Pungpahkyem in Mongton Township witnesses unprecedented development by yantingting


									                                                                                                                                                    Established 1914

       Volume XVI, Number 272                                        5th Waning of Pyatho 1370 ME                                       Thursday, 15 January, 2009

                Four political objectives                             Four economic objectives                                 Four social objectives
                                                           * Development of agriculture as the base and all-round          * Uplift of the morale and morality of
             * Stability of the State, community peace
                                                             development of other sectors of the economy as well             the entire nation
               and tranquillity, prevalence of law and
                                                           * Proper evolution of the market-oriented economic              * Uplift of national prestige and integ-
                                                             system                                                          rity and preservation and safeguard-
             * National reconsolidation
                                                           * Development of the economy inviting participation in            ing of cultural heritage and national
             * Emergence of a new enduring State
                                                             terms of technical know-how and investments from                character
                                                             sources inside the country and abroad                         * Uplift of dynamism of patriotic spirit
             * Building of a new modern developed          * The initiative to shape the national economy must be kept
               nation in accord with the new State                                                                         * Uplift of health, fitness and education
                                                             in the hands of the State and the national peoples              standards of the entire nation

             Pungpahkyem in Mongton Township
             witnesses unprecedented development
               NAY PYI TAW, 14 Jan—Maj-Gen Min Aung
       Hlaing of the Ministry of Defence together with         Maj-Gen
       Chairman of Shan State (East) Peace and Develop-        Min Aung
       ment Council Commander of Triangle Region Com-          Hlaing of
       mand Brig-Gen Kyaw Phyo met with servicemen             Ministry
       and their families at the hall of local battalion in      of De-
       Mongton Township on 11 January and presented               fence
       food to them.                                            inspects
               After viewing development of Pungpahkyem           Shwe
       in a motorcade, Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing met with
       departmental officials and local people and pro-
       vided them with sports gear, food and cash assist-
       ance.                                                     orange
               Next, Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing visited            farm in
       Pungpahkyem People’s Hospital and presented cash         Hoywet
       assistance and food to patients and donated medical     region of
       equipment and medicines to the hospital.                Monghsat
               At Nakaungmu Station Hall in Pungpahkyem         District.
       on 12 January, Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing met with             MNA
       servicemen and their families.
               Next, he inspected Shwe Nagar honey orange      township.                                       Station Hall and presented food to them.
       farm in Hoywet region of Monghsat Township and                  Afterwards, Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing met         Next, he visited 350-acre rubber plantation of
       thriving orange plantations at Wunhon region in the     with servicemen and their families at Mongtwam U Wilson Moe in Tachilek Township. — MNA

               Contamination fears over
              two-headed Australian fish                          Bokpyin enjoying development
                                                                       of infrastructures
                                                                   Article: Myint Maung Soe: Photos: Aung Than (Mingala Taungnyunt)

               SYDNEY, 14 Jan—Toxic chemical contamina-
        tion was the likely cause of fatal fish mutations in
        northern Australia in which thousands of bass larvae
        spawned with two heads, an expert said Wednesday.
               Matt Landos, an aquatic animal specialist and
        member of the Australian College of Veterinarian
        Scientists, said the mutant larvae at a Noosa River
        fish farm survived just 48 hours and were dying en     Scenic beauty of Bokpyin in Taninthayi Division seen with Andaman Sea and Taninthayi
        masse.—Internet                                                                 mountain range in the background.                 (Page 10)

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       2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009

             PERSPECTIVES                                                                       People’s Desire
                  Thursday, 15 January, 2009                     *   Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views
                                                                 *   Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation
        Produce brilliant younger                                *   Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State
                                                                 *   Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy
              The government is building a peaceful
        modern developed discipline-flourishing
        democratic nation based on historical events and
                                                                     55        Myanmar Medical Conference held
        in accord with the desire of the people. Human                 YANGON, 14 Jan—A ceremony to open the 55
                                                                                                                               ceremony came to close.
        resources consisting of brilliant intellectuals and     Myanmar Medical Conference, organized by Myanmar                     A booth of medicine and medical equipment
        intelligentsia play a vital role in building a new      Medical Association (Central) was held at the meeting          was opened at the building. Chairman of MMA Prof
        democratic nation.                                      hall of MMA in Mingala Taungnyunt Township this                Dr Kyaw Myint Naing and Sub-committee Chairperson
              The government is implementing the 30-            morning.                                                       Dr Daw Nu Nu Than formally opened the booth and
        year national education promotion programme                    First, Deputy Minister for Health Dr Mya Oo             the Deputy Minister and party viewed the booth.
        with the aim of producing human resources that          made a speech on the occasion. Next, Chairman of                     A total of 76 booths are on display and it will
        can create the future of the nation and its people.     MMA Prof Dr Kyaw Myint Naing also made a speech.               continue up to 20 January. A total of 65 papers will be
        It has also built basic infrastructures and better      Afterwards, General Secretary Prof Dr Myint Thaung             read out and 16 subjects will be discussed. Sporting
        educational environment nationwide for national         read out the message sent to the conference and the            events including golf will be conducted.—MNA
        education promotion plan.
              In this knowledge age, Our Vision in the
        education sector is not in the classrooms only. It
        is connected with the whole society. Moreover, it
        widely covers literacy of all the people, national
        education promotion and constant learning
        regardless of age and educational background.
              This is why the education promotion
        programme was laid down and students are being
        nurtured to be brilliant ones and to possess ability
        to take the initiative and spirit to abide by law, to
        follow discipline and social ethics and to
        consolidate national solidarity.
              Teachers in the education sector should
        study not only teaching work but also advanced
        research work on related fields so that they can
        teach their students to enhance their academic
        qualifications, thoughts and outlook.
              With the goodwill, dedicating to the teaching       Deputy Minister Dr Mya Oo makes speech
        profession and sacrifice, the teachers are to teach          at the opening ceremony of the 55th                        DHF preventive measures
        their pupils advancing science and technology to
        turn out qualified human resources more and
                                                                         Myanmar Medical Conference.                                  inspected
        more.                                                                             MNA

                                                                                                                                     YANGON, 14 Jan—Vice-Chairman of Yangon
                                                                                                                               City Development Committee Vice-Mayor Col Maung
         IBTC Open Golf Championship continues                                                                                 Pa inspected collective preventive measures against
             YANGON, 14 Jan—       taung Golf Course in         (Srixon) tied at the second   amateur golfers division,        dengue harmorhagic fever taken by staff of township
       The IBTC Open Golf          Mandalay this morning.       position with 141 each.       Bo Bo Lay secured the            Development Affairs Department in North Okkalapa
       Championship as the               After the second       Hla Myo shot 142 strokes      top position with 140            Township, members of social organizations and ward
       second leg of Myanmar       round, Zaw Zaw Lat           for the third position, and   strokes, followed by Nay         dwellers this morning.
       Golf Tour 2008-2009,        (Srixon)     led    the      Soe Kyaw Naing (Srixon)       Bala Win Myint with 141                Similar preventive measures were taken in
       jointly organized by        professional golfers         and Zaw Zaw Win               at the second and Myo            Mingala Taungnyunt, Insein, Kyimyindine and Ahlon
       Myanmar Golf Federation     division by firing 139       (Srixon) at the fourth        Win Aung with 144 at the         townships at the same time.
       and Myanmar PGA             strokes. Aung Hsan Win       position with 143 each.       third.                                                                         MNA
       continued at Yedagun-       (Srixon) and Min Naing              In the men’s                  International
                                                                                 654321       Beverages Trading Co Ltd
                                                                                              sponsored the competition           Buyer and seller meet
                                                                                 654321       together with co-sponsors
                                                                                 654321       Air Bagan Ltd, Hotel                     on 15 Jan
                                                                                   Zaw        Yangon, Ruby Dragon
                                                                                              (Jade and Gems) Co Ltd,                 YANGON, 14 Jan — The Union of Myanmar
                                                                               Zaw Lat        KBZ Bank Ltd, MGW                Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
                                                                               (Srixon)       Construction Ltd, Alpine         and Indo-Myanmar Commerce and Industry
                                                                                leading       Purified Drinking Water,         Association will jointly organize a Buyer and Seller
                                                                                              MY Associates Co Ltd,            Meet at the Mingala Hall of UMFCCI Office Tower on
                                                                                              Srixon, Tiger Head               Min Ye Kyaw Swa Road in Lanmadaw Township here
                                                                                second        Cement, KM Golf Centre,          at 2 p.m. on 15 January (Thursday).
                                                                                 round.       ACCEL International Co                  Myanmar entrepreneurs will display export
                                                                                 MGF          Ltd (Canon) and Lifeline         quality rice and gram, gems and tools, handicraft,
                                                                                 654321       (DHEA-Plus)          with        industrial products, traditional medicines, foodstuff,
                                                                                 654321       undertakings of Han Event        value-added wood products and rubber products at the
                                                                                 654321       Management.                      meet and those interested may visit it.
                                                                                                                  MNA                                                          MNA

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                                                                                                THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009                                        3

           More US Marine                                                                                                          Pace offers regret for
       suicides reported in 2008                                                                                                    Iraq War mistakes
          LOS ANGELES, 14 Jan—A total of 41 active-duty US
       Marines committed suicide in 2008, up from 33 in the                                                                          WASHINGTON, 14 Jan— As the Bush administration
       previous year, according to a report issued on Tues-                                                                       works in its final days to cement its legacy, one of the
       day.                                                                                                                       leading architects of the Iraq war acknowledged Tues-
          Last year’s Marine suicide rate was the highest since                                                                   day that he’d change some of the military advice he
       the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, said the                                                                        gave at the time, if he could.
       report published by the Los Angeles Times on its                                                                              Retired Gen Peter Pace, who was President Bush’s
       website.                                                                                                                   top military adviser from 2005-07, served as chair-
          Forty-one Marines are listed as possible or con-                                                                        man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the most vola-
       firmed suicides in 2008, or 16.8 per 100,000 troops,                                                                       tile and deadly years of the war.
       and nearly all were enlisted Marines under age 24,                                                                            Speaking at the unveiling of his official portrait in
       said the report prepared by the Defence and Veterans                                                                       the Pentagon, he said he’s had 15 months since he left
       Affairs departments.                                                                                                       the job to think about what went right and what went
          About two-thirds of those who committed suicide                                                                         wrong. “I certainly made some wrong estimates. And I
       had been deployed overseas, said the report.                                                                               certainly made some recommendations that, if I could
          The Marine suicide rate is lower than the Army’s in                                                                     take them back and change them, I would,” Pace told
       2007 and that for civilian populations with similar                                                                        the small crowd, which included former Defence Sec-
       demographics.                                                                                                              retary Donald Rumsfeld. But, adding a caveat of 20-20
          The suicide rate of the army in 2007 stood at 18.1                                                                      hindsight, he said, “I also know, given the exact same
       per 100,000 troops and that for civilians was 19.5 peo-                                                                    data, at the exact same time in history, that I would give
       ple per 100,000, according to the report.                                                                                  the exact same advice.” The painting of Pace was done
          The Army suicide figures for 2008 have not yet been                                                                     by Maryland artist Peter E Egeli, also a former Marine.
       released, but officials said late last year that they ex-                                                                  It will hang in the Pentagon.—Internet
       pected the number and rate to increase from 2007.            Iraqis look at a pool of blood following an explo-
                                                                   sion in the Al-Karrada district of Baghdad. A spate
                                                                      of blasts in Baghdad have killed at least eight                   US military deaths
                                                                            people and injured 25.—INTERNET
                                                                                                                                   in Afghanistan region at 566
                                                                    Obama agrees to major US                                         WASHINGTON, 14 Jan—As of Tuesday, 13 Jan,
                                                                                                                                   2009, at least 566 members of the US military had
                                                                   force increase in Afghanistan                                   died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a
                                                                                                                                   result of the US invasion of Afghanistan in late
                                                                      W ASHINGTON , 14 Jan—President-elect Barack                  2001, according to the Defence Department. The
                                                                   Obama intends to sign off on Pentagon plans to send             department last updated its figures Tuesday at 10
                                                                   up to 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan to gain              am EST. Of those, the military reports 413 were
                                                                   time to review the conflict, the Washington Post re-            killed by hostile action. Outside the Afghan region,
                                                                   ported Tuesday.                                                 the Defence Department reports 66 more members
                                                                      The new deployments would nearly double the cur-             of the US military died in support of Operation
       A man is treated for wounds at a hospital in central
                                                                   rent US force in Afghanistan of 32,000 troops.                  Enduring Freedom. Of those, three were the result
       Baghdad, Iraq after being caught up in a bombing
                                                                      According to the Post, which cites unnamed sen-              of hostile action. The military lists these other lo-
       on 12 Jan, 2009. A series of bombs targeting Iraqi
                                                                   ior Obama team members and Bush administration                  cations as Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba;
          security forces ripped through busy areas in
                                                                   officials, the goal is not for an Iraq-like “surge” but         Djibouti; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Jordan; Kenya;
        Baghdad on Monday, killing at least nine people,
                                                                   rather to gain time for a fresh look at US goals and            Kyrgyzstan; Philippines; Seychelles; Sudan;
                     police said.—INTERNET
                                                                   develop a comprehensive new strategy for Afghani-               Tajikistan; Turkey; and Yemen. —Internet
        Pakistan torn over how                                     stan.
                                                                      Obama, who takes office on 20 January, has vowed
                                                                   to boost development in Afghanistan and shift the fo-
          to handle Taleban                                        cus of the “war on terror” from Baghdad to Kabul. A
          ISLAMABAD, 14 Jan—After years allowing Taleban           US troop increase in Afghanistan was anticipated.
       militants to operate in the rugged tribal areas border-        “We have no strategic plan. We never had one,” an
       ing Afghanistan, Pakistan is now torn over how to re-       unnamed senior US military commander told the Post,
       spond to US calls for decisive action against extrem-       describing the Afghan strategy under President George
       ists.                                                       W Bush.—Internet
          Islamabad is under intense pressure from Washing-
       ton, other western nations and Kabul to eliminate             Court-martial for US Sergeant
       Taleban and Al-Qaeda havens in the tribal belt, from           WASHINGTON, 14 Jan—A United States Army ser-
       where fighters are said to stage attacks on foreign         geant will face a court-martial on murder charges in
       forces in Afghanistan.                                      connection with the killing of four Iraqi prisoners who
          But experts say Pakistan’s desire to please the          were found bound, blindfolded, shot and dumped in a
       United States, a vital political and military ally, has     Baghdad canal in 2007, the American military said on
       run up against its own strategic interests in the region    Tuesday.
       and its loyalty to Pashtuns, the predominant ethnicity         The soldier, Sgt First Class Joseph P Mayo, 27, will
       among the Taleban.                                          be court-martialed on charges of murder, conspiracy
          “Pakistan’s Taleban policy has suffered from inde-       to commit murder and obstruction of justice stemming            Pakistani tribesmen park their trucks to block the
       cisiveness, inconsistency and ambiguity,” political ana-    from the deaths, the military said in a statement. No            supplies for the NATO forces from reaching the
       lyst Hasan Askari told AFP.                                 date has been set for the proceeding. Sergeant Mayo             southwest Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing,
          “Pakistan’s choices will become tougher in the fu-       could receive a life sentence if convicted.                       in Chaman on 13 Jan, 2009. Western military
       ture because its efforts to control the Taleban do not         Two other soldiers, Sgt Michael P Leahy Jr and Sgt           supplies passing through Pakistan to Afghanistan
       enjoy support throughout society. A good number of          John E Hatley, have also been accused of taking part            faced more disruption on Tuesday after protesters
       ordinary people see India as more of a threat than the      in the killings.                                                blocked one route and militants launched the first
       Taleban.”—Internet                                                                                          Internet           attack in two weeks on another.—INTERNET

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       4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009

              Belgian official says Shanghai
             Expo will boost global economy
           BRUSSELS, 14 Jan —         developed economies           tunity for western compa-
       The World Expo sched-          plunged into a recession,     nies and Belgian compa-
       uled for 2010 in China’s       there is a concern that the   nies to prove what they
       Shanghai will boost the        Shanghai Expo will lose       can do.”
       global economy, Leo            its attraction for the rea-      Delcroix said those
       Delcroix, commissioner         son that presence at the      companies struggling
       of the Belgian govern-         exhibition makes less eco-    with the economic woes
       ment for the exhibition,       nomic sense at the diffi-     should use the Shanghai
       told Xinhua on Tuesday.        cult times.                   Expo as a chance both to
           “I think the Shanghai          But Delcroix disagreed.   get out of the current trou-
       Expo will give a big im-       “I do not think so. I think   ble and to catch up with
       petus, a big stimulus to the   especially in times of eco-   the next growth cycle.
       world economy,” which is       nomic and financial diffi-       “They have to use the Builders work at a construction site of the “Sunny Valley” located at the Expo
       in difficulties due to the     culties you have to take      opportunity to overcome       Boulevard for 2010 Shanghai World Expo in Shanghai, east China, on 22
       financial crisis, he said.     new initiatives,” he said.    the problems of the finan-   Dec, 2008. The “Sunny Valley” project, containning six horn-like structures,
           As the global economy          “The Shanghai Expo        cial crisis,” he said.       was considered to be the most difficult part of Expo Boulevard and one of the
       is slowing down and most       can be a very good oppor-                         Xinhua                     highlights of World Expo 2010.—XINHUA

         Toshiba to                                                                                                                  Indonesian rescue team finds 41
       buy Fujitsu’s                                                                                                                    survivors of sunken ferry
                                                                                                                                       JAKARTA, 14 Jan— The rescue team had found 41
         hard-disk                                                                                                                  survivors out of 250 total passengers registered in the
       drive business                                                                                                               manifest of the ill-fated ship which sank in Majene
                                                                                                                                    waters on Sunday on its way from Pare-Pare in South
           TOKYO, 14 Jan— Japa-                                                                                                     Sulawesi to Samarinda in East Kalimantan province,
       nese electronics giant                                                                                                       the national Antara News reported on Wednesday.
       Toshiba Corp has                                                                                                                On the other hand, the forensic expert team had
       wrapped up talks to buy                                                                                                      identified two dead victims of the sunken Teratai Prima
       Fujitsu Ltd’s hard disk                                                                                                      ship.
       drive operations, local                                                                                                         The two identified victims were a woman found
       media reported on                                                                                                            on Majene waters on Monday, and a six-year-old,
       Wednesday.                                                                                                                   found on Barru waters and then evacuated to Pare-
           Toshiba is considering                                                                                                   Pare, said Mauluddin of the forensic expert team here
       buying Fujitsu hard-disk                                                                                                     on Tuesday.
       drive business for tens of                                                                                                      The accident of Teratai Prima ship, with its 250
       billions of yen, the Kyodo     A Palestinian man walk in the rubble of a building destroyed by Israeli strikes
                                                                in Gaza City. —XINHUA                                               passengers and17 crew members on board, which hap-
       News and Nikkei both re-                                                                                                     pened in Baturoro waters, Majene regency, West
       ported, citing sources fa-       Brazil to produce enriched uranium on industrial scale                                      Sulawesi on 11 Jan, had prompted many circles to
       miliar with the matter.                                                                                                      join the search and rescue efforts.—Xinhua
                                         B RASILIA , 14 Jan —       Paulo (CTMSP) and the        is that in future, we do not
           In October, Fujitsu
                                      Brazil will produce en-       Institute of Energy and      depend on external serv-
       slashed its net profit out-
       look for the current busi-
                                      riched uranium from next      Nuclear Research (IPEN)      ices for an important tech-            All items from Xinhua
                                      month in a factory in the     to produce enriched ura-     nology,” he told Agencia
       ness year ending next
                                      State of Rio de Janeiro,      nium, according to           Brasil, Brazil’s state news
       March from 100 billion
                                      the Brazilian Nuclear In-     Samuel Fayad, a high-        agency.—Xinhua
                                                                                                                                             News Agency
       yen projected in July to 60
                                      dustries (INB) said on        ranking official at INB.
       billion yen, blaming dete-
                                      Tuesday.                         It will become the          China’s mobile web users rise 113% in 2008
       riorating demand for hard
                                         Brazil will use tech-      ninth country in the world       BEIJING, 14 Jan— Chi-          strength of mobile Inter-        “The trend will defi-
       disks, personal computers
                                      nology developed by the       to master the enrichment     na’s mobile Internet popu-         net users: 43.5 percent of   nitely benefit the deploy-
       and mobile phones.
                                      Brazilian Marine Tech-        process of the mineral.      lation surged a whopping           them use their cell phones   ment of 3G services, as
                           Xinhua                                                                113 percent in 2008 and            to read online news,         more users will opt for high
                                      nology Center in Sao             “The big breakthrough
                                                                                                 could see explosive growth         download music, check        speed data-rich services,”
                                                                                                 in the coming years, said a        email and perform a vari-    said Chi Dazhi, senior ana-
                                                                                                 report issued by the China         ety of other tasks.          lyst of CNNIC.—Xinhua
                                                                                                 Internet Network Infor-
                                                                                                 mation Center (CNNIC)
                                                                                                 on Tuesday.
                                                                                                     The nation’s move to
                                                                                                 deploy third-generation
                                                                                                 (3G) services will benefit
                                                                                                 from the rising popularity
                                                                                                 of a mobile Internet, as
                                                                                                 more than 117 million
                                                                                                 subscribers have gone
                                                                                                 online with their cell
                                                                                                     CNNIC said 39.5 per-              China’s mobile Internet population surged a
                                                                                                 cent of Chinese Internet              whopping 113 percent in 2008 and could see
                                                                                                 users adopt cell phones to         explosive growth in the coming years, said a report
         An employee works along the assembly line at Anhui Jianghuai Automobile                 surf the Web.                      issued by the China Internet Network Information
               Co Ltd in Hefei, Anhui province on 14 Jan, 2009. —XINHUA                              Students are the main                Center (CNNIC) on Tuesday.—XINHUA

15-1-09 NL                       4                                                                               7/29/18, 6:26 PM
                                                                                                THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009                                        5

                                                                                                   Russia to resume cooperation with NATO
                                                                                                              if US admits mistake
                                                                                                   M OSCOW , 14 Jan—               give clear signals on         alliance and Russia in the
                                                                                                Russia will resume                 willingness to restore        military sphere.
                                                                                                cooperation with NATO              cooperation,” Itar-Tass          NATO           foreign
                                                                                                in the military sphere if          news agency quoted            ministers decided to
                                                                                                the United States admits           Anatoly Nogovitsyn,           suspend high-level con-
                                                                                                its wrong-doings that              deputy chief of the Russian   tacts with Russia last
                                                                                                caused the broke-up of             General Staff, as saying.     August, accusing Russia of
                                                                                                bilateral      ties    and            The senior officer made    “disproportionate use of
                                                                                                apologizes for that, a             the remarks when comm-        force” in Georgia.
                                                                                                senior Russian officer said        enting on a statement by         In response, Russia
                                                                                                on Tuesday.                        NATO’s Supreme Allied         halted cooperation with
                                                                                                   “It is necessary that the       Com-mander Europe John        NATO’s Moscow office
                                                                                                US should explain us               Craddock on the need for      and called off the NATO
           Two women rest outside their tent at a temporary refuge for earthquake               reasons, for which it              restoring cooperation         chief’s visit to Moscow.
         survivors, in Fraijanes on 13 Jan, 2009. The final death toll in Costa Rica            disrupted these relations          between the US-led                               Internet
        from a 6.1 magnitude earthquake last week will likely rise to around 40 after           unilaterally and gave up
            an emergency official on Monday scaled back the number of people                    the dialogue and bring              Palestinians suicide bombing attack
                                    missing.—INTERNET                                           apologies for this and
                                                                                                                                        kills several Israeli soldiers
          China is making active efforts to                                                                                           GAZA, 14 Jan—Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed
                                                                                                                                   wing of Fatah movement said on Tuesday night that
         promote peace in Gaza, envoy says                                                                                         one of its militants blew himself up among a group of
          UNITED NATIONS, 14 Jan—The Chinese government                                                                            Israeli soldiers, killing and wounding several soldiers.
       is actively promoting the relief of tension in Gaza, and                                                                       The group said in an urgent statement sent to reporters
       China is ready to work with the international                                                                               that it claimed responsibility for the attack, adding that
       community to bring all the parties concerned back to                                                                        “the bomber and 20 Israeli soldiers were killed and
       the negotiation table at an early date in a bid to achieve                                                                  wounded.” There was no immediate Israeli army
       the peaceful, just and durable settlement to the                                                                            response to confirm or deny the groups’ report that one
       Palestinian-Israeli issue, a Chinese envoy said here                                                                        of its militants carried out a suicide bombing attack
       Tuesday.                                                                                                                    against a group of soldiers near the northern Gaza Strip
          Zhang Yesui, the Chinese permanent representative                                                                        town of Beit Lahia.
       to the United Nations, made the statement as he was                                                                            The group said in a written leaflet sent to reporters
       speaking at the closed-door meeting of the UN Security                                                                      that one of its militants blew himself up with explosives
       Council on the Gaza conflict, which has left more than                                                                      into a house full of Israeli soldiers in al-Atatra
       900 Palestinians killed and 4,000 others injured.                                                                           neighborhood in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit
                                                         Internet                                                                  Lahia. —Internet

         Lebanese Minister describes rocket                                                                                          Three children, one woman killed in
            launching “a terrorist act”                                                                                             rebel attack on Colombia police station
          BEIRUT, 14 Jan—Lebanese interior minister Elias                                                                             BOGOTA, 14 Jan—Three children and one woman
       Murr stressed Tuesday that those who launched rockets                                                                       were killed on Tuesday when a group of rebels attacked
       from south Lebanon against Israel are terrorists,                                                                           a police station in southwestern Colombia.
       Elnashra website reported.                                                                                                     Eleven other people were injured, three gravely, in
          Speaking to reporters after meeting his Italian                                                                          the attack, according to Fabio Trujillo, the government
       counterpart Ignazio la Russa at Beirut airport, Murr                                                                        secretary of Narino Province.
       said that “those who fired rockets at Israel are Israeli      An Israeli girl suffering from shock is helped at                Rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of
       agents.”                                                                                                                    Colombia (FARC) slipped into Magui Payan, a
                                                                    the scene of a rocket attack in the southern city of
          He spoke of consensus among various Lebanese                                                                             municipality in Narino near the border with Ecuador,
       factions to “refrain from giving Israel a pretext to                     Ashkelon on 12 Jan, 2009.                          and launched the attack on the regional police base,
       launch an attack on Lebanon.” —Internet                                          INTERNET                                   said Trujillo. —Internet

        Gaza conflict has “devastating” effects on children
          GENENA, 14 Jan—The United Nations body monitoring a key global treaty on the
       rights of children voiced its deep concern on Tuesday at the “devastating effects”
       that the current conflict in Gaza is having on children.
          “Hundreds of children have been killed or injured, many seriously. Many others
       have lost their loved ones,” said the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child,
       which is currently in session in Geneva.
          “Children have also experienced serious difficulties in accessing humanitarian
       aid. The emotional and psychological effects of these events on an entire generation
       of children will be severe,” said the 18-member body in a statement.
          According to the Committee, the rights enshrined in the Convention on the
       Rights of the Child, including the right of children to life, survival and development
       and to be protected from all forms of violence, have been “blatantly violated” in the
       Gaza conflict. It joined the calls of UN Security Council Resolution 1860, which
       was adopted on 8 Jan, the UN Secretary-general and the UN High Commissioner
       for Human Rights for an immediate cessation of hostilities from both sides in the           Palestinian kids play at the Barcelona Park in south of Gaza City during
       conflict.—Internet                                                                                   Israel’s 3 hours halt of fire, on 13 Jan, 2009. —XINHUA

15-1-09 NL                       5                                                                              7/29/18, 6:26 PM
       6 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009

             Israelis look at the scene after a rocket fired by                                                                         Iraq finds anti-freeze chemical
               Palestinian militants in Gaza landed in the
                   southern town of Sderot on 11 Jan,                                                                                       in popular toothpaste
                             2009.—INTERNET                                                                                               BAGHDAD, 14 Jan — Iraq’s health ministry on Tues-
                                                                                                                                      day issued a warning that a popular brand of toothpaste
               17th annual conf of                                                                                                    made by consumer products giant Unilever contains di-
                                                                                                                                      ethylene glycol, a chemical used in car anti-freeze.
               APPF opens in Laos                                                                                                         “After the standards and quality control department
                                                                                                                                      of the health ministry tested the French-made Signal 2
            VIENTIANE, 14 Jan—The four-day 17th annual                                                                                toothpaste brand, it showed that it contains diethylene
       conference of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum                                                                             glycol which is highly toxic if swallowed,” the govern-
       (APPF) opened in Vientiane on Monday, with the                                                                                 ment said. The health ministry has urged the govern-
       main discussion topics from strengthening political                                                                            ment to ban the brand.
       security to promoting economic and trade cooperation                                                                               Unilever France spokeswoman Sophie Jayet in Paris,
       and strengthening parliamentary exchanges.                                                                                     contacted by AFP, said Unilever products do not con-
           Parliamentarians from 19 countries and Regions in                                                                          tain diethylene glycol.—Internet
       the Asia-Pacific took part in the event. Inter-
       Parliamentary Union (IPU) General Secretary Anders                                                                             Israeli envoy visits Egypt for
       B Johnsson attended the forum. Zhou Tienong, vice
       chairman of the Standing Committee of the National                                                                                 Gaza ceasefire talks
       People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislature, said                                                                             JERUSALEM, 14 Jan— A high-ranking Israeli defence
       at the opening session that the meeting would enhance                                                                          official is set to visit Egypt on Wednesday for talks
       cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and promote                                                                             over a possible ceasefire in the warring Gaza Strip,
       economic cooperation among regional countries.
           At the opening ceremony, Lao National Assembly
                                                                     Blast in Russian police                                          local news service Ynet report on Tuesday.
                                                                                                                                          Amos Gilad, head of the Diplomatic-Security Bu-
       President Samdech Heng Samrin raised concerns about
       such difficulties and challenges that regional countries
                                                                      building kills seven                                            reau of the Defence Ministry, is scheduled to meet with
                                                                                                                                      Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman for indi-
       are facing as financial crisis, climate change, natural          MOSCOW, 14 Jan— At least seven people have been               rect bargaining with Hamas, said the report.
       disasters, food crisis and energy crisis.                    killed in an explosion at a police building in the                    The Jewish state has conditioned any truce on an
           Heng Samrin called on Asian-Pacific countries to         Republic of Ingush in southern Russia on Tuesday,                 end to both the rocket fire from and the alleged weap-
       strengthen regional trade and economic cooperation to        local media reported.                                             onry smuggling into the Hamas-ruled area, while the
       achieve lasting development in the region, contributing          The building of the South Caucasus region’s bail-             Islamist group demands lifting the blockade Israel has
       to the development of the world.                             iffs office went down in ruins at around 09:50 Mos-               imposed on the coastal enclave.
           The APPF was founded by former Japanese Prime            cow time (0650 GMT) following a blast caused by                       Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said earlier
       Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone in January 1993 in Tokyo,         gas leak, according to regional authority.                        in the day that his nation would press ahead with the
       Japan. The APPF is a loosely-structured and non-                 Rescuers have pulled out 28 people from the de-               ongoing Operation Cast Lead, launched in response
       exclusive forum of national parliamentarians who             bris, said the regional center of the Emergencies                 to years of Palestinian rocket fire, and meanwhile
       participate either as delegates of their parliaments or in   Ministry.                                                         closely monitor the development of the Egypt-led
       their personal capacities.—MNA/Xinhua                                                                    Internet              initiative. —Internet

                                                      Face of the future: the ‘all-seeing eye’                                    Genetic drug producers that can
                                                            meets ‘all-sniffing nose’                                                        be milked
                                                        Humankind seems to be                                                   They may look
                                                     moving closer to creating the                                          like ordinary goats
                                                     world sci-fi writers could                                             but for their creators
                                                     only imagine. After creating                                           they are drug-
                                                     an electronic nose, capable                                            making machines.
                                                     of sniffing out diseases,                                              A herd has been
                                                     scientists have created an ‘all-                                       genetically enginee-
                                                     seeing eye’ that can look at                                           red in the US to
         A wooden side-piece in the shape of
                                                     different directions simultan-                                         make a human pro-
           an old fashioned pair of skates           eously.                            scientists emulate what insects     tein in their milk
             supports an ice-sailing boat on the        Australian scientists have      see when they fly around the        that can prevent
             frozen Gouwzee in Monickendam,          managed to engineer a kind         landscape, how they find food,      dangerous blood          by the miraculous       the final decision
                                                     of      insect-like         (or    escape predators and navigate.      clots.                   animals, fights         is made, the first
         the Netherlands on 9Jan, 2009. The
                                                     “compound”) eye which              The researchers are especially          The goats pro-       strokes, pulmonary      ever drug from a
            Dutch strapped on skates and             allows for an unobstructed         interested in understanding         duce a protein           embolisms and           genetically eng-
        flocked to icy canals this weekend as        360-degree panoramic view.         how bees find their way back        called antithrom-        other life-threa-       ineered animal
          freezing temperatures afforded an             The device will help            home.                               bin, which prevents      tening conditions.      may start to be
                                                                                                                            blood clotting. One          The whole pro-      produced in the
             increasingly rare chance to skate             Driver switched seats to avoid                                   in 5,000 people is at    cess of production      US.
               across their flat country. After                     DUI arrest                                              risk of developing       needs to be approv-         Obviously it’s
             more than a week of cold, an esti-        Police said a West Valley City woman tried to avoid a                blood clots in their     ed by the American      cheaper to create
             mated 2.3 million skaters, out of a    drunken driving arrest by putting her daughter in the driver’s          veins. Such clots        Food and Drug           the animals than to
                                                    seat before police arrived. Charges filed this week in 3rd              can be extremely         Administration          build and maintain
               population of 16 million, have
                                                    District Court say the woman drove recklessly on 28 Nov                 painful, even lethal,    (FDA), but it’s clear   expensive biore-
             taken to frozen canals and lakes,      through a Costco parking lot in West Valley City. Authorities           especially if they       that medicine is now    actors.
                according to a poll released        said she hit a curb and blew out a tire in the process.                 break loose and          entering a new era.         The technique
                  ahead of the weekend.                The charges said witnesses told police she then switched             travel through the           The FDA panel       could make it cost-
                                                    places with her 15-year-old daughter so the girl would be in            bloodstream to the       voted overwhelm-        effective for com-
                                                    the driver’s seat when police got there.                                lungs or the brain.      ingly that the          panies to develop
                                                                                                                                Experts say that     process is safe and     drugs to treat disea-
         NEWS ALBUM                                    The woman was found to have a blood alcohol level of
                                                    .246 percent, more than three times the legal limit of .08
                                                                                                                            in practice the
                                                                                                                            medicine, produced
                                                                                                                                                         So when and if
                                                                                                                                                                             ses that affect rela-
                                                                                                                                                                             tively few patients.

15-1-09 NL                        6                                                                                7/29/18, 6:26 PM
                                                                                                    THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009                                       7

                       Benefits of walking
                                                                                                                        Kyaw Kyaw (Sethmu Tekkatho)
                 Exercise is great for your health. Today, the      will look older than you are and the diseases you are             Take the following points as much as you can while
         government is giving effective encouragement to            suffering may persist. We tend to appreciate the value            walking.
         sports activities to raise the health standard of the      of good health only when we are ill.                                  (1) keep your waist and body upright,
         people.                                                           Walking helps sickly persons recover from their                (2) raise your chest a little,
                 There is a saying in Pali "Arogjam Paramam         bad health and healthy persons keep themselves fit. So,               (3) touch your fingers together, and do not
         Labham", which means good health is the greatest           you should take a walk regularly. At first, you should                      clench your fists tightly,
         blessing. Health is termed physical and mental well-       walk just for a moderate distance. Then, you should                   (4) move forward straightly,
         being without diseases. Of sports activities, walking      extend the distance gradually day by day. While                       (5) do not keep your body bending backwards,
         is the simplest form with least cost, but the best form    walking, you should take deep breaths. If you are                     (6) try to be able to walk fast, but do not let
         of exercise for your overall health.                       feeling dizzy or dazed, take brink paces on a path of a                     yourself get very tired in the process,
                 While walking, you can view green and lush         forest or at a secluded place.                                        (7) set front part of your foot only after your
         vegetations and take fresh air and fragrant smell of              The best time to walk is early morning. If                           heel,
         flowering plants along the route, and that makes you       possible, go to bed and get up and walk early, it is a                (8) swing your hands fast at a high level,
         feel relaxed and refreshed.                                great way to improve your health. If circumstances do                 (9) take deep breaths,
                 By taking a walk, you can gain supramundane        not favour you to do so, you can walk in (not late) the               (10) the clothes you are wearing should be
         benefits, apart from mundane ones as paying constant       morning or in the evening. You can walk alone or in                         according to the weather. You need to take
         attention to the way you are taking and your posture       group.                                                                      warm clothes if the weather is cold, but
         while walking is some way taking mindfulness to                   You can realize the benefits of walking if you do                    avoid tight and heavy clothes.
         your mind and body. So, it is required to organize the     it. Many physicians around the world recognize that                    After walking, take a breathing exercise for
         entire people to walk daily so as to help elevate the      walking can prevent short of breath and obesity; lower            about 10 minutes and then drink a lot of water.
         health standard of the people.                             the risk of cardiovascular disease, paralysis and high            According to the research done, drinking about two
                 All, irrespective of age, should cultivate a       blood pressure; and cure chronic diseases, renal diseases         glasses of water after walking ensures regular flow
         good habit of walking. Benefits of walking are many        and muscle stiffness.                                             of urine and excrement. Moreover, the walkers
         and various, such as fitness, being free from diseases,           Taking long steps a little faster is the best form         become more active and interested in their work
         being in great shape with fair complexion, mental          of walking. Walking is the simplest and the best form             than usual.
         well-being, being in the pink of health with               of physical activity for your general health. To walk,                 Therefore, I would like to exhort the people to
         youthfulness, having a good stamina, improvement           you do not need any sports equipment. And you can                 regularly take a walk, which can bring a wide variety
         of flexibility and muscle tone, gaining new friends,       walk at any place at any weather, and everyone, young             of benefits to every walker.
         good digestion, activeness, and sound sleep.               or old, can take it.                                                                Translation: MS
                 Inactivity can make your internal organs stiff            The distance of walking depends on your age                                 Kyemon: 12-1-2009
         and if so, you are more likely to suffer diseases; you     and health conditions. You should not walk excessively.                                  ******

             Judge clears way for Bloomberg to                       Obama pushes
                      run again in NY                                    Senate
            NEW YORK, 14 Jan— The New York City Council               Democrats on
       had the legal right to extend term limits for itself and
       Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a federal judge ruled on            stimulus, bailout
       Tuesday, clearing an obstacle for Mayor Michael                   W A S H I N G T O N , 14
       Bloomberg to seek a third term.                              Jan—President-elect
            The judge dismissed a civil rights lawsuit filed by     Barack Obama huddled
       elected officials who opposed the new law. However           with       his         fellow
       Bloomberg still faces a potential barrier from a state       Democrats in the US
       legislator who is seeking to pass a law that might stop      Senate on Tuesday,
       the mayor from running again.                                trying to build support
            In November, Bloomberg signed a law increasing          for upcoming votes on              Students of Aungmyethazan Township No. 1 BEHS demonstrate
       the term limit for elected officials to three 4-year terms   economic            stimulus    Indian Club skills prior to a football match to mark School Family Day
       from two, overturning two public referendums, held           legislation and releasing         for the year 2009 held at No. 21 BEPS in the township, Mandalay
       in 1993 and 1996, that imposed the two-term limit.           350 billion US dollars in                                    recently.—NLM
            Bloomberg, a former Wall Street trader and self-        unspent Wall Street
       made billionaire who was elected mayor in 2001 and
       in 2005, has argued that the extraordinary financial
                                                                    bailout funds.
                                                                          Obama’s visit came
                                                                                                     29th conference of MDA (Central) on 4-7 Feb
       crisis requires a person of his experience, so he            exactly one week before             Y ANGON , 14 Jan—The 29th                   ceremony to pay respects to aged dentists
       decided to help overturn the referendums and run             he returns to Capitol Hill,     conference of Myanmar Dental                    and sports activities will be conducted at
       again this year.                                             where he will be sworn in       Association (Central) and 10th FDI-             the conference where medical store will
            A group of elected officials and voters filed suit in   as the 44th president on        MDA jont meeting will be held at                be staged. The association will announce
       Brooklyn federal court to stop Bloomberg, saying the         January 20.                     Traders Hotel here from 4 to 7 February.        the day when delegates are to register for
       new law denied voters “meaningful participation in                His success or failure         Paper reading sessions, educative           the conference.
       the political process.”                                      on these two massive            talks by local and foreign dentists, a                                              MNA
            In a 64-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Charles        initiatives will set the tone
       Sifton found that city law does not limit the City           for his presidency as he
       Council’s “ability to overturn or modify laws passed         moves into the White
       by referendum.”                                              House.                              Take Fire Preventive Measures
                                                   MNA/Reuters                     MNA/Reuters

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       8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009

         CPT Minister inspects auto-exchanges in Kachin State                                                                          Factories manufacturing
                                                                                                                                        value-added products
                                                                                                                                         YANGON, 14 Jan—Minister for Forestry Brig-Gen
                                                                                                                                     Thein Aung inspected the wood-based product factory
                                                                                                                                     of New Brother Ltd in Shwepyitha Industrial Zone (1)
                                                                                                                                     here on 9 January morning.
                                                                                                                                         Managing Director U Thein Aung of the company
                                                                                                                                     gave an account of the production line, and Managing
                                                                                                                                     Director U Win Tun and officials of Myanma Timber
                                                                                                                                     Enterprise gave supplementary reports. The factory
                                                                                                                                     exports value-added sawn hardwood products. He also
                                                                                                                                     inspected the finished wooden product factory of
                                                                                                                                     Diamond Mercury Co, which exports groove planks,
                                                                                                                                     sawn timber and parquets.
                                                                                                                                         Minister Brig-Gen Thein Aung inspects
                                                                                                                                      finished wooden product factory of Diamond
                    Minister Brig-Gen Thein Zaw inspects auto-exchange in Mogaung.—CPT                                                          Mercury Co.—FORESTRY
            NAY PYI TAW, 14 Jan      hospital. The minister also    Communications, Posts and
       —        Minister      for    attended a ceremony to open    Telegraphs Maj-Gen Thein
       Communications, Posts         a new library in Kontangyi     Tun, the director-general,
       and Telegraphs Brig-Gen       Village in Mogaung             officials from Mandalay
       Thein Zaw inspected auto-     Township and donated a TV      City        Development
       exchanges in Kachin State,    and books to the library.      Committee                and
       on 12 January. During the          During the tour of        departmental officials
       visit to the auto-exchange    Mohnyin Township, the          discussed matters related to
       in Namti, the minister        minister attended a            construction of roads in
       fulfilled the requirements    ceremony to open               Yatanarpon         Myothit
       of the exchange to upgrade    “Alinpya” library in           Project and tasks carried out
       trunk-call lines.             Mayingon Village and           for supply of power and
            Afterwards,       the    donated a TV to the library.   water to the project. The
       minister visited the auto-         On 13 January,            minister also heard reports
       exchange in Mogaung and       Minister Brig-Gen Thein        of those who have invested
       Sarhmaw Microwave             Zaw attended a work            in the project and fulfilled
       station.                      coordination meeting for       the        requirements.
            He also inspected the    investment in Yatanarpon       Afterwards, the minister
                                                                    visited the project and
       progress of construction of
       the auto-exchange in
                                     Myothit Project of
                                     Mandalay Division.             inspected the construction
                                                                                                       Health research paper reading session
       Pinbaw and Pinbaw station          Deputy Minister for
                                                                                                              continues for third day
                 Head Feed Type combine                                                                 YANGON, 14 Jan—The           read out four research         the session. Five research
                                                                                                    health research paper            papers.                        papers were read out at the
                 harvester demonstrated                                                             reading session continued             Deputy Director-          session. In the second
                                                                                                    for the third day at the         General Dr Kyaw Min of         session, Deputy Director-
            YANGON, 14 Jan—A         Soe of AMD and Manager                Afterwards, those
                                                                                                    meeting hall of Medical          Medical          Research      General Dr Kyaw Nyunt
       ceremony to demonstrate       U Aye Than of No 1             present made observation
                                                                                                    Research Department              Department         (Lower      Sein of Health Department
       Head Feed Type combine        Mechanical Workshop            on use of Head Feed Type
                                                                                                    (Lower Myanmar) in Dagon         Myanmar) presided over         presided over the session
       harvester invented by         explained invention and        combine harvester at the
                                                                                                    Township this morning.           the second session and         and Director Dr Khin Nwe
       Agriculture Mechanization     test-use of import-            farmlands of U San Myint
                                                                                                        Professor/Head of            resource persons submitted     Oo of Medical Research
       Department of the Ministry    substitute     combine         and U Than Khe in
                                                                                                    Department of University         four research papers.          Department co-chaired it.
       of Agriculture and            harvesters and replied to      Hmawby Township. The
                                                                                                    of Medicine-1 Dr Kyi Kyi              In the afternoon first    Resource persons read out
       Irrigation was held at the    queries raised by those        harvester can harvest one
                                                                                                    Thin chaired the first           paper reading session,         five research papers at the
       meeting hall of No 1          present.                       acre in two hours.—MNA
                                                                                                    session while Director of        Rector Dr Aye Maung Han        session.
       Mechanical Workshop of         Demonstration of Head Feed Type combine                       Medical        Research          of University of Medicine-          At the same time,
       the department in                                                                            Department (Lower                1 presided over the session.
                                         harvester invented by Agriculture                                                                                          researchers of Myanmar
       Mingaladon Township                                                                          Myanmar) Dr Daw Khin             Prof Daw Kyu Kyu Khin of
                                     Mechanization Department in progress at the                                                                                    and Japan gave talks on
       here this morning.                                                                           Myat Tun co-chaired the          University of Medicine-2
                                           farmlands of U San Myint and                                                                                             subject-wise matters.
            It was attended by                                                                      session. Resource persons        acted as co-chairperson of
                                      U Than Khe in Hmawby Township.—MNA                                                                                                                 MNA
       Director-General U Win
       Maw of Agriculture
       Mechanization Depart-
       ment and officials
       concerned, members of
       Yangon          Division
       Agriculture Supervisory
       Committee, agriculturists,
       media persons and guests.
            First, the director-
       general made a speech on
       the occasion. Next,
       Deputy Director U Aung

15-1-09 NL                      8                                                                                 7/29/18, 6:26 PM
                                                                                              THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009                                        9

                                                                                                                                Nyunt Nyunt Oo of              Brig-Gen Tin Maung Ohn
                                                                  Cash donated for long-term                                    Myanmar Women’s Af-            also accepted cash dona-
                                                                  development…                                                  fairs Federation; K 1.5        tions from wellwishers
                                                              (from page 16)                  U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing                million by people of           and gave away certificates
                                                         Monywa Township; K                   and family. Certificates          Khawate Village of             of honour to them.
                                                         15.3 million by U Win                of honour were presented          Kyunhla Township; K 1.5             Director U Than Tun
                                                         Myint-Daw        Kyway               to them.                          million by people of           of IPRD accepted cash do-
                                                         Kyway; K 12 million by                    Minister Brig-Gen            Hnawgan Village of Pale        nations and presented cer-
                                                         U Khin Maung and fam-                Kyaw Hsan also accepted           Township; K 1.5 million        tificates of honour to the
                                                         ily; K 12 million by U               K 1.5 million donated by          by       people        of      wellwishers.
                                                         Saw Win-Daw Ksan and                 the rector, faculty mem-          Nyaungbintha Village of             The commander and
                                                         family; K 10 million by              bers and students of              Pale Township; K 1.2 mil-      the minister greeted the
                                                         Kaung Myat Pyi Kyaw                  Monywa University; K 5            lion by U Myint Thein          local people and viewed
                                                         Co; K 8.5 million by peo-            million by Shwebo Dis-            and family; and K 1 mil-       documentary photos.
                                                         ple of Kyunhla Village;              trict PDC; K 4 million by         lion by Thudhamma                   Today’s donations for
                                                         K 7.5 million by Katha               U Abhijatalankara of              Manijotadhara U Soe            self-reliant village librar-
                                                         District PDC; K 6.8 mil-             Tipitakadhara Thubaw-             Naing-Daw Aye Aye              ies in Sagaing Division
                                                         lion by U Than Maung                 daryon Monastery; K 2.5           Khaing and family and          amounted to over K 165.2
                                                         and family; K 6 million              million by U Ye Naing             presented certificates of      million—library buildings
       Minister Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan accepts cash do- by people of Yeshin Vil-                  and family; K 2 million           honour to them.                worth K 92.8 million and
       nated by wellwishers for long-term development of lage of Kyunhla Town-                by Head of Organizing                  Deputy Commander          K 72,469,070 in cash.
       village libraries in Sagaing Division. — MNA ship; and K 5 million by                  Department Dr Daw                 of North-West Command                                MNA

         Muse District Court and Law Office open                                                             Health staff honoured
                                                                                                 YANGON, 14 Jan—A
           NAY PYI TAW, 14 Jan-     (Admin) of Supreme            State (North), Lashio
                                                                                            ceremony to honour health
       —The opening ceremony        Court U Mya Thein, and        District and Lashio
                                                                                            staff who have rendered
       of Muse District court and   Director-General of the       Township courts in Lashio
                                                                                            health care to storm victims
       new law office was held      Office of Attorney-Gen-       on 11 January, and
                                                                                            was held at University of
       on 10 January there,         eral U Tin Myint officially   supreme court judges and
                                                                                            Nursing (Yangon) here yes-
       attended by Chairman of      opened the new court.         directors of Mandalay
                                                                                            terday, with an address by
       Shan State (North) Peace          Next, the Com-           Supreme Court, judges
                                                                                            Deputy Minister for Health
       and Development Council      mander, the Chief Justice     and staff of Mandalay
                                                                                            Dr Paing Soe.
       Commander of North-          and the Attorney-General      Division Court, Kyaukse
                                                                                                 Next, Deputy Minister
       East Command Maj-Gen         spoke on the occasion and     District Court, and
                                                                                            Dr Paing Soe presented cer-
       Aung Than Htut, Chief        viewed District Court and     township courts in the
                                                                                            tificates of honour to 920
       Justice U Aung Toe, and      new law office.               division in Mandalay on
                                                                                            members of doctors, nurses
       Attorney-General U Aye            Chief Justice U Aung     12 January and gave
                                                                                            and other skilled staff of
       Maung.                       Toe met with judges, staff    instructions on judicial
                                                                                            hospitals, universities,
           Director-General         officers and staff of Shan    matters.—MNA
                                                                                            Medical Research Depart-
                                                                                            ment (Lower Myanmar)
                                                                                            and Traditional Medicine
             Harmonious cooperation stressed for                                            Department of Yangon
                  regional development                                                      through respective medical
                                                                                            superintendents, depart-
                                                                                                                                    Deputy Minister Dr Paing Soe presents
                                                                                            mental heads, and rectors
                                                                                                                                  certificates of honour to a health staff who
           Y ANGON , 14 Jan—        local social organizations    Kyaikkhami, he called                                          discharged duties in storm-hit regions.—MNA
                                                                                            of universities.—MNA
       Minister for Mines Brig-     and authorities, calling      for cooperation for de-
       Gen Ohn Myint in-
       spected reconstruction of
                                    for expanding the hori-
                                    zons of rural folks, im-
                                                                  velopment of salt farm-
                                                                  ing and the region, en-
                                                                                                    Fund-raising DVD film on 18 Jan
                                                                                                 YANGON, 14 Jan—A                    The film starring Lu      MWJA (Central) (Ph:
       the Basic Education Pri-     proving economic enter-       hancing knowledge of
                                                                                            DVD film entitled “Ngar-            Min, Po Chit, Tun Eindra       385273) or Shwe Mann
       mary      School      of     prises, and harmonious        local people and boost-
                                                                                            ya            Hna-se-shit           Bo and many other sup-         Cinema Hall (535248).
       Kyaungnauk Ward, and         cooperation for regional      ing business activities.
                                                                                            Myinpyaing” will be on              porting actors and ac-         Two heads are allowed for
       Mudongyi BEPS in             development.                      He also had a similar
                                                                                            screen at Shwe Mann Cin-            tresses was based on a         a 3000-kyat entry ticket.
       Mudon on 9 January.              In meeting with           meeting at Panga Village
                                                                                            ema Hall in Myaynigon,              comic “Myaing Yaza Tut         The two actors who played
           The minister held a      townselders, social or-       in Thanbyuzayat Town-
                                                                                            here, at 7 am on 18 Janu-           Pi” by Cartoonist Swe Min      their roles as main charac-
       meeting             with     ganizations and respon-       ship in the evening.
                                                                                            ary (Sunday) to raise the           (Danubyu), and was di-         ters Ko Tut Pi and Ma
       townselders, members of      sible      persons      at                        MNA
                                                                                            funds of the Myanmar                rected by Tun Aung Zaw.        Thay Hmyin will watch
                                                                                            Writers and Journalists                  Tickets for the private   the film.
             Cultivation of summer paddy in Kyaiklat                                        Association (Central).              show can be booked at                                MNA
          N AY P YI T AW , 14       inspected cultivation of      of Kyaiklat Township                                                                          Graduates attend a
       Jan—Member of Natural        summer paddy and              where he looked into new                                                                         job fair facing
       Disaster Preparedness        breeding of worms in          school building and pro-                                                                      students of normal
       Central     Committee        1000-acre model farm in       vided teaching aids.
                                                                                                                                                                   universities in
       Minister for Hotels and
                                                                                                                                                               Kunming, capital of
                                    Kyaiklat.                         The minister handed                                                                       southwest China’s
       Tourism Maj-Gen Soe              Next, the minister pro-   over packets of seeds to                                                                     Yunnan Province 13
       Naing, on 9 January,         ceeded to Hleseik BEPS        Hleseik village through                                                                         Jan, 2009. Over
                                                                  responsible persons and                                                                      100,000 students are
                                                                  met with departmental                                                                        going to graduate in
                                                                                                                                                                the year of 2009 in
                 Drive safely                                     officials at Golden Jubi-
                                                                  lee Hall of the town-                                                                         Yunnan Province.
                                                                  ship.—MNA                                                                                           INTERNET

15-1-09 NL                     9                                                                             7/29/18, 6:26 PM
       10 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009

              Regional development tasks in                                                                 Cotton being collected
                Katha District inspected                                                                 in Nay Pyi Taw Tatkon Tsp
              NAY PYI TAw, 14          Mehin village at mile post     lage BEHS (Branch) in                  NAY PYI TAW, 14             Tatkon Township, this         Shop, and cotton ware-
       Jan – Chairman of Sagaing       No. (171/6) on the dis-        Katha Township, the com-        Jan—Commander of Nay               morning.                      houses.
       Division Peace and De-          trict-to-district road and     mander met with teach-          Pyi Taw Command Maj-                     The commander                  He also inspected
       velopment Council Com-          met with local people.         ers, students and local peo-    Gen Wai Lwin inspected             looked into the cotton pur-   sales and packing cotton
       mander of North-West                    Afterwards, the        ple. He also met with lo-       the cotton purchasing cen-         chasing      centre      at   at the cotton purchasing
       Command          Maj-Gen        commander and party in-        cal people at Hmet Taing        tre of the Ministry of In-         Nyaunglunt Village and        centres in Northern Myaik
       Myint Soe accompanied           spected conditions of dis-     village and visited post-       dustry-1 at Nyaungbintha           viewed sales of personal      and Alegyun villages.
       by officials inspected          trict-to-district road in      primary school in the vil-      Village, Nay Pyi Taw               goods at Win Thuzar                                MNA
       tarmacking of roads in          Katha District and road        lage.
       Htigyaing, Katha District       sections in Katha Town-                Next, the com-
       being carried out by            ship in a motorcade.           mander and party in-               Bago Div to give OPV to over
       Htigyaing Township De-                  At the hall of         spected the bridge located
       velopment Affairs Com-
       mittee on 7 January.
                                       Thanpaya village, the
                                       Commander met with lo-
                                                                      at the border between
                                                                      Sagaing Division and
                                                                                                             570,000 under-fives
              The commander            cal people and viewed          Kachin State and con-                 Y ANGON , 14 Jan—            ceremony and made an          Hla Min and party gave
       and party looked into           learning of school children    struction works being car-      National Immunization              opening speech on the         oral polio vaccine to
       Htigyaing-Katha road sec-       with the use of teaching       ried out in Myohla              Days (2009) of Bago Di-            occasion.                     some children under
       tion of No. 3 District-to-      aids at Katha No.1 Basic       Myothit. — MNA                  vision were launched at                   Head of Bago Di-       five. They then gave toys
       District Road and thriv-        Education High School.                                         City Hall of Bago on 10            vision Health Office          to those children.
       ing teak plantations of                 Next, he visited                                       January       morning.             Dr Ngwe San and offi-                In Bago Division,
       Htigyaing Township For-         People’s Hospital in Katha                                     Chairman of Bago Di-               cials clarified the pur-      2477 teams will take part
       est Department at 200-          and inspected construction         DON’T                       vision Peace and Devel-            pose         of      the      in the giving of OPV to
       acre teak plantation near       of Katha Station and con-                                      opment Council Com-                ceremony to mark NID,         more than 570,000 un-
       Nat-in village in the town-
                                       struction of Katha-Bhamo
                                                                          SMOKE                       mander of Southern
                                                                                                      Command Brig-Gen
                                                                                                                                         and arrangements made
                                                                                                                                         for the programme.
                                                                                                                                                                       der-fives at 6,323 gath-
                                                                                                                                                                       ering points.
              Next, they went to               At Moetagyi vil-                                       Hla Min attended the               Commander Brig-Gen                                MNA

                   Bokpyin enjoying development
                        of infrastructures
                                                                        Article: Myint Maung Soe: Photos: Aung Than (Mingala Taungnyunt)
                (from page 1)                                         under the arrangement of        day and night at Bokpyin           Moreover, we saw culti-       Middle Schools and High
                  Most of people re-                                  Head of Township Health         General Hospital.                  vation of mangroves along     Schools in addition to
         siding in Bokpyin Town-                                      Department U Mya Tun.                   After visiting the         the coastal areas of the      hospitals, clinics and
         ship of Kawthoung Dis-                                               The building of the     hospital, we paid homage           township for prevention       communication station.
         trict have been doing well                                   hospital had been reno-         to Aungdawmu Pagoda                against tidal waves of        Therefore, the local peo-
         in fishing. In coming few                                    vated in recent years. On 2     built on a hill near the hos-      tsumani.                      ple have the opportunity
         years, Bokpyin will be in-                                   April 2008, South Dagon         pital. From the hill, we                   The foliage of        to enjoy better living
         cluded in the oil palm pro-                                  Oil Palm Company spent          enjoyed the scenic beauty          Areca palms plantations,      conditions through de-
         duction special zone.                                        K 53.8 million on renova-       of Bokpyin.                        In       (Dipterocarpus       velopment of health, edu-
                  During the tour,                                    tion of Bokpyin Township               We noticed that de-         tuberculatus) and Kanyin      cation and economic in-
         we, members of the news        In 2003, the govern-          Hospital.                       velopment of fisheries and         (Dipterocarpus alatus)        frastructures day after
         team, witnessed thriving          ment upgraded                      In an interview,        edible bird’s nest produc-         plantations added to beau-    day.
         oil palm plantations be-                                     Medical Superintendent          tion industries enhance the        tiful scenes of Bokyin.                *****
                                         Bokpyin Hospital
         tween Kawthoung and                                          Dr. Maung Win explained,        living standard of local                   Bokpyin has been         Translation: TTA
         Bokpyin townships. We
                                         (25-bed) to 50-bed           “Bokpyin Township Peo-          people especially the              facilitated with Basic Edu-        Myanma Alin:
         were in Bokpyin to write               one.                  ple’s Hospital was facili-      houses they lived in.              cation Primary Schools,              11-1-2009
         articles on regional de-         Dr Maung Win,               tated with 25 beds in the
         velopment in Taninthayi         Medical Superin-             past. In 2003, the govern-
         Division.                       tendent, Bokpyin             ment upgraded the hospi-
                  Under the ar-         Township People’s             tal to the 50-bed one. Ac-
         rangement of Township               Hospital.                tually, the hospital is a re-
         Peace and Development                                        liable health care centre
         Council Chairman U            the south and Kyunsu           for the people residing in
         Maung Maung Zin, we           Township in the north. The     the rural areas.”
         had an opportunity to         township is set up with                We studied the
         visit Bokpyin. Indeed,        four wards in the urban        laboratory, the X-ray
         Bokpyin Township is           area and 21 village-tracts     room, the ECG machine
         located in the coastal re-    and 102 villages in the        and solar powered refrig-
         gion of Taninthayi Divi-      rural areas.                   erator at the hospital.
         sion. The township is                While in Bokpyin,               We observed that
         sharing borders with the      we visited the hospital, the   doctors and nurses were
         Bay of Bengal in the east,    reliable health care centre    providing health care serv-
         Kawthoung Township in         for the whole township,        ices to the local people                    Photo shows Bokpyin Township People’s Hospital.

15-1-09 NL                        10                                                                                  7/29/18, 6:26 PM
                                                                                              THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009                                       11

                                                                                               Halt all carbon emissions by 2050,
                                                                                                        says Worldwatch
                                                                                                    W ASHINGTON , 14             percent drop in US carbon     possible,” co-author
                                                                                               Jan—To avoid the most             emissions by mid-             William Hare said at a
                                                                                               catastrophic effects of           century.                      briefing on the “State of
                                                                                               climate change, world                  Limiting carbon          the World 2009” report.
                                                                                               carbon emissions will             emissions aims to keep        “At this level you can see
                                                                                               have to drop to near zero         global mean temperature       some of the risks fade into
                                                                                               by 2050 and “go negative”         from rising more than 3.6     the background.”
                                                                                               after that, the Worldwatch        degrees F (2 degrees C)           Global           mean
                                                                                               Institute reported on             over what it was before       temperature has already
                                                                                               Tuesday.                          the Industrial Revolution     risen 1.4 degrees F (0.8 C)
                                                                                                    This is a deeper cut         -- but one Worldwatch         since 1850, so drastic cuts
                                                                                               than called for by most           author said even this is      in emissions of climate-
            Chairman of Chanaye Thazan Township PDC U Myint Kyi, Staff                         climate experts and               too dangerous.                warming carbon dioxide
                                                                                                                                      “Global warming          are needed, according to
        Officer of the Fire Services Department U Kyaw Naing Moe and those                     policymakers, including
                                                                                                                                 needs to be reduced from      Hare, now working at the
            from FSD view fire preventaive measures in differnt wards of                       President-elect Barack
                                                                                                                                 peak levels to 1 degree       Potsdam Institute for
                               Mandalay recently.—NLM                                          Obama, who favors an 80
                                                                                                                                 (Celsius, or 1.8 degrees      Climate Impact Research
                                                                                                                                 Fahrenheit) as fast as        in Germany.—Internet
                                                                  Bomb plot foiled in S Philippines
                                                                     ahead of Arroyo’s visit
                                                                      COTABATO, 14 Jan—Filipino security forces foiled
                                                                 a bomb plot in the restive southern Philippines ahead
                                                                 of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s visit, officials
                                                                 said on Tuesday.
                                                                      Troops recovered and defused an improvised
                                                                 booby-trap bomb left by unidentified men in the town
                                                                 of Datu Odin Sinsuat, Shariff Kabunsuan Province on
                                                                 Monday, said town police Chief inspector Dante Mama.
                                                                      President Arroyo is sched uled to arrive on
        Freida Pinto and Dev Patel after winning a Golden        Thursday at the headquarters of 6th Infantry Division            Steam and other emissions are seen coming from
        Globe on 11 January. Bollywood star Anupam Kher          of the Philippine Army in the same town, where she                 the brown coal Yallourn Power Station in the
        said on Wednesday the movie had boosted credibility      will hold a Press briefing with reporters.                       Latrobe Valley near Melbourne on 15 December,
            for the Bollywood film industry.—INTERNET                                                     MNA/Xinhua                             2008.—INTERNET
             Google hopes to take on Microsoft                                                                                                                   DPRK releases
                      using resellers                                EU premiers plead with                                                                    suspected Japanese
            NEW YORK, 14 Jan—Web search leader Google
       Inc took another step on Wednesday toward direct             Ukraine and Russia for gas                                                                   drug smuggler
       competition with Microsoft Corp by recruiting IT                MOSCOW/KIEV, 14 Jan    Ukraine of deliberately            transit,” Russian Prime            PYONGYANG, 14 Jan —
       resellers to market its Web-based applications to         —Russia and Ukraine          cutting gas to Europe, but         Minister Putin told the       The Democratic People’s
       business clients.                                         wrangled over gas            Kiev said Russia had so            prime ministers of            Republic of Korea (DPRK)
            From the end of March, authorized resellers will     supplies again on            far provided so little gas         Slovakia, Bulgaria and        on Tuesday released a
       be able to sell, customize and support premium versions   Wednesday and two            there was not enough               Moldova, all badly hit by     suspected Japanese drug
       of Google Apps, which includes word processing,           European Union states,       pressure in the pipelines          the cut in gas supplies, at   smuggler who had been in
       spreadsheets, calendars and email.                        cut off by the row for a     to pump it on.                     his residence outside         custody since October
            Google Apps is broadly similar to Microsoft's top-   freezing week, launched           Each side tried to            Moscow.                       2003, the official KCNA
       selling Office package except that Apps is completely     missions to plead for        persuade their customers                “But it is not our       news agency said.
       Web-based and is part of Google's push into so called     Russian gas flow to be       to the West that the other         problem. It is the problem         Yoshiaki Sawada,
       'cloud computing' or software-as-a-service. Microsoft     restored.European            was to blame for the crisis.       of the transit country and    former department director
       said in October it is also looking at adding Web-based    Commission chief Jose             “We are hearing from          they must solve it,” he       of the Enterprise Co. Ltd of
       features for its Office applications.—Internet            Manuel Barroso called the    our Ukrainian friends they         added.                        Japan, was arrested for
                                                                 crisis “unacceptable and     have problems with                                    Internet   “attempting to smuggle
                                                                 incredible” and warned                                                                        drugs”         on        the
                                                                 the EU executive would                                                                        Mangyongbong-92, a
          women are
                                                                 advise the bloc's firms to                                                                    passenger ferry that had
                                                                 sue       Russian      and                                                                    been making trips between
                                                                 Ukrainian          energy                                                                     the DPRK and Japan, the
          about their
                                                                 companies unless gas                                                                          KCNA said.
          weight and
                                                                 supplies were restored                                                                             Sawada was used by
         ageing than
                                                                 quickly.                                                                                      “a Japanese-plot bre-eding
                                                                       Russia        began                                                                     organization” to seriously
                                                                 pumping gas meant for                                                                         damage the prestige of the
                                                                 Europe via Ukraine on                                                                         DPRK and the General
                                                                 Tuesday, but the EU said                                                                      Association of Korean
         to an online
                                                                 little or none was flowing    A worker walks at a gas compressor station in the               Residents in Japan.” it said.
                                                                 yet       to    countries                                                                     The release was “a
         released on                                                                            Ukrainian settlement of Orlovka, about 280 km
                                                                 downstream suffering
         Wednesday.                                                                                                                                            humanitarian measure”
                                                                 urgent energy shortages.       (174 miles) west of the Black Sea port of Odessa,
           INTERNET                                                                                                                                            taken by the DPRK, it
                                                                       Russia     accused                14 January, 2009.—INTERNET                            added.—Internet

15-1-09 NL                     11                                                                             7/29/18, 6:26 PM
       12 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009

             CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                            CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                                             ENGAGEMENT
                                                                                                                                         U Phyu Win and Daw Kyin Win, Yangon announces
       MV VASCO DA GAMA VOY NO (141)                                    MV KOTA TABAH VOY NO (267)
                                                                                                                                                 the engagement of their daughter
            Consignees of cargo carried on MV VASCO DA                   Consignees of cargo carried on MV KOTA TABAH
                                                                     VOY NO (267) are hereby notified that the vessel will                          Ma Swe Zin Phyu Win
       GAMA VOY NO (141) are hereby notified that the
                                                                     be arriving on 15.1.2009 and cargo will be discharged                          B.Sc (Environmental Studies)
       vessel will be arriving on 15.1.2009 and cargo will be
                                                                     into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will lie at the                          Diploma in Business Studies
       discharged into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will
                                                                     consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the byelaws                                   To
       lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the
                                                                     and conditions of the Port of Yangon.                                   Maung Kyaw Kyaw (Kyaw Kyaw-
       byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
                                                                         Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am                            Sethmu Tekkatho)
            Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
                                                                     to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm up to Claims Day now                                 B.E (Mechanical)
       to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm up to Claims Day now
                                                                     declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo                        M.O.T First Class Part (A)
       declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
                                                                     from the vessel.                                                         Second Engineer (Uniteam Marine Ltd.)
       from the vessel.
                                                                         No claims against this vessel will be admitted after          son of U Kock Yein and (Daw Tin Tin), Yangon on 3rd
            No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
                                                                     the Claims Day.                                                   January 2009, in the presence of both parents and elders.
       the Claims Day.
                                                          SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT                                                                      Both Parents and
                 SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT                    MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY                                                   Kyaw Kyaw (Sethmu Tekkatho)-Ma Swe Zin Phyu Win
       Phone No: 256908/378316/376797           Phone No: 256908/378316/376797
                                                                                LINES                                                  China overtakes Germany in
             CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                            CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                                  growth for 2007
       MV DUBAI TRADER VOY NO (901N)                                 MV BUNGA MAS-11 VOY NO (807N)                                        B EIJING , 14 Jan—         had already updated its es-
            Consignees of cargo carried on MV DUBAI                      Consignees of cargo carried on MV BUNGA MAS-                  China on Wednesday re-        timate of 2007 growth last
       TRADER VOY NO (901N) are hereby notified that the             11 VOY NO (807N) are hereby notified that the vessel              vised up the country’s        April from an initial read-
       vessel will be arriving on 15.1.2009 and cargo will be        will be arriving on 15.1.2009 and cargo will be dis-              gross domestic product        ing of 11.4 percent. In a
       discharged into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will         charged into the premises of M.I.P where it will lie at the       growth for 2007 to 13.0       statement on its website,
       lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the   consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the byelaws
                                                                                                                                       percent from 11.9 per-        it said this second revision
                                                                     and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
       byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.                                                                                   cent, leapfrogging Ger-       would be the final one.
                                                                         Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
            Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am                                                                             many in the process to            Sherman Chan, an
                                                                     to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm up to Claims Day now
       to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm up to Claims Day now                                                                            become the world’s third-     economist at Moody’s
                                                                     declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
       declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo                                                                        largest economy. The re-      Economy.com, said the
                                                                     from the vessel.
       from the vessel.                                                                                                                vised growth rate, an-        strong number was un-
                                                                         No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
            No claims against this vessel will be admitted after                                                                       nounced by the National       likely to shake sentiment
                                                                     the Claims Day.
       the Claims Day.                                                                                                                 Bureau of Statistics, was     in the market, which is
                                                       SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT
                 SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT                                                                                            the fastest since 1993,       penciling in a marked
                                                             MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY
                      MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY       AGENT FOR: M/S MAXICON CONTAINER                                                     when the economy ex-          moderation in growth this
             AGENT FOR: M/S TONG JOO SHIPPING                                LINES                                                     panded 13.5 percent.          year.
       Phone No: 256908/378316/376797         Phone No: 256908/378316/376797                                                              The statistics office                          Internet

                                                                                                    Vietnam to see exports of agro-forestry-fishery
                                                                                                                products drop in 2009
                                                                                                       HANOI, 14 Jan—Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
                                                                                                    forecast that the country’s exports turnover of agro-forestry-fishery products
                                                                                                    will decrease by 4.5 billion US dollars to 12.5 billion dollars this year, the local
                                                                                                    newspaper Vietnam Economic Times reported Wednesday.
                                                                                                       According to Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Wood and Forestry
                                                                                                    (VIFORES) Nguyen Ton Quyen, the country’s export turnover from wood
                                                                                                    products would drop by 50 percent right in the first quarter of this year due to
                                                                                                    sharp fall demand from foreign importers.
                                                                                                       The gloomy situation fueled by the global economic crisis will not only strike
                                                                                                    the country’s wood products export but also impact other kinds of produce, said
                                                                                                    the ministry.

       Toyota to sell batteries to competitors
                to boost investment
          BEIJING, 14 Jan—Toyota Motor Corp, the largest seller of gasoline-electric au-
       tos, says that it wants to sell batteries for plug-in cars to competitors to generate
       the biggest return possible from its investment.
          Along with making packs for a plug-in version of the Prius hybrid, which sales
       fell almost 45 percent compared to a year earlier, Toyota wants additional revenue
       from supplying packs to rivals, Executive Vice-President Masatami Takimoto said
       in an interview on Monday at the North American International Auto Show in
       Detroit. Toyota has dominated the hybrid market since it began selling the Prius
       model in Japan in 1997, and on Monday showed a revamped model due this year.
          Still, US Prius sales fell 12 percent last year and General Motors Corp, Ford
       Motor Co and Nissan Motor Co are readying cars that can be recharged at electric
       outlets in hopes of reducing demand for Toyota hybrids.
          Panasonic EV Energy Co, Toyota’s 60 percent owned venture with Panasonic
       Corp, will open a plant in Japan this year that will be among the first to mass                The Toyota display is seen during the North American International Auto
       produce lithium-ion car batteries.—Internet                                                            Show in Detroit, Michigan on 13 Jan, 2009.—INTERNET

15-1-09 NL                       12                                                                                 7/29/18, 6:26 PM
                                                                                                THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009                                           13

                                                                                                      Smoking during pregnancy may
                                                                                                  impair thyroid function of mom and fetus
                                                                                                     WASHINGTON, 14 Jan —           Endocrinology & Me-             baby.
                                                                                                  Cigarette smoking during          tabolism. “In both groups          Vaidya and his col-
                                                                                                  pregnancy is associated           we found that smoking           leagues at the Peninsula
                                                                                                  with potentially harmful          during pregnancy is asso-       Medical School at Royal
                                                                                                  changes in both maternal          ciated with changes in the      Devon and Exeter Hospi-
                                                                                                  and fetal thyroid function,       mothers’ thyroid hor-           tal in the United Kingdom
                                                                                                  according to a new study          mone levels.”                   also measured thyroid
                                                                                                  published on Tuesday.                Optimal maternal thy-        hormone levels in the um-
                                                                                                     “We studied the influ-         roid function during preg-      bilical cords of babies
                                                                                                  ence of cigarette smoking         nancy is vital for a success-   born to smoking mothers
                                                                                                  on thyroid function of            ful outcome, Vaidya said.       and found that smoking-
                                                                                                  two groups of women at            Adverse outcomes associ-        related changes in thyroid
                                                                                                  different stages of preg-         ated with thyroid dysfunc-      function extended to the
                                                                                                  nancy — one in the first          tion during pregnancy in-       fetus. Vaidya believes that
         In an 24 April, 2007, file photo Sarah Viet, a fermentation research analyst             trimester and the other in        clude increased risk of         impaired thyroid function
          for ethanol producer Poet, adds water to a beaker of ground corn stover at              the third trimester,” Dr          miscarriage, premature          in the fetus could have po-
         Poet’s lab in Sioux Falls, SD. The company, which produces about a billion               Bijay Vaidya, coauthor of         birth, low birth weight and     tentially harmful biologi-
           gallons of corn-based ethanol each year, plans to adapt its Emmetsburg,                the study, said in the            impaired neuropsycho-           cal consequences.
                  Iowa, plant to also produce cellulosic ethanol.—INTERNET                        Journal of Clinical               logical development of the                         Internet

             Cholera death toll in                                      Egypt discovers new                                             Seas to rise at varying
             Zimbabwe tops 2,000                                        archaeological site of                                            rates under global
          G ENEVA , 14 Jan —         of the south African
                                                                          Middle Kingdom                                                       warming
       The death toll of a chol-     country have been af-                                                                             BEIJING, 14 Jan — Sea        Antarctic Peninsula.
       era outbreak in Zimba-        fected.                            CAIRO, 14 Jan — The Egyptian antiquities author-            levels will rise at vary-       “But it doesn’t”.
       bwe has risen to 2,024           The main causes of the       ity said on Tuesday a new archaeological site of an-           ing rates around the               Rises could vary by
       with a total of 39,806 ac-    size of this outbreak are       cient Egypt dates back some 4,000 years was found              world because of a quirk        tens of centimetres from
       cumulated cases, the          the long-term collapse of       northeast of Cairo.                                            of the earth’s gravity          region to region if seas
       World Health Organiza-        the country’s water and            The archaeological site of the Middle Kingdom, or           linked to global warm-          gain by an average of one
       tion (WHO) said on            sanitation infrastructure,      Central State, was unearthed in the Ein el Sokhna re-          ing, according to a             metre by 2100 as tem-
       Tuesday.                      and more recently, the          sort, some 120 km northeast of Cairo, Secretary Gen-           latest study by David           peratures rise, he said.
          On Monday alone, 117       collapse of its health sys-     eral of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities            Vaughan of the British             Big ice sheets on Ant-
       new deaths and 1,472          tem, according to WHO           Zahi Hawass said in a press release.                           Antarctic Survey as             arctica and on Greenland
       new cases were recorded,      spokesman Gregory                  The site was found by a joint Egyptian-French ar-           quoted by media reports         have a gravitational pull
       according to a latest up-     Hartl.                          chaeological mission, Hawass said, adding nine store-          on Wednesday.                   that lifts the seas around
       date released by the             WHO estimated that           houses and a rectangular building containing an an-               “Everyone thinks sea         them — water levels
       agency.                       in the worst case, 6 mil-       cient chamber were unearthed there.                            level rises the same            around Antarctica, for in-
          Zimbabwe’s worst           lion people in Zimba-              Experts believe that the Middle Kingdom is an era           around the world,”              stance, are higher than if
       cholera outbreak in his-      bwe, or half of the total       of prosperity in ancient Egypt, leaving numerous               David Vaughan, a lead-          the frozen continent were
       tory started in August,       population, could con-          heritages that spread across Egypt, including the south-       ing glaciologist, said at       an open ocean, Vaughan
       and now all the provinces     tract cholera. —Internet        ern city of Luxor and Fayoum.—Internet                         the Rothera Base on the         said.—Internet

        Several earthquakes jolt                                        A view of the new                    Niger president says UN envoy
                                                                       luxury train Royal
              C America                                               Rajasthan on Wheels                         kidnapped by rebels
                                                                       (RROW) is seen on             NIAMEY ( Niger), 14 Jan        was kidnapped by rebels.        told diplomats at cer-
          SAN JOSE , 14 Jan —        damages, the Geology and
                                                                      the railway station of      — The president of Niger             “All of our investiga-       emony.
       Several earthquakes of        Mining            Institute
                                                                                                  acknowledged on Tuesday           tions lead us to believe that      His statement marked
       medium intensity rocked       (Ingeominas) said.                  Jaisalmer in the
                                                                                                  that a Canadian diplomat          he was taken hostage by         the first time authorities in
       different countries of Cen-      The earthquake in             desert Indian state of      who disappeared during a          this terrorist group and        Niger have publicly com-
       tral America on Tuesday,      Medellin occurred at 2:49        Rajasthan on 13 Jan,        UN mission to the West            their accomplices,” Presi-      mented on the disappear-
       according to information      pm (1949 GMT) with the
                                                                        2009. — INTERNET          African nation last month         dent Mamadou Tandja             ance of Robert Fowler, the
       reaching here.                epicenter in the municipal-
                                                                                                                                                                    UN special envoy to Niger
          In Costa Rica, two         ity of Bolivar, southwest of
                                                                                                                                                                    who went missing along
       earthquakes took place        Medellin. In El Salvador,
                                                                                                                                                                    with his assistant on 14
       early Tuesday morning,        an earthquake mearusing
                                                                                                                                                                    Dec. Their car was found
       one was 4.1 magnitude at      4.2 degrees on the Richter
                                                                                                                                                                    abandoned about 30 miles
       8:23 pm (0223 GMT) and        scale took place in the east-
                                                                                                                                                                    northeast of Niamey,
       the other 4.3 magnitude at    ern municipality of
                                                                                                                                                                    Niger’s capital.
       1:09 am (0709 GMT) in         Acajutla at 8:09 am (1409
                                                                                                                                                                       The Front For Forces of
       Valle Central, where main     GMT).
                                                                                                                                                                    Redress, a Tuareg rebel
       cities of the country are        The Salvadorian Na-
                                                                                                                                                                    group, claimed responsi-
       located. No damages or        tional Institute of Territo-
                                                                                                                                                                    bility for Fowler’s kidnap-
       casualties have been re-      rial Studies (SNET) said it
                                                                                                                                                                    ping in a statement posted
       ported yet. Meanwhile, in     has registered six earth-
                                                                                                                                                                    on their Web site. But the
       Colombia, a 4.4-magni-        quakes in the coast regions
                                                                                                                                                                    group retracted the claim a
       tude earthquake hit the       of Ahuachapan, La
                                                                                                                                                                    few days later, claiming
       northwestern city of          Libertad, Usulutan and
                                                                                                                                                                    their Web site had been
       Medellin, with no imme-       San Miguel in 2009.
       diate report of victims and                       Internet

15-1-09 NL                     13                                                                                7/29/18, 6:26 PM
       14 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009

                                                                   Inter battle to beat 10-man Genoa                                 Spalletti bouyant ahead of
             SPORTS                                                                                R OME , 14 Jan—Inter
                                                                                                Milan booked an Italian
                                                                                                                                          Sampdoria clash
                                                                                                Cup quarter-final date with          R OME , 14 Jan—AS
         Reports say Man City throw                                                             AS Roma on Tuesday but            Roma coach Luciano
          cash at Milan in Kaka bid                                                             they made heavy weather           Spalletti is feeling
                                                                                                of beating a Genoa side           positive ahead of his
          LODNON, 14 Jan—Man-        cash in a bid to land
                                                                                                3-1 after their opponents         team’s clash at home to
       chester City have offered     former Ballon d’Or win-
                                                                                                were reduced to 10 men in         Sampdoria on Wed-
       AC Milan 100 million          ner Kaka, according to
                                                                                                the 20th minute.                  nesday.
       pounds (150 million dol-      newspaper reports.
                                                                                                   Inter—who have faced              Roma will move up to
       lars, 110 million euros) in      A four-man delegation
                                                                                                Roma in the last four Ital-       eighth in the Serie A table
                                     led by chief executive          Inter Milan’s Swedish
                                                                                                ian Cup finals with both          if they win this match at
                                     Garry Cook met top offi-           forward Zlatan
                                                                                                                                  Rome’s Stadio Olimpico,
                                     cials at Milan’s headquar-     Ibrahimovic celebrates sides winning it twice—
                                                                                                progressed eventually             which was postponed
                                     ters Tuesday, where they         after scoring a goal
                                                                                                                                  back in October due to a
                                     offered to make the Bra-       during the Italian Cup thanks to extra-time goals
                                                                                                by Argentinian midfielder         waterlogged pitch.                  AS Roma coach
                                     zilian player the highest        match between Inter
                                                                                                Esteban Cambiasso—who                The capital based team        Luciano Spalletti is
                                     paid in the world on 15          Milan and Genoa at
                                                                                                was being watched by na-          have finished second in        feeling positive ahead of
                                     million pounds a year af-        San Siro Stadium in
                                                                                                tional coach Diego                each of the last three sea-    his team’s clash at home
                                     ter tax, the Daily Mail and     Milan. Inter won 3-1.
                                                                                                Maradona—and Swedish              sons but their title aspira-        to Sampdoria on
                                     the Sun tabloids reported.             INTERNET
                                                                                                star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.          tions were over just 10         Wednesday.—INTERNET
                                        Silvio Berlusconi, Ita-                                                                   matches into this cam-
                                     ly’s prime minister and          Unpredictable Brazilian striker Adriano had put In-
                                                                   ter ahead with 15 minutes remaining but a mistake by           paign after they won just      zone but they then em-
       Manchester City have of-      Milan’s owner, has re-                                                                       two of those, losing six       barked on a five-match
       fered AC Milan 100 mil-       sisted previous attempts      Argentinian defender Walter Samuel let in Genoa’s cap-
                                                                   tain Marco Rossi to level four minutes later.                  including their first five     winning run that pro-
       lion pounds (150 million      to lure Kaka away. But the                                                                   away games.                    pelled them back into
       dollars, 110 million          player has said he is un-        Adriano had a curate’s egg of a match having origi-
                                                                   nally won the penalty in the 20th minute that saw                 That left them hovering     Champions League con-
       euros) in cash in a bid to    happy with his role in the                                                                   just above the relegation      tention.—Internet
       land former Ballon d’Or       AC Milan team and             Genoa’s Giuseppe Biava sent-off - Adriano, though, had
                                     would love to play in the     his penalty saved by the outstanding Genoa goalkeeper
       winner Kaka, according
         to newspaper reports.       Premier League.
                                                                                 Safina feels the heat in reaching
                                                                   Alessio Scarpi.—Internet
               INTERNET                                                                 first WTA
                                    Federer, Wawrinka combine for Swiss SYDNEY, 14 Jan—Rus-Sydney semi
                                                                                                          yama had a walkover
        Maradona says ‘Special One’ sweep at Australian Open tune-up sian world number three when quarter-final oppo-
             is the best coach       MELBOURNE,14 Jan—Davis Cup teammates Roger Dinara Safina had a blast nent Svetlana Kuznetsova
                                                                                of what might confront cried off with an abdomi-
          R OME , 14 Jan—Jose Argentina to the 1986                Federer and Stan Wawrinka turned quick one-hour
                                                                   wins at the Kooyong Classic Wednesday as the Aus-              her in next week’s Aus- nal strain.
       Mourinho is the best World Cup trophy.
                                                                   tralian Open tune-up be-                                       tralian Open as she battled                 Internet
       coach in the world                         Internet
                                                                   gan in straight-set style.                                     fierce heat to reach the
       claimed Argentinian na-
                                                                      Opening day at the                                          semi-finals of the Sydney
       tional handler Diego
                                                                   eight-man special event                                        International.
       Maradona on Tuesday.
                                                                   went the way of the world                                         Safina reached the
          Maradona—who is in
                                                                   number one and his 16th-                                       semi-finals of the Sydney
       Milan to watch several of
                                                                   ranked Olympic gold                                            WTA tournament for the
       his compatriots play in the
                                                                   medal doubles partner.                                         first time in wearing down
       Italian Cup clash between
                                                                      Wawrinka maintained                                         tenacious French oppo-
       Mourinho’s Inter Milan
                                                                   the misery for 2006 Aus-                                       nent Alize Cornet, 6-3,
       and Genoa later on Tues-
                                                                   tralian Open finalist                                          6-4.
       day—said the coach
                                                                   Marcos       Baghdatis,                                           The score belied the
       known as the ‘Special
                                                                   pounding the out-of-sorts                                      on-court battle with
       One’ had everything re-                                                                    Roger Federer of
                                                                   Cypriot 6-2, 6-2.                                              Safina taking 1hr 48min
       quired of a coach.                                                                                                                                      Second seed Dinara
          “Mourinho is the coach   Inter Milan’s Portu-               Federer quickly ad- Switzerland waves to the                to subdue 18-year-old
                                                                   justed to conditions at the crowd after victory over           Cornet in air temperatures Safina of Russia eyes a
       I would have hired had I      guese coach Jose
                                                                   former home of the Open Carlos Moya of Spain in                hovering around 36 Cel- return to Alize Cornet of
       been president of no mat-   Mourinho, is the best                                                                                                        France during the
       ter what club,” said the     coach in the world             until two decades ago, the invitational Kooyong                sius (97 Fahrenheit).
                                                                                                Classic tennis tourna-               Safina will play Japan’s  quarter finals of the
       former Argentinian play-    claimed Argentinian             earning an eighth career
                                                                                               ment in Melbourne, on              world number 29 Ai           Sydney International
       ing legend, who almost national handler Diego               victory over Carlos Moya
                                                                                                 14 January. Federer              Sugiyama in Thursday’s      tennis tournament, on
       single-handedly inspired Maradona.—INTERNET                 6-2, 6-3.
                                                                                     Internet won 6-2, 6-3.—INTERNET              semi-finals after Sugi- 14 January.—INTERNET

                                                         Djokovic back on Open track after Holders Pompey avoid Cup upset
                                                                                             LONDON, 14 Jan—FA Cup holders Portsmouth en-
                                                              stylish ATP Sydney win       sured they avoided the embarrassment of a third round
                                                            SYDNEY, 14 Jan—Novak Djokovic, more at ease with his                  exit as goals from Peter Crouch and Niko Kranjcar se-
                                                         new racquet, swept aside Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu at                 cured a 2-0 replay win away to Bristol City on Tues-
                                                         the Sydney International to get his Australian Open title de-            day. Pompey’s fellow Premier League side West Brom
                                                         fence back on track.                                                     also made it through with a 1-0 replay win away to Pe-
                                                            The Serbian world number three sought a wild card into the            terborough United.
                                                         Sydney tournament after he crashed out underdone in the open-               But non-league Histon, who’d already knocked out
                                                         ing round of last week’s Brisbane International to Latvian               third-tier Swindon and fallen giants Leeds on their way
         Novak Djokovic of Serbia plays a back-          Ernests Gulbis.                                                          to the third round, saw their Cup campaign end with a
        hand return against Paul-Henri Mathieu              Armed with a few more days’ practice with his new racquet,            2-1 third round loss to second-tier Championship side
       of France during the Sydney International         the 21-year-old Serb breezed past the 29th-ranked Mathieu in             Swansea. The Welsh side will travel to Portsmouth in
             tennis tournament.—INTERNET                 55 minutes and looked a contented man afterwards.—Internet               the fourth round.—Internet

15-1-09 NL                      14                                                                             7/29/18, 6:26 PM
                                                                                                      THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Thursday, 15 January, 2009                                                15

                                                                                         Programme Schedule
                                                                                        (15.1.2009) (Thursday)

                                                                                         Transmission Times
                                                                    Local Transmission               - (09:00am ~ 10:00am) MST
                                                                    Abroad Transmission
                                                                    (Europe)                         - (15:30pm ~ 23:30pm) MST
                                                                    Abroad Transmission
                                                                    (North America)                  - (23:30pm ~ 07:30am) MST
       This April 3, 2001 file photo, shows guests at Busch
       Gardens Tampa Bay reaching out to feed a giraffe             Local Transmission
        during a safari ride in Tampa, Fla.—INTERNET                *    Signature Tune
                                                                    *    Song of Myanma Beauty and Scenic Sights
        S Korean Gov’t to double research                           *    The Art of Making Pennant
            spending on service sector                              *    Wa Traditions and An Engagement Ceremony
                                                                    *    Myanma Tapestry Artists
         SEOUL, 14 Jan—South Korea’s Ministry of Strategy
                                                                    *    Lacquerware Museum
      and Finance announced Wednesday its plan to double
      research and development investment in service sector         *    A World-class recreation Centre
      over the next four years in an effort to enhance nation’s     *    Song of Myanma Beauty and Scenic Sights
      overall competitiveness. Currently, service sector
      investment accounts for about only 1 percent of the           Abroad Transmissions
      nation’s overall spending in research activities,
      according to the ministry. “Despite the service sector
                                                                    *    Signature Tune                                                                        WEATHER
                                                                    *    Song of Myanma Beauty and Scenic Sights
      making up an increasing portion of gross domestic                                                                                                   Wednesday, 14 January, 2009
                                                                    *    Nan Pan Market Day
      product, the ratio of R&D investment in the sector has
                                                                    *    Hta Pwe (or) Mogok gems Market                                                Summary of observations recorded at 09:30 hr
      remained stagnant compared with other competitive
                                                                    *    Myanma Bamboo Xlylophone (or) Pattala                                    MST: During the past 24 hours, weather has been partly
      countries,” the ministry said in a statement.—Internet
                                                                    *    Quality pearls from Myanmar Oysters                                      cloudy in Kachin and Shan States and Taninthayi Divi-
                                                                    *    Myanmar Modern Song                                                      sion and generally fair in the remaining States and Divi-
         China’s GDP growth to slow                                 *    Beauty of Gall Wood displayed                                            sions. Night temperatures were (3˚C) to (4˚C) below Janu-
               to 7% in 2009                                        *    Unforgettable Trip to Ahka Village                                       ary average temperatures in Chin and Kayin States, upper
           BEIJING, 14 Jan—China’s gross domestic product           *    Magic of Cotton Blanket                                                  Sagaing and Taninthayi Divisions, (5˚C) to (6˚C) below
       (GDP) growth might slow to 7 percent this year from          *    Wa Traditions and An Engagement Ceremony                                 January average temperatures in Yangon Divisions, (3˚C)
       9 percent in 2008 on weakening external demand and           *    Lacquerware Museum                                                       to (4˚C) above January average temperature in Shan State
       decreasing domestic investment, a Deutsche Bank                                                                                            and Mandalay Divisions and about January average tem-
                                                                    *    A World-class recreation Centre
       economist said. The economy will face tough times in                                                                                       peratures in the remaining States and Divisions. The Sig-
                                                                    *    Bottle gourd painting
       the next 18 months and hit bottom in the first half of                                                                                     nificant night temperatures were Hakah (0˚C), Loilem
                                                                    *    Hand-made Bags
       2010, Ma Jun, chief economist for Greater China, told                                                                                      (2˚C), Namsam and Mogok (5˚C).
                                                                    *    Myanmar Modern Song                                                           Maximum temperature on 13-1-2009 was 85˚F.
       an economic forum here Tuesday. Ma forecast a                *    Thin Straw Pulp Paper
       further decline in external demand and deceleration in                                                                                     Minimum temperature on 14-1-2009 was 53˚F. Relative
                                                                    *    Song of Myanma Beauty and Scenic Sights                                  humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 14-1-2009 was 58%.
       investment in the real estate, manufacturing and mining
       sectors in 2009. China will experience its sharpest                                                                                        Total sunshine hours on 13-1-2009 was (9.6) hrs approx.
                                                                                                   Website: www.mrtv3.net.mm                           Rainfall on 14-1-2009 was (Nil) at Mingaladon,
       deflation in 10 years in 2009, Ma said.—Internet
                                                                                                                                                  Kaba-Aye and Central Yangon. Total rainfall since 1-1-
                                      7:55 am                           Rup\ mc\qMÂka;qc\Kn\;sa         6:35 pm                                   2009 was (Nil) at Mingaladon, Kaba-Aye and Central
                                                                                                                                                  Yangon. Maximum wind speed at Yangon (Kaba-Aye)
                                       4. yaÂk^;erTin\;tmM              dutyN˙s\ (qt†ebdAT¨;‘p)
                                                                           i                                                  u i
                                                                                                        12. T¨;Sn\;eT∑lam¥a;kiqpMπ Pc\.
                                                                                                                                                  was (8) m.p.h from East at (12:30) hours MST on 13-1-
                                      8:05 am                           (qt†ebd)                              K¥√\;kp\ Kc\;                       2009.
                                       5. The mirror images of     4:50 pm                              7:00 pm                                        Bay inference: Weather is partly cloudy in the
                                          the musical oldies        5. Song to uphold                   13. 2007KuN˙s\saepbiman\sam¨              Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.
                                      8:20 am                                                                                                          Forecast valid until evening of 15th January 2009:
                                                                       national spirit                        Sur˙c\m¥a;fpMurip\m¥a;N˙c.\
                                      6. Dance of national races                                                                                  Weather will be partly cloudy in Kachin and Shan States
                                                                   5:00 pm                                    rc\t∑c\;ska; (Apiuc\;-1)            Taninthayi Divisions and generally fair in the remaining
         Thursday, 15 January         8:30 am
                                                                    6. Cute little dancers              7:15 pm                                   States and Divisions.
            View on today              7. International news
                                                                   5:15 pm                              14. Niuc\cM Ka;zat\lm\;t∑´                     State of the sea: Strong easterly wind with moderate
       7:00 am                        8:45 am                                                                                                     to rough sea are likely attime Gulf of Mottama, off and
                                                                    7. ASiu‘pic\p∑´                           {kun\q∑y\mun\tiuc\;}
                                       8. At^;‘pic\p∑´                                                                                            along Mon-Taninthayi Coast. Surface wing speed in
                  \        u
        1. mc\;k∑n;Sraeta\Bra;Âk^;f                                5:30 pm                                    (Apiuc\;-43)
                                      4:00 pm                                                                                                     Strong easterly wind may reach (35) to (40) m.p.h. Seas
             prit\tra;eta\                                          8. qk\tMerac\qMs√\                  8:00 pm                                   will be slight to moderate elsewhere in Myanmar waters.
                                       1. Martial song
             eyaSraeta\Bura;Âk^;f                                  5:45 pm                              15. News                                       Outlook for subsequent two days: Likelihood of
                                      4:10 pm                                                                                                     slight decrease of night temperature in the whole country.
             √pπåtqN†ipåLieta\                                      9. Âky\p∑c\.m¥a;r´>rc\Kun\qM        16. International news
                                       2. t^;k∑k\v∑n\>                                                                                                 Forecast for Nay Pyi Taw and neighbouring area
       7:30 am                        4:20 pm                      6:00 pm                              17. Weather report                        for 15-1-2009: Generally fair weather.
         2. Morning news               3. Musical programme        10. Evening news                     18.   Niuc\cM Ka;zat\lm\;t∑´                   Forecast for Yangon and neighbouring area
       7:40 am                        4:35 pm                      6:30 pm                                    {pc\ly\ep¥a\mc\;qa;}
                                                                                                                                                  for 15-1-2009: Generally fair weather.
                                                                                                                                                       Forecast for Mandalay and neighbouring area
         3. Dance variety              4. Aew;qc\tk˚qiul\pvaer;    11. Weather report                         (Apuic\;-63)
                                                                                                                                                  for 15-1-2009: Generally fair weather.

         R 489     Published by the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information, Union of Myanmar. Edited and printed at The New Light of Myanmar Press,
         No 22/30 Strand Road at 43rd Street, Yangon. Cable Newlight, PO Box No. 43, Telephones: Editors 392308, Manager 392226, Circulation 392304, Advertisement 392223,
         Accounts 392224, Administration 392225, Production/Press 392369

15-1-09 NL                       15                                                                                            7/29/18, 6:26 PM
       5th Waning of Pyatho 1370 ME                                                                                                                        Thursday, 15 January, 2009

               Cash donated for long-term development of
             self-reliant village libraries in Sagaing Division
            N AY P YI T AW , 14       grammes of long-term de-      knowledge age, self-reli-     for really reading at the         tions and staff of IPRDs.       tasks of setting up self-
       Jan—With a view to de-         velopment. It is necessary    ant village libraries were    libraries, systematically         As emergence of long            reliant village libraries for
       veloping village libraries     to undertake the long-term    established across the na-    keep books and publica-           term developed libraries        enabling the people to
       in Sagaing Division, a cash    development tasks for re-     tion for enabling the rural   tions without losing for          is the national duty, all       have wide range of knowl-
       donation ceremony was          maining 999 libraries.        people to gain the reading    reading and borrowing             the people are to partici-      edge, all the people are to
       held at the Town Hall in       Wellwishers, social or-       practice with wide scope      and raise the funds of li-        pate in undertaking the         join hands with the gov-
       Monywa on 11 January.          ganization members, staff     of knowledge in the con-
            Speaking on the oc-       and entrepreneurs includ-     stant learning society. In
       casion, Chairman of            ing members of the            accord with guidance of
       Sagaing Division Peace         Sangha are joining hands      the Head of State to set up
       and Development Coun-          with the local authorities    the self-reliant libraries
       cil Commander of North-        for development of the li-    with long-term develop-
       West Command Maj-Gen           braries. The well-estab-      ment, the government, lo-
       Myint Soe said that the        lished libraries will         cal people, wellwishers
       government has built in-       emerge soon. All the peo-     and staff of Information
       frastructures for develop-     ple with high talent and      and Public Relations De-
       ment of the State.             knowledge will make cor-      partment have opened li-
            In line with the guid-    rect thinking and decision.   braries in 55,755 villages
       ance of the Head of State,     Therefore, the rural peo-     throughout the nation. Of
       self-reliant village librar-   ple are to study at self-     them, 45,847 well-estab-
       ies have been established      reliant libraries and apply   lished libraries have been
       for enabling the people to     their knowledge in their      opened.
       broaden their horizons. In     respective fields.                He said that to de-
       Sagaing Division, 4,967             Minister for Informa-    velop the libraries in the
       out of 5,966 self-reliant      tion Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan       long run, it is necessary      Commander Maj-Gen Myint Soe and Minister Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan
       village libraries have been    also delivered an address,    to carry out five tasks to     view documentary photos on display at cash donation ceremony for
       set up under five pro-         saying that as today is the   organize the local people           long-term development of self-reliant village libraries in
                                                                                                                       Sagaing Division.—MNA
             In line with the guidance of the Head of
                                                                                                  braries, to make efforts          five tasks.                     ernment in realizing the
         State, self-reliant village libraries have been                                          for building the libraries                The minister added      State’s seven-step Road
                                                                                                  on own plots, to purchase         that in Sagaing Division,       Map.
         established for enabling the people to broaden                                           library furniture and set         university students made            Next, Commander
         their horizens. In Sagaing Division, 4,967 out                                           up a qualified librarian          field trips to the grassroots   Maj-Gen Myint Soe ac-
                                                                                                  and a library committee.          level to carry out the task     cepted K 30 million do-
         of 5,966 self-reliant village libraries have been                                        It is necessary to imple-         of long-term development        nated by U Than
         set up under five programmes of                                                          ment the above tasks with         of self-reliant village li-     Lwin-Daw Khin Ok; K 10
                                                                                                  concerted efforts of local        braries and success has         million by Kyaukkar
         long-term development.                                                                   authorities, local people,        been achieved in their task.    oil    entrepreneurs of
                                                                                                  wellwishers, organiza-            While participating in the             (See page 9)

                                                                                                    Finger length may predict                                       can lead to increased con-
                 MWJA to open                                                                           financial success
                                                                                                       WASHINGTON, 14 Jan           tween those two fingers is
                                                                                                                                                                    fidence, risk preferences,
                                                                                                                                                                    search persistence,
             Journalism Course No. 1                                                               — The length of a man's
                                                                                                   ring finger may predict
                                                                                                                                    determined during the de-
                                                                                                                                    velopment of the fetus and
                                                                                                                                                                    heightened vigilance and
                                                                                                                                                                    quickened reaction times.
                                                                                                   his success as a financial       the relatively longer ring          Looking only at ex-
              YANGON, 14 Jan—         half months course. The       ommendation of the chief       trader.                          finger indicates greater        perienced traders, the
       The Myanmar Writers and        course fee is K 30,000 per    editor or the CEO of the           Researchers at the           exposure to the male hor-       long-ring-finger folks
       Journalists Association        head. Candidates must be      journal concerned along        University of Cambridge          mone androgen, the re-          earned 5 times more than
       will conduct Journalism        graduates aged between        with a CV form and two         in England report that           searchers noted.                those with short ring fin-
       Course No. 1 from 1 Feb-       20 and 35 with a good         licence-size photos to         men with longer ring fin-            Previous studies have       gers.
       ruary to 10 April.             command of English and        MWJA at No. 529 (Sec-          gers, compared to their          found that such exposure                          Internet
              Editors from news       basic computer knowl-         ond Floor), Merchant           index fingers, tended to
       journals with at least two     edge.                         Street, Sarpay Beikman         be more successful in the
       years’ experience may                Those interested        Building here by 5 pm on       frantic high-frequency
       apply for the two and a        may apply with the rec-       20 January.—MNA                trading in the London fi-
                                                                                                   nancial district.
                                                                                                       The same ring-to-in-
                                                                                                   dex finger ratio has pre-
                                                                                                   viously been associated

             Beware of Fire                                                                        with success in competi-
                                                                                                   tive sports such as soc-
                                                                                                   cer and basketball, the
                                                                                                   researchers noted.
                                                                                                       The length ratio be-

15-1-09 NL                       16                                                                              7/29/18, 6:26 PM

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