee would like to thank Mr. D Bond (Jimmy Bond) for the inclusion in the main raffle
prize of a Gold Divers helmet in a nice presentation box’s. (Won by Mr Tim Sizer) for those who
asked about the Helmets.

               The Hellmetts can be purrchased ffrrom Dave Bond,, hiis addrress and ttellephone numberr
               The He me s can be pu chased om Dave Bond h s add ess and e ephone numbe
               arre:: --

               2 Potttterry Cottttage Weeks Hiilll Darrttmoutth TQ6 9DB Tell Numberr 01803 83377
               2 Po e y Co age Weeks H Da mou h TQ6 9DB Te Numbe 01803 83377
               nau ca an ques@po eryco age reeserve co uk


       a.      Les Sharpe: - commemorative Plaque to the diving branch on the old Vernon site,
The committee has asked Les to get the appropriate costs of the placing it in the Gunwharf and
bring this to the next AGM. The members were in favour of doing this but this should accounted for
by a committee and audited.

       b.    Challenger Deck Plate has gone missing from Horsea Island this is currently being
investigated by those that are serving up Horsea. So it can be retrieved and put in a more secure

     c.      Mr Nick Carter Proposed that the outgoing Treasurer should be given a Decanter and
Glasses for his efforts over the last 9 years. This was approved unanimosly at the meeting.


The free draw for the AORNFCD Decanter and Glasses was won by the Social secretary Mr M

Chairman’s AORNFCD Signature

Chairman of the AORNFCD Signature

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