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					Marketech Pty Ltd, ABN 85 095 275 657
Marketech Pty Ltd, ABN 85 095 275 657
Date: 10 Nov 2010


   The purpose of this Financial Services Guide (‘FSG’) is to assist you, the investor, in
   deciding whether to use any of the services offered in this guide. This guide contains
   information about:

       •   our contact details
       •   the financial services we are authorised to provide to you
       •   the cost of those services
       •   the remuneration that may be paid to Marketech and/or other relevant persons in
           relation to the services offered
       •   details of any relationships we have with others that might influence us in
           providing these services
       •   information about how you may make a complaint against Marketech and how these
           complaints are dealt with.

   If you choose to use our services you may also receive either or both of the following

   Statement of Advice (SOA)

   Although it is not our policy to provide personal advice, if we do provide you with personal
   advice or further assistance in selecting products or services having regard to your
   particular circumstances and needs, we will, where we are required to do so under the law,
   issue you with a Statement of Advice (or in some cases a Record of Advice) that will set out
   the personal advice we have given you, including any recommendations we offer along with
   the reasons for our recommendations and information about any fees, commissions,
   associations or relationships which might influence the provision of that advice.

   One purpose of the SOA is to ensure there is an agreement between the advisor and the
   investing party (you) regarding the advice that the advisor has given to you. If you don’t
   agree that the SOA that has been issued to you contains the same advice that you received
   over the phone or during some other meeting or correspondence with the advisor, you
   should contact your advisor or Marketech immediately.

   Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

   A Product Disclosure Statement will be sent to you if you consider an investment in a
   financial product that requires one to be sent to you.

   A PDS contains significant information necessary for you to make an informed decision
   about that product.
Contact Details:

    Marketech Pty. Ltd. - ABN: 85 095 275 657, Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number:

    Marketech may be contacted in writing at:

            PO BOX 7775
            Cloisters Square
            Western Australia 6850

    or in person at:

            Level 1, 6 Douro Place
            West Perth
            Western Australia 6005

    or by phoning (+61 8) 9322 8444
    or by faxing on (+61 8) 9322 1666
    or by e-mailing to:

Special Instructions:

A client may provide instructions to Marketech by contacting us by one of the above methods. There
may be special instruction arrangements for some products and services - details of which are
explained in the relevant PDS.


Marketech is authorised to offer the following financial services and financial products:

    •   giving advice (both general and personal) and dealing in:
             o basic deposit products
             o non-basic deposit products
             o non-cash payment products
             o derivatives
             o securities
             o superannuation
    •   making a market for:
             o derivatives
    •   underwriting an issue of securities

While we are authorised to provide all of these financial services to retail and wholesale clients, it is not
our policy to provide personal advice to retail clients. Marketech provides services in relation to
Contract for Difference (CFD) products. Marketech will normally only provide factual information or
general advice to you about its trading platform or CFDs. In particular, Marketech will not normally
provide you with personal advice about when to open, maintain or close a CFD position or about the
use of trading tools or other facilities in the trading platform.

As it is not our policy to provide personal advice, the general advice and information regarding CFDs
or other services we provide does not take into account your particular objectives, financial situation or
Because of that you should, before acting on the advice or information, consider the appropriateness
of the advice or information having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. In making
this decision, you should take into account the relevant Product Disclosure Statements that relate to
the products you are considering. These PDSs include information about the benefits, but also
significant risks, associated with CFDs.

Marketech Business:

Marketech has an agreement with Global Futures & Forex Ltd, ABN 12 103 508 461 (GFT). Under
Marketech’s agreement with GFT, Marketech may refer clients to GFT who wish to deal in CFDs with
GFT. Marketech will arrange for GFT to open an account for you and will provide you with a copy of
GFT’s relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG). Marketech
will also assist you in transferring funds to and from GFT via Marketech’s trust account. Clients may
also deal directly with GFT. Marketech will also assist GFT to recover funds from clients where clients
are in default. Clients may direct all general enquiries regarding GFT CFDs to Marketech. All other
services relating to your trading of GFT CFDs will be undertaken by GFT.

When you trade GFT CFDs, Marketech will provide you with access to the FastIQ trading platform.
This platform allows you to view prices, place orders and administer your trading account.

In addition to GFT CFDs Marketech has an agreement with First Prudential Markets Pty. Ltd., ACN
112 600 281 (FPM) under which Marketech refers clients seeking to deal in CFDs with FPM.
Marketech will arrange for FPM to open an account for you and will provide clients with a copy of
FPM’s Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement for CFDs. Marketech will also
assist clients to transfer funds to and from FPM, via Marketech’s trust account. Clients may wish to
deal directly with FPM. Marketech will also assist FPM to recover funds from clients, where clients are
in default. Clients may direct all general enquiries regarding FPM CFDs to Marketech. All other
services relating to your trading of FPM CFDs will be undertaken by FPM.

Marketech introduces clients to GFT and FPM as we have a commercial arrangement with them. You
should understand there are other companies offering similar services who may charge better rates or
offer products more suited to you. In no way does Marketech accept any failing of either of these
companies of their products and services offered to you under their respective PDS. You need to know
that Marketech is not counterparty to you in any of your dealings with these parties.

Commissions and other Payments for Marketech Products:

    Transaction Fees, Spreads and Interest Rates

    When you trade CFDs that are issued by GFT or CFDs that are issued by FPM, fees will apply.
    Different fees may apply including (but not limited to):

    You may pay a commission when you buy and sell CFDs. This commission is usually calculated
    as a percentage of the full notional value of the transaction or a minimum fixed value.

    Generally, the price at which you can buy a CFD will be higher than the price at which you can sell
    it at any one time. This difference between the buy and sell price is known as a spread. There may
    be an added spread (ie a greater difference between the buy and the sell price) that you might pay
    if you were to purchase the underlying security over which the CFD is issued. This added spread
    should be regarded as a cost to you.
     When you enter a leveraged position, you are deemed to be borrowing funds for the purchase of
     that position. In this situation, an interest charge will generally apply. In cases where you enter a
     short position, or hold surplus cash in your account, you may earn interest. Generally, the interest
     that you pay will be a benchmark interest rate (such as the Reserve Bank of Australia Official Cash
     Rate) plus a fixed amount. Generally the interest that you earn will be a benchmark rate minus a
     fixed amount. You should consider this amount above or below the benchmark as a fee.

     Trust account interest
     Marketech may also receive interest payments from money held in Marketech’s trust account that
     you may have lodged with Marketech. This interest will generally not be passed on to you which
     you should regard as a cost to you.

     Other Costs
     You may pay other costs including costs for data, platform usage and administration.

     Information on costs
     The costs that apply to CFD products issued by GFT and FPM will be fully explained in the PDS
     that relates to those products. You should carefully consider the information contained in the PDS
     to gain a full understanding of the fees and charges that apply.

     Remuneration or other benefits received by Marketech
     When you establish an account to trade CFDs issued by GFT or FPM you will pay various fees
     and charges as described in the relevant PDS. Marketech may receive a rebate from GFT or FPM
     in exchange for introducing you. The amount of this rebate will vary but in general terms, it will
     increase in proportion to the value of turnover you transact and the amount of money you have in
     your account. Directors and employees of Marketech may also receive benefits from the
     commission, interest and other charges you pay. They will usually receive a salary plus extra
     income in the form of bonuses or commission, the amount of which will be dependent on the
     amount of income they generate for Marketech.


If you have any problems with any aspects of the service you receive from Marketech or have any
suggestions which may improve our level of service, please contact the director on (08) 9322 8444 and
tell him or her about your complaint or suggestion.

If your telephone complaint is not resolved in seven days, please submit your complaint in writing to
“The Director” Marketech Pty. Ltd., who will aim to resolve your complaint quickly.

In the event you are still not satisfied with our response you may direct the complaint to the following:

     Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

     You may either telephone the FOS on 1300 78 0808 or fax (03) 9613 6399 or email

     Write to them at GPO Box 3, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001.
     They will act as an independent conciliator to resolve the matter and adjudicate if necessary.

     Other financial services providers may provide services in relation to Marketech’s CFD products.
     You should consult their FSG for information about how to make a compliant in relation to their
Insurance Arrangements

   Marketech has in place professional indemnity insurance that satisfies the requirements for
   compensation arrangements under section 912B of the Corporations Act 2001.

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