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									Church Planting Ministries                                                DRAFT
Church Start Process

Contact with Church Planting Ministries
   The Candidate registers on website (, or by phone
      or e-mail with the CPM office. Lana Melton, Ministry Assistant (770-936-5228,
   The Ministry assistant determines where the Candidate is interested in planting a
      mission and who the sponsor(s) might be (church(s) and association).
   The Ministry assistant notifies the responsible CPM Regional Consultant.
   The Ministry assistant emails the candidate the first CHURCH PLANTER
   Ministry Assistant copies Sponsoring Church(s) and Association on all
      correspondence with the Church Planter Applicant.
   Upon receipt of completed application packet, Ministry assistant compiles a file
      on the applicant and plant and notifies the responsible Consultant that he should
      contact the applicant for a pre-orientation consult.
   Ministry assistant should email the applicant acknowledging receipt of the
      completed package.

    Consultant conducts a pre-orientation interview with the applicant.
    Following the pre-orientation interview, the Consultant will notify the Ministry
      assistant to:
          o 1. Process the applicant’s completed Child Protection Volunteer Policy
              with the office of Vice President, Bobby Boswell.
          o 2. Invite the applicant to Church Planter Orientation and explain
              registration process.

Church Planter Orientation
   Ministry Assistant, Lenna Moore contacts the candidate to register for
      Orientation. Lenna will also confirm if the candidate has been pre-assessed.
   Consultant will conduct a Pre-Assessment interview with the candidate.
   After the Pre-Assessment interview, the Consultant contacts Carol Jenkins to set
      up an Assessment interview.

    The Candidate is assessed and the assessment report is sent to the CPM office.
    The Consultant sends a notification letter to the candidate informing the results of
      the assessment.
    Once the candidate passes assessment and based on acceptable background
      checks, should be enrolled for Basic Training Journey.
Basic Training Journey
    The Consultant informs the Ministry Assistant (Lenna Moore) the names of
       candidates to be invited to the training.
    The Ministry Assistant sends a Basic Training Journey invitation to the candidate.
    The Candidate returns the completed Basic Training Journey registration form,
       with payment ($100.00 per team), to the CPM office.
    The Ministry assistant (Lenna Moore) mails a confirmation letter with directions
       and schedule.

Church Planter Development
   Immediately following the completion of Basic Training Journey, the Consultant
      should assign the Church Planter to a Church Planter Network and a Coach. He
      should explain to the planter that he is expected to attend the monthly CPN
      meetings (except June and July).
   The Consultant should also, working with the sponsoring partners, make sure that
      the Church Planter has a Supervisor and that the Planter, Supervisor, and Coach
      understand their responsibilities and expectations.
   The Consultant will maintain CPN attendance records on each church planter.
   Basic Training II will be conducted with each Church Planter at the beginning of
      second-year support. The same process will be followed for registration for Basic
      Training II.

Financial Assistance

   Start-up funds
       The Church Planter can request start-up funds (up to $5000.00) by contacting
          his Consultant. A detailed description of the use/purpose of start-up funds
          should accompany the request.
       The Consultant calls or emails the Ministry assistant (Lana Melton) requesting
          that the voucher be prepared and submitted.
       The Specialist is responsible for approving all start-up-fund requests.
       When approved, start-up fund requests will be sent to the business office for
          processing (approximately one week process).
       Start-up fund checks will be mailed from the CPM office.

   Church Pastoral Assistance (CPA)
      Church Pastoral Assistance is limited to $800.00 per month for a twelve
         month period. Applicants can apply for two one-year terms.
      The Church Planter requests CPA funding through the Consultant.
      The Consultant emails the application to the Church Planter.
      The Church Planter mails the completed application with supporting
         documentation (area demographics, annual budget, sponsoring church and
         association information) to the CPM office.
      The Consultant will review and sign off on the supporting documentation.
       The Ministry Assistant (Lana Melton) sends a letter to the Church Planter
        acknowledging the receipt of the CPA documents and stating “it is in
       Upon the approval of the Specialist, the request is forwarded to the GBC
        Administration Committee for approval (this committee meets each month
        except July and September).
       If approved by the Administration Committee, the Church Planter will receive
        a letter of approval (copies sent to sponsoring church and association) and
        instructions on completing the required monthly report form via the Tracking
       The Monthly CPA checks are mailed upon the receipt of the Church Planter’s
        monthly report.

Site Grants

   One-time site grants are available for new churches making their first purchase of
   property. The grant is for up to 25% of the cost of the property. Grant amounts
   are: $15,000 for the purchase of five to eight acres and $25,000 for eight or more


   Loans are available for up to $200,000 for site and first unit buildings.

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