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					Superior Court of Arizona

in Maricopa County
                                                                                  En Banc
Vol. 4, No. 2                                                     Newsletter of the Superior Court Law Library
October 1999

INSIDE:                                                                 Law Library News                   Sandra Perez is our second newest
                                                                                                           Law Library Aide. Sandra is a native
Law Library News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
                                                                 ‘ National Hunger and                     of Arizona and enjoys cooking and
National Hunger and Homeless Awareness                                                                     reading. She is attending ASU West
    Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1   Homeless Awareness Week                   where she is working on her
Library Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1                                              bachelor’s degree in Administration of
Continuing Legal Education . . . . . . . . . . 1                 November 14th through 20th is             Justice. Sandra would like to pursue a
Superior Court Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2            National Hunger and Homeless              career as a crime scene
Judge Edward Burke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2             Awareness Week. A recent story in
Did You Know? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2                                                    photographer.
                                                                 the Arizona Republic indicated that
Electronic Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2           “thousands in Arizona go hungry” and
Internet Site Reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                 that the situation is getting worse. To
Publications of Interest on the Internet . . 3
                                                                 help, the Maricopa County Bar              Continuing Legal Education
In the Courts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Recent Arizona Cases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3           Association’s Young Lawyers Division
                                                                 Committee on Hunger and                   The Rules of Evidence in Family Law,
From Other Jurisdictions . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
New in the Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5         Homelessness, the Arizona Coalition       which is being sponsored by
Book Reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5       to End Homelessness, and the              Maricopa County Bar Association, will
Article Reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5      Association of Arizona Food Banks         be presented on Thursday, November
Recently Received Books . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6              are sponsoring a food drive.              18th from 1:30 to 5:00 P.M. The
Recent Articles: Courts and Court                                                                          faculty includes Honorable Crane
    Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                 The Law Library will be a drop-off        McClennen, Family Law Judge for the
Recent Articles: Juries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7                                                    Superior Court in Maricopa County;
“Did You Know?” Answers . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                 location for donations of canned
                                                                 goods and non-perishable food. A          Commissioner Leah Pallin-Hill, Family
Contributors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8                                               Law Commissioner for the Superior
                                                                 local food bank will then pick up the
                                                                 donations for distribution to the         Court in Maricopa County; Honorable
                                                                 community. Please drop off your           Nancy Smith, Family Law Judge Pro-
                                                                 donations in the boxes marked “Food       Tem for the Superior Court in
                                                                 Drive,” located on the plaza level of     Maricopa County; Don Kessler, an
                                                                 the Library.                              attorney with the law firm of Ulrich,
                                                                                                           Kessler & Anger; and Jennifer
                                                                                                           Gadow, a family law practitioner with
                                                                 ‘ Library Staff                           Cohen and Fromm. The attendants of
                                                                                                           this seminar, which will be held at the
                                                                 Jeff Cobb recently joined our staff as    Holiday Inn Conference Center, will
                  En Banc                                        a Law Library Aide. Jeff was born         earn up to 3.5 hours of continuing
             Newsletter of the                                   and raised in Arizona and graduated       education credit.
         Superior Court Law Library                              from North Canyon High School in
                                                                 1995. He earned an AA degree from         The Maricopa County Bar Association
                                                                 Paradise Valley Community College         will present Protecting Trade Secrets
         Superior Court Law Library                              and currently attends ASU West            and Confidential Information on
              101 W. Jefferson                                   where he is majoring in Justice           Friday, November 19. This seminar
              Phoenix, Arizona                                   Studies with a minor in politics.         will take place at Arizona State
                   85003                                                                                   University’s Downtown Center at the
                                                                 Jeff’s hobbies include watching and       Mercado from 2:30 to 4:30 P.M. Maria
             (602)506-3945 (phone)                               playing sports. He is also a big Star
               (602)506-3677 (fax)                                                                         Nutille and Heidi Richter of the Snell
                                                                 Wars fan and has spent more money,        and Wilmer law firm will be leading a
                                                                 than he’d even like to think about on     discussion of the use of agreements
                                                                 posters and toys. He also collects        and the appropriate procedures to
                                                                 World War II soldiers made by G.I.        protect your company’s proprietary
                                                                 Joe, Century Toys and Dragon.             information, customer relations and
P2                                                          En Banc                                                   October 1999 P

good will using restrictive              Judge Burke has held numerous
covenants. The attendants will           memberships and chairman positions            Judicial Statistical Inquiry Form
receive up to 2 hours of MCLE            with both legal and civic           
credit.                                  organizations, including the Municipal
                                         Aeronautics Advisory Board of the             This site allows users to compile
The State Bar of Arizona will be         City of Phoenix and the Lawyer                statistics on over 4.2 million Federal
sponsoring An Ethical Afternoon at       Referral Committee of the Maricopa            District court cases terminated
the Movies on December 8 from            County Bar Association. He is                 between 1978 and 1997. Users may
1:30 until 4:45 at the Orange Tree       currently a member of the Thurgood            also search against state court
Golf Resort. The Bar encourages          Marshall Inn of Court.                        materials comprising of “about 30
all criminal and civil litigators to                                                   thousand state tort, contract, and real
attend.                                  Judge Burke served as a judge pro-            property cases terminated during
                                         tem for both the Arizona Court of             fiscal 1992 in the general jurisdiction
The topic of this seminar is conflicts   Appeals and the Superior Court in             trial court of 45 of the nation's most
of interest, of which the Bar says       Maricopa County. He is entering his           populous counties.”
“half of the lawyers don’t               28th year as an athletic official in
understand it - the other half just      football, ice hockey and football.            Users may search the database by
doesn’t get it.” The rules that define                                                 “subject matter category (such as
conflict of interest are baffling and    Judge Burke is located in the Old             branches of tort, contract, civil rights,
“the case law is often, in a word,       Courthouse on the ground floor and is         and other areas of law), the
conflicting.” This seminar, which        assigned to a civil calendar. The             jurisdictional basis, the amount
may qualify for up to 3 hours of         judge lives in Phoenix with his wife          demanded, the case's origin in the
ethics, will feature film clips and a    who the Associate Dean of the                 district as original or removed or
“smart but funny panel.”                 University Honors College at Arizona          transferred, the dates of filing and
                                         State University. Judge Burke and his         termination in the district, the
                                         wife have five children.                      procedural stage of the case at
     Superior Court Update                                                             termination (including whether it was
                                                                                       tried by judge or jury), the procedural
                                                   Did You Know?                       method of disposition, and, when a
‘ Judge Edward Burke                                                                   judgment was entered, who prevailed
                                         Find out how much you actually know           and any amount awarded in damages
The investiture ceremony for Judge                                                     or other relief.”
Edward Burke was held on July 21,        about our legal system. Answers are
1999. He was appointed to fill the       on the last page of this issue.
                                                                                       This is an excellent web site for
vacancy left when Judge Nastro                                                         anyone who needs to do research on
retired. Judge Burke was born and        1. Which five baseball managers in this
                                         century have held law degrees?                how cases have been decided in the
raised in Syracuse, New York and                                                       federal court system. It is unfortunate
moved to Phoenix in 1969. His            2. In which of the following places did law   that the database is no longer
educational accomplishments              students Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham      growing, but still offers users some
include a degree in political science    meet: contracts class, the Yale               valuable information.
from the State University of New         Democratic Club, the Yale Law Library?
York, a J.D. from the College of
Law at Syracuse University as well       3. What board game rewards you for
                                         achieving an illegal restraint of trade?
as a Masters Degree in Business
Administration from Arizona State        4. What do these famous lawyers have in
University.                              common: Patrick Henry, John Jay, Daniel
                                         Webster, Abraham Lincoln, and J. Strom
Judge Burke began his legal career       Thurmond?
as assistant corporation counsel for
the City of Syracuse. When he            5. When the Library of Congress was
                                         largely destroyed during the War of 1812,
moved to Arizona, he entered
                                         what lawyer sold his library to rebuild the
private practice with the firm of        collection: Daniel Webster, William
Rawlins, Ellis, Burrus & Kiewit. He      Blackstone, John Marshall, or Thomas
was a founding partner of Norton,        Jefferson?
Burke, Berry & French. Prior to his
appointment to the bench, Judge
Burke as a partner with the                    Electronic Resources
Scottsdale law firm of Bennett,
Burke, Carmichael & Kennedy.
                                         ‘ Internet Site Reviews
P3                                                             En Banc                                             October 1999 P

‘ Publications of Interest on                use of ADR in the courts would             Lindquist v. Hart, No. 1 CA-CV 98-
the Internet                                 benefit from taking a look at this         0323 (1999)
                                             comprehensive resource.
Alternative Dispute Resolution                                                          In December of 1998, the Court of
(ADR) in Civil Cases: Report of                         In the Courts                   Appeals ruled that the Arizona Mobile
the Task Force on the Quality of                                                        Home Park Residential Landlord
Justice, Subcommittee on ADR                 ‘ Recent Arizona Cases                     Tenant Act, A.R.S. 33-1401 et. seq.,
and the Judicial System.                                                                did not require park operators to   State v. Jones and Tyrus, No. 1CA-         justify evictions of month-to-month
drreport.pdf                                                                            tenants. The ruling “shocked” tenants’
                                             CR 99-0087, 1CA-CR 99-0088 (1999)
                                                                                        rights advocates and a motion for
In 1998 California Chief Justice                                                        reconsideration was filed.
                                             State v. Thomas
Ronald M. George appointed 20
                                             301 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 3 (1999)
members to the Subcommittee on                                                          The case involved a mobile home
ADR and the Judicial System.                                                            park in Flagstaff. The tenants, the
                                             In these two cases, both divisions of
Their charge was to study some of                                                       Lindqusts, entered into a one-year
                                             the Arizona Court of Appeals have
the issues associated with ADR and                                                      lease and after its expiration they
                                             ruled that first-time drug offenders
to make recommendations on how                                                          choose not to renew it and became
                                             cannot be incarcerated for a violation
the courts could best utilize ADR.                                                      month-to-month tenants.
                                             of intensive probation.
Some of the issues the                                                                  In its December opinion the court
                                             In the consolidated Jones and Tyrus
subcommittee looked at included:                                                        ruled that “under the plain language
                                             case, as well as the Thomas case,
the effects of ADR on courts; who                                                       of the statute, good cause for
                                             each defendant was found to have
may adopt ethical standards                                                             termination is required only if there is
                                             violated the terms of intensive
governing arbitrators; what ethical                                                     a rental agreement in existence.”
                                             probation after being found guilty of
standards should be adopted; and                                                        Further, it is well settled that in a
                                             drug offenses. Thomas’s probation
the standards governing court                                                           “month-to-month” agreement, the
                                             was revoked and he was sentenced
referral of disputes to private judges                                                  tenancy ends and recommences at
                                             to a 2 ½ year prison term which he
or attorneys.                                                                           the end of each month.
                                             timely appealed. In the Jones and
                                             Tyrus case, the State appealed the
This report takes an in-depth look at                                                   Upon reconsideration, the appellate
                                             trial court’s ruling not to sentence the
each one of these issues, and                                                           court ruled that good cause must be
                                             defendants to prison for the violation.
makes some recommendations as                                                           shown to terminate a month-to-month
to how the California courts can use                                                    tenancy and said the new ruling “is in
                                             The Court of Appeals affirmed the trial
ADR more effectively. Some of the                                                       harmony with the spirit of the act.”
                                             court in Jones and Tyrus and
recommendations: create a list of                                                       The law was designed to give some
                                             overturned the Thomas case. In both
ADR neutrals to whom the court                                                          stability to the tenants of mobile home
                                             cases, the appellate court said the
can refer potential litigants;                                                          parks because of the high cost
                                             voter-enacted Drug and
enhance the provisions for                                                              associated with moving mobile
                                             Medicalization, Prevention and
enforcing agreements; develop an                                                        homes.
                                             Control Act of 1996 “made it clear that
education program for judges and
                                             drug offenders were not to do time in
court staff on the effective use of                                                     The defendants-appellants now
                                             prison after a first or second
ADR; and develop ethical standards                                                      contend that the issue must be
                                             conviction. “
for mediators.                                                                          resolved by the Arizona Supreme
                                                                                        Court and have filed a petition for
                                             Division Two made its ruling first and
The report is comprehensive and                                                         review.
                                             after ascertaining the “electorate’s
includes numerous appendices
                                             intent” in approving Proposition 200,
such as sample ethical standards, a                                                     ‘ From Other Jurisdictions
                                             stated that “courts may not
new judicial canon of ethics, survey
                                             circumvent the mandate of the Act but
results, and some testimony offered                                                     B.C. v. Plumas Unified School
                                             only alter or add conditions of
at public hearings. At over 240                                                         District, No. 97-17287 (9th Cir., 1999)
pages, this report cannot be
considered light reading. However,                                                      The 9th Circuit has upheld the rights
                                             Division One reached the same
there is an excellent executive                                                         of students against random searches
                                             conclusion and wrote that its
summary that clearly outlines the                                                       by drug-sniffing dogs by ruling that
                                             “confidence in that conclusion is
main points and recommendations                                                         such a search is an “unreasonable
                                             bolstered by the fact that Division Two
of the report. Anyone who is                                                            violation of Fourth Amendment
                                             of this court recently reached the
involved in developing a court                                                          protections.”
                                             same conclusion...”
mediation program or improving the
P4                                                        En Banc                                             October 1999 P

In 1996, students at Quincy High        murder of Sandy Owen. Each                  that the police acted in bad faith by
School were told to wait outside a      defendant eventually confessed,             not preserving the evidence that he
classroom while dogs sniffed            implicating the other. The trial court      contends would have proved his
backpacks, jackets, and other           ordered two juries and although both        innocence.
belongings left in the room. As the     juries would hear some of the same
students were leaving the               evidence, each jury was also excused        The United States Supreme Court’s
classroom, one of the dogs              when testimony about the other              leading opinion on this issue - lost or
“alerted” it’s handler to one           defendant was presented. Both               destroyed evidence - is Arizona v.
particular student. After the           Lambright and Smith were ultimately         Youngblood, 488 U.S. 51, 109 S.Ct.
classroom search and as the             convicted of first-degree murder and        333, 102 L.Ed. 2d 281 (1988). In
students returned, the dog once         sentenced to death.                         Youngblood the high court ruled that
again alerted the sheriff to the same                                               “unless a criminal defendant can
student. The student was taken          In its opinion, the 9th Circuit said that   show bad faith on the part of the
away and searched. No drugs were        “trial judges have inherent power and       police, failure to preserve potentially
found on the student or in the high     discretion to adopt special,                useful evidence does not constitute
school that day.                        individualized procedures designed to       denial of due process of law.”
                                        promote the ends of justice in each
In its opinion, the court wrote that    case that comes before them.” In            The Tennessee Supreme Court has
“[T]here can be no dispute that         ordering a dual jury in this case, the      rejected the United States Supreme
deterring drug use by students is an    trial judge did not exceed his              Court’s holding in Youngblood as
important - if not compelling -         authority. In fact, the court continued,    have a number of other states. The
government interest.” But absent a      “many experiments lead to better and        Tennessee court is quoted as saying
drug crisis in the high school, the     stronger institutions.”                     “that the due process principles of the
random and suspicion less search                                                    Tennessee Constitution are broader
was unreasonable given the                                                          than those enunciated in the United
circumstances.                          State v. Ferguson, No. 03-S-01-             States Constitution.” According to an
                                        9803-CR-00029 (Supreme Court of             article in the October 4th edition of
                                        Tennessee, 1999).                           Lawyers Weekly USA, “many experts
Lambright v. Stewart and Smith                                                      predict that the trend of states
v. Stewart, Nos. 96-99020 (9th          The main question presented to the          providing greater protection to
Cir., 1999)                             court in this case was “what are the        defendants than the U.S. Supreme
                                        factors which should guide the              Court is likely to continue.”
In a case that has received much        determination of the consequences
attention in several legal              that flow from the State’s loss or          The Tennessee Court, instead,
newspapers, the 9th Circuit has         destruction of evidence which the           applied a “balancing approach.”
ruled 10-1 that “there is no per se     accused contends would be                   Once the court determined that the
constitutional error in trying two      exculpatory?”                               State had a duty to preserve the
defendants before two juries in the                                                 evidence the court then looked at “the
same courtroom.”                        The defendant, Ferguson, was found          degree of negligence involved...the
                                        on a freeway ramp slumped over the          significance of the destroyed
Agreeing that the use of dual juries    steering wheel of his van. When a           evidence... and the sufficiency of the
is experimental, Scott Bales,           city police officer opened the door to      other evidence used at trial to support
Solicitor General for the State of      Ferguson’s vehicle, he detected a           the conviction.” After careful
Arizona said, “[A] dual jury allows     strong odor of alcohol and noted that       consideration, the court concluded
you to avoid some of the                the defendant’s speech was slurred.         that the defendant received a fair trial
inefficiency and delay that come        A field sobriety test was conducted         and that he “experienced no
from separate trials, but gives each    and the defendant was subsequently          measurable disadvantage” because
defendant a jury that will only hear    arrested. Upon his arrival at the           of the lost evidence.
evidence admissible to that             police station, additional tests were
defendant.” But in a dissenting         conducted and videotaped. Later,            Although the defendant’s conviction
opinion, Judge Stephen Reinhardt        however, the videotape was                  was upheld, the court ruled that by
described the use of dual juries by     inadvertently taped over.                   applying the Youngblood analysis, it
saying “to conduct unauthorized                                                     “substantially increases the
experiments in capital cases is to      At trial, the defendant presented a         defendant’s burden while reducing
demonstrate a disdain for human         medical expert to support his defense       the prosecution’s burden at the
life.”                                  that he suffered from “vascular or          expense of the defendant’s
                                        migraine-type headaches that                fundamental right to a fair trial.”
The defendants in this case were        included scotoma which affected his
charged with the kidnap, rape and       vision and coordination.” He argued
P5                                                         En Banc                                             October 1999 P

In re the Marriage of Kohring, No.        and Quality: A New Perspective             Juror: Why Are There Not Enough
81139 (Supreme Court of                   from Nine State Criminal Trial             Available Jurors?” 20 Justice
Missouri, 1999)                           Courts. National Center for State          System Journal 203 (1999).
                                          Courts, 1999. KF 8727 .O88 1999
The Supreme Court of Missouri has                                                    A recent study of the jury system of
upheld the constitutionality of that      Researchers at the National Center         the Superior Court of the District of
state’s child support statute which       for State Courts and the American          Columbia and the United States
permits awards for college                Prosecutors Research Institute             District Court for the District of
expenses. Missouri statute                examined nine criminal trial court         Columbia, showed that only “18
§452.340.5 specifically states that       systems, looking at the pace of the        percent of potential jurors actually
the “...parental support obligation       criminal trial process and the balance     serve.” Nationally, the juror no-show
shall continue, if the child continues    between time and other                     percentage stands at about 55
to attend and progresses toward           considerations such as due process,        percent. Working with the nonprofit
completion of said program, until         protection against double jeopardy,        organization, Council for Court
the child completes such program          and excessive bail. At the end of the      Excellence; a Washington, D.C. jury
or reaches age twenty-one,                study, the authors note, the basic         project concluded that “the court
whichever first occurs.”                  challenge confronting the criminal         should consider other positive,
                                          justice system remains: “Is it possible    nonmonetary inducements” to deal
The parties were divorced in 1989         to resolve cases expeditiously without     with its problem of juror nonresponse.
and upon a subsequent child               sacrificing the quality of justice?”
support modification hearing, the                                                    The study cited four main reasons
appellant was ordered to pay              The study looked at trial courts in        why people evade jury duty. Money
$900.00 a month for the support of        Albuquerque, Birmingham, Cincinnati,       is the number one reason for juror no-
the couple’s two children. In 1997,       Grand Rapids, Hackensack, Oakland,         shows. Lost wages and low jury fees
when the daughter applied to the          Sacramento, Austin, and Portland.          discourage potential jurors. Other
University of Missouri-Columbia,          Some of the questions raised by the        factors include lengthy trials and
the mother petitioned the court to        study include: What do the nine            long, boring waits in “noisy, crowded,
once again modify the appellant’s         criminal court systems look like? Why      unclean, and inconvenient to
financial obligation. The father, in      are some felony cases resolved faster      transportation” courthouses.
turn, filed a motion to dismiss the       than others? Is there a local legal        Disbelief in the justice system was the
mother’s petition along with a cross-     culture that fosters timeliness and        third finding of the project followed by
motion to terminate the child             quality?                                   yet another disbelief - that jurors who
support for the college-bound                                                        fail to show will not even be punished.
daughter. The trial court overturned      The study measured the timeliness of
the father’s petitions and ordered        trials in each court by counting the
him to pay 80% of the daughter’s          number of days from indictment or          The study was constructed in five
college expenses.                         bindover to final resolution. The          parts. In each part, the objectives
                                          quality of case processing was             were stated followed by the
The father argued that the statute        measured using Standard 3.3 of the         methodology used. In one part, for
“burdens a previously unrecognized        Trial Court Performance Standards to       example, the intention of the study
suspect class of unmarried,               “develop a measure of case                 was to determine why 150 potential
divorced, or legally separated            processing quality that relates directly   juror questionnaires were returned as
parents and imposes on them a             to timeliness.” The authors conclude       “undeliverable.” The decision was to
monetary obligation that does not         that “the evidence from this study         make “one-to-one” contact with each
exist for married parents.”               suggests that well-performing courts       juror. The study group used phone
                                          should be expected to excel in terms       books, directory assistance, criss-
In its ruling, the court said that “the   of both timeliness and quality.”           cross directories and credit reports to
state has a legitimate interest in                                                   find current addresses. Once
securing higher education                 A description is included of each          contacted, the jurors were interviewed
opportunities for children from           court’s environment, organization,         and asked for their thoughts about
broken homes.”                            staffing, and felony adjudication          jury duty and what, other than a
                                          process. An appendix lists the             current address, might get them to
                                          questions asked of prosecutors and         respond in the future. Likewise, those
       New in the Library                 defense attorneys in each of the nine      who did serve on juries were
                                          courts.                                    interviewed about their experience as
‘ Book Reviews                                                                       well as their thoughts about what
                                          ‘ Article Reviews                          improvements might be made.
Ostrom, Brian J. and Roger A.
                                          Seltzer, Richard. “The Vanishing           The interviews and results showed
Hanson. Efficiency, Timeliness,
P6                                                       En Banc                                          October 1999 P

that the “focus group kept coming       ‘ Recently Received Books                Uses of Criminal Statistics
back to the theme of ‘make it                                                    Ashgate Publishing
positive’.” The committee               Aids & The Criminal Justice System:      HV6024.5 .U69 1999
concluded that juror empowerment        Dealing with HIV-Positive Clients and
and education were the first steps in   Other Issues                             Peer Justice and Youth
affecting such a change. When           The County                               Empowerment: An Implementation
jurors understand, though               ARIZ KFA2757.8.A35 A25 1993              Guide for Teen Court Programs
education, how important their                                                   National Criminal Justice Reference
service is they become empowered        Alternative Dispute Resolution: A        Service
and show an increased rate of           Handbook for Judges                      KF9795.A1 G63 1998
participation in the process. The       American Bar Association
committee recommends that motor         KF9084 .A97 1987                         Radnor, Alan T.
vehicle and voter registration lists                                             Cross-Examining Doctors: A Practical
be cleaned up but admits it is not      Arizona DUI Trial Book                   Guide
sure how best to accomplish this.       State Bar of Arizona                     ALI-ABA
Further, the jury project says that     KFA2497.8.A9 A75 1999                    KF8964 .R33 1999
courts should be responsible for
educating citizens about the            California Marital Settlement & Other    Under Construction
importance of jury duty and what        Family Law Agreements, 2nd ed.           American Bar Association Forum on
impact their service can have on        California CEB                           the Construction Industry
the justice system.                     KFC126.A65 C352                          KF297.C55 U6

                                        California Durable Powers of Attorney    Universal Citation Guide
                                        California CEB                           American Association of Law
                                        KFC336 .C352                             Libraries, Committee on Citation
                                        Clifford, Denis                          REF KF245 .U58 1999
                                        Estate Planning Basics: What You
                                        Need to Know and Nothing More
                                        Nolo Press                               ‘ Recent Articles: Courts and
                                        PLAZA KF750.Z9 C585 1999                 Court Administration
                                        Family Violence: A Model State Code      Armstrong, Jason W. “Man
                                        National Council of Juvenile & Family    Sentenced for Threatening Judge.”
                                        Court Judges                             112 Los Angeles Daily Journal 2
                                        KF505.5 .F355 1992                       (August 25, 1999).

                                        Gima, Patricia                           Bartlett, Lauren. “County Can Be
                                        The Trademark Registration Kit           Sued for Death at Courthouse:
                                        Nolo Press                               Appeals Panel Rules That Lack of
                                        PLAZA KF3181.Z9 G56 1999                 Security Could Create Risk.” 112 Los
                                                                                 Angeles Daily Journal 1 (July 22,
                                        A Handbook of Jury Research              1999).
                                        KF8972 .H35 1999                         Beckman, David and David Hirsch.
                                                                                 “Paper Glitches in Digital
                                        Mancuso, Anthony                         Courthouses.” 85 ABA Journal 85
                                        Your Limited Liability Company           (August 1999).