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									The Social Media
   …or at the very least…
an awesome paradigm shift…
“The hybrid of two the
…so who’s media is a moment of truth
and revelation from which new form is born...The
  face the the
moment ofof meeting of media is a moment of
  revolution? them by our senses."
freedom and release from the ordinary trance and
numbness imposed on
 “The who’s media
…sohybrid of twothe is a moment of truth
           of meeting
  faceof the the of media is a moment of
 and revelation from which new form is born...The
 freedom and release from the ordinary trance and
  numbness imposed on them by our senses."
 “The who’s media
…sohybrid of twothe is a moment of truth
           of meeting
  faceof the the of media is a moment of
 and revelation from which new form is born...The
 freedom and release from the ordinary trance and
  numbness imposed on them by our senses."
…the “Church” is the
Zuckerburg just
  “The hybrid of two media is a moment of truth
applied an algorithm,
  and revelation from which new form is born...The
  moment of code
created the the meeting of media is a moment of
and did something from the ordinary trance and
  freedom and release
    one else had done…
nonumbness imposed on them by our senses."
        The Mind of
      Marshall McLuhan

“The hybrid of two media is a moment of truth and
  revelation from which new form is born…"
   McLuhan’s [In]Famous Quotes

“We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us”

                    MEDIA: Extensions of Man/Woman

 “Media, like the electric light and electric
 power grid, have no content whatsoever,               There are “psychic and
 yet they have significant impact.”                    social consequences of
                                                       technological media”

                                                “Radio changed the form
                                                of the news story as
 “It is the poets and                           much as it altered the
 painters who react                             film image in talkies.”
 instantly to a new
 medium [radio and TV]”
                                     “The crossings or hybridizations of the
                                     media release great new force and
                                     energy as by fission or fusion”
         The Socialization of the Web

“The socialization of the web ... is now forcing a
renaissance that is transforming information
distribution, human interaction and everything
that orbits this nascent eco-system...Those who
master their domains are developing persuasive
and important communities around their areas
of expertise, interests and passions and now
possess the authority to direct, instruct, and
steer decision makers and referrers.”

Brian Solis, PR2.0, “Unveiling New Influencers” 6/29/2009
           Important Communities & Masters
The Onion – 2.2 Mil                                           Eugene Cho
                      Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research

Rob Bell
                               Jesus                CHARLIE SHEEN

Ashton Kutcher – 5.1 Mil                     To Write Love on Her Arms

                           Shane Claiborne            Your Church?
   Phyllis Tickle
        Persuasion: The Status Update

D          BL                     Skin
           UE       Leopard

Communities & Masters
  So…how do we keep up with
this “revolution”…and what does
     it mean for the church?

        Remember that social media is a
            VERB…an ACTION!
            “Facebook is like throwing a
           stone into the center of a pond.
            The ripples are widespread.”
Give a Voice                Opportunity
   to your

   You’ve heard the statistics! That means
   there are a lot of people who live in your
   city who may not have heard about your
   church or the United Church of Christ.
1.   Communicate More – think about where people are
     at and engage them there
2.   Ministry Pages –individual ministries to engage
     with people
3.   Facilitate Connections – help build relationships,
     connections and conversation
4.   Evangelism – reach out to Christians and non-
     Christians alike and share the good news of Jesus
5.   Facebook Ads – use Facebook ads to reach out to
     people in your community
How does this
enhance your               BENEFITS

   Unique benefits beyond Sunday morning
           •EASY – cost effective
           •INSTANT - availability
           •VARIETY – words, audio,
           •VIRAL – message expands
           beyond your audience
PROFILE – Personal; limited to 5,000
“FRIENDS”; profile name is limited to first and
last name

GROUP – Great for conversation; limited to
5,000 “MEMBERS”; blast emails/messages to

PAGE – Customizable; UNLIMITED “FANS”;
build community

•Not a bulletin board

•E-buzz – when members post about a
great worship service or church event it
entices people to check out your church

•Personal Touch – a reflection of who you
are, your beliefs and values

    •Connect your church to your
    community by building
    •Create regular interaction
    •Know your community
                         Give them
Call to Action        something to do!

 Engage Them

  Facebook Scavanger Hunt: Upload Pictures

Hit “LIKE” to spread the word encourage to like
        and comment, not simply repost

              Suggest to Friends

               Add links & tags
 Master the             A dormant page is worse
  Update                   than no page at all

Form a schedule to make updates automatic:
           Conversation starters
 Bible passage with questions for reflection
            Church wide events
              Service preview
          (a look at the weekend)
                 73% of people who
INVITE           don’t attend church
                 were never invited

   Actively invite people to
   attend worship services
Facebook Ads

      135 characters – add image
        Choose Demographics
        Location – Age – Likes
           Set Your Budget
         Pay per click (CPC)
            Evaluate success
         Tip #1

There is always opportunity with social media, but is it the right
opportunity for you?

Make sure you know and understand WHY you are going after
social media. WHAT do you want the end result to be?
    Tip #2

                           Define Success
Q: How do you know what’s successful if you don’t know what
success looks like?

A: You don’t

               Solution: Make objectives and create goals
    Tip #3
                     Just like a First Date
The digital world, from live blog events to dating sites, is the
new “it” place to build relationships, so think of it like going out
on a first date: Smell nice, look good, wear a smile and don’t
order anything with garlic.
        Tip #4

         Creating Content…It Centers Around YOU!

•What message do you want to send?
•Is there anything newsworthy that you want to share
What programs do you have going on?
•What forms of Social Media are you and your constituents engaged
•What are your colleagues/friends engaged in?
  Tip #5

       Be S.M.A.R.T.
       •   Be…Specific
       •   Be…Measurable
       •   Be…Attainable
       •   Be…Realistic
       •   Be…Timely
  Tip #6

        Prioritize Content
      • Focus on your goal(s)

      • Pay attention to the metrics
    Tip #7

                         Be Responsive

Don’t be like the Wizard of Oz and tell your constituents “pay no
attention to the man behind the curtain.” We know you are there…we
can see your feet, so please do not ignore us when we have a direct
         Tip #8

             Check Your Attitude @ the Door

Set a policy, as an administrator, but also for your constituents
about good and bad behavior. Make a stand at the beginning
that you will not condone swearing, name-calling, or any form
of a threat. Keep it civil and keep it loving.
         Tip #9

                    Embrace Negativity

Don’t panic when negative or critical posts start popping up. 9
times out of 10, your “fans” will bail you out and stick up for
you…the community will unite and band together. If there is a
comment or post that is really bugging you, take a few deep
breaths, talk to your colleagues about a potential response, and
then decide what is best course of action for you…but again, be
civil and be loving. Always thank them for interacting, even when
you don’t want to.
     Tip #10

                 Celebrate Positivity

Embrace the shout-out, thank constituents for interacting,
“Like” someone’s post or comment…let them know you are
HONORED that you have fans and work to let your fans know
they are appreciated…and let’s be honest…NEEDED!
 Tip #11

     “Calenderize” Content
      •   Events
      •   Email messages
      •   New programs
      •   Updates
         Tip #12

   Pay attention to what similar groups are doing
Social Media is in some ways a popularity and leveraging that
popularity to your advantage. So, check out the “competition” and
pages that you are fans of personally. What do you see them doing
that is succeeding or failing? How how are they engaging their
       Tip #13

             Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment
Run a contest, do a “Question of the Day” or “Question of the
Week”, post a survey, ask constituents to post funny videos or
pictures. Whatever you choose, keep it fresh – don’t be afraid to
try something new.
   Tip #14

                    Be Sincere
Nobody likes a poseur – so when you respond to your
constituents think about how you (a user) would want to
be communicated or responded to. Don’t patronize or
trivialize your constituents because they are smart and
will probably call you on the carpet.
 Tip #15

               Be Ready to Move
Courtesy of the swell of iPad users, and the super
increase of smart phones, our face-to-face social
world is becoming more and more transient, so you
have to always be ready to move, change, shift, adapt,
and evolve your approach to Social Media.
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