The Annual Quality Assurance Report _IQAR_ of Internal Quality by suchenfz


									 The Maharaja Sayajirao
  University of Baroda

The Annual Quality Assurance Report


   Internal Quality Assurance Cell


               The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of
                   Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Name of Institution           : The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Year of Report                : 2004-05

Part A
      Plan of action and Outcome Achieved by IQAC
            To organize National Seminars/ Workshops/Symposium in various Faculty.
            To organize various faculty development programme
            To encourage research project and innovative practice
            To improve infrastructure facility
            To motivate and provide incentive to students‟ achievement in academics
             and other activities like sports, cultural events etc

Part B
   1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution

   Nos. of activity   Details of activities
      01              Exhibition
      17              National Seminars/ Workshops/Symposium
      01              Short term training
      02              Refresher courses
      01              New Courses
      09              Projects above 10 lakhs
      06              UGC – DRS
      06              UGC –DSA
      01              UGC – CAS
      02              UGC-ASIHSS
      01              UGC –COSIST
      09              DST - FIST
      01              Reserve bank of India funded Research cell (Banking)
      01              Planning Commission Unit was setup (Economics)
      06              Endowment Lecture series
      19              Lectures under UGC
      33              Extra Mural Talks
      72              Lectures under other schemes_6745(UG),2052(PG), 3(M Phil),
                      89(Ph D), 667 (DIP) were invited to confer degrees (UG /PG / DIP)
                             at 53th Annual Convocation.

   2. New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG)
        o Certification course in Training Day Care
        o Certification course in human Rights

            o Introduction of one year bridge course in Department of Art History &
              Aesthetics for graduates coming from other backgrounds.

     3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction

           Initiation of semester system in Economics
           Curriculum up gradation in almost all the courses as per the new model of

     4. Inter-disciplinary and New programmes started
     Following courses are offer by Centre for Continuing Adult Education and
     Community Services
      Course Name            Duration    Eligibility    Fees        Remark
      Training Day
                             6 month     Dip/HSC/Exp Rs. 4000/-     Interdisciplinary
      Human Rights           6 months    HSC            Rs. 4000/-  Interdisciplinary

     5. Examination reforms implemented
        Four colour printing of Degree certificate with folder is initiated

     6. Candidate qualified: NET / SLET/ GATE etc
        67 Net qualified; 06 SLET qualified

     7. Initiative towards faculty development programmes

       Two Staff Refresher Courses organized.
       Orientation programme of 15 days for new recruited teachers organized.
       Several Symposia, Seminars organized with inhouse faculty participation also.
       Sabbatical leave given to teachers.
       Consultancy service permitted.
       Leave & Financial Assistance provided for attending seminars / symposiums
         within India & Abroad.

     8. Total number of seminars / workshops conducted: 52

     9. Research Projects
           a. Newly implemented:                             36
           b. Completed;                                     09

     10. Patents generated, if any                           07 (Applied)

     11. New collaborative research Programmes:               02

     12. Research grants received from various agencies      Rs. 9,50,82,253/-

     13. Details of Research scholars

     No. of Research Scholars getting Fellowships from various Funding Agencies
             RGNFS                   CSIR           DBT    ICHR    ICMR   ICSSR   ICPR   GSET   TOTAL
NET    GATE              RFSMS               NDF

2       67        0        0       4      5       0        2       0    2     0     6       88

    14. Citation index of faculty members ad impact factor

         Not Available

    15. Honors / Awards to the faculty

       National level:         5
       State level :           3

    16. Internal resources generated :                Rs. 16,92,080/-

    17. Details of departments getting SAP / COSIST (ASSIST) /DST, FIST etc)

     DSA                 DRS             CAS                ASIHSS          FIST
      06                  06              01                  01             09

    18. Community services

    Faculty of Home Science ( Extension activities are the part of curriculum)
     The under graduate level students of the Faculty of Home Science educated the
       residents of different villages in the district about the non-conventional sources
       of energy by displaying and demonstrating solar devices. The dance form of
       Gujarat „Bhavai‟, skits, and role plays were the teaching aids adopted by the
       students to target the groups.
     Awareness programme regarding use and benefits of soak pit for the safe and
       clean environment in collaboration with an NGO in a near by village
     Students of the dept of home management taught income generating skills to the
       female youth and adults of a village.
     Awareness programme to celebrate World Consumer Rights day on 15/3/05.
       Live demonstration on detection of adulteration, exhibition of samples of faulty
       weights and measures were exhibited for the people of Baroda. People were
       made aware of the Consumer Rights, Redressal Process, Wise Buying etc in the
       form of a folk drama called Bhavai , live puppet shows and skits.
     Students of the dept of home science extension & communication covered
       various developmental issues like health, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and
       income generation in one of the villages.
     Computer education was given to 10 adolescent girls from one village
     Under urban extension work students focused on Moral education, literacy and
       health for children .
     Adult education programme was implemented with Adult women with the major
       thrust area being Reproductive Health and its Components and Women‟s
       Empowerment and Health and recreation for the Old people.
     Workshop for „Training of Trainers for campaign to end violence against women
       and child sexual abuse‟ for NSS volunteers
     Workshop on „Female Feticide-Are we doing enough‟ for gynecologists,
       academics, lawyers, Media persons and NGOs.
     Lecture on „Sex Selective Abortion as violence against women‟ followed by
       interactive session with women‟s activists.
     Students and staff of the Faculty of Journalism & Communication participated
       and extended support of various programme like fund raising rally for Tsunami

   victims, reporting for total sanitation programme organized by Rural
   Development Dept and UNICEF , press conference and discussion on „violence
   against women‟ as part of international programme, gender sensitization
   campaign, NGO mela etc.

Social work ( Extension activities are the part of curriculum)
 Child Guidance Clinic (ICSW) established in 1973 with joint efforts of Indian
   Council of Social Welfare Baroda District Branch and Faculty of Social Work
   with an objective to provide therapeutic services to the children with emotional
   disturbance and behavioural disorders, to help children in unfolding their
   capacities and potentialities , to help other institutions to develop health services
   for children in the community, to promote / provide training and rehabilitate the
   mentally disabled children and also to provide learning experiences to social
   work students.
 Samaj Kalyan Kendra , a kind of laboratory which helps students receive
   practical experiences was established in 1951. The agency organized different
   activities like celebration of festivals, recreational activities, educational creative
   activities for young children, youth, women and community people during the
 The „Adoption Resource centre‟ established in 1983 has been offering services in
   the field of adoption in collaboration with Indian Association for Promotion of
   Adoption, Bombay. During the year ARC registered 25 cases including those for
   home-study report and facilitated adoption to 7 couples. Adoption Awareness
   week was celebrated for fund raising.
 Faculty also houses CHILDLINE, a national 24 hour free phone emergency
   outreach service for children in need of care and protection.
 The Centre for Industrial Relations and Social Development-CIRSD, a campus
   field work agency is working under Youth Council Programme at the National
   Service Scheme. The students undertook extension work in the area of health ans
   disability, education support income supplement and Vocational training,
   infrastructural development, animal husbandary and veterinary health care,
   senior citizen care, social awareness.

Faculty of Technology & Engineering
    Awareness drive about the importance of metallurgy amongst the senior
       school students and their parents by way of poster competitions was

Under Community Polytechnic Scheme sponsored by MHRD following vocational
courses were conducted in four different extension centres (villages)
    Nursing Course
    Basic Computer Course
    House wiring Course
    Electric home appliances repairing Course
    Chemical Plant Operator
    Soft Toy Making Course
    Beauty Parlour Course

The cadets of the National Cadet Corps did rescue work during the period of flood in
the month of June. And also took part in the Pulse Polio Rasikaran Abhiyan.

   19. Teachers and Officer newly recruited

   Professor      Readers       Lecturers    Temp Lect    Teach. Assit.      Officers
       -             -             05           251           89                -

   20. Teaching – Non-teaching staff ratio                1:2.02

   21. Improvement in the Library services

              Partial computerization introduced
              E-resource Centre started

   22. New books/ Journals subscribed and their cost

Total Books added to the         No. of Journals Subsribed   Total Cost of Journals
Library System                                               Subscribed (Rs.)
           9369                              549                     1,33,29,589/-

   23. Courses in which student assessment of teaches is introduced and the action taken on
      student feedback

      Bachelor and Master in Education, PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling,
      M. Sc. (Micro Biology), Faculty of Home Science,

   24. Unit cost of Education                      Rs. 22,050.49

   25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination
      results, issue of certificates

   computer with Exam section used for Duplicate mark-sheets and appointments of

   26. Increase in infrastructural facilities
       Special repair at Residency Bungalow
       Construction of New roads and Recarpating of Internal Roads in University
       Extension and renovation to Seminar Hall Faculty of Social Works
       Extension of Museum at Museology Department Faculty of Fine Arts
       Extension of Population Research Centre Faculty of Science
       Special repairs and restoration of Central Dome Faculty of Arts
       290 mintroleym RTO treatment on exterior surface of Central Dome Faculty
          of Arts
       Special repairs and underground sump ESR in campus
       Additional alteration and renovation of Seminar Hall, Faculty of Social

   27. Technological up gradation

       Instruments worth Rs. 3,08,13,369 were purchased by the various departments
   to upgrade the technology and increase the teaching- learning facilities.

   28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students

         Bandwidth available through TPT : 2 mbps
         Bandwidth through UGC infonet project through ERNET and Infilbnet : 512
         Office and internet Training Programme for University students and staff for
          providing basic training in office software with an introduction to internet usage

   29. Financial aid to student

Merit Scholarship      Free Student ship     Physical Edu (sports)       H. M. Lib. (Books)
Rs. 39,269             Rs. 67,600            Rs. 8,18,638                Rs. 1,44,25,661

   30. Support from Alumni Association and its activities

      Fine Arts Faculty – Alumni Meeting held AA Chem……..

   31. Support from the parent –teacher Association and its activities

      Data Not Available

   32. Health services

No. of staff treated      No. of Students              No. of lab                No. of
                              treated             investigations done       immunization done
      31,320                  13,678                       9460                     97

   No. of patients treated by other consultants
      Dermatologist                   Gynecologist              Ophthalmologist
           1246                            118                       346

   33. Performance in sports activities

   Participation at National Level
   4 players Hockey (M); 3 Players Cricket (M); 3 Players Cricket (W); 2 players
   Kho-Kho (M); 3 players Basketball(M); 1 player Tennis(M); 11 players Football

   34. Incentives to outstanding sports person

         Blazers to players securing at Inter Univ. tournament; 1st and 2nd place in
          team games and 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in individual events at West zone and
          Inter zone
         Sports merit percentage (applicable where No entrance test is conducted)
         State Level: 2% for players securing 1st and 2nd in team game and 1st, 2nd or
          3rd in individual events
         National level: 3% ;

          Zonal level: 5% Winner of 1st and 2nd in Team game and and 1st, 2nd or 3rd in
           individual events
          Direct admission to National and winner of (1st and 2nd in team game and
           1st, 2nd or 3rd in individual events)
          Direct admission to international Participation
          Ranji award to best Cricket Player (Cash and Rotating Trophy)
          Award to Best Athletic (M and W) (Cash)

   35. Student achievements and awards

       Gold Medals awarded                             174
   Dept of Painting :                           No. of Students
    Nasreen Mohmmadi Scholarship :                    6
    National Scholarship:                             2
    Gujarat State Lalit Kala Award:                   2
    National Award from Art Society Of India:         1
    Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship:         1
   Dept of Sculpture :
    National Scholarship:                             2
    Gujarat State Lalit Kala Award:                   3
    Shanko Chaudhary Scholarship:                     2
   Dept of Graphic Arts:
    National Scholarship:                             2
    State Award ( Gujarat):                           1
    State Award ( Rajasthan):                         1
    State Scholarship ( Hyderabad);                   1
   Dept of Foods & Nutrition:
        State Scholarship for MSc:                    1
        State level Minaxi Lalit Kala Award
        for Science students conducted by Gujarat
       Science Academy:                                5
        Cleared GATE 2005 and selected for
       Ph.D. Prog in IIT Bombay:                       1
        National level NBHM Fellowship:               1
        Cleared Scientist- B Entry Test of DRDO:      2
Technology & Engg
    Paper presentation at various National Seminars : 5
    1st prize in paper presentation (PG category) in a National level Symposium in
       Applied Mechanics
    Best paper presentation award at state level seminar in pharmacy
    1st & 2nd prize in Oral presentation:                    2 (Pharmacy)
    1 & 3rd prize in National level Techfest 2004 held in IIT Mumbai ( Mechanical)

    Won prizes in NASA Convention at MIT college Gwalior
    Participated in poster presentation at National and International level
    Participated in Quiz competition
    Participated in State level debate competition

      Chief Minister‟s Scholoarship for NCC students:          3

   23 students represented University in National Tournaments for various game
    like cricket, kho-kho, basket ball, tennis, football and Judo

36. Activities of the Guidance and Counseling Cell

    Formal Cell not established, however guidance and counseling was provided in all
    Marg Counselling cell attached with Health center for counselling
    Family and community Science has “Youth Study and Support Centre” as guidance
    and counseling cell
    Education and Psychology has „Mental health clinic and counseling cell‟
    Social work runs adolescence cell and help line for them as counseling activity

37. Placement services provided to students

    There has been 90 to 100% placement of the students in faculties of Journalism,
    Management and Social work. Various companies approach Faculty of
    Technology and Engineering &Faculty of Science. Students are sent to various
    industries for legal guidance support and thereby get placement there and there
    itself at times. Various Schools and Teachers‟ training institutes from Vadodara
    and Gujarat come for campus interview to Department of Education

38. Development programmes for non-teaching staff
    3 non teaching staff members from office sent to attend workshops.
    Lectures organized for non teaching section officers Credit Society
    New „Ridhi Siddhi‟ Yogna of saving Scheme started at the M. S. University
      Staff Co-credit Society for their members
    Recurring Saving Scheme started in staff Co-credit Society
    Felicitation programme for the wards of the staff by the staff Co-credit

39. Best practices of the institution

40. Linkages developed with National / International, academic /research bodies

          Year                      MOU‟s Signed with various countries

     2004-2005          3 (St. Petersburg State University, Russia), 1 (Yaroslav-the
                        wise Novgorod University, Russia)

41. Any other relevant information

Part C: Detail Plans of the Institution for next year 2005-06

             To initiate new academic programmes under various department
             To organize lectures under UGC
             To adopt UGC suggested guidelines for new courses curriculum
             To motivate Teachers for doing research under various funding agency
             To get permission / NOC to fill up teachers‟ vacant posts
             To strengthen the library facility

Name and Signature        Name and Signature
Co-ordinator IQAC         Chair Person IQAC


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