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            State Highway District #5 Credit Union Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2011

                                                     “your road map to financial services”

                          Announcing                                                          NO Gimmicks, NO Fees,
           NO LOAN ORIGINATION FEE!*                                                          Just GREAT Low Rates!
This will save you thousands of dollars over other lenders.
                                                                                     Did you know that State Highway District #5
                                                                                     Credit Union offers Share Secured Loans for
                                                                                                    2.20% APR
                                                                                            with up to a 96 month term?
          Variable Rate HELOC                  Fixed Rate
              3.25% APR                    10 Year 5.50% APR                        Car Loan Rates as low as 2.75% APR on a
              30 Year Term                 15 Year 5.75% APR                                    24 month term?
                                                                                      Or, a 60 month term for 3.50% APR?

Combine great rates with NO LOAN ORIGINATION FEE                                                           You work hard for your money and excellent
       on a 30 Year Variable Rate Home Equity Line of                                                         credit, that's why we want to work hard
 Credit (HELOC) or 10/15 Year Home Equity Fixed Rate                                                    for your business. Call us today and let us see how
                  Loan. Come see us today for details.                                                          we can save you some money with,
                                                                                                                    NO Gimmicks, NO Fees,
 *You pay only minimal pass-through fees incurred in the mortgage process. APR= Annual Percentage Rate.
                 On approved credit, some restrictions may apply, rates subject to change.                          Just GREAT Low Rates!

                                           Summer Travel and Vacation Information
When traveling we recommend that you never depend on just one form of payment. Take a combination of your
Debit Card, Credit Card and Cash. Remember that Debit Cards have daily limits and holds may be placed on funds
for pending purchases. Plan ahead to make sure your checking account is funded properly so you don’t find yourself
in an embarrassing situation.

Call and tell us your travel plans and we will work with you to alert our card processors of your travel destinations.
Remember, due to the high incidence of fraud, our Debit Card and Credit Card Fraud Departments will view any out
of the ordinary or inconsistent spending as possible fraud and may try to contact you to verify your purchases. If they
can’t confirm it’s you, they may put a hold on your card until we can contact you. This is not to spoil your vacation
but to protect your finances. Please make sure we have your current contact information on file.

Travel Tip:
Photo copy the front and back of all of your ID, Passport, Debit Card and Credit Card(s) that you are taking with you
and keep them separate from the originals. This will provide you with immediate access to your account information
if needed.

                                          Monday – Friday : 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Transactions to 5:00 p.m.)
                                                          PO Box 10304 Yakima WA 98909
                                              (509) 248-5522 * (800) 831-1494 * FAX (509) 452-1211
                                                 Audio Response (509) 469-3655 or (800) 336-3815
                                                    Lost/Stolen Visa Credit Card (800) 543-5073
                                                Lost/Stolen Debit Card After Hours (800) 658-6644
                                                       Online Banking @
                                              24/7 access with Online Banking and Audio Response
                                                                             SHARE RATES DECLARED
       2011 Scholarship Recipients                                                June 30, 2011

The State Highway District #5 Credit Union would like to   Type of Account                           Rate              APY
  thank all who applied for the Carol Sines Memorial       Regular Shares                           0.20%              0.20%
Scholarship. We received several wonderful applications.   IRA Shares                               1.00%              1.00%

 The Carol Sines Memorial Scholarship of $1,500.00           Dividends on Shares and IRA Shares are calculated daily and
                 was awarded to:                           paid quarterly. IRA Dividends are tied to the One Year Certificate
                                                                  of Deposit rate that is in effect at each Quarter End.
                     Lana Stump
                                                                         MONEY MARKET CERTIFICATES
Lana will be attending Washington State University this    Term           Minimum Balance       Rate                   APY
   fall. She will be studying Chemical Engineering.         6 month         $500.00             0.70%                  0.70%
                                                           12 month       $1,000.00             1.00%                  1.00%
  In addition to the Carol Sines Memorial Scholarship,                          Jumbo Certificates
  State Highway District #5 Credit Union also awarded      Term           Minimum Balance       Rate                   APY
   three $1,000.00 Scholarships to:                         6 month       $20,000.00            0.80%                  0.80%
                                                           12 month       $20,000.00            1.10%                  1.11%
        Curtiss J. Ickes-Oliva                                                 APY = Annual Percentage Yield
           Brian Stump                                                       Certificate rates are subject to change.
            Ryan Young                                               Interest compounds monthly. Call for current rates.
                                                                  Certificates automatically rollover at whatever the current
                                                                   rate is at maturity. There will be a ten day grace period
We wish all of you the best in college                         during which you may make changes or surrender the certificate
    and your future endeavors.                                    without penalty. You will receive notice prior to maturity.

         Sign up for E-Statements                                 You may be richer than you think!
   What is an E-Statement? It’s a paperless bank            The Washington State Department of Revenue might be holding
statement you can view online 24/7 on our website.          money or property that belongs to you. Did you know in the
                                                            fiscal year of 2008 the Unclaimed Property Section received
    Why should you sign up for E-Statements?                more than $100 million in property to hold until claimed?

   First and foremost your sensitive information is         You can log on to to search if there are
   not in the mailbox waiting for someone to come           any funds being held for you and start the claim process.
   along and steal it.
                                                            The State requires the Credit Union to submit balances that have
   It is more cost effective for you and the Credit         been abandoned (accounts with no account activity during the
                                                            past 3 years). Currently we are contacting members with inactive
   Union, because we don’t have to pay for the
                                                            accounts. If you receive a letter simply make a deposit or
   postage, the statement forms and the man power           withdrawal to reactivate your account. It’s as easy as that.
   to stuff the statements. You save because when
   the Credit Union saves money we can keep our
   fees low and avoid passing on additional fees to                            Holiday Closures
   our members.

   It’s better for the environment.                                          Monday, July 4th, in
                                                                       observance of Independence Day.
This is a great service that goes hand in hand with                        Monday, September 5th
our free Online Banking and Bill Pay.
                                                                                for Labor Day.
Go to to enroll in all of our
online services.

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