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									College of Science                                                                                                                                           Updates:
Bell Hall 100 747-5536                                 Bachelor of Science Degree Plan
The University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas 79968-0509                      Psychology - Geology Minor

        Name                                                       Address                                                             Date

Major: Psychology                                                            Minor: Geology
Department Chair: Dr. Edward Castenada                    College of Science Academic Advisor:                      Margie Gutierrez (915) 747-5536
                                                                                                                                    Catalog: 2009-10
At Least C Grades in Lower Division Math Courses & Core Curriculum                                                                  Expires: 6/01/15
At Least C Grades in Lower Division Courses in the Major & Minor
At Least 2.0 GPA Overall and in the Major                                 Academic Advising in Psychology:             Contact Department

                                                                   REQUIREMENTS                       ***
                         Items   Subjects                Has       Needs                                    Items   Subjects                  Has   Needs
 A      General Education                                                       B         MAJOR: Psychology (36/21)
        (Minimum "C" grades required)                                                     PSYC 1301                                                    3
                                                                                          PSYC 1303                                                    3
 1      Communication                                                                     PSYC 3201-3101                                               3
        ENGL 1311                                                    3                    PSYC 4317                                                    3
        ENGL 1312 or ENGL 1313                                       3                    At least 3 Courses Chosen From:                              9
        COMM 1301 or 1302                                            3                    PSYC 3320, PSYC 3330,
        NOTE: COMM / ENGL 1611 may be                                                     PSYC 3348, PSYC 4309,
        substituted for ENGL 1311 & COMM 1301                                             PSYC 4324
                                                                                          Additional Semester Hours in Psychology                      15
 2      Mathematics                                                                       (At Least 9 hours in Upper-Division Hours)
        MATH 1411                                                    4
        MATH 1312 or the sequence                                    3          C         Minor - Geology
        STAT 2380, 2182, and 2381                                                         Under Exceptional Circumstances
                                                                                          GEOL 1313-1103 or GEOL 1311,                                 4
 3      Natural Science **                                                                GEOL 1314-1104 or GEOL 1312                                  4
        Two sequence from the following:                             16                   GEOL 2411 or GEOL 3412                                       4
        PHYS 2420-2421 or PHYS 1403-1404,                                                 Additional Semester Hours Chosen From                        6
        or CHEM 1305-1105, CHEM 1306-1106                                                 GEOL 3315, GEOL 3420. GEOL 3423,
        or GEOL 1313-1103, GEOL 1314-1104                                                 GEOL 3425, GEOP 4332, GEOP 4334,
                                                                                          or 4000-level organized classes in
 4      Humanities                                                                        Geology or Geophysics
        3 Semester Hours Chosen From                                 3
        ENGL 2311, 2312 2313, 2314, 2318,
        HIST 2301, 2302, PHIL 1301, 2306

 5      Visual and Performing Arts                                              D         Additional Required Course(s)
        3 Semester Hours chosen from ART 1300,                       3                    ENGL 3359                                                    3
        ARTH 1305, 1306, MUSL 1221, 1222, 1321,
        MUSL 1324, 1327, THEA 1313, 1390,                                       E         Electives
        DANC 1304                                                                         Additional Upper Division Hours                              7
                                                                                          Additional Semester Hours                                    3
 6      U.S. History
        HIST 1301                                                    3
        HIST 1302                                                    3

 7      Political Science
        POLS 2310                                                    3
        POLS 2311                                                    3

 8      Social and Behavioral Sciences **
        PSYC 1301 (See Block B)

 9      Institutionally Designated Option
        UNIV 1301 or 2350                                            3
                                                                                          TOTAL HOURS                                          0       120
This degree plan is just a sample. Your individualized degree plan may differ.
** Although the UTEP choice is larger, this choice satisfies the requirements of the core and the degree.
*** Courses marked in red are not offered every semester.
Note: The BS degree is recommended for students who intend to pursue graduate work in psychology because the BS
requires a more extensive mastery of mathematics and laboratory science than the BA. Training in science and
mathematics is advantageous for students who elect to continue in psychology beyond the baccalaureate.
Excess Hours: Tuition for 45 hours in excess of degree requirement may be charged at out-of-state tuition rates.
No substitutions for core curriculum courses
EPCC Transfer Hours: A maximum of 66 hours may be applied to your degree.
90-Hour Rule: Freshmen level courses will not be counted toward required number of degree hours if taken after you have completed 90 hours.
C Rule: A minimum grade of C is required for all core curriculum courses, and all lower-division courses
All course substitutions must be approved in written by the departments offering the required and requested courses.
Residency Requirements: At least 24 of the last 30 hours must be taken at UTEP.
Timely Courses: At Least 12 upper-division hours in major must be taken within three years of graduation.
GPA Requirements: The minimum overall GPA and GPA in your major is 2.0. If minor is education, the GPA must be at least 2.50.
N, P, I Grades: You may not graduate if you have an "unresolved" grade of N, P or I on your transcript.
Course Repeat: You may not repeat a courses where you have previously earned a grade of C.
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For a list of course titles and descriptions, click on the online catalog.
EPCC - Transfer Guide for College of Science Majors
EPCC - UTEP Course Equivalence
The psychology department offers research in the different disciplines that comprise their unit, including Psychology
and the Law, Health, Social, Cognitive, Language, and Behavioral Neuroscience. The specific type of
research experience is dependent upon the program or research conducted by each faculty member.
Contact Celia Medrano, Undergraduate Advisor for Department of Psychology.

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