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                         Europe: A classical Grand tour
                       We have planned a tour of some of the great cities and sites of Western Europe
                                           Day 1 2011 – Arrive Amsterdam in the late afternoon, where we shall drive by luxury coach
                                           into the city centre for 2 nights in a centrally located hotel. Amsterdam is the capital of
                                           Holland, a country of 18 million inhabitants. Well known for its waterways and land
                                           reclamation . We will stay here for two nights                                 BD

                                           Day 2 July 2011 – Today we will take Sightseeing tour of Amsterdam. Well known for its
                                           seafaring connections, fine art , Diamond cutting. As the city has a large network of canals
                                           we shall take a boat for much of the tour. We will also take in The Rijks and Vangough
                                           Museums, where many of the Dutch masterpieces by artists such as Rembrant and Van
                                           Eck and Vincent Van Gough can be seen. We also see the Flower market at Dam square,
                                           the infamous red light district, take a tour of a diamond cutting house. After some free time
                                           we take a short excursion to Volendam. This charming village set on the banks of the Zuider
                                           Zee ( Inland Lake) is a classical Dutch fishing village where many locals wera traditional
       Amsterdam Canal Bank                dress. We can see how The famous wooden Clogs are made. In the evening we have a
                                           Chinese meal at the Sea Palace , a floating Hotel.               BBD

 Day 3 2011 – Today we drive south into Belgium. One of the most important town sin the small
 country is Bruges. It was a very important port in the middle ages, bringing in Tobacco, Coca ,
 and spices from the New world. And exporting Linen lace and tapestry. The town practically
 died at the beginning of the industrial revolution so the buildings remained . Thankfully the vast
 majority of the buildings remain for us to enjoy. We will have some free time here for lunch and
                                            and is popular for visitors to get We pass through the
 sightseeing before rejoining the coach and travel south again in to France.an authentic Chinese meal in the centre of London, We will
                                            eat here the capital and is one of the most impressive
 battlefields of the first world war and onto Paris, as well                                                      BBD
 cities in the world. The city was made capital upon the unification of France in the 15 Century.
 The Monarchy there after built many fine buildings and Cathedrals with The Louvre as the
 centrepiece. After the revolution Napoleon Bonaparte carried on developing the roads and
 memorials. In the early 19 century Napoleon III finished the classical look of the city by
 redesigning many of the main roads and creating wide boulevards We will stay in the city centre
 for 2 nights with the first night we have a meal in the hotel after a long day      540KM BBD              Flemish Bruges

                                               Day 4 2011 – After breakfast we take a full tour of the city with our coach the tour will
                                               included all of the main sights: The Opera House, Louvre museum which was once the
                                               Royal palace and is now the great museum which holds many great works of art the
                                               greatest being the Mona Lisa, Musee D„Orsay, home of the Impressionist painters The
                                               Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, both of which were built for the great exhibition in 1890 The Arch
                                               Du Triumph built by Napoleon to honour the returning troops from victorious campaigns,
                                               Notre Dame Cathedral, This 14 century Church is one of the greatest in the world with
                                               magnificent flying buttresses and enormous Rose window it is positioned on a small
                                               island in the centre of the river Seine . The Hotel Des Invalids. There will be free time at
                                               several of the sights for photos and a walk around. There will also be a ride along the
                                               river on a pleasure boat which also give fantastic view of the main riverside landmarks. In
                                               the afternoon we will have free time in the shopping district. We return to the hotel for a
  The Eiffel Tower and Trocadero               few hours to relax and in the evening we will go out to a typical Parisian restaurant for a 5
                                               course meal with drinks and entertainment included             BBD

Day 5 2011 –This morning we check out of the hotel and leave Paris in style. We will be dropped
off at the railway station where we catch the TGV bullet train south through the magnificent
French countryside. Our journey takes us through the wine regions and along the Rhone Valley
to the coast. The train slows through Marseilles and takes a spectacular ride along the
Mediterranean sea. We pass by St Tropez, Antibes and Cannes. We rejoin the coach at Nice
and ride to our hotel. We will stay In Nice a spectacular classical resort for 3 nights. Nice is one
of the worlds oldest resorts. Offering very mild climate throughout the year. The Promenade se
Anglaise is the main boulevard which runs along the seafront. The old town is situated close to
the Fishing port . For many years Nice has been a major stop on “The Grand Tour” where
English gentlemen would finish their public school educations by seeing the rest of Europe in
grand style. We will stay at a good quality hotel . Breakfast is included each day, and a meal at
the hotel on the first evening                                    930KM(TRAIN) BBD                         NotreDame Cathedral
                                   Day 6 2011 After breakfast we drive along the coast passing through Eze a village known as the
                                   Perfume centre. Many of the famous fashion house purchases the scents from this
                                   Area and brand it. We drive on to the tiny principality of Monaco. This has been the Grimaldi family
                                   own state located by the sea between France and Italy for many hundreds of years. In the years of
                                   the last century due to its relaxed laws on gambling and taxation it has been a retreat for the rich and
                                   famous from around the world. The land mass is so small that new developments are many stories
                                   high and any new roads are under ground. The great oceanographic explorer Jacques Cousteau
                                   made his home here and was the curator of the Oceanographic institute. The FI motor race takes
                                   place here each May and the track consists of a complete circuit of the city rising through the square
                                   at Monte Carlo. We can spend plenty of time here to enjoy this remarkable enclave. Later we return
 Monaco & Monte Carlo              via Villefranche a charming French village by the sea where there will be a little time to relax
                                                                                                                        50KM       BB
 Day 7 2011 – This morning we continue our journey south, leaving France behind and
 into Italy, one of the most exciting and cultured counties in the world. We known for its
 relaxed lifestyle and love of the arts. Our drive takes us past Genoa the great northern
 shipping port. On through the Carrara region Our mid day stop will be at Pisa. This
 grand town on the banks of the Arno River is famed for having the Basillica and
 Baptistery with the most famous bellower. The leaning tower of Pisa began to subside
 as they were building it but the designers , undeterred carried on building away from
 the subsidence . It carried on leaning each year but several years ago work was
 completed to stop the erosion and now the tower is safe. After plenty of time here we
 drive onto Florence. Capital of the Tuscany region and centre of the Renaissance. A
 period in history when the printed word and a greater understanding       in the arts
 brought enlightenment to the world. We stay in a city centre 4* hotel for 2 nights
                                                                            440KM BBD
                                                                                                       Leaning tower of Pisa
                                            Day 8 2011 Today we take a walking tour of Florence . With many fine classical
                                            buildings such as the Basilica , San Lorenzo, Pitti Palace, Cathedral of St Croce, The
                                            Ponte Vecchio will all be on the tour with a visit to The Academia museum where
                                            amongst other treasure is “David” one of Leonardo‟s greatest works. It may be possible to
                                            visit the other great museum The Uffizi Museum if time permits. As well as plenty of
                                            culture Florence has a fantastic shopping district and Italian designer stores are
                                            everywhere. The natural artistic flare is to be seen in every shop window. We again have
                                            some free time in the afternoon. We can recommend adown town restaurant         BB
     Florence and Duomo
 Day 9 2011. Today we make our journey South again to our last stop. On the way we drive
 through Tuscany stopping first at Siena one of Italy‟s great towns. Sitting on the rolling
 Tuscany hills it commands the region. In the centre is Il Campo. A large square overlooked by
 the Palazo public. This impressive Pizza is the setting each summer of the Pallio. A frantic
 horse race wich members of each paris of the town participating. After spending time in Siena
 we travel to San Gimmingiano, A charming hill top town in the centre of the Chianti wine
 region. The town is also well known for its curious medieval towers, they were created in order
 to dry cloths which had been dyed another industry of the region. In the afternoon our journey
 takes us out of Tuscany and into Lazio. Rome will be our last stop we stay here for two nights
 in a city centre hotel                                 390KM BBD
                                                                                                    San Gimingnano, Chianti
                                                    Day 10 2011- Today we have a tour of the city. Made up of several parts Rome is
                                                    very large. The three main areas we will look at will be the area around the Vatican
                                                    city, the ancient Roman ruins and the city centre around Pizza Navona. The Vatican
                                                    is the smallest state in the world. It is a little over 1 Sq Kilometre it only house the
                                                    people of the Catholic Church and the Swiss guard who are the Popes private army.
                                                    Within these small area are two of the greatest landmarks in Europe: The Vatican
                                                    Museum and St Peters Cathedral. The Museum is a treasure trove which includes
                                                    frescoes by Rafael and the Sistine Chapel by Michael Angelo. A walking tour around
                                                    The Roman Forum, through Palatine Hill and The Coliseum. I the late afternoon we
                                                    walk through the area around The Panteon to The Spanish steps and the Trevi
                                                    fountain. We will have a traditional Italian meal in a local restaurant    BBD
        The Coliseum
 Day 11 2011- Today we drive to the Rome airport suitable for the return flight back to China which will probably be Fiumicino
                                                                                            15KM BB
The Land cost:£pp sharing a room £ single room supplement. This will include 10 nights accommodation, 10
breakfasts7 evening meals, all excursions and entrance fees where mentioned, transport buy luxury touring coach

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