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                 (pirate harbor)

  презентация учащихся 10-го класса на районный конкурс презентаций на
английском языке по теме «Достопримечательности стран изучаемого языка»

                                                автор: Блинов Иван
                                                учитель Никишина И.В.

                               Плесково 2008
The main slide
   Author: Ivan Blinov, class 10
   Teacher: Irina Nikishina
   Pleskovo Orthodox Christian Boarding School, 2008

   Slide 1
   The United Kingdom of Great Britain is full of amazing sights. Towers and palaces,
museums and galleries, parks and squares. Everything is worth seeing and gets you
unforgettable, vivid recollections.
   (While reading photos of Bristol are appearing)

    The City of Bristol, Capital of the West Country, has been described as a living textbook
of England’s History. The city itself is a real sightseeing pearl for those who look for new
impressions, some hidden historic facts and, of course – adventures…

   Slide 2
   Now let’s have a glimpse of the fabulous City of Bristol…

    Slide 3
    Bristol is a seaport city, unitary authority and ceremonial county in South West England,
the UK.
    (Appearing photo of the town)
    With an approximate population of 410,900, and urban area of 550,200, it is England's
sixth, and the United Kingdom's ninth most populous city, one of England's core cities and
the most populous city in South West England.
    (Appearing the afternoon view on Bristol)
    Bristol is one of the most popular British towns. It’s a centre of culture, employment and
education in the region.
    (Appearing the view on seaport)
    From its earliest days, it has been played the role of commercial port.

   Slide 4
   The town of Brycgstow ("the place at the bridge") was in existence
   by the beginning of the 11th century, and under Norman rule
   acquired one of the strongest castles in southern England

   During this period Bristol also became a centre of shipbuilding
   and manufacturing. Bristol was the starting point for many
   important voyages, e.g. John Cabot’s 1497
   voyage of exploration to North America.

    Slide 5
    The famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, the International Balloon Fiesta, Bristol cars,
Bristol nights, Bristol ports… (Appearing pictures of the named objects)

   Slide 6
   You know that Bristol is the major seaport and the centre of culture...
   But that’s not all.
   Because Bristol is the city of pirates! (Appearing the Jolly Roger and starts playing the
soundtrack from “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie)
   Small pause

    Slide 7
    Ooh arrr! Let us hoist the Jolly Rodger and go back to a time when pirates and privateers
roamed the docks of Bristol.
    (Appearing the picture of a battle)
    The port of Bristol was a central part of the slavery and tobacco trade making the area
around the harbor and the shipping routes to Bristol were very attractive to pirates.
    (Appearing the picture of docks at background)
    British pirates and privateers were keeping trade routes in awe. Ships under the flag of
Jolly Rodger appeared suddenly, layed your ship wasted and disappeared traceless…
    (Appearing the shot from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie)

    Slide 8
    Now we’ll introduce you one of the most famous world’s pirates – Edward Teach, also
called as Blackbeard. Blackbeard’s early life is shrouded in mystery. Academics argue over
his birth place, birth date and even his original name, which has at least three variations:
Edward Teach, Edward Thatch or even Edward Drummond.
    Teach, the most colourful and well-known of all the pirates is a never dying legend. He
was a massive man noted for his boldness, fiendish appearance and roguish ways. With
cutlasses and three brace of pistols slung about him, he resembled a walking arsenal. His
long black beard was twisted with brightly coloured ribbons and turned about his ears. All
this, together with his fierce and wild eyes made him frightful.”
    Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger – a death figure with devils’ horns, an hour glass (with time
running out), and a pierced heart.
    Except all this cruel and brave man is known as a author of the legendary pirate song:

         Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest,
         Yo ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum!
         Drink and the devil had done for the rest,
         Yo ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum!
   This of course was immortalised in Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

    Slide 9
    Edward Teach became the prototype of pirate J.Flint in the famous novel “The Treasure
Island” written by J.L. Stevenson.
    (Appearing the picture with Blacbeard and Flint)

   And Billi Bones was a real man. He sailed as a navigator on the Blackbeard’s ship
“Queen Ann’s Revenge”
   (Appearing the shot from the “Treasure Island” cartoon about translated to English)

   Slide 10
   So, according to different surveys, Bristol is:
   The happiest place to live in England! - You Gov Poll 2006
   Britain's Funniest City - Reader's Digest Survey August 07
   Britain's Most Honest City - Survey April 2007
   A European Centre of Culture
   One of the UK's top party cities
   One of six UK Science Cities
   The top digital city in the region
   A fairtrade City
   A Eurocity
   A core city

And the most friendly pirate town! Welcome!
(Appearing the picture with a “pirate dog”)

Slide 10-11
                                     The Pirate Song
                     (based on “The Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles,)
(Singing together)
                     In the pretty Bristol town
                     Lot’s of pirates can be found;
                     They’re brave and honour men
                     Drinking rum and sail again.

                     We all sail under Jolly Roger Flag,
                     Jolly Roger Flag, Jolly Roger Flag
                     Run away when you see the Roger Flag,
                     Jolly Roger Flag, Jolly Roger Flag!

                     You can join us, crazy young
                     To become such brave and strong;
                     Our life is full of fun:
                     Steal the golds and run, run, run!

                     We all sail under Jolly Roger Flag,
                     Jolly Roger Flag, Jolly Roger Flag
                     Run away when you see the Roger Flag,
                     Jolly Roger Flag, Jolly Roger Flag!


The last slide
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(While reading, pictures with pirates are appearing)

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