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					Psychology Honours Year

                  Gerrie Kow
                 Hayati Abdul
To show you how to:

   Use the advanced features in PsycINFO to
    retrieve desired information.

   Search other databases for Psychology
    related information.

   Access library resources and services
    through our library portal.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the session, you will:

   Know where the advanced features of
    PsycINFO are and how to use them.

   Know the scope, coverage and basic usage
    of the databases introduced.

   Know how to access library resources and
    services through our library portal.
Table of Contents

   Sources
   Search Strategy
   Search Journal Articles
   Search Newspapers
   Search for Theses
   Request for demographical statistics
   Library services & resources
   Source           When to use them
Books        In-depth, provides overview,
             references for further reading
Theses       In-depth look at specific topics
Journal      Reports latest research
articles     developments/findings
Newspapers   Case studies, public reactions
Statistics   Quantitative data to support
  Build Your Search: Identify keywords

     To what extent should the corporal
     punishment of children be considered a
     kind of child abuse?

Keywords would be:
corporal/physical punishment, child/children abuse
 Build Your Search: Boolean Operators

punishment    abuse
                      Both terms must appear

punishment    abuse
                      One or other may appear

punishment   abuse
                      One term may appear but
                      not the other
    Build Your Search:
    Use of */$ and round parentheses ( )

   Use * for variant forms of term
     - child* = child, children
     - punish* = punish, punishes, punishment,

   Use ( ) for grouping words or phrases
     - (interethnic or interracial) and dating
          = interracial dating, interethnic dating
     - (teen* or adolescen*) and pregnancy
          = teenage pregnancy
          = adolescent pregnancy
Search Statement
 To what extent should the corporal punishment of
    children be considered a kind of child abuse?

corporal/physical           child/children
   punishment/discipline          abuse

        (corporal or physical) and punishment
                   and child* abuse
    Searching in Databases
   Use natural language
   List keywords, synonyms & variant spellings
   May have to refine or broaden search with
      AND, OR, NOT, * , ( )

   Formulate a keyword search statement
   Can limit search by language, by date
   Sort by relevance and times cited if available
   Edit search statement and refine search again.
   Mark, save, print, email, export results
   Retrieve full-text if necessary
Search Journal Articles

Databases covered:

   PsycINFO
   Scopus
   Web of Science
Accessing E-Resources

                  Quick Reference Guide

   American Psychological Association (APA)

   Provides abstracts, citations & some full-text to
    psychological literature.

   Provides access to book chapters, journal
    articles, conference reports, dissertations, etc.

   Coverage: 1806-present.
     PsycINFO: Basic Search

     How does parenting style affect academic
           achievement in adolescents?

parenting styles   adolescents

          parenting styles adolescents
            academic achievement
                     * Check “Include Related Terms”
         PsycINFO: Advanced Search

         How does parenting style affect academic
               achievement in adolescents?

                    adolescent/adolescence/   academic/school
parenting style/s
                       youth/teen/teens         achievement

   parenting style* and (adolescen* or youth or teen*)
       and (school or academic) and achievement*
PsycINFO: Advanced Search

Please add the following limit:

Empirical Human Populations:
 PsycINFO: Multi-Field Search

Does exposure to media violence and pornography
         produce aggression in viewers?

media/television     pornography         Aggressi*

        (media or television) and violence and
             pornography and aggressi*
    Search Tips for PsycINFO
   Basic Search

        Natural language search
        Do not enter Boolean operators, wildcards, truncation in
        search box
        Click on “Include Related Terms”
        Apply a database limit(s) – optional
        Use search aid to narrow search

   Advanced Search

        Allows for more complex and exact searches
        Use Boolean operators, such as OR, AND, NOT
        Use * for multi-character wildcard (truncation)
        More information can be found on the “Database field
         guide” on the top of the screen.

User Guide
   Provides indexing, abstracting of and citation
    linking to:

       peer reviewed & open access journals
       conference proceedings, books…
       web sources, author homepages, university
        sites, articles-in-press, preprints, etc.

   Coverage, 1966-
      Focused on Scientific, Technical, Medical &
       Social Sciences literature.

   Over 50% of content originates from Europe,
    Latin America and the Asia Pacific region
  Scopus: Basic Search

How can social identity theory be applied to the
  construction of the individual self-concept?

     social identity

 “social identity theory” and self-concept
  Search Tips on Scopus
Basic Search
 Use Boolean operators, such as OR, AND, NOT,
  also multi-character wildcard *
 Default search in
  “Article title, Abstract, Keywords”
 Use Limit fields

 Use Refine results

 Combine Search History
      Notes on Scopus
   Offers Basic, Advanced, Author searches
   Alerts – create and save search strategies
   Cited By – lists articles citing the target paper
   Combine – manipulate sets to refine results
   Export – references sent to EndNote, RefWorks…
   Highlighting – shows keywords in color within abstracts
   Limits – select date range, subject area, or document
   Display search results
      by date, relevance, author, source title, or times
               Web of Science

Quick Reference Guide
    Web of Science
   Coverage: 1980-
   Competes with Scopus
   Includes Social Sciences Citation Index,
    provides access to
      multidisciplinary & scholarly journal
       literature of the social sciences
      author abstracts

      cited references

      full text articles
Web of Science: Basic Search
To what extent should the corporal punishment of
   children be considered a kind of child abuse?

 corporal/physical         child/children
    punishment/                  abuse

      (corporal or physical) and punishment
                 and child* abuse
     Notes on WOS
   Enter search terms in search fields
      Topic, Author, Title or Publication Name

   Use quotation marks “ ... “ to look for exact phrases.

   Search using AND, OR, NOT and SAME (same
    sentences) to create logical search statements.

   Truncation symbols *,?, $ can be used to search for
    variants of words

   Nest search operators inside parentheses ( )
     Notes on WOS
   On search result list, click on the article's title to view its
    abstract & other details

   May refine results by different criteria like subject areas,
    document types, languages, ... etc.

   Sort results by date, number of times cited, relevance.

 Create Personal Profile to create Saved Searches and
Search Alerts.
         Search Newspapers

   International & local
      New York Times, Asian
       Wall Street Journal,
       Business Times, The     Click to view
       Straits Times, more…

   Two major databases
       Factiva
                                        Access Factiva directly
       LexisNexis Academic

        Discuss the effects of gaming on the mental
                       health of youth.

Video gaming/computer gaming   mental health    youth/young people
  /online gaming/video games                     /teenagers/teens
        /computer games

        (video or computer or online) and gam* and mental health
                   and (youth or young people or teen*)
         Foreign Theses

   ProQuest Dissertations &
    Theses Database

   Index to Theses with
    Abstracts Accepted for
    Higher Degree by the
    Universities of Great
    Britain & Ireland

   Australian Digital Theses
        NUS Theses &
        Academic exercises
   Search LINC by keywords:
     ph d       psychology national university singapore
     m soc sc

       academic exercise
NUS Theses &
Academic exercises

Search LINC, by call no, BF21 200*
 (for 2000-) in Theses Collection.
Note: HV13 (Pre 2005)
   Produced by the Department of Statistics
   Covers:
Business Expectations, Commerce & Services,
 Demography, Education, External Trade,
 Finance & Insurance, Health, Industrial
 Production, Labour, Employment & Wages,
 Prices, Tourism & more.
Library portal
    Resources & services
        E-forms
          Document Delivery Services
          Recommend new titles

     Subject Guides
     Library Instruction ONline
     EndNote X2®
     Getting Help
      Materials Not Found in Library

   Document Delivery Services (DDS)
      Journal articles, Book Chapters, …

      Request via E-Forms (Library Portal)

      All requests must be approved by Supervisor

      Recommend Books
      for Purchasing
   E-forms
      Submit e-form for “New Book”

      Or email to

      No endorsement from supervisor needed

      4-6 weeks to process

                                Recommend new titles
Subject Guides
   Psychology guide
    Subject Guides
   Good starting point for research
EndNote X2®
   A software that
       stores and organizes citations found from
        many sources
       inserts these citations into a Word document
       automatically format your references according
        to a predefined citation style.

   Endnote training sessions for FASS:
     Sept 24th: 9am-11am, 2pm-4pm (T2)*
     Sept 26th: 230pm to 4pm (Training Rm)
    *Register within News announcement in
    Library portal!
Need Help?
   Advisory Service at
    Information Desk,
    Central Library,
    Level 5

   Email me:

   Tel: 6516 2028
Thank you!

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