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									Desk And Derrick

Greater Knowledge, Greater Service

Bakersfield, California

                   February 2008

     Our Purpose                             Our Mission
The purpose of the Association          To enhance and foster a positive
shall be to promote the education       image to the global community by
and professional development of         promoting the contribution of the
individuals employed in or affiliated   petroleum, energy and allied
with the petroleum, energy and          industries through education by
allied industries.                      using all resources available.

Desk And Derrick

                  Table of Contents

      Article                               Page #
2008 Calendar of Events                        3
Bakersfield Board Members                      4
President Davis’ February Letter               6
Yearly Birthday List                           7
2008 Committees                                8
February Meeting Information                   9
February Board Meeting Minutes                10
January Meeting Minutes                       11
Alternative Fuel Vehicles                     13
Thought on Teamwork                           14
December’s ADDC President’s Newsletter        16
December’s Region V Director’s Newsletter     17

      Desk And Derrick
                     2008 Calendar of Events

January 19 – Sat. Board Meeting – Halliburton
January 24 – Thurs. Dinner Meeting

February 14 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
February 28 – Thurs. Dinner Meeting

March 13– Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
March 227 – Thurs. Dinner Meeting

April 10 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
April 17 – 3rd Thurs. Dinner Meeting
April 25-27 REGION V MEETING - Long Beach, CA.

May 8 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
May 10 – Saturday Mother’s Day Fashion Fair & Luncheon
May 22 – Thurs. Dinner Meeting

June 12 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
June 21 – Thurs. Birthday Dinner –Patti Holliday’s Home

July 10 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
July 24 – Thurs. Dinner Meeting

August 14 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
August 28 – Thurs. Dinner Meeting

Sept. 11 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
Sept 25 - Dinner Meeting
Sept. 14-20 CONVENTION – Midland, TX.

October 9 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
October 23 – Thurs. Dinner Meeting

November 13 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
November 20 – 3rd Thurs. Dinner Meeting

December 11 – Tues. Board Meeting – Halliburton
Dec. 18 – 2nd Thurs. Install Officers/Christmas Party

Desk And Derrick

Of Bakersfield

Board Members
Pat Davis, President

Patti Holliday, Vice President

Sherlee Bailey, Treasurer

Susan Wyatt, Secretary
Fraver Machine Company, Inc.

Roben Northern, Director

Susan Rolfsen, Director

Karen Barrett, Immediate President
Key Energy

Club News

                            Pat Davis
                            5060 California Avenue, Suite 300
                            Bakersfield, CA. 93309

                             February 2008
CLUB                         Dear Members,
Of Bakersfield
                             In business and in life, the people that break through the struggles win
2008 Board Members           and those who quit and don’t keep persevering fail. That’s is why this
                             month I want to encourage us to be dedicated to the following:
Pat Davis, President         “The purpose of the Association shall be to promote the education and
Halliburton                  professional development of individuals employed in or affiliated with
                             the petroleum, energy and allied industries.”
Patti Holliday,
Vice President
Halliburton                  “To enhance and foster a positive image to the global community by
                             promoting the contribution of the petroleum, energy and allied
Sherlee Bailey, Treasurer    industries through education by using all resources available.”
Western States Petroleum
Association                  We have read them and heard them so many times we can recite them
                             from memory, but do we as an organization try to live by those words,
Sue Wyatt, Secretary         or are they just words?
Faver Machine Company
                             I want us this year to try to include the Purpose and Mission into all our
Roben Northern, Director     activities. During the planning stages of all our events, let’s ask
Certex                       ourselves what can we include or change that will promote our Purpose
                             and Mission?
Susan Rolfsen, Director

Karen Barrett,               We are in the first stages of planning for our yearly Mother’s Day
Immediate Past President     Fashion Show. As most of you know this year Sherlee will be our
Key Energy Services          Chairperson, with special committee chairs reporting to her.

                             There is still much planning and work to be done and our committees
                             can use any extra help available. We are working toward another
                             successful year and I hope all of you will get involved. You have your
                             choice of working on decorations, baskets, programs, ticket sales, raffle
                             sales, or just “strutting your stuff” on the runway.

                             Until Next Month,

     Desk And Derrick

                  MEMBERS BIRTHDAYS
        JANUARY                              JULY
5    Sheryl Nasiatka

23   Les Clark

        FEBRUARY                           AUGUST

                                  19 Susan Rolfsen
                                  20 Barbara Cleeton
                                  28 Maxine Smith

          MARCH                          SEPTEMBER

11   Lena (Pat) Davis
                                  15 Mary Farmer
31   Leah Witte

           APRIL                           OCTOBER

2    Suzanne Noble
3    Patsy (Patti) Holliday       26 Mary Tucker
11   Sherlee Bailey
14   Martha Miller

            MAY                          NOVEMBER

16 Martha Witte                   5    Christy Munn
                                  14   Karen Wight
                                  17   Laura Jones
                                  25   Karen Barrett

           JUNE                          DECEMBER

                                  22 Carol Jarrett
                                  23 Susan Wyatt
                                  27 Ellen McWilliams

                Desk And Derrick
                                       2008 COMMITTEES


Membership: Susan Rolfsen, Roben Northern
Outreach / Sunshine: Susan Wyatt
Bylaws & Guideline: TBA
Orientation: Sherlee Bailey and committee - March Meeting
March D&D Awareness Month: – Sherlee Bailey.
Bulletin/Circulation: Sherlee Bailey, Karen Barrett
Program: Patti Holliday
Telephone/e-mail: Patti Holliday
Housing: Patti Holliday
Hostess: TBA
Field Trips or Seminars: Susan Rolfsen, Roben Northern
Parliamentarian: Laura Jones
Nominations: Karen Barrett, Chairman, plus 2 members named by the President
Public Relations: Sherlee Bailey


Scholarships: Karen Barrett
Audit: TBA
Budgets and Finance: Sherlee Bailey
Community Energy Night: Laura Jones.
Chaplain : Leah Witte
Convention Assistance: Mary Tucker.
Birthday Bash: Will be hosted by Patti Holliday at Patti’s home.
Photography: TBA
Scrapbook: Sherlee Bailey, Karen Barrett, Patti Holliday and Sheryl Nasiatka
Secret Pal: Karen Barrett
Fashion Show: Sherlee Bailey, Chairman
Installation of Officers: TBA
Industry Appreciation Night: TBA
Door Prize – 50/50: At each meeting, we will handled be a member of the board.

          Desk And Derrick


DATE: February 28, 2008

PLACE: Petroleum Club
 5060 California Ave.
 12 th Floor
             Bakersfield, CA 93309

TIME: 5:30 p.m.

COST: $17.00

WHO TO CALL: Patti Holliday at 334-3600 or email


MEETING INFO:          State of Bakersfield Desk and Derrick
                       Where are we going?

Dinner Cancellations:
              No later than Wednesday, January27, 2008

If you do not cancel your reservation by noon on the above
        date you will be invoiced for the cost of your dinner.

                        Desk And Derrick
                              DESK AND DERRICK CLUB OF BAKERSFIELD
                                           Board Meeting
                                          February 14, 2008

Due to two board members being on vacation and one ill this regular board meeting was canceled. Board
members exchanged via email discussions regarding the membership committee and the fashion show committee
reports. The Bunco committee also scheduled a meeting for the following Friday to discuss the concerns that we
have too many items coming up the first few months of the year to try to do a Bunco tournament in April.

                      Desk And Derrick
                           DESK AND DERRICK CLUB OF BAKERSFIELD
                                        Dinner Meeting
                                       January 24, 2008

The above Membership meeting was held on January 24, 2008 at the Petroleum Club of Bakersfield.
12 members and 1 visitor attended. The visitor was Nancy Green, who is a member of the Houston
Deck and Derrick Club.

Drawings: 50/50 drawing was won by Leah Witte and Convention Assistance: gift donated by Mary
Tucker was won by Pat Davis.
Secret Pal gifts were distributed.

Leah Witte gave invocation and led members in Pledge of Allegiance.
Dinner followed and meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

Program: "Power Shift" a video on renewable energy was shown.

Treasurer Report: December 2007 Treasurer Report was given by Treasurer Sherlee Bailey. There
were no corrections.

Other Reports:
Fashion Show: Sherlee Bailey, reported date, asked for volunteers, and noted donation letters would
be sent out next week.
March Awareness: Sherlee Bailey reported packets will be ready for distribution at our February
dinner meeting. She asked members to invite prospective members to our March dinner meeting.
Region V meeting in Long Beach: President Pat Davis reported that our club has been asked to
produce programs for conference, telling us to save receipts for reimbursement.
Outreach/Sunshine: Susan Wyatt, asked membership to help keep her informed on member illness.
Committee sign up sheets were set out for membership.

Old Business: None

New Business:
Patti Holliday has resigned as Vice President. President Pat Davis asked for volunteers for the

There being no further business, Mary Farmer motioned that meeting be adjourned, Sherlee Bailey
seconded and meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm

Susan Wyatt, Secretary
Next dinner meeting: February 28, 2008 at Petroleum Club of Bakersfield.


                                                          On June 4, 1896 in a tiny workshop
                                                          behind his home on 58 Bagley Avenue,
                                                          Henry Ford put the finishing touches on
                                                          his ethanol-powered motor car.

                                 Alternative Fuel Vehicles
According to dealers and retailers as well as manufacturers of vehicles in the auto market, more
and more American customers are purchasing cars and vehicles that run on alternative fuel. 5
million GM vehicles are able to run on E85, made from corn. So what's the big deal, and why is
GM willing to spending many millions of dollars to let people know their vehicles will run on

You may be surprised to learn that there have already been some two million vehicles sold in
America that can run on E85 with no modification at all. Many people wonder about the
ethanol/gas mixture known as E85, named for the 85% ethanol that mixture contains, and
whether or not their vehicles will run on it. All major automakers have prototypes of alternative
fuel vehicles using fuel cells on the road-some have already been leased to customers.

Ethanol is a variety of alcohol that can be produced in a natural fashion, similar to the way in
which alcoholic beverages are produced. Ethanol can be used by itself in some specially
designed vehicles, but it can also be used as a fuel additive, stretching traditional fuels in times
of economic or environmental hardship.

Primarily, this is because ethanol could be derived from virtually limitless feedstocks which
could be replaced after harvest.

There are many options for vehicle manufacturers. It is true that you can save money on your
monthly fuel bill, depending on what choice of alt-fuel vehicle you drive. Therefore pollution
due vehicle fuels has become one of the severest problems in big cities.

The list of fuel efficient vehicles on the market includes hybrids like the Honda Insight, the
Toyota Prius, the Ford Escape Hybrid, and the Toyota Sienna Hybrid.

This may be part of our whole values and history for going back in time, Henry Ford, the
founder of Ford Automobile Company, built a quadricycle that used ethanol as its source of
power. The Ford Motor Company is currently exerting much effort in promoting ethanol as a
new source of alternative fuel.

                         Thoughts on Effective Teamwork
Teamwork is much more challenging task that doing an individual project. One of the key
challenges today is to teach and empower people to be more proactive at building teams.
Seeing the impact of the effectiveness of quality of teamwork is the first step towards creating a
more effective team. An added benefit of respecting others with whom you work is the increase
in productivity. Teamwork is such a warm, fuzzy concept; how could we not like the idea.
Whatever the reason, we are far more likely to implement concepts without consideration of our
own unique circumstances. Though teamwork is a profoundly valuable concept, applying it
does not abide by the one size fits all approach. Whatever the reason, we are far more likely to
implement concepts without consideration of our own unique circumstances. Another
important prerequisite for efficient team is the ability to track tasks.

Each issue needs to be evaluated on the basis of the task and needs of the entire group. Keeping
the focus on the task reinforces the team concept that ‘the task is boss’ and that individual
success can be realized only through team success. Look for ways to help one another. Set up
scheduled meetings to discuss how the task is progressing. The task is boss, the driving force
that dictates who does what, when and how.

Assemble your team to discuss what each person's responsibility in completing the project will
be. Writing down a short description of the specific duties of each member, outlining the
specific duties they will need to perform, will help to ensure that the project is finished on time.
Give credit where credit is due. When the project is completed, be sure to thank your team and
tell them what great work they've done. A project well done is a combination of good
management and efficient teamwork. As long as your team members are involved and
informed every step of the way, any project should be easy to tackle.

In most teams each individual will contribute a different set of skills to the group effort. For
you, the question is whether or not an individual is attracted to doing everything or only some
parts of the work.

Ensure that team members feel like vital participants – Telling people that they are important to
the process isn’t enough.

Good teamwork requires that team members cooperate fully with each other. Cooperation is a
result of good communication and it requires clarity and trust. Effective cooperation should be
a harmonious process and again the quality of communication will determine this.

It will be very difficult to build an effective team unless the individual member’s goals are in
line with that of organizational goal. Teamwork requires voluntary participation; goals must be
clear; resources must be adequate to achieve goals and above all leadership must be committed
to the team, its’ efforts and goals. Whether or not to employ teamwork in a particular situation
requires consideration and an understanding of both the task and the team. Make sure that the
team goals are totally clear and completely understood and accepted by each team member.

Region V

        President’s Newsletter
Sheryl Minear         February, 2008
                      Dear Fellow Members:
                      The members of your Board of Directors are diligently preparing for the 2008 Budget
                      and Planning Meeting to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 26th. Your
                      Committee Chairmen, as well as the members of the Board, have provided us with
                      plenty of “food for thought” in the reports they have submitted. Using this information,
                      it's the Board’s responsibility to make decisions that will benefit the Association in

                      Another major item to be discussed and approved at this meeting will be this year's
                      budget. Your Treasurer, Angie Duplessis, and I have been reviewing, changing and
                      reviewing again the proposed budget. We want to present the most accurate
                      information to the Board so they can make a well-informed decision in regards to
                      the2008 budget. Obviously, one of the major items in the budget is member dues. At
                      the end of 2007, the Association had 2530 members which was an increase from
                      the2448 members in 2006. This was an excellent increase and I think I can speak on
                      behalf of your board and you, the members; we would like to see this continue. In
                      order for this to happen, we all need to work together. Not only do we need to
                      encourage members to renew but we need to recruit new members. Your Public
                      Relations Committee has submitted several items for your Board to consider and I'm
                      sure if you have anything additional that you believe would be beneficial to the
                      committee in their endeavors, they would like to hear from you.

                       The Budget and Planning Meeting is a major undertaking and in my opinion, one of
                      the best learning opportunities for your Board of Directors. They will discover the
                      many integral parts of the Association that have to work together in order to maintain
                      a viable organization. In order to keep you informed as to the decisions your Board
                      made, highlights of the meeting will be posted on the ADDC Web site. I am going to
                      also ask each of the Regional Directors to allow some time at the Regional Meetings
                      to discuss decisions that were made at the meeting, answer questions or address
                      any concerns you might have. Do you have to wait until the Regional Meeting to
                      discuss decisions made by your Board? Absolutely not, your Regional Director is
                      your liaison and will certainly be willing to answer your questions and as your
                      President, I am always available. From the Director’s Newsletters so far this year,
                      they have done an excellent job of keeping you informed.

                      Until next month -


 Region V Director’s Newsletter
Jan Starnes         February 2008
Region V Director   Letter 2
                    Dear Region V Members:

                    Happy Valentine’s Day. I can’t believe it is already February! My “Path to the Future” feels more like a
                    “Fast Lane to the Future”. By the time you read this letter, I will have attended the Association Budget
                    and Planning meeting in Tulsa. Information regarding the meeting should be available on the ADDC
                    website later this month. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
                    Congratulations to our new 2008 Region V Club Presidents! They are as follows:
                    Abilene Audra Horton               Los Angeles      Becky Steiner
                    Amarillo           Michelle Jenkins        Midland            Sheryl Ryan
                    Artesia Carla Carter               Pampa            Nancy Hollingwood
                    Bakersfield       Pat Davis                Roswell            Pat Pruitt
                    Farmington        Melissa Spencer San Angelo        Sarah Entzminger
                    Hobbs             Judy Johnson                                and Candice Upton
                    Long Beach         Gerry Munoz             Wichita Falls      Debbie Arthur

                    I would like to thank those who volunteered to be our Region V Committee
                    Representatives for 2008:
                    Contest                   Sandra Jenkins & Linda Sherrill, Amarillo
                    Credentials                       Diana Walker, Wichita Falls
                    Education                         Linda Clark, Farmington
                    Leadership Resource               Elaine McDowell, Pampa
                    Long Range Planning               Rena Shaffer, Wichita Falls
                    Membership                        Aggie Shahan, Artesia
                    Nominating                        Rena Shaffer, Sherlee Bailey, Sandra Jenkins
                    Program                           Cheri Rogers, Roswell
                    Public Relations          Nell Lindenmeyer, Farmington
                    Rules                             Angie Rust, Long Beach
                    Scrapbook                         Ann Young, Long Beach
                    Tally                             Patti Stacy, Roswell

                    I would also like to recognize the following Association Board members who hail
                    from Region V and those assisting these board members:
                    2008 ADDC President Sheryl Minear, Abilene
                    2008 ADDC President- Elect Reginia Garner, Artesia
                    2008 Parliamentarian               Misty Hendricks, Artesia
                    2008 ADDC Assistant Debbie English, Abilene

                    I know the journey before us will be a very successful one because of our fine

Region V Director’s Newsletter
February, 2008
Page 2

Remember to send your Program Reports to ADO and Cheri Rogers, our Region V Program
Chairman no later than one week after your monthly meeting is held. A report should be
submitted even if no meeting is held.

The Nominating Committee will soon be searching for qualified candidates who would like to
be 2009 Region V Director. We have so many talented leaders in our region. Please encourage
those that inspire you to run for this office.

Any proposed amendments to the ADDC Bylaws and/or Standing Rules, should be submitted to
the 2008 Rules Committee Chairman by February 15, 2008.

All paths lead to the 2008 Region V Meeting to be held in Long Beach, California on April 24-
27 at The Coast Long Beach Hotel. Registration packets are now available, so make your plans
to attend. Also, if your club would like to host the 2009 Region V Meeting, please let me know.

March is Desk & Derrick Awareness Month. Be sure to do something special to let your
community know the wonderful educational opportunities that our organization provides.

Happy Trails to you all,


“Older and wiser voices can help you find the right path,
if you are only willing to listen.”
Jimmy Buffet


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