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                                                                                            V o l um e 3 , I s s ue 1
  N EW P ORT TOW N S H I P N EW S                                                                          M a r c h 1, 2 0 11
  T H E O F F I C IA L P U B L I C A T I O N O F T H E
  N E W P O RT T OW N S H I P C O M M I S S I O N E R S ,
  L U Z E R N E C O U N T Y , P E N N S Y LVA N I A

 Police Dept.              2
                                PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
 Fire Dept.                2

 DPW                       3            Brrrrrrrr. What a Winter we are having. Seems like once the winter weather
                           3    arrived it decided it was not going to leave. It’s been cold since Thanksgiving and since
 Refuse & Recycling
                                January, we have had snow on the ground. On February 1st and 2nd, the back to back
 Twp. Funds/Meetings       4
                                storms really have caused our DPW crew to work overtime and fight the freezing cold
 Right To Know             4    and snow. They strive to keep the main roads open and then move to the alley ways
 Parks & Recreation        5    and so on. As with all weather, this too will pass.
 Authority Members         5            I am pleased to announce that the Township ended the year in the black with
                           6    surpluses in each of our accounts. If you read the papers, you have seen where many
                                municipalities are in financial trouble, but we stand in good financial condition. For
 Township Officials        6
                                2011, we were able to pass budgets that called for no tax increases and were able to
                                reduce the Refuse and Recycling fee from $235 per year to $225 per year. This is the
                                result of receiving bids last fall for three years of service. As such, we anticipate that
                                the $225 rate will remain for 2012 and 2013 and we will keep the same level of ser-
        Who To Call?            vice.
                                        It is interesting to note that back in 2004, the Township was $235,000 in debt
• Emergency………..911             and by March of this year, we will be debt free. The Commissioners strived to keep
                                costs under control and have balanced budgets while maintaining services for the resi-
• Township Office:
                     735-4735           As we proceed into 2011, the Commissioners are looking forward to the paving
• Police (non-emergency):       of John, Williams and Thomas Streets in Sheatown and Newport Avenue in Alden.
                                These streets have been on the drawing board for a long time and finally will be started
                                this Spring. We are looking at additional projects in Glen Lyon to include street paving
• Fire ………….... 735-2000        and storm drain work as well as additional demolition of some structures.
• Sewer Authority:
                                                                President’s Thought:
• Tax Collector:     736-6319
• Ambulance:         735-4652
                                       Wanting to be something you are not is a waste of the person you are.
• Missed Refuse:     735-4735
• County Zoning:     825-1560
• Post Office Glen Lyon:
                                                    NEW WEB SITE IS READY
                   736-6431     The Newport Township Commissioners are pleased to announce that the Official Web-
                                site for the Township is now up and running.
• Post Office Nanticoke:
                                You can access it at:
• Compost Center: 736-6609      We have listed important information relative to the Township, as well as, monthly de-
• Refuse Hauler:     735-0664   partment reports and current events. The site will be an ongoing project and will be
                                updated with current information as it becomes available. As time goes on, we will be
                                adding more and more features and striving to make it as user friendly as possible.

                   P O L I C E D E PA R T M E N T N E W S
As of January 2011, there have been approximately five (5) burglaries and a few attempted burglaries in Newport
Township, mostly in the Glen Lyon area. Due to the high turnover rate of residents moving in and out of apart-
ments and the need to fuel their addictions, usually heroin, these suspects resort to stealing peoples’ hard
earned items, such as TV’s, DVD’s, jewelry, coins and cash. Also prescription pills, usually pain medication, are
among items stolen.

Your Police Department is actively following up on any leads provided to identify the person(s) responsible. We
are asking residents to report anything out of the ordinary. Report any person that looks out of place, a vehicle
that looks suspicious, strange people waiting around your home or neighbors’ homes, even in the daytime. It is a
common misconception that burglaries happen only at night. Daytime burglaries are becoming more common.

It is very important for neighbors to look out for each other and report any possible crime or suspicious person or
activity immediately. Call 911 for a prompt response. Do not wait.

It is important for residents to document the make, model and serial numbers of items such as TV’s, Firearms,
DVD players and other high value electronics. This will aid Police in recovering the items if stolen. Keep the list
in a safe place.

                                       FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS
As of January 1, 2011, James G. Hoffman became the Newport Township Fire Chief. Chief Hoffman takes over the
Department from Dan Kowalski who has served as Chief the last several years. Chief Hoffman was presented with
his Gold Badge at the January meeting of the Township Commissioners which was attended by members of his
family and friends. We wish Chief Hoffman well in his tenure and look forward to assisting him in making the Fire
Department the best in the area.

                                           RECAP OF CALLS FOR 2010

                TYPE                                                    NO. OF CALLS

        Search/Off –road rescue calls                                           14
        Vehicle Fires                                                           2
        Motor Vehicle Accidents                                                 24
        Wires/tree down                                                         12
        Hazardous Materials Incident                                            6
        EMS Assist                                                              39
        Trash/Dump fire/Burning Complaint                                       26
        Structure Fire/Possible Structure Fire                                  9
        Bomb Threat                                                             1
        Alarm Sounding/Odor Investigation                                       15
        Wildland Fire (brush fire)                                              29
        Public Service (vehicle lockout, lift assist)                           28
        Training (involving our apparatus)                                      5
        Med Evac Landing Zone                                                   1
        Mutual Aid Calls out of Township                                        15
                   NEWPORT TOWNSHIP NEWS

So far the Winter of 2010-2011 has been a hard one. Not
only have we had a long run of cold weather but more re-
cently a lot of snow and slippery roads. The DPW puts the
roads as their number one priority in the Winter. As such,
when a snow storm hits on Thursday or Friday, normal recy-
cling days, the recycling is moved down the list. The safety
of the Township residents will always take precedent over
picking up recycling. When recycling is delayed, the DPW
will do its best to pick it up the next regular working day.              FEDERAL STREETS PROJECT

                                                               Finally we have been notified that the Federal
                                                               Streets Project on John, Thomas and Williams
                                                               Streets in Sheatown and Newport Avenue in Alden
Residents and homeowners with sidewalks are advised            have been scheduled for bidding on February 17th.
that they must be cleaned of snow and ice within twelve        As such, this project will take place sometime this
(12) hours after a storm. Remember if someone falls on         Spring. This project has been in the planning and
your sidewalk, you are liable.                                 design stages since 2005 and now is finally at the
                                                               point where we will see the results.

                                                               PLEASE NOTE!! If you live on John, Thomas or
                                                               Williams Street in Sheatown and would like to see
                                                               a gas line placed in the Street for future use,
                                                               please contact UGI Penn Natural Gas, Inc., One
                                                               UGI Center, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18611

                                                                          Newport Township Office Hours
                                                                                   8:30 A.M.
  DRIVING THE TOWNSHIP STREETS AND HIGHWAYS.                                          To
          PROTECT OUR DPW EMPLOYEES.                                               3:00 P.M.

                                       REFUSE AND RECYCLING NOTES

Thanks to a new bid from J. P. Mascaro & Sons for Refuse Collection for 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Refuse fee
will be going down. The Recycling Fee will stay the same. The fee for 2011 is $225.00 if paid in February,
$250.00 if paid in March and after April 1st, the fee will be $250.00 plus 1-1/2% interest for each month there-
after. All unpaid bills as of May 1, 2011 will be turned over for collection.

On the Recycling end, the Township Recycled over 250 tires last fall. Beginning 2011, the Township will also be
picking up clean cardboard when paper is collected. By clean cardboard, this means no pizza boxes or other
boxes that are dirty with food or contaminants.

A reminder that if your Refuse or Recycling are missed, please contact the Township Office at 735-4735, Monday
to Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. to report it. After hours, please leave a message with your address, day
missed and what was missed: refuse in bags or cans, or recycling.

                                   STATEM ENT                   O F T OW N S H I P F U N D S
                             The Commissioners are pleased to announce that the Township ended 2010 in
          2011               the black. Here is the Statement of Cash on Hand as of December 31, 2010:

      MEETING                              General Fund            $31,130.87
     SCHEDULE                              Payroll Fund            $ 4,186.00
                                           Fire Tax Fund           $ 1,709.54
       February 7
                                           Refuse Fund             $ 7,542.95
        March 7                            Recycling Fund          $ 1,942.07
                                           Liquid Fuels Fund       $ 8,950.95
         April 4                           Federal Streets         $40,000.12

         May 2                             Total                   $95,462.50

         June 6

         July 5              The 2011 Approved Budgets are as follows:

        August 1                                                   Receipts       Disbursements

      September 6                   General Fund                   $693,690.      $690,986.
                                    Refuse Fund                    $330,525.      $328,638.
       October 3                    Recycling Fund                 $ 50,850.      $ 48,268.
                                    Liquid Fuels Fund              $ 92,700.      $ 93,000.
      November 7

      December 5             Real Estate Taxes remain the same as 2010 and there is a $10.00 per year
                             reduction in the Refuse and Recycling fee.
Regular meetings begin at
      6:00 P.M.
                                                             RIGHT TO KNOW
Work sessions will be held
                             Newport Township complies with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Right to
on the 3rd Wednesday of      Know law.
every month and begin at
       5:00 P.M.             Forms for ―Request for Information‖ may be obtained at the Municipal Office
                             during normal business hours.
  Special Meetings and
    Budget Meetings          Please be specific on your request so as not to cause any delays in obtaining a
                             prompt response to your request.
   will be scheduled as

                      RECREATIONAL PARKS                                       NEWPORT TOWNSHIP
                                                                               AUTHORITY MEMBERS
                    2010 ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                                                               John Wilkes, President
                                                                               Joseph DeLuca,
      A. Over $50,000 in improvements were completed and the park              Peter Wanchisen,
         had a Grand Opening last August.                                             Treasurer
      B. As a result of Joseph Brady’s Eagle Scout project, the pavilion has   Diane Hillan, Secretary
         been extended to 36 feet.                                             Steven Phillips
      C. Raised in excess of $7,000 in donations for this park in both
         material and labor.                                                     NEWPORT TOWNSHIP
                                                                                  SEWER AUTHORITY
WANAMIE PARK                                                                         MEMBERS

      A. The See Saws were brought back to life with the help of students      Mel Dudeck, President
         from the Wilkes—Barre Career center.                                  Dawson Jenkins,
      B. The DPW continues to keep the grass and weeds cut so the ball                Vice-President
         fields can be used during the summer months.                          John A Farrell,
                                                                               Peter Wanchisen
                                                                               Joseph DeLuca
      A. The Pavilion was cleaned and resealed.

                                                                                     RECREATION BOARD
      Programs were held throughout the three parks on Tuesdays from
                                                                               John Grabowski, President
      10:00 A.M.. to 12 P.M.. An average of 25 children participated
      per program.                                                             Bob Ranieri, Vice President
                                                                               Lorri Vandermark,
      All parks received information boards to provide information about                     Secretary
      events and happenings at each park.                                      Scott Shatley
                                                                               Murph Fletcher
      The creation of a Facebook page named the ―The Newport Township
      Recreation Board‖ has taken place and currently has in excess of         Meetings are open to the pub-
      100 friends.                                                             lic and are held the second
                                                                               Tuesday of the month at 6
FOR 2011
                                                                               P.M. in the American Legion
                                                                               in Glen Lyon
      Plans are underway for many new improvements to all three parks                   Newport Township
      as well as the 2011 Summer program.                                               1002 Center Street
                                                                                       Nanticoke, Pa. 18634
                                                                               Phone(570) 735-4735 Fax ( 570) 735-5595
                                                                                           Office Hours:
                                                                                   Mon-Fri 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

                                                                 Regular Meetings: First Monday of Each Month

                                                                Work Sessions: Third Wednesday of Each Month


                                                                        Paul Czapracki, President, DPW

                                                                        John Zyla, Vice-President, Police
The old factory located at the corner of Engle and Third
Street was demolished late last year. The site has been                 John Wilkes, Commissioner, Fire
completely cleaned up and planted with new grass.
                                                                      John Vishnefski, Commissioner, Parks
The Following properties are scheduled for demolition within    Michael Roke, Commissioner, Code Enforcement
the next two (2) months. Bids were opened on February 3,
2011, with a Contract award to T. Brennan Heavy Equip-
ment, Carbondale, at their low bid of $17,700.
                                                                             BUSINESS OFFICE
                                                                Township Manager, Code Official: Richard V. Zika
                                                                   Administrative Assistant: Tania Gronkowski

                                                                     Open Records Officer : Richard V. Zika

                                                                          Police Chief: Robert Impaglia

               64 E. Main Street, Glen Lyon                              Fire Chief: James G. Hoffman
                                                                           Tax Collector: Ken Angradi
                                                                   Department of Public Works: Joseph Hillan

                                                                     Code/Nuisance Inspector: Joseph Hillan

                                                                        Richard V. Zika ……..…...Editor

                                                                   Tania Gronkowski ………Graphic Designer

             2-4-6 Third Street, Glen Lyon

Additional properties will be added to the demolition list as
funding may become available. Of prime importance is the
demolition of 44 Coal Street and cleanup of the old thea-
ter building on E. Main Street

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