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Ms. Caro Zarcero_ Alajuela


									                       Ms. Caro
                   Zarcero, Alajuela

Zarcero is located two hours from San Jose. It is my favorite spot
in Costa Rica because my dad was born there and it has a
beautiful park with sculpted cypress trees.
           Roberto Ávila Acosta
             Cahuita, Limon

I like Cahuita because there are a lot of
wild animals around. Also I can see fish in
the ocean nearby.
        Thomas Barreto

• Tortuguero is on the Caribbean side of
  Costa Rica. It is my favorite place
  because it has turtles and iguanas.
  There are also howler monkeys and
Hello!! I am here in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste with
     my brother. I love the sunsets in Villas Sol.
Diana Canas
                                           Isla del coco

The Isla del coco has a lot of waterfalls and trees.

 It is in the middle of the ocean and has sea animals.
                 Maripaz Castillo
             Playa Blanca, Puntarenas

Playa Blanca is located one and a half hour from San Jose. It is
my favorite spot in Costa Rica because it has white sand and a
lot of shells of different size and colors.
        Playa Escondida
     By: Antonella Cisneros

Playa Escondida is located 1 hour from San Jose. It is
my favorite place in Costa Rica because I go there a
lot and I always have a great time. I love to play on
the sand and to swim in the ocean.
                 Daniel Drew
               Puntarenas, Jacó.

• I like Jaco because my mother’s family lives there and
  I can go there to surf and spend some time with my
  mom and my little brother.
      Juliana González
       Ujarras Ruines
  Two weeks ago I went ,with my family, to
Ujarrás Ruines in Cartago.
This was the first time I visited that place and
I enjoyed specially climbing the ruines wall
with my brother.
I learned that the ruines where a church that
falls during an earthquake many years ago.
María Paula González Miranda

      Going to the beach I stoped and saw crocodiles.This animal lives in the Tárcoles
      River. From the bridge the people see the crocodiles.

      If you want to see a video clik here
                     Philippe Joseph
              La Marina Pez Vela
It`s located in Quepos
                             I like because you can find lots
                             of sailfish.
              Sebastián, Arenal Volcano
Arenal Volcano is located 2 ½ hours from San José. It’s my favorite place in Costa
             Rica….just look at the pictures and you’ll know why!!!!
              Manfred Malick
          Arenal Volcano, San Carlos

My favorite place in Costa Rica is Arenal volcano, it is located in
La Fortuna in San Carlos. I love volcanos and I like to swim in
the hot springs.
           Agatha Mullins
        Manzanillo Beach, Limón

Manzanillo Beach is located five hours from San
 José, on the Caribbean Sea. It is my favorite place
 because I swim in the very clear ocean and have fun
 at Hotel Almonds and Corals.

           My favorite place in Costa Rica it´s
         called Playa Conchal, in Guanacaste. I
         like it because of the color of the sand,
        the ocean and the soft waves, as well as
           the nice family moments we usually
                       spend there.
       • This is the Basílica de
         Nuestra Señora de los
         Angeles. It is located in
         Cartago at 30 minutes
         from San Jose.
       • I love this place because
         I can visit the Lady of
         the Angels (Virgen de
         los Angeles).
                                Miranda Román

Puntarenas is one of the seven provinces in Costa Rica. Is
located 1 1/2 hour from San Jose. It is my favorite spot,
because I love the beach and the beautiful Hilton hotel that
has an amazing pool.
Escondida Beach Carlos José Ulate

    I like the beach, because I can play with the
I can also play with my friends and I can surf the

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