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                           SUMMER NEWSLETTER 2011

District Commissioner          Honorary Secretary       Membership Secretary & Treasurer

Mrs. Barbara Birchall          Mrs. Jenny Sommerville   Mrs. Angela Parkin
Greencroft, Main Street        Holly Cottage            Smithy Farm
Bishop Monkton                 Grafton                  Hopperton
Harrogate HG3 3QP              York YO51 9QJ            Knaresborough. HG58NX

01765 677418                   01423 322341             01423 330617

      President               Mrs R Cuthbertson
      Chief Instructor        Mrs.Kate Kerr             01423 330602

                              Miss Kath Barley          07710452947
                              Mrs Sonja Binnian

                              Miss Sophie Minikin       07985513620
      Pony Club Tests         Miss Sally Peacock        07967123141
      Riding & Road Safety    Mrs Jeanne Tasker         07796960068

      Website & Newsletter    Mrs Helen Vesty           07786 116777
      and E Mails                                       helenv7@hotmail.co.uk
                              Mrs Nicky Garside
      Team Information                                  01423 872512
      Competition Secretary   Mrs Jayne Winn            01423 331742

      Games Co-ordinator      Mrs Rachel Abbott         07761783136/01423 779345

      PC Clothing             Mrs Karen Liversedge      01423 330319


                                                        SPRING REVIEW

The two Easter rallies at the GG centre and Crosper Farm were a great success held on lovely sunny days.
Show Jumping Training is in progress with Kate, Sophie and Amanda Atkinson.
Mrs Garside continues to do a great job organising inter branch teams, the results can be seen on the new web site thanks to Helen Vesty.
Peter Farrelly's dressage training was well received and he will continue to coach the dressage teams.
Mrs Abbott has done a great job organizing the games teams, who are now training to take part in a friendly Zone competition on May 28th.
Sally and Jean have been training and organising PC Tests and Road Safety.
Thank you to all that helped at the Show Jumping Competition on May 21st, we raised £1000 for Branch Funds.
Congratulations to all the members who have been out competing and flying the flag [the Games Team really have one!] for YORK & AINSTY
NORTH and doing a superb job. We look forward to seeing you all at rallies, competitions and camp this summer.

                                                                                                                           Barbara Birchall

                                                  PONY CLUB TEST RESULTS

Congratulations to the following members who passed their C Pony Club Test recently;
C : Nicole Baddeley, Oliver Proctor, Annie Buxton and Lucy Stokoe

Congratulations to the following who passed their Riding and Road Safety Achievement Award recently;
Ellie Abbott, Clara Gioiello, Georgia Whone.

                                                PONY CLUB TESTS and TRAINING

 Pony Club Tests are intended to assess riding and horse and pony care in a structured way.
There are nine tests, which must be taken in succession and ranging in difficulty from ‘D’ which is the easiest, to ‘A’ Riding being the
most difficult. The syllabus for each is published on the pcuk website. We do not charge for these tests below ‘B’ level, except for
the BHS Riding and Road Safety test which is set by the BHS.

The recommended age for tests are ; D 8 years, D+ 10 years, C 12 years, C+ 14 years, B 16 years and A 18years +.

The dress code for all tests after D (which is usually done in Camp) is full tack and turnout, so please turn up in the correct dress and
ensure your horse or pony is smartly turned out, including plaiting up. You may wear sweatshirts for the care side of the test.

The children take these tests very seriously, therefore we discourage parents from watching as this adds to the pressure. The riding
side of the test takes about 90minutes and the care side also 90minutes.

Kate Kerr and Sally Peacock organize these tests and may contact those members who they feel are up to the required standard and
Good knowledge of Stable Management is required to pass your tests. There are weekly sessions for four weeks at Sally’s in early
Spring so these are important to attend.

Please contact Sally Peacock if you are interested in taking a Test or would like more information.
Sally Peacock 07967 123141.

                                              PRINCE PHILIP CUP GAMES 2011

Prince Philip Cup Mounted Games Area 3 Competition on May 7th at Wetherby Racecourse;
Congratulations to both Senior Teams;

A TEAM- Clarissa Kevane, Annie Buxton, Ellie Abbott, Mabel Crampton and Tamsin Abbott coming 7th overall

B TEAM- Sally Rogers, Alice Handley, Clara Gioiello, Catherine Robinson and Tilly Bentley coming 12th overall
Please see full report on Website
Thank you for their hard work and Congratulations to the trainers; Rachel Abbott, Kate Kerr and Hannah Caffrey


                                TEAM SHOWJUMPING


Wednesday 20th April 2011 Middleton Pony Club Kennels Farm, Eddlethorpe, Malton
Class 2: 60cm max in the 1st round
Lucy Vesty , Hugo Merchie and Charley Liversedge             Lucy 1st Individual         Team 1st
Double clear rounds by all riders
Class 3: 70cm max in the 1st round
Lucy Vesty , Hugo Merchie and Charley Liversedge             Lucy 6th Individual         Team 5th
Double clear rounds by Lucy and Hugo
Class 4 75cm max in the 1st round
Ellie Abbott, Jodie Bintcliffe , Tamsin Abbott and Olivia Howartson –Kerr
Double clear rounds by Ellie and Jodie                                Ellie 3rd                   Team 1st
Class 6 95cm max in the 1 round
Emma Binnian , Amie Slinger , Courtney Liversedge and Honorary PC member for the day Amie Pickard
As the sun continued to shine so did the younger members of the Pony Club who won two of the classes in the morning and
were placed in the other. Well done to Lucy and Ellie for their placings as individuals. Sadly the afternoon was a lot
trickier and the senior team riders were not able to match the morning’s successes. Well done to everyone.

22nd April 2011     Bedale West of Yore Pony Club Northallerton Equestrian Centre
Class 2: 2’3-2’9:
Lucy Vesty, Tilly Fox, Hugo Merchie, Phoebe Coughlan : Double clear by Lucy
Sophie Hannington , Nicole Baddeley , Sam Procter, Sophie Scott : Double clear by Sam
Class4: 2’9-3’3
Emma Binnian , Annie Lord , Jess Simmons , Sophie Minikin: Team 3rd
The Pony Club were out again in the sun on Good Friday at Northallerton. The results in the morning didn’t match the
weather, but as always the courses gave valuable experience to some of our newer members to team show jumping. Well
done to Lucy and Sam for getting double clears. The seniors in the afternoon did better and came a very credible third as
again the courses were very tricky and we had some new and young horses in the team. Well done to everyone

30th April 2011      York and Ainsty South Pony Club Wetherby Race Course
Class 1 Novice: 65cms
Sally Rogers (Mixed Team entry)                             1st Team and 1st Individual
Class 2 Intermediate 85cms
Ellie Abbott, Sally Rogers, Tamsin Abbott, Jodie Bintcliffe         1st Team and Ellie 2nd Individual
Nicole Baddeley, Sophie Hannington, Lucy Vesty, Olivia Robinson
Class 3 Open: 1m
Victoria Buxton, Julia Stanyard, Mabel Crampton, Courtney Liversedge 1st Team ; Julia 1st and Victoria 6th Individual

The weather held out for yet another fine day out team show jumping. Against the adversities of fluttering red and white
tape and the ‘South’s’ fillers the teams battled to win a hat trick of 1 st places in all three classes .Well done to Sally and
Julia for their 1st individual places, Ellie for her 2nd and Victoria for her 6th individual place with all riders getting double
clears. Also well done to Tamsin and Jodie for getting double clears.
 21st May 2011          York and Ainsty North Pony Club Northallerton Equestrian Centre
Class 1: 70cms max second round:
Charley Liversedge, Clara Gioiello,Sophie Pretorious, Alexa Wilkinson            1st Team
Class 2: 85 cms max second round:
Ellie Abbott, Tamsin Abbott, Jodie Bintcliffe,Olivia Howatson Kerr               3rd Team
Nicole Baddeley, Mabel Crampton, Annie Buxton, Sophie Hannington
Sally Rogers, Lucy Vesty, Tilly Fox, Freya Lumbley


Class 3: 1m max second round :
Sophie Cook, Mabel Crampton, Victoria Buxton, Julia Stanyard                         6th Team
Courtney Liversedge, Jess Simmons, Lucy Winn, Emma Binnian                           3rd Team
Emma Bishop, Sophie Hannington, Georgia Whone, Nicole Baddeley

 Seven teams entered our own pony club team show jumping on yet another fair day (the rain must start soon !!) The
youngsters started the day off to a flying start winning class 1 and with all the riders getting double clears. The riders in
both classes 2 & 3 had a more mixed fortunes but we achieved 3rd place in both class 2 & 3 and also 6th in class 3. Well
done to Ellie, Jodie, Olivia, Annie, Sally, Julia, Courtney, Emma (Binnian) and Georgia for getting double clears.

Well done to everyone Nicky Garside
Many thanks to Nicky for all her hard work and patience organizing team training and keeping us updated on events and
timings etc.

                                               REVISED HAT RULES FROM 2009

It is mandatory for all Members to wear a protective helmet manufactured to one of the minimum standards listed below. It must bear
the CE mark and a quality symbol, the BSI Kitemark, the SAI Global symbol or the official Snell label with number. The CE symbol on its
own is not sufficient to ensure consistent standard of manufacture. The PAS 015:1998 and the Snell E2001 meet higher impact criteria
and therefore give more protection.

For cross-country riding (including Eventing, Tetrathlon, Horse Trials, tests and training) over fences 0.80m high and above; a
jockey skull cap, with no fixed peak, must be worn. It is also strongly recommended that a jockey skull cap is worn for cross
country riding even over lower fences.

Hats with long ventilation slits are not allowed for Members over nine years old.

Hat Checks and Tagging: The Branch DC will appoint two Branch Officials (one of whom may be the DC) who are familiar with The Pony
Club rule for hats to carry out hat checks and tag each hat that complies with the above requirements with a Pony Club hat tag. Hats
fitted with a Pony Club hat tag will not need to be checked on subsequent occasions.

Back protectors are only mandatory for cross country.

Members must get their hats ‘tagged’ by either Barbara Birchall or Jean Tasker.

Full details can be found on PC website – www.pcuk.org

                                                FINAL MEMBERSHIP REMINDER

Membership renewal forms were sent to you under separate cover during December. The renewal form is also available at the bottom of
the Home page on our Website. Please send in your renewal form with fee by return to Angela Parkin if you have not done so already. You
need to attend three rallies to be eligible to attend Main Camp and compete in area teams

You cannot take part in any Pony Club activity unless you have renewed your membership

                                               AREA COMPETITIONS 2011

There is an Intermediate and Open section in each discipline qualifying for National Championships at Draycott House, Derby on August
There is a Novice Horse Trials on July 24th at Newfield, Mickley qualifying for the Novice Championship at Kelsall Hill, Tarporley,
Cheshire on August 27-28th.
We therefore have competitions for all levels so please let Barbara Birchall know if you wish to be in a team and are available on the
required dates by completing the form below.

Those riders wishing to enter Novice Horse Trials on Sunday 24th July may also enter the Helen Crockett Competition on 6th August.
Associates (21-25years) may enter Helen Crockett and/or enter the Associate Class at the Championships in August.
There is a charge of £10 for Dressage and Show Jumping and £20 for Horse Trials please ensure this is paid. The Pony Club will
subsidize the remaining costs.
                                                                                                                      Barbara Birchall

 Area Dressage      Weds June 1st       Driffield Show ground

 The Area Show Jumping dates so far are:

 Novice Area Show Jumping: 12th June 2011 at Bishop Burton : Championships 27-28th August Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre

 Junior Show Jumping 16th July Northallerton Equestrian Centre (this is not a championship qualifier ).

 Intermediate and Open Show Jumping: 16th July 2011 at Northallerton Equestrian Centre : Championships 13-16th August 2011 at
 Draycott House.

 The Area Horse Trial dates so far are :

 Novice Area Horse Trials 24th July 2011 at Newfield Mickley : Championships 27-28th August at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre

 Area Intermediate and Open Horse Trials and Helen Crockett PC Level 3 (BE90) 6th August 2011 at Thornton Watlass: Championships
 13-16th August 2011 at Draycott House.

 I would like to be considered for AREA TEAM Competitions 2011 in the following areas (please circle or tick)


 Please circle or tick which Area Horse Trials Team classes you are interested in being considered for as follows:

 Area Novice (95cm) (PC Level 3) : Championships (1.0m)

 Area Intermediate ( 1.05m) ( PC Level 4) (BE100): Championships (1.10m)

 Area Open (1.15m) (PC Level 5) (BE Novice): Championships (1.15m)

 Helen Crockett Level 3 (BE90)

 Area Show Jumping - height of jumps over a course of 9 jumps: Pleas e indicate which class you are interested in being considered for;

 Junior (approx. 90cm) or Area Novice (apprx.95cm) ;      Championships (1.0m)

 Intermediate (1.05m) ; Championships (1.15 m)

 Area Open (1.15m) ;     Championships (1.15m)

 Please copy and Send to: Mrs. B Birchall      Email barbarabirchall@aol.com


                                             NEWSLETTER / WEBSITE NEWS

We are now only sending the printed copy of the newsletter to those members who require it. The remainder will be sent by email as this
is quicker, more economical and has the flexibility to update information instantaneously. You can also look at our branch website;
http://branches.pcuk.org/yorkainstynorth/. Please contact helenv7@hotmail.co.uk or telephone/text 07786 116777 if you wish to
receive a hard copy of the newsletter.

Now that we have a new look updated Website it would be great to continually update it with news, photos etc. Please could you forward
anything that may be of interest to members for inclusion on the Website to helenv7@hotmail.co.uk

If you have photographs of any York and Ainsty North Pony club events please forward them to Helen Vesty by email to
helenv7@hotmail.co.uk . We would be grateful for any reports or photographs on club events that members or parents would like to have
posted onto the Website .

Should you wish to place any ‘for sale’ or ‘wanted’ adverts on the website or in the newsletter please forward them to
helenv7@hotmail.co.uk at any time and remember to inform us once the item is sold otherwise it will become very crowded.

        MINI CAMP          10 years and under in July            25- 27TH JULY 2011                      10am- 4.30pm DAILY

 Mini Camp is held at Wilstrop Hall, Green Hammerton by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Chasney from Mon 25th July to Wed 27th July, from
 10am – 4.30pm each day.

 Ponies stay on site and children return home each evening.

 The cost of Mini Camp is £60
 Cheques should be made payable to York and Ainsty (North) Branch of the Pony Club and forwarded to Jenny Sommerville by July 18th.

 Ponies must have back shoes removed please as they will be turned out together. Vaccination certificates are not required as we are not at
 the Racecourse.
 Please bring a packed lunch each day including a drink.

 Please wear jodhpurs, pony club sweatshirt, boots, shirt, tie and badge

 You will need to bring;
 Riding hat of correct standard, properly fitted with chin strap fastened at all times when mounted.
 Back protector for jumping
 Rainwear and change of riding wear in case of wet weather
 Saddle and bridle to be taken home daily
 Head collar and lead rope – clearly named
 Hay net and 3 gallon bucket- full hay net required daily
 Tack cleaning and grooming kits

 Show/hacking jackets are not required.

 Please ensure every item is clearly marked with your name, including head collar and leadrope, saddles and bridles (elastoplasts or
 tape on D ring)

 Parents are welcome to stay and see their children settled before leaving. The parent or guardian of a child on lead rein may stay IF we do
 not have sufficient helpers to devote one to each child. Each day will start with the grooming of your pony.

 The location of Wilstrop Hall is off the A59 Harrogate- York rd
 The entrance is in a dip in the road a quarter of a mile from Skip Bridge Garage, turn right down the single track road over the
 York/Harrogate Railway Crossing. Access is restricted here especially at busy times. If the crossing is closed please ring the bell on the
 Please arrive in the morning to drop off between 9.45am – 10.15am and in the afternoon at 4.30pm to collect children. These times are
 based around train times.
 No Vehicles may leave until all children are in Camp

 Trailers may be left or taken away


                MAIN CAMP Age 10 years and over in August at Wetherby Racecourse Aug 7th -13th

At least three rallies must have been attended for riders to be eligible for camp.

The residential Main camp is held at Wetherby Racecourse for children 11 and over.
The Camp fee is £180
There will also be a day ride for 10year olds who enjoy the fun without the exhaustion. The ponies remain at Camp and riders leave at 6p.m
and return at 8.00a.m to muck out and prepare for the days riding. If you think this is appropriate for your child please indicate on the
relevant slip or discuss with Jenny Sommerville or Kate Kerr.
The day riders fee is £165

Please forward completed form at back of Newsletter with cheque payable to York and Ainsty (North) Branch of the Pony Club and a
photocopy of your horse/pony’s flu certificate with identification page to Jenny Sommerville. No Horse/pony will be allowed into Camp
without a current flu vaccination certificate. If you are on a borrowed pony/horse please write a note about this on the top of the reply slip.

Ponies will be vetted before entering Camp. Please ensure they are well shod and have clean, sound feet.
No ponies/Horses under 4 years of age please.

Please arrive on the Sunday morning between 10am.- 11.30am
If parents feel they need to visit would they please restrict visiting to between 5.30-6.30pm and only if necessary as it can be a
distraction to the camp. Please ensure you sign in before going to rooms or stables.

Parents and friends are welcome on Friday afternoon at 2pm. Horses and ponies leave after 4pm
Prize giving is on Saturday morning at 11.00am after final Camp checks (Would parents please arrive at 9.30am to empty and clean
stables       before prize giving).

Please ensure every item is clearly marked with your name, this includes headcollar and leadrope saddles and bridles
(elastoplast or tape on D ring) and all equipment and clothes

For Main Camp only not day campers;
 Camp bed
Sleeping Bag or bedding and pillow
Bedside rug
Short clothes line and hangers
Breakfast cereal if required
Casual clothes for evening
Homemade cake in a tin (named and take to kitchen)
Toiletries and towel

For both Day Camp and Main camp; Please arrive in ‘work clothes’ e.g. coloured jodhpurs, rugby shirts/sweatshirts for stable work
                                     and afternoon rides
Jodhpurs, riding jacket and riding boots
Long sleeved Shirts, tie and gloves and badge
Riding Hat. Back protector for jumping
Waterproof coat
Knife,fork,spoon,plate.bowl,mug with handle.
Underwear and warm pyjamas
Water bucket, ideally 2 x 3gallon buckets that can be carried
Head collar and rope
Tack cleaning kit
Hard feed as required/Hay net
Grooming kit
Saddle and bridle /Saddle horse
Wheelbarrow/skip Fork/brush/shovel
If you need shavings, please bring at least 3 bales to start bed and a further supply for rest of week and a rake

  It is preferred that mobile phones are not brought into Camp. The PC will not be held responsible for any personal electronic
equipment members bring into Camp.

Please bring a PICNIC LUNCH on Sunday and you will be provided with a cooked meal in the evening
On each day the PC will provide a hot breakfast (except cereal), a snack lunch and an evening meal
Please restrict the amount of food brought in at the beginning of Camp. We would appreciate it if parents do not bring in additional food
for their children. Pocket money for the tuck shop can be left with a committee member for safe keeping.
Special dietary requirements should be noted on the booking slip

RE ROOMS; Following discussion with your PC friends, please complete the section regarding whom you would prefer to share with. Rooms
usually sleep 2/3. There are a couple of larger ones probably for the more senior girls/boys

                                                           CAMP HELPERS

Mini Camp- Kate Kerr will require PC members to help. Would volunteers please contact Kate or Jenny.
Senior members not able to ride at rallies can help. Helping at rallies or Camp counts as rally attendance towards qualifying for Area
Competitions. Helpers should be 12years +

Main camp – Jane Minikin needs some volunteer mums to provide a meal or prepare sandwiches for lunch at main Camp. Jane also needs an
assistant to help with the overall organization of food. If you can help, please call her. More details will be distributed in a few weeks.
Please phone Jane on 01423 325568 or email; jane@minikin35.fsnet.co.uk.

                                                       SUMMER PROGRAMME

   Please note at rallies without tack and turnout children are expected to wear cream/dark jodhpurs, shirt/sweatshirt/rugby shirt or
                                                    jacket; correct boots and riding hat.
                                         No hooded tops or seasonal colours are permitted please.

         Due to popular demand we are continuing with Dressage Training with Peter Farrelly. Please contact Kate Kerr or Jayne Winn if
          you are interested.

         If there is sufficient demand we will continue our Show Jumping Training with Sophie Minikin at her yard in Minskip, please
          contact Nicky Garside if you are interested.

         We are organizing a coach trip to Burghley Horse Trials on Saturday September 3rd which we will go ahead with if there is
          sufficient demand. All children must be accompanied by an adult. The price of the Tickets will be £25/adult and £10/child
          12and under. If you are interested in this trip please complete the form below and send with cheque for full amount payable to
          ‘York and Ainsty North Pony Club’ to Jayne Winn by August 10th.

         The Summer Show will once again be held at Whixley Field House, Whixley by kind permission of Alyson and Stephen Hazeldine
          on Wednesday August 24th. The Schedule will be distributed in July.

Tuesday 31st May                                           Mounted       Rally                                11yrs and under ;11am-1pm
There will be no charge                                    There will be Tack and Turnout                           12years + ;2pm-4pm
Venue; Croft Farm, Minskip on A6055
                                                                                               Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341)

3 days – 25th, 26th and 27th July                    YAAN Pony Club Mini Camp                                   Juniors 10 years & under
Cost £60
Venue; Wilstrop Hall, Green Hammerton
                                                                                               Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341)

 Thurs 28th July                                             Mounted Rally                    for all ages ;instruction; 11am-1pm
 Venue GG centre                             2-4p.m . Pony Racing Training in groups for those who would like to participate (TBC)
                                                   Or you may continue to use facilities under parental supervision
 Cost £10
 Venue; GG centre.;                              There will NOT be Tack and Turnout             Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341)
 Pony Racing £
Wed Aug 3rd                                                 Mounted Rally                        11am- 1pm age 11years and under
Venue; Red House                                                                                  2pm- 4pm age 12years+
Cost; £5                                         There will be tack and turnout
             Swimming will be available in outdoor pool if hot for Members only under parental supervision! Bring swimming gear and towel
                                                                                               Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341)

  7th to 13th August                                     YAAN Pony Club Main Camp                                  10 years & over
  Cost ; £165 for day riders; £180 for Campers
  Venue; Wetherby Racecourse                                                                Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341)

 Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341)
   Weds 17      August                                      PC Fun Day                                      Age 12 and under 11am-3pm
   Venue; Home Farm, Kirk Hammerton                        There will NOT be Tack and Turnout
   Cost £0.00                                      Please wear shirts, ties and sweatshirts
                                                            Bring Picnic Lunch              Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341)

   Weds 24th August                               Pony Club Summer Show                                                All ages
   Venue; Whixley Field House, Whixley by kind permission of Alyson and Stephen Hazeldine                            10am- 3pm

   Schedule to follow

   Sat Sept 3rd                          Coach Trip to Burghley Horse Trials for PC members
   Cost: Adult £25                          All children must be accompanied by an adult.
   Child (12 and under) £10
                                         All completed forms (see below) and monies to Jayne Winn by 10th August please
                                                                                                     Contact Jayne Winn (01423 331742)

   Thurs 27th 12) £15
       Child (u October (TBC)                           Mounted Rally                                                All ages
   Venue; Askham Bryan                       There will NOT be Tack and Turnout
-------- £5                                                                      Contact Jennifer Sommerville (01423 322341 )
                    Please see Website or phone Jenny Sommerville for times on Mon 24 th 6-8pm
                                              Date for next year’s Diary MAIN CAMP 2012
                                         All names and monies to Jayne Winn by 10th Aug (see form below)
                                                       Sat 12 Aug – Sun 18th Aug

 York and Ainsty North PONY CLUB JACKETS
 NAVY Y & A (N) PC Jackets are now available to order individually with your name on within the PC logo on the front. These are the
 same as those worn by the PPC Gymkhana Games team members. Please find picture of the logos below and contact details.

 The jackets are Loveson Hickstead Jackets (see Risley Saddlery website) in Navy, blouson style with fleece lining, waterproof and
 breathable. They have elasticated cuffs and waistband with zipped side pockets.

 Sizes – approx;; XS size 8; S 8-10; M 10-12; L 12-14; XL 14-16. I am sure some of the Games members will be wearing their jackets at
 rallies if you want a closer inspection. I have posted a photo on the Website or you can see the jacket on the Risley Saddley website
 You can order individually + pay over the phone. Please contact Karen Liversedge if you have any problems on O1423
 Price; for PC logo in white and name (in maroon thread) on front with Y & A (N) on back in white thread; £38.95 inc P & P.
 Please Contact Claire- 0115 9392516 at Risley Saddlery to order

 email info@risleysaddlery.co.uk website- www.risleysaddlery.co.uk


                                                      BRANCH ADVERTS

WANTED ON LOAN – medium/long term: 14.2hh – 16hh all rounder required to do Pony Club rallies, local
shows, one day events, hunting and hack out
Enthusiastic and confident jockey (13yr old girl) ready for more show-jumping and cross-country experience,
and perhaps some dressage experience. The priority is for her to be able to continue her love of riding on a safe
pony/horse so that she can hack out alone/in company around home.
Needs to be good in traffic, good to catch, shoe and load.
Any A ‘level students heading for a year off and can’t bear to sell a beloved friend? Maybe we could help!
Based near Tadcaster, a good home awaits.
Call Lucinda on 07771 942566 or email any questions to: lucinda.jennings@accor.com

Fabulous Pony For Sale - Silver, a 13.2hh Grey Gelding who is 14 years old, has been in same home for 6 years taking 2
daughters, one very nervous, into dressage, ppc and sj teams. He adores xc and has no hang ups with ditches, drops and spooky
fences! His ears are always pricked forward! Very safe and will look after your child. He hunts, hacks out alone or in company and
goes to R.D.A. His legs do show signs of wear and he prefers soft going, but this never stops him going clear and inside the time
over xc this spring! Ideally suited for nervous jockey but other types of jockeys will have great fun on him too! Only outgrown as
rider moved onto horses. Tack and rugs included in price. Lots of references, ridden all the time! Loved by all, always tries his

Home more important than price! £2750 Email us for pictures if you are interested; coughlans@bigfastweb.net

                                       Second hand clothes +tack(Y+A North)
      Black leather jodhpur boots Size 4 (Regent)              £7
          Muckers Size 4(Dublin)                                            £7
          Blue ½ chaps(NEW) Size Large Adult (Shires)                      £7

  Beige children’s Size 22(Loveson)                                   £7
   Beige children’s Size S(approx. age 7-9)(Harry Hall)               £6
   White children’s-quite worn (approx. age 6-7)(Caldene)             £3
   White adults-mediumish! (Harry Hall)                                £5
   Black children’s Size 22-have a hole                                £3
   Grey men’s Size 30’’ waist (Mark Todd) x2                      £5 each
   Purple ladies Size 30 (NEW)                                             £10

Show/Hacking Jackets
     Men’s/boy’s black show jacket (Dublin) Size 36                      £15
          Navy child’s show jacket (Caldene) Size 30(small)              £10
          Hacking jacket-Navy child’s(Tagg) Size 28                         £18

Body Protectors
       Airowear reiver 2000 Child M 26-28.5’’                              £1

Other clothing
       Y+A(N) maroon sweatshirt Child 32’’                                      £3
          Child waterproof trousers Age 5-6                                      £3
          Hat silk navy satin                                                    £2
          Hat silk navy/blue cotton                                               £2
          Men’s Toggi zip up navy top Size S                                     £3
          Men’s Joules Polo Blue/white Size M                                    £3

       White long sleeved shirts age 9-10                       £1 for 2

       Brown girth 50’’                                                      £1
       Tail guard- Blue check                                         £1
       White saddlecloth F/S                                         £4
       Blue headcollar-small pony/large foal VGC                   £4
       Brown amigo turnout rug (light)                             £15
       Leather headcollars F/S                                    £3 each

       Baseball caps x3                                          50p each
       Hat Jack L                                                    £2

Please contact Rachel Abbott 01423 779345/ rm.spencer@btinternet.com if you wish to see any items

  Coach Trip to Burghley Horse Trials Saturday 3rd September

  Please reserve ……… seats for …………..adults and ………….children. (Adults £25, Child 12 and under £10)

  I enclose a cheque for £……………… payable to ‘York and Ainsty North Pony Club’

  Name(s)………………………………………………………. Telephone no/email address……………………………

  Please forward form with cheque by August 10th to Jayne Winn at Low Farm, Starra Field Lane, Whixley, York YO26 8AU

Main Camp Booking Slip 7-13th August at Wetherby Racecourse


AGE……………………………………….                                                              Day Camp (please tick)………………

CONTACT Telephone numbers;……………………………………………………………………………………………

Special Dietary Requirements;
Special Medical Needs;
Other info;

For Campers;
I wish to share a room with (name) ………………………………………………and…………………...………………………….

Please post completed form, a copy of your horse/pony’s vaccination certificate and identification page and a cheque for £165 (Day
Camp) or £180 Overnight Campers payable to ‘York and Ainsty North Pony Club’ to Jenny Sommerville by July 18th

Mini Camp Booking Slip July 25-27th Wilstrop Hall, Green Hammerton



CONTACT Telephone numbers;……………………………………………………………………………………… …

Special Medical Needs;
Please post form and cheque for £60 payable to ‘York and Ainsty North Pony Club’ to Jenny Sommerville by July 18th

                                       RALLY REPLY SHEETS SUMMER 2011
 Please complete and email sheet to helenv7@hotmail.co.uk or post to Jenny Sommerville at the latest by the date indicated

    EVENT:            Mounted Rally 28th July                            All ages               GG Centre
                   Interested in doing Pony Racing in p.m?(TBC)    Yes/ No

    NAME:                                                                 AGE:

     Please email whole page to helenv7@hotmail.co.uk or post to Jenny Sommerville by 21st July

    EVENT:            Mounted Rally Wed 3rd Aug                     All ages                   Red House
    NAME:                                                                  AGE:

      Please email whole page to helenv7@hotmail.co.uk or post to Jenny Sommerville by 27th July
    EVENT:           PC Fun Day         Wed 17th August Age 12 and under          Home Farm, Kirk Hammerton

    NAME:                                                                  AGE:

     Please email whole page to helenv7@hotmail.co.uk or post to Jenny Sommerville by 10th August

    EVENT:            Mounted Rally     Thursday 27th October         All ages                Askham Bryan

    NAME:                                                                  AGE:

     Please email whole page to helenv7@hotmail.co.uk or post to Jenny Sommerville by 20th October


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